Blackmailed Couple II Ch. 13


Blackmailed Couple II is a continuation of rainyseason747's original story, Blackmailed Couple. It would be best to read, or re-read the original story and Chapters 01-12 of this continuation if you have not yet done so. Thanks again to rainyseason747 for giving me permission to continue his story and for giving me the freedom to take it in my own direction.

Fair warning: This story contains elements of Mind Control, blackmail, resistance, reluctance and coercion, through use of drugs and psychological manipulation, breast enlargement, crossdressing and feminization. If any of these topics offend you, STOP NOW. Go back and find another story to read. This is not the story for you.

I'd like to thank The_Paperbak_Writer, author of the Robert & Alexis series for helping me with my grammar, spelling and continuity, as well as providing some excellent recommendations on direction.

In this update;

I'd like to apologize for how long it took to get this chapter out. There are many reasons that include; illness (not covid thankfully), fires, changing sleep patterns, and election angst. But mostly, I found myself with one big mental block at one particular part of the chapter. I needed a bridge. Many were the times that I tried to write one sentence, had to stop, set it aside and think about it for a week or so.

In this chapter, you will find a reference to Monty Python. I almost took it out because I was afraid it might be disruptive and seem out of place. Ultimately, I decided to leave it in and here is why;

My mental block was keeping me from continuing for weeks. I knew where I wanted to go, but I just couldn't come up with a satisfactory way of getting there. Then I was watching a Monty Python documentary on Netflix. Along came "The Spanish Inquisition". The Spanish inquisition became an intervention. A scene and POOF! A scene was born! So pardon the indulgence, but I just had to leave it.

and taking so long for this updChapter 13 represents a real change of direction for this story from what I had originally conceptualized.

Thanks again to The_Paperbak_Writer for his input and suggestions that helped me to start considering some other directions and for providing feedback on where I was taking it. I'd also like to thank commenters, both public and private, who have contributed thoughts and ideas (not always with the intention of being constructive). You will find a few of those suggestions in here as well. So please keep them coming.

As always, please remember: This is Fiction. None of these people exist in the real world. Anybody having sex is at least 18 years of age, and despite all of the nefarious things being done to them, Anna and Eddie agreed to it all on the night they were initiated into the group. The true victims in this story are the couple's children. I deal with them as best I can, and as compassionately as I can in this chapter.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment. No matter how harsh. You never know, you may well help to make it a better story.


Blackmailed Couple II Ch. 13

Friday morning dawned with the echoes of dreams playing in a loop in Eydie's subconscious. The dreams were every bit as vivid as those that had been earlier projected onto the backdrop of the mind that now fully accepted itself as Eydie. The smile on Eydie's face, even as she slept revealed just how contented she was with her new reality.

Drugs were no longer required to induce Eydie into a receptive state. Subliminal triggers embedded in the virtual reality programs were now all that were required. The sleep Eydie was now experiencing, now into Friday morning, was due to exhaustion. The process of reconfiguring the mind, together with repeatedly forced orgasms as rewards for her acceptance, had taken its toll.

Eventually though, consciousness did begin to reassert itself. As it did, Eydie progressively became aware that the dreams were not real. She was not complete after all. She tried desperately to return to her dreams, but the effort was futile. The harder she tried to retreat, the more aware she'd become. She knew now what she had to do to become whole. She considered the question her master had posed to her the day before; "What is best for all concerned?" She knew now that she was in no condition to care for the children. Not anymore. And Anna? Eydie doubted that Anna had even given their children a second thought anymore. Not as fixated as she now was on her own sexual gratification. No. It was time to do the right thing for all concerned. It was time to move on.

Eydie's train of thought was broken when the door opened. Doc entered the room. In one hand he held a clipboard with a sheaf of paper attached to it. In the other a pen.

"Good morning Eydie? How are you feeling this morning?"

Annie awoke in her suite, alone, after a fitful and restless sleep. Neither Mark nor Linda had been available to her the night before and the mansion seemed to be otherwise deserted. She laid awake in her bed, alone and as horny as a bitch in heat. She'd struggled to find a comfortable position. As much as she loved her new breasts, she was still unaccustomed to the bulk that had been added to her chest. She'd finally vibrated herself to a handful of unfulfilling orgasms before she'd eventually drifted off to sleep. The morning found her tired and no less needy than she'd been the night before.

