"You like what you see?" Felicity asked.

"Yes, you are beautiful," Martin said.

"More beautiful than Katrina?" Felicity asked.

"Yes, but she too is stunning," Martin said.

"Good, I expect you to be my Slave. Do you agree to that?" Felicity asked.

"Yes, Miss," Martin said.

She reached out to wash his body, and he used a loofah to clean her breasts. She loved the gentle way he cleaned her exposed flesh. Felicity intended to make Martin her own, and she wanted him as her slave husband. Martin, like a bull lead to slaughter, was unaware of her intentions. The plan was for Phoebe to be the cruel one and to keep Katrina out of the way as well. She poured two glasses of champagne from the bottle at the edge of the tub. His drink laced with a mind-altering aphrodisiac would soon help her cause. His glass contained The flavorless crystal before she poured the champagne. She kissed Martin, and Martin kissed her back. He began to feel euphoric arousal.

"How do you feel, Martin?" Felicity asked.

"Wonderful, this champagne is very potent," Martin said.

She kissed him again and stroked his penis under the water. Martin moaned in total abandon.

"Let's dry off and make love again," Felicity suggested.

"Sounds great to me," Martin slurred.

Felicity got out of the tub first and dried off slowly and sensuously. Martin got out and dried off as well.

"Carry me to bed, stud," Felicity ordered.

Martin picked up Felicity and carried her into the main suite, placing her at the bed's edge. Felicity spread her legs to welcome him. He thrust into her slowly as she wrapped her legs around him. Martin went slow, necessitated by his unexplainable dizziness. He had never been so affected by a single glass of champagne. Felicity knew that the next ejaculation would cause Martin to imprint on her, and he would be hers forever.

"Fuck me hard, my well-hung Slave," Felicity said.

Martin picked up the pace, and several dozen thrusts of his huge cock later, his balls emptied into Felicity's hot, hungry hole. Her muscle control elicited sensations better than he ever experienced. He could not stop emitting his seed; his orgasm was the longest and most powerful of his life. Felicity smiled wickedly, knowing her plan was proceeding as she wished.

Felicity found his cock so enjoyable that she went down on his cock and sucked him hard again. The aphrodisiac helped Martin quickly rise to the occasion, and she pushed him onto his back and rode his stiff pole once more. Her milking hole, strengthened by years of Yoga, enticing him on, they climaxed together quickly, and now Martin addicted to Felicity felt sorry for already promising to Katrina, Martin kissed Felicity. Felicity kissed Martin, and he found her kisses even more thrilling than Katrina's.

She pulled him back to the bathroom and helped him relieve his bladder as she held his shaft. No woman had ever aimed him before. He enjoyed the submissive experience, and she sat on the toilet to pee; she opened her legs enough for him to be able to witness her bodily fluid leave her urethra. He was fascinated by it; he could not look away.

"I will keep nothing from you, Martin," Felicity lied.

Phoebe and Katrina donned sexy thong bikinis, played in the cold surf for a while. But in the end, they altered their plans, moving to the built-in pool. The sexy women dove into the heated pool water.

"Let's swim naked. My family owns the entire island," Phoebe said.

"I love skinny dipping," Katrina said.

"You have the sexy body for it," Phoebe said, kissing Katrina.

They removed the bikinis and swam nude. Katrina was enjoying the loving attention Phoebe was giving her. Phoebe's kisses were softer and more luscious than Martin's. Phoebe cornered her against the pool wall as her tongue invaded Katrina's mouth. Katrina's breathing labored as she was finding lesbian attention addictive. Phoebe's aggression was overpowering Katrina's light resistance. Katrina willingly kissed Phoebe back. Phoebe licked her on the edge of the pool. Katrina became addicted to Phoebe's talented tongue.

Felicity only dominated Martin gently for the rest of the afternoon, but every time he got hard, she tackled him and rode his cock. Martin had several orgasms; he had not had so much sex in his entire life. Phoebe kept Katrina equally busy, and she never had a woman lick her so many times before. Martin and Felicity took a shower together so that she could dress for dinner.

"You are to remain nude; I know you prefer it that way," Felicity said.

Phoebe and Katrina also showered, lathering one another lovingly in the warm spray and dressed for dinner.

At dinner, all the women were wearing lovely dresses at the table, making Martin the only one required to be nude. Katrina wore a Diore original, and she looked as fantastic as Phoebe and Felicity in their expensive dresses. Faye was at the table also, and Martin found it odd. Why did the housekeeper eat with the family? She, too, was in a costly gown. Martin was thrilled to be nude amongst all these finely dressed women. He liked the exciting CFNM experience; Felicity knew this already about him; he was like her former fiancé.

"Do you like being the only one nude?" Phoebe asked.

"Yes, I do," he said as his hard cock had already answered.

"I knew you would," Felicity said.

