Chapter 17: The Block

Once the nurse and guard were done with Mary, the guard walked Mary out of the area that looked like a hospital and into an area that looked like a prison. She was put in a ten foot by ten cell all by herself. It was made of concrete. It had a tiny window out of her reach with bars and glass panes. It had a metal door with a food slot. At all hours, the sound of girls crying out in pain, pleasure, or both echoed down the hallways. After a short while, even with the noise, given all her exertion, she fell asleep on the small bed provided.

She spent the next day slyly conversing with the girls in cells around her without alerting the guards. Many of these girls had been afraid to speak before. She was able to make direct contact with the two girls on either side of her and the girl across the way. She could even see the face of the girl across the way from their raised food slots. The girl was about her age and extremely pretty. None of them knew what was going on other than they were imprisoned and were being systematically molested and raped.

Seven of the nine of them in at least indirect contact with Mary had come from orphanages. They were supposed to be getting adopted, but instead they ended up here. One was an heiress who was fairly certain her family had wanted her out of the picture to get at the fortune of her father, who had recently died. One worked in a shirtwaist factory and had been stolen off the street.

Eight of the girls, the heiress and all seven of the orphans, had been virgins before coming here, but all had been deflowered at this point. The factory girl had a boyfriend and had been sexually active for about a year with him before being taken. According to the other nine girls, new girls arrived and others left on a weekly basis. On that news, Mary surmised they could not be in a women's prison or asylum. She didn't want to tell the other girls her best guess for the nature of their circumstances. She wanted the others to remain as hopeful and optimistic as possible.

Guards visited all the girls, including Mary as she found, at least once a day. Their early days had been hard, basically being raped once or more a day and finding it painful and terrifying. Eventually, eight of the nine had met a guard, found a sympathetic ear, and these guards seemed always able to return and keep other more unpleasant guards away. So eight of them found these visits to be anywhere from tolerable to very pleasurable, the latter having fallen in love with their captors.

One of the orphans was miserable with everybody. The other girls were worried about her because every day she was apparently being raped, tortured, and humiliated in more and more brutal ways. The working girl was still in love with and missed her boyfriend. She had a guard who visited her most days who was gentle and tolerable. At random times, she had been abused in various ways. One time a guard appeared who whipped and sodomized her. Another time, five guards had appeared and had raped her one after the other. Luckily, these kinds of events had been less frequent for her as time went on.

Mary learned about her own daily visits soon enough. A guard showed up each day with what she assumed to be a syringe of barbiturate, injected her with it, and then made her suck his dick to orgasm. The dose of barbiturate made it easier. Different guards came on different days. As time went on, Mary noticed the barbiturate dosages were getting smaller and the dicks were getting larger and plunging deeper and more easily down her throat.

One day, about two weeks into her captivity, Mary was taken out of her cell by a guard and brought to some kind of backstage area. There, a naked man covered in tattoos gagged her, carefully tied her arms and legs behind her back, inserted a large plug into her rectum, wrapped a rope around her waist several times, and raised her into the air by her waist with a hoist. She heard an auctioneer on the other side of the curtain. It was clear he was auctioning off girls. Her heart fell. She had been right in her assumption. These people were running a sophisticated white slavery ring.

"Now we come to the lot everyone's been waiting for, lot ten," said the auctioneer. The curtain was drawn back to reveal Mary. She was dangling upside down. Her hands were tied to one leg behind her back, and her other leg was wrapped around the suspending rope with the foot tied and pulled harshly towards her other limbs.

The heavily tattooed naked man came on stage, grabbing and turning her to face the audience. The lights shown in her eyes, so the audience remained shadowy and anonymous. "Lot ten is eighteen years of age. She is 5' 2" tall and weighs 110 pounds. She was deflowered only two weeks ago and is tested disease-free." She guessed from the sound of the echoes and mutters that over a hundred people were viewing her naked body.

The tattooed man spun her around slowly. "Although lot ten responds well to conventional lovemaking, her real value is as a slave. She is aroused by being tied up and displayed like this. Several forms of punishment greatly heighten her arousal." At this, the tattooed man whipped her with a small leather whip, causing her to shriek in pain into the ball gag. The tattooed man turned on an electrical massaging device and pressed it down on her entire vulva region, deeply stimulating it.

Immediately Mary began to shake and whimper. "Lot ten is very responsive to most forms of stimulation and orgasms easily." Helplessly, as if on cue, Mary cried out in orgasm into the ball gag, bucking and shaking in her suspension. Once she was done and buzzing up towards the next one, the tattooed man whipped her again, and she gurgled deeply and thoroughly in a more powerful climax. She wet herself down her backside and it trickled out onto the stage for everyone to see.

"Lot ten has been trained orally," said the auctioneer. At this, the tattooed man removed her ball gag, grabbed her by the back of the head with one hand, forced his sizable cock into her mouth and throat up to the hilt, and pressed the massager to her private parts again with his other hand. He then started brutally throat fucking her while she choked and gagged. "We'll start the bidding at $1,000."

