Eric got another surprise as he came in the house to find Ellie dressed and eating breakfast at the kitchen table. It wasn't even 10 AM and she was at least a couple hours ahead of schedule. She asked if he was ready to "get to work" and whether he could help carry some items that she'd gathered to take with them. He asked her for five minutes as he went upstairs to retrieve a small pipe he had hidden in his room and load it with some of his recent purchase. He wasn't sure if Ellie had been serious about getting in the water, but he changed out his underwear for swim trunks just in case she had really meant it. He tried to tell himself he was just looking forward to escaping from the cold, dreary weather for a few hours but his cock was already semi hard as he stepped out of his underwear and deep down he knew it was more than that.

The "items" Ellie had assembled ended up being a couple of storage bins filled with stuff that she'd set off to one side of the garage and she asked him to carry them while she grabbed some beach chairs and an umbrella from the other corner of the garage. They slipped out the side door and used the cover of the garage and some trees to avoid being seen from the kitchen windows as they got their supplies away from the house.

After dropping Ellie's bins on 'the beach' for her, Eric went out to fire up the generator and switch on the pump and the lights. By the time he'd gotten back inside, he could already notice the difference in the temperature from the lights. Even more than that, their warm amber light changed the whole feel of the space and marked a huge contrast from the flat grey sky outside.

They got to work setting up the chairs and umbrella in the sand area and Ellie needed Eric's help punching a hole through the plastic pond liner under the sand to get the umbrella far enough down into the hard ground underneath to the point where it would stand up on its own. After just a few minutes, both were peeling off their coats as the temperature rose. In her bins, Ellie had brought beach towels, some beach mats that they took to the lake, a picnic set that featured a basket that doubled as a small table and drink holder. She also had a candle that smelled like coconut and other tropical scents. It reminded Eric of suntan lotion when he smelled it.

By that point, they had both peeled off their sweaters and Ellie asked if he would help paint on some last few details around the 'jungle' as she called it. She showed him how to form some small pink, blue and yellow flowers that she wanted mixed through the green background while she went to work making the space she'd left behind the 'lagoon' look like it led far out to sea past a few palm trees. Using the ladder she added a few more palm trees around the walls where she felt it still looked bare and when Eric took a break from painting flowers to peel off his shirt, he looked over to find that at some point, she had already peeled down to a bright red bikini while she had been working.

Smiling to himself, Eric folded his shirt and also took off his boots and jeans to stack them neatly beside the now empty bins where he'd set down his coat and sweater earlier. Walking back to his cups of paint, Ellie looked over her shoulder to see him in his swimsuit and flashed him a beaming smile.

"Looks good," Eric said, hoping she wouldn't think he'd been looking at her body when she'd looked his way. She responded by wiggling her butt in a playful way as she continued painting the trunk of a palm tree.

After adding as many flowers as he thought looked good to the last wall of jungle, he turned around to ask Ellie's opinion and found her standing not far behind him staring in his direction. Her hands were on her hips where the high cut of her bikini bottoms narrowed to a thin strip of fabric, with her hips shifted to one side. As she noticed him turn around, her weight shifted and her arms crossed to her chest as she nodded appreciatively at his work.

"So what do you think?" he asked, still holding the brush and a cup of paint.

"I think it looks hot in here," she made a theatrical gesture of fanning herself. "Almost as hot as it feels right now," she smiled. "Let's clean up and then I think we've earned a break."

Eric helped her dump the water they'd used to clean their brushes outside the flap and couldn't believe how icy the air felt for the few seconds that he poked his head outside to do so. They packed up the rest of the painting supplies in one bin and nested it in the other before putting on a lid. Ellie wiped some perspiration from her forehead and plopped into one of the beach chairs as soon as the lid was on. Eric did the same, extending his long legs out into the sand and taking a moment to admire the smooth skin of Ellie's shapely thighs and the cute little shapes that her feet made in contrast to how much larger his own were.

Ellie reached into the picnic basket and pulled out a couple of water bottles, handing one to Eric. They had stayed cold in the basket under the umbrella even as it gotten very hot and steamy in the time that they'd been working together. Eric thanked her and said it was a nice surprise.