The phone rang. A disoriented Annie crawled across the bed and lifted the receiver. Kim, from make-up, reminded her that she was due downstairs at 10:00 to prepare for her 11:00 shoot. Annie groggily acknowledged that she would be down on-time. It was going to be a busy day. At least she'd get it started with a thorough fucking. Later that night was to be her big unveiling. The group members would get their first glimpse of the new Annie on the eve of the release of the new VR system that featured her. There was no doubt that she'd be having sex well into the wee small hours of Saturday morning. That knowledge gave her a smile of satisfaction. But first she needed to get herself started. She got up and popped a cup into the Keurig. While it was brewing she went to the dresser, removed the bottom drawer and withdrew Lance's gift. She removed the phone, powered it up and checked the time. Setting the phone aside, she took the baggie into the bathroom and drew out a couple of lines and snorted them. Annie marveled at how quickly it made all the difference in the world. She checked herself out in the mirror. Kim would have her work cut out for her this morning. Next, she checked the contents of the baggie. There wasn't as much remaining as she'd remembered. She hoped that Lance would come through and fulfill his promise. Thinking about Lance caused a shudder to pass through Annie as she remembered how his cock felt inside of her, hitting all the right places. She shook it off and checked the time again. She had just enough time for a quick shower.

Annie turned on the shower then went to retrieve her cup from the coffee maker. She no longer needed the caffeine but the hot liquid felt good on the back of her throat as it rinsed down a little residual powder. She donned a shower cap, (Kim would have to deal with her hair this morning), and she took a quick hot shower. She toweled off and put on a sheer robe that did little to hide her nakedness, nor did it provide any real warmth, but she liked how hot she looked in it. She went back into the bedroom, sat on the bed and picked up the phone. It was time. She opened the encrypted app and texted Lance:


Lance had been expecting her. His reply was immediate.

"Hey Babe! How you feeling this morning?"

"Empty. I desperately need a great big cock in me? Know where I can find one?" Eydie mad a pouty face even though Lance couldn't see it.

Lance laughed. "As a matter of fact I do. It's a done deal. I'm available for the job."

"OMG!!!! Really?! When?" Annie started vibrating with excitement on the bed.

"Signing the papers tomorrow, probably can't get there until Sunday earliest though."

"So excited! Can't wait!"

"But don't say a word to anyone. Not until the official announcement. OK?"

"Sure, no problem."

Lance changed the subject. "So what you got going today?"

"I have a shoot this morning and then my whole big 'coming-out' thing tonight"

"Oh yeah! That's tonight. Be sure to take one of those molly tabs before. You'll get a kick out of it, I promise. How's the stuff holding out?"

"Good. But I've been taking it easy just in case."

"OK. More on the way."

"Perfect thanks!"

"You better get going. You have a busy day. See you Sunday!"

"OK. You too. Can't wait to see you!"

Annie shut off the phone and giggled excitedly to herself. She was so turned on she could hardly stand it. She put the phone back into the box and returned to the bathroom to retrieve the baggie. She looked at it and thought: "What the hell? There's more on the way." She snorted down a couple more lines and felt it work its magic. Really revved up now, she returned the baggie to the box and the box back into its hidey hole and headed down to the basement studios. It was going to be a good day.

"Anna? Is that you?!?"

Kim had not seen Anna since before she'd gone to Las Vegas and Annie had taken over.

"Hi Kimmie! Yeah, but its Annie now. New and improved." She reached up and pulled her robe open, jutting her breasts forward to emphasize the change.

No one ever called Kim Kimmie. She really didn't like it. But as she stood there gawking at Anna, or rather, this mutated version called Annie, it somehow felt natural. So she let it go.

Kim, staring in amazement: "Just... WOW!! Holy shit girl! They sure did the whole number on you, didn't they?" She continued, "When they sent down the wardrobe for the shoot this morning, I thought, 'this can't be right!' but damn! Look at you!"

"You like?" Annie asked, fishing for the approval she craved.