Overhearing this, Mary was dismayed that she was worth less than her car back home. Helplessly, she orgasmed anyway from the stimulation and throat fucking, though the audience could only notice it from the swift "Glarg! Glarg! Glarg!" she made between that tattooed man's forceful strokes down her throat and the shaking and pumping of her hips as she climaxed.

A flashlight lit up in the audience. "We have $1,000. Do we have two? Two. $3,000. $5,000. Do I have six?" Mary felt the auctioneer start a tally by making four vertical marks with what felt like a grease pencil on her lower back followed by a slash across them. She shook in orgasm again as she felt him make the marks, as if on a piece of meat. Drool splashed out of her throat and mouth as the tattooed man's cock rammed in and out of her throat, drenching her face and hair and dripping on the floor. "Six?" Another mark. "$10,000." Three more marks and a slash of the grease pencil. "Do I hear fifteen?"

The buzzing and throat fucking continued, with Mary squirming in orgasm every few minutes. The tattooed man was nearing orgasm and began pumping uncontrollably into Mary's throat, choking her fully. Mary's throat thrilled and body gyrated as the tattooed man strained against her face and ejaculated several thick strands of semen forcefully up into her throat. Just as she was losing consciousness from asphyxiation, he pulled slowly out of her throat and she could breathe again. She gasped and choked as drool and cum spilled out of her mouth, over her face and hair, and splashed onto the stage. The tattooed man replaced the ball gag. $15,000," said the auctioneer, making five more marks on her back. "Do I hear twenty?"

"Now for a more extended demonstration of lot ten's response to punishment. An orgasm for every $1,000 bid so far. That's fifteen orgasms in a row. Proceed, maestro." With that, the tattooed man pressed down on the massager and smacked her hard with a paddle on her backside. After the crack of the paddle, she shrieked and shivered in orgasm.

Mary entered a trance where as the tattooed man pressed the massager down hard, her whole body would quiver in anticipation of the paddle, the crack of the paddle would elicit a cry of pain and the whimpering start of an orgasm, which would wrack her body, cum and the occasional squirt of pee dripping continuously off her backside, and then she would relax completely into the suspension until he pressed down the massager again. The tattooed man gave her fifteen strokes and fifteen orgasms this way. She was devastated, wild-eyed, and dribbling from every hole when the count reached fifteen and he turned off the massager.

"As an added incentive," the auctioneer, announced, "Now, for every additional thousand bid, lot ten will receive another stroke. If you bid an additional five thousand or more, you can climb up here, if you wish, and administer the strokes yourself. Now, do I hear twenty? Twenty it is!" A man in a black hood climbed onto the stage.

The tattooed man prepared Mary for orgasm by stroking and fingering her pussy and tweaking her nipples. When she was ready for the next stroke, he nodded to the hooded man. Mary was so shakingly anticipating the man's first stroke that when it came, she howled in orgasm into her ball gag and her wet visibly splashed from around the tattooed man's fingers.

As the tattooed man and the hooded man got down to a rhythm, she tensed and whimpered in orgasm helplessly each time. Perhaps this hooded man would become her owner, she thought. She felt empty by the time the hooded man climbed off the stage after his five strokes. While they waited for the next bid, the tattooed man continued to slowly stimulate Mary like some farm animal, keeping her close to orgasm, but not allowing her to edge over. She whimpered in frustration and torment.

The bidding climbed past 25, 30, 35, and 40 as Mary was punished, orgasmed, screamed herself hoarse on the ball gag. They switched to using a short leather whip on her back or legs because her backside began to look too tortured. To protect her throat, in a way, during orgasm, the tattooed man began to sometimes choke her during her orgasm. This increased the intensity further, making her grind and shake with pleasure even more. As her orgasm count climbed, the tattooed man started using two different massagers on Mary's tortured vulva from time to time. Pain and pleasure mixed on her vulva for an even more intense feeling.

A bucket of freezing cold water splashed into Mary's face and she awoke, sputtering and coughing. She dangled there groaning, her body stinging. Nobody was touching her. She was still dangling upside down from the ceiling, rotating slowly. "Do I hear 45?" asked the auctioneer. Mary groaned. She hadn't missed a single moment of her torment.

The bidding climbed to 50 and then 55. That was ten very hard orgasms for Mary, each more excruciating than the last. She was exhausted. Her upper body was beet red from the whipping and being hung upside down so long. Waiting for the next bid, Mary began to drift out of consciousness until the tattooed man delivered a horrifically painful shock from a cattle prod. She cried out in true and intense pain, fully awake again.

Afterwards, Mary did not remember much of what happened from then until the winning bid of $65,000 other than that the tattooed man had been forced to coax her back to semi-consciousness several more times. She was forced to orgasm, since if she did not, the inhuman stimulation, whipping, or whatever abuse would get her to the next climax would continue until she did. At one point, a tremendously powerful massager had been inserted deep into her rectum and switched on intermittently. By the end, it had become a living hell to cum, and yet the requisite number of climaxes were inexorably crushed out of her like juice out of an orange until they were finally done with their little game.

(To be continued)