Christina watched attentively as the two of us played in front of her. Christina loved watching her sister getting pounded. I looked at Christina and deliberately made eye contact with her. The sun peeked through the tree leaves and kissed her almost hairless pussy as she pulled her bathrobe aside, showing off her pink and almost hairless twat.

Janet turned around, we kissed and caressed each other as we made love.

Then, I felt a tongue licking my back door. My cock must've got harder as Janet cooed. "Wow, what happened there? You got bigger, I felt it."

The next thing I know, I could feel a couple of fingers going up my ass and fucking it. Talk about a total turn...Holy fuck. Christena pulled her fingers out and licked from my ass to the shaft of my cock while Janet bounced up and down on it.

"Hey Larry," Janet moaned softly. "Christina's licking my ass. She never listens to me. She so fucking horny all the time and just has to join in. She's naughty, don't you think.?"

"She was licking my ass two minutes ago. Yeah, she's really a bad girl." I reiterated.

After a bit, Janet climbed off then smiled lovingly at Christina as she licked my ass. She patted Christina's upper back and motioned to her sister to hop on. Christina Smiled as she enthusiastically lowered her pussy taking my manhood into her love hole. I wrapped my arms around her tight as she leaned down for some passionate lip work.

After giving Christina some time to enjoy her newest toy, Janet joined us in some three-way french kissing, she asked. "How does he feel Christina?"

Christina with her eyes closed murmured. "Oh fuck, this is great!"

Suddenly, I felt some liquid flowing down on my balls. Did she just squirt on me? I wondered.

" Janet shrieked excitedly. "You're squirting on my boyfriend; way to go Christine."

Finally, I lost it. I shot my load inside Christina. She rode me for a few more seconds and got up. Christina stood in front of Janet with her legs slightly parted and separated her lips with her fingers then she pushed my sperm out of her twat.

Janet shouted, "Hey, don't waste it!" Janet reached between Christina's legs wiping my cum off her pussy. Then she licked what she could get off her fingers.

Christina squatted between Janet's legs licking and biting her clit. In no time, she had her sister squirting like crazy. I wanted to taste some of her juices so I got down beside Christina as she continued to munch on her sister's bush and licked what I could as she dribbled cum down her legs.

Christina and Janet switched positions, Janet fingered and licked Christina's pussy. Then she gestured for me to take over eating Christina out, and within seconds Christina had thick, white and creamy juices flowing slowly out of her pussy.

I looked over at Janet sitting on the bench and grinning from ear to ear.

"You set me up on that, didn't you? Thanks, Janet!"

"Hey, I have to look after my new fishing buddy." She giggled.