Kim was not a big fan of breast augmentation in general. She encountered fake boobs pretty much on a daily basis in her work here at the mansion and she found the sameness and near uniformity to be unimaginably mundane. It seemed as though everyone here had to have a pair of double D's either pointing straight out at you or trying to pop out of a low cut evening dress. Thinking about it, she considered that she was just about the only female around with a set of naturals. Well, there was Eydie, but that was a different situation. And she understood that was about to change soon too. Anna had had, in Kim's estimation a perfect set of natural breasts. Kim would have killed for a set of those. But those were long gone now.

Looking now at the form before her, Kim understood the look the group had been going for and had achieved with stunning success. Annie was now an unapologetically manufactured, overtly sexual being and irresistible fuck toy. So successful in fact, was the effect, that even as cynical as she was, Kim found, in spite of herself, that Annie aroused her own bi-sexual nature. Kim found that Annie's new look inspired her own creative juices to flow. She was suddenly struck with a myriad of ideas to ply her own talents to enhance Annie's look. She found herself literally salivating at the prospect.

Kim finally answered emphatically. "Oh yes Annie, I like. You are fuckin' hot girl!" She assured her.

"Aw, thanks Kimmie!" Annie knew she was hot of course. She didn't need the reassurance. But she liked to hear it anyway.

Kim reached her hand out to Annie. "Come on, let's get started. I have a lot of things I want to try out." She led Annie to the first station.

As Kim went about primping and grooming Annie for her scene, the two women chatted. Kim couldn't help but notice that all the while, Annie was fingering herself, absentmindedly it seemed. In so doing Annie was filling the air of salon with the scent of her own arousal. It was an arousal that Kim was beginning to find distracting, intoxicating and contagious.

Making conversation, Annie began asking Kim about the pretty redhead that she'd met just prior to leaving for Vegas. The one who had so sensuously cleaned her after the gangbang. Kim of course knew well to whom Annie was referring, but she had been instructed not to divulge too many details.

Annie: "Do you know who I'm talking about?"

Kim: "Sure I do."

Annie: "What's her name?"

"Eydie." Kim answered, hoping that wasn't too much information.

"Eydie? Hmm, sounds familiar. What's her story anyhow? She must be new. I don't remember her from before."

"Yes. She's new, but you could say she's become a bit of a regular."

"There's something about her that I find incredibly alluring and mysterious."

"I can understand why you'd feel that way." Kim tried to hide her knowing smile.

"She's with James Sandoval, right?"

"Yes, I believe Mr. Sandoval is training to be Eydie's Master. I understand that this is a new experience for the both of them."

"Do you know if they'll be here for the party tonight?"

"I don't know for sure, but I would think so. It would surprise me if they weren't in fact."


Kim continued to field Annie's questions as best as she could, as truthfully as she could, without giving too much away. She felt she'd been pretty successful considering how distracted she'd become by Annie's casual masturbation. She was just putting on the finishing touches to Annie's make-up when word came that, due to the unexpectedly favorable weather, Annie's scene was being moved to the poolside courtyard and had been rescheduled to 1:00 PM to give the crew time to set up for it.

While Annie looked forward to sex in the sunshine and fresh air of the courtyard, she was frustrated that she now had to wait until the afternoon to get fucked.

"Well crap!" She exclaimed. "Here I am, all dressed up and no place to go." She was speaking figuratively of course as she was not dressed at all. "Now what am I going to for two hours?"

Kim sensed an opportunity. She knew that she probably shouldn't. That they would want Annie kept needy for the filming of the scene later. But, from what she'd seen, Annie would have no trouble becoming needy again by the afternoon.

Kim was correct in her assessment of the situation.

Kim stepped in front of Annie, placing herself between Annie's legs, her hands on the tops of Annie's thighs.

"You need any help there?" Nodding to Annie's fingers still nonchalantly playing with herself.

Annie's mood immediately brightened. "Sure!"

Annie inched forward on the salon chair, spreading her legs to accommodate the attractive young Asian woman.