"Just wish we had something more fun to drink," Ellie said, her head tilted back in the beach chair and her eyes closed in an expression of relaxed comfort. "If you haven't noticed I've been trying to get better at sharing and haven't cheated once on the cognac rationing." She couldn't help the mischievous smile that was tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"Actually I had noticed the effort you're making," Eric used the pretext of conversation while her eyes were closed to look over Ellie's flat stomach and the impressive swell of her boobs, pushing up from her skimpy bikini top. "I actually got you a surprise of my own. I'm afraid I can't do anything about our alcohol supplies, but I did manage to get you something else you might like."

"You got me a surprise," Ellie sat up and looked Eric up and down as if it might pop out from anywhere on his person. "What is it?"

Eric smiled and got up to walk over to his pants where they'd stacked their clothes beside the bin. He reached into his coat and pulled out the small pipe and a lighter. Turning around, he held both up to show Ellie what he had as he walked back to the chairs and she responded by exclaiming, "No way!" as she jumped up and ran over to wrap Eric in a big hug. Still standing close, she bounced up and down like a small child right in front of him, her hands still resting on his hips. Eric couldn't help but smile down at her enthusiasm and he wondered if she had any idea how much her boobs were bouncing just a few inches away from his stomach.

They walked back over to the chairs and Eric handed the pipe to Ellie so that she could get it started. After getting it lit and taking a drag, she quickly passed it to Eric, squinting and wrinkling her nose as the smoke trailed off from the end of the pipe. She took in some additional air and held her breath like a little kid for a good ten seconds while Eric took a hit of his own. He couldn't help imagine Ellie puffing out her cheeks she held her breath. He held the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds before exhaling with a small cough.

"Man, that's good weed," Ellie savored the taste and smell of the smoke as she sat back in her chair. "Maybe one more hit," she instantly popped back up to take the pipe from Eric. She took another good drag from the pipe and Eric couldn't help stare at how her tits were thrust out even further as she held the smoke in her lungs.

"It's been a while for me," Eric waved off the offered pipe and Ellie set it down with the lighter on their makeshift picnic table between their water bottles. They both settled back into their chairs as they basked in the warm light and heat while the effect of the weed crept over them.

After a few minutes, Eric was in a state of blissful detachment and total relaxation. It was easy to imagine they really were on a beach somewhere, the tropical colors and the light sand all around them making the simple backdrop and fake plants believable in an impressionistic way, particularly as the full effect of the weed hit him. He looked over to see Ellie sprawled on the beach chair beside him, a light film of perspiration covering the juicy contours of her body. Her eyes were closed in a blissful trance and Eric couldn't help himself from staring at her, almost naked and on full display beside him.

When Ellie, rolled her head over toward him and squinted at him, he didn't even make an effort to pretend to look away as a sluggish contentment had dulled his reflexes.

"Do you think the water's nice?" She asked dreamily.

"Only one way to find out," Eric grunted as he lifted himself out of his chair to walk the few feet to the 'lagoon'. Dipping his foot in, he found it was only a few degrees cooler than the air and walked all the way in until the water was just over his knees at the deepest part. "Feels good," he said looking back at her. He found her peering dreamily out at him with her hand shading her eyes.

Rising up from her chair, she made her way into the 'lagoon', being careful not to slip on the plastic lining once she had cleared the sand along the edge. Almost immediately she squatted down and flung herself into the water, rolling onto her side as her body slid in. Eric looked down at her writhing around in the shallow water, her pale skin and bright red swimsuit contrasting with the blue liner underneath her. It was if one of his fantasies had actually come to life. Ellie continued to splash and writhe around for a minute and Eric was too entranced to do anything but watch her glistening body as the water flowed hypnotically over and around it.

"You need to try this!" Ellie looked up at him.

Eric lowered himself into the water and felt a wave of delight as the effect was almost magical in his stoned state. There wasn't enough room to actually swim around and it really wasn't deep enough, but there was more than enough room for two or three people to move around as they wished. It was like a backyard kiddie pool, but several times larger.