After dinner, they went to the playroom. The playroom was more accurately a dungeon built for sexual play. The room was one of the few shocking discoveries the twin had made of the estate. All the implements of BDSM were there. The twins stripped Katrina of her dress and tied her to a padded bench with Velcro restraints. Her arms and legs secured to the corners of the leather-upholstered rectangular cube. Felicity lowered her snatch over Katrina's face to have her service her with her tongue. Phoebe ordered Martin to fuck Felicity's pussy around Katrina's licking tongue. Phoebe donning an enormous strap-on violated Katrina's pussy with it.

"Do not cum, Martin," Felicity ordered.

Felicity climaxed, as did Katrina and Phoebe; Martin was the only one not allowed an orgasm.

The twins released Katrina, and Martin strapped in her place, awaited his fate. Phoebe lowered her cleft onto his throbbing member.

"Sit on his face Katrina," Felicity ordered.

Katrina obeyed as Felicity affixed the strap-on onto herself. Felicity lubed the frightening device. When Katrina began to enjoy Martin's tongue, Felicity started to violate Katrina's anus with the dildo.

"Oh, not there," Katrina said.

"Shut up, Slave. You will take it in any hole I choose," Felicity said as she slowly worked it into Katrina's bowels.

The slight pain soon was replaced by intense pleasure as Katrina enjoyed her anal initiation. Felicity reamed her ass as Katrina moaned loudly. Katrina felt owned totally by Felicity at this point. She loved it and wanted it desperately to continue. She knew neither Martin nor herself were capable of such total domination of another. They were both subs at heart. Felicity realized their natures as well and planned to subjugate them without remorse.

She and Phoebe sitting in the parlor, discussed the two slaves' futures on Sunday morning. Martin and Katrina though not in the room, could overhear the discussion.

"I must live in Manhattan and run things there. I would love to take Katrina with me," Phoebe said.

"But you know she will be happier here," Felicity said.

"I know, but I want pet visitation rights," Phoebe said.

"Agreed," Felicity said. They left Martin's fate for another conversation.

The two naked slaves naughtily masturbated as they eavesdropped.

"Stop playing with yourselves and get in here," Felicity said.

Martin and Katrina sheepishly entered the sitting room.

"I should punish you for eavesdropping and masturbating," Phoebe said.

"Sorry, Miss," Martin said.

"Sorry, Miss," Katrina said.

"We will get to that later, but now we need to have a serious discussion," Felicity said.

The twins engaged them in conversation, and Martin and Katrina found out about one another. The twins facilitated more disclosure in one afternoon than months of living together had revealed. So skilled were the probing questions that Katrina and Martin's hearts finally showed. They realized that they loved sex with each other more than each other.

"Go look at the portrait in the entry Martin," Felicity said.

Once in the entry, Martin stopped in front of an oil portrait. It looked just like Martin.

"You are right; the resemblance is uncanny," Phoebe said.

"Yes, and his mother was Dad's Secretary," Felicity said.

"Do you think Martin is our stepbrother?" Phoebe asked.

"The private detective ran his DNA, and there is no doubt he is our Father's son," Felicity said.

"Hello, brother," Phoebe said.

"Not so fast; he also ran my DNA, and Father is not our father," Felicity said.

"What do you mean?" Phoebe asked, shock resounding through her voice.

"Seems we are the product of mother's affair with her chauffeur," Felicity said.

"I knew your mother was too close to Mark," Faye said.

"Is Mark, our father?" Phoebe asked.

"Yes, the Detective used Faye's DNA to determine our true father," Felicity said.

"That makes me your aunt," Faye said.

Faye had practically raised the girls, and they already loved her dearly. They were happy to have her as their aunt.

"What does that mean for the company?" Phoebe asked.

"It means Martin will marry one of us to put things right," Felicity said.

"Marry one of you?" Martin asked.

"Yes, the bloodline must be restored. Of course, you will need to change your name legally to Hedwig," Winefred said.

"I thought Mason was my father?" Martin said.

"The Detective claims Mason did not even meet your mother until you were two years old," Felicity said.

"Why did he keep visitation rights then?" Martin asked.

"He must have loved you as his own," Phoebe said.

"What about me?" Katrina asked.

"Don't worry, Casandra, there will always be room for a pet slut like you in our lives," Felicity said.

"I mostly prefer women, so I am not marrying him," Phoebe said.

"I know that, Phoebe. I will marry him, and Katrina will come along as my bonus slave. I hate the idea of monogamy," Felicity said.

"I don't know about this. I promised Katrina's Mother I would take care of her," Martin said.

"You have no choice; I own you now. What will you do? swim to the mainland and hitchhike naked back to San Francisco?" Felicity asked.

"I suppose not," Martin said.

"I will cover your marker and fulfill your promise to Katrina