Kim sunk to her knees and approached Annie's pungent target. She inhaled deeply to take in more of the scent that had been driving her to distraction all morning, doubling her own arousal in the process. She blew out across Annie's wet and swollen clit, now protruding, erect from its pierced sheath. Annie had a sharp intake of her own breath and began to involuntarily hump the space between the two sets of lips.

"Don't tease. I need it bad!" Annie pleaded as she put her hands behind the young woman's head to pull her in. Needing it just as badly as Annie, Kim willingly complied. She went in and let her tongue lap adoringly at Annie's steaming split, paying particular attention to, and making lazy circles around Annie's fully erect clitoris. Annie wrapped her legs around, and crossed them behind the young woman's back. She lolled her head back and enjoyed Kim's devotion to her mission. What with her pent-up need and the cocaine buzz, it was not long at all before Annie experienced a pleasant and satisfying orgasm. Nothing too violent or earth-shattering. But there was no need for earth-shattering right now, she'd get plenty of that soon enough.

Annie uncrossed her legs to release her captive lover. Kim pulled back and gave Annie a grin as she wiped some of Annie's juices from her chin with the back of her hand. She stood and went in to kiss Annie long and deep, giving Annie a taste of her own juices in the process. That, mixed with Kim's natural scent sparked the next phase of Annie's arousal. Arousal that now came so easily that it was almost constant. Kim withdrew from the kiss and went down to more closely examine the breasts that she had been eyeing all morning. Kim found herself infatuated by the enormous breasts, now cupped in her small hands. There was no pretense about them at all. As big as they were with their tattoos and pierced, elongated nipples, it was patently obvious that they had been minted solely for their entertainment value. And entertaining they were. Kim found herself enthralled by them.

Kim took one Annie's nipples into her mouth at a time letting her tongue dance lightly over Annie's sensitive, pierced nipples. Notching up Annie's arousal yet again in the process.

Kim then pulled back, stood and let Annie pull down the straps of her dress and allowed it to drop to the floor. Wearing no bra, Kim now stood before Annie wearing only a pair of lacy black thong panties. Those too soon joined the dress on the floor.

Kim once again approached Annie, Annie's hands came up to embrace Kim's own natural breasts. Annie assessed them to be an approximate B cup, only slightly smaller than her own original equipment in size and shape. Kim's breasts were beautiful in their own right with her natural dark complexion. Her nipples were a dark chocolate brown and were pierced with delicate gold rings. Annie considered Kim's breasts to be pretty much perfect. For Kim. As much as Annie had loved her old breasts, she didn't miss them at all and would never go back, even if she could. She loved her new breasts and the attention they brought her. Her arousal spiked just at the thought of exposing them to the world.

Annie nibbled and toyed with Kim's breasts and nipples until, Kim had had enough and needed further attention. She climbed the salon chair, her knees finally settling on the arm rests, her hands supporting herself on the countertop behind the chair. She brought her own slit, itself now damp with arousal, to within striking distance of Annie's expert tongue.

Annie, as Kim had before, inhaled to take in the heady scent of Kim's arousal. She found Kim's soft black pubic hair, trimmed to a neat little landing strip about an inch in width, to be equally arousing. Gripping Kim's round young ass-cheeks, she let her tongue, with its quad studs dance around Kim's opening until she too quivered in orgasm.

To hear Anna tell it, she had only experimented with woman-on-woman sex with her college roommate. To hear Anna tell it, she had gotten no particular thrill from it and, having given it a try had had no need to repeat the experience.

The story, from Annie's perspective was quite different.

Beginning in college, Anna had attempted to put her high school image as the class slut behind her and to start college with a fresh new image. That was Anna's first real attempt to suppress Annie. The imposed celibacy had driven Annie to distraction. She began trying to find ways to make her needs known to Anna. Her most successful attempts, she found, were to strike when Anna was in a weakened state, late at night just before sleep, or in the early morning hours when Anna was emerging from slumber. One night as Anna was drifting off to sleep, Annie had coerced Anna to masturbate. Taking control of their hands, she stimulated their clit until Anna failed to stifle a moan. Apparently the noise had caught the attention of Patty, Anna's bi-sexual roommate. Patty offered to share her bed. Annie, having established a foothold in Anna's psyche, accepted before Anna even knew what had taken place. Anna was swept along for the ride.