After slithering around for a bit, Eric slid over to the sloped side nearest their chairs and laid back, his face and chest the only parts of him not submerged. He closed his eyes as the pulsing warmth of the lamps above him seemed to be soaking into his body in waves even as the water around him kept him cool and comfortable.

Eric was feeling like he could just drift off to sleep when he heard Ellie say something beside him. In a fog, he finally deciphered it as it echoed in his mind.

"Purple nurple," Ellie laughed as she reached out and twisted his exposed nipple between her fingers. "Titty twister!"

Eric burst up to a sitting position as much from surprise as the discomfort of someone twisting his nipple unexpectedly. Ellie slid away laughing to the other side of the 'lagoon' as he grabbed his chest and stared open mouth in surprise, and mild anger, at her betrayal of the trust they'd built up over the last few days.

"You're gonna get it this time!" He leapt across the short distance like a spring being released and even though Ellie tried to dodge to one side, the proximity to the wall of the enclosure on the 'ocean' side of the lagoon left her few options to get away. Eric's long arm extended and one of his large hands grasped her quickly around the waist and pulled her back into the center of the pool. As much as she squirmed around in his hands, he easily picked her up and slid her onto the sloped edge where he had just been lying.

"Nobody here to save you this time," Eric straddled her, looking down with gleeful determination as Ellie laughed, eyes shut and her hands crossed tightly over her tits to protect them from retaliation. Her body was writhing and slippery in the water, but Eric's weight and size advantage quickly had her pinned against the liner, allowing her to squirm around but unable to free herself.

Eric reach down to pull one of her arms from her chest and pin it to the ground beside her, but she simply shifted her other arm over to cover both breasts as best she could. Her eyes shut tight, she rocked her head from side to side as she squirmed around underneath him and Eric couldn't help his excitement watching the swell of her luscious boobs pushing over the top of her suit and her slippery body squirming around beneath his stiffening cock.

Grabbing her other hand and pinning it on the other side of her, Ellie finally looked up in mock horror and pleaded, "No you can't, Eric!" but continued to writhe against his powerful body. "It's way more sensitive for a girl!"

Eric was in a frenzy at that point, both in desire for revenge at the many times he'd been unable to return her teasing and abuse when they were little and a powerful response to having an almost naked girl writhing in protest underneath him. He looked down to see both of Ellie's nipples poking up against the fabric of her suit, making them easy to locate. Releasing one of her hands, his right hand quickly shifted to grasp her left nipple through the fabric of her suit and Ellie's body froze in reaction, even as her free hand reached for his strong wrist.

"No please Eric!" She begged, her eyes wide in panic at the thought of the pain it would inflict on her tender nipple, painfully hard between her brother's fingers. "I'll do anything else you say, but please don't." Her voice grew soft and vulnerable as she finished and her eyes looked up in supplication, totally reliant on his mercy to spare her from the pain she deserved.

Eric felt his now hard cock twitch involuntarily as his fingers continued to pinch Ellie's hard nipple through her bikini top. He hesitated for a long moment as if deciding her fate, before finally releasing her tit and rolling off her.

Ellie gave a gasp of relief and reached over to place her hand over her just released nipple, even though Eric hadn't really hurt her. As the shock of her near miss subsided, she belatedly realized that her brother had been forming an erection as she remembered the growing stiffness in his crotch as her thighs rubbed back and forth across him while she was pinned beneath his body. She sat up as he had slid back into the water to calm down after their brief wrestling match and had to admit to herself that she was lucky that she didn't have a cock of her own as she was equally excited by the sensation of wrestling around. She found herself completely turned on by the sensation of having a larger stronger man take complete control of her like that, even if it was her brother. The memory of his fingers pinching her achingly hard nipple as his hard body held her down as his cock responded to her struggling sent a shudder through her. She could actually feel her pussy throbbing through the wet fabric of her suit.

Sliding through the water, she slid up onto Eric's back as he lay in the shallow water in order to conceal his hard-on. She hugged him from behind, her big, firm breasts pressed into his muscular back and one hip partially up on his firm butt. "I really am sorry, Eric." She sounded as sweet as she could. "I guess I just got carried away and thought it was funny. Like when we were kids."

"It was never funny, El," Eric growled. "Even when we were kids. It fucking hurts." He tried to sound angry and hoped that she hadn't realized that he was more concerned with hiding the giant boner that showed no signs of subsiding, particularly with her wet tits pressed against his back like that.

"I know. It was stupid." Ellie sighed, making no move to get off him. "I just hope I haven't ruined everything. You've been so sweet these past couple of days and done so much to make this happen. I feel like I messed it all up." She sounded tender and sincere as he felt her breath on his wet skin as she spoke.

"No, I'll be okay. I just need a minute." He made no move to turn over or slide out from beneath her.

"Do you want me to kiss it to make it better?" He could hear the smile in her voice as she asked.

"No, it just needs a minute is all," he couldn't help chuckle as he spoke.

"Okay," she slid off of him and started making her way to the edge. "But I owe you one. I meant it. Whatever you want to do to me to get back at me. Just say it."

Eric looked back over at her dripping body stepping up onto the sand and walking over to their chairs. His heart was pounding in his chest and it sounded like a drum beating in his ears. He couldn't believe that he had been all over Ellie like that, had her nipple in his fingers and got to feel her body pressed against his hard dick and not only wasn't she offended and mad, she was offering to do whatever he asked of her, apologizing to him.

For her part, Ellie sat down waiting for her own heart to stop racing. She took a drink of water from her bottle and tried to calm down, wondering if the water was still concealing a huge erection on her brother as well as most of his lean, muscled body. She had been shocked at how much stronger he was than her, how easily he had physically dominated her, and if she was being honest, how much she had actually enjoyed it. She realized she had meant what she'd just promised. In that moment, high, wet and worked up in this little piece of paradise they'd created, she would have done anything her brother had asked of her...anything.

When Eric's dick had finally softened enough to finally get up and walk back to his chair, Ellie was laying back, eyes closed and re-imagining the sensation of sliding her body around under her brothers. She looked over when Eric plopped down into the chair next to hers and asked hopefully, "So are we still friends?"

"Nope, we're roommates," He took a drink from his own bottle. "Guess I'm stuck with you." He put his bottle down and rolled his eyes over to her.

"Am I the only one who totally has the munchies right now," she giggled.

"No," Eric realized. "I'm starving too. Let's go get some lunch."

They stood up and dried off with the towels but their swimsuits were still wet against their skin.

"Hey," Ellie said. "I can't put my clothes over my suit like this. I'm going to have to change."

"So am I," Eric realized.

"Well, why don't I turn around while you get dressed and then you can step out and turn everything off while I get changed?" Ellie offered.

Eric nodded and watching her back as he slid his trunks off, he dried the rest of his body before stepping into his jeans. He gave her the 'all-clear' as he put on his shirt, his boots and the rest of his clothes. He did his best to dry his hair as much as he could before pulling the hood up on his coat and stepping out into the freezing air.

As the flap on the door shut, Ellie reached up behind her and unclasped her wet bikini top, releasing her pale tits, her pink nipples rock hard despite the heat as she worked through the image of Eric stripping naked just a few feet behind her as she stood waiting, completely on her honor not to turn around and peek.

As she slipped off her bottoms, Eric was circling around the back of the enclosure and couldn't resist the urge to look through the rippled texture of the painted plastic film of the walls. He could make out the shape of his sister as he watched her red bikini bottoms slide off and her pink body, rippling under the texture of the uneven plastic layers of film. He was unable to make out any details, but he could see the jiggling heft of her boobs as she stood up and dried off her body under the warm lights. He could see the shape of her hips and the swell of her ass as she bent to retrieve her clothes and step into her pants. He reached the generator just as she had lifted her shirt over her head and as she switched off the power, her form faded into the dim light of the canopy under the cold, grey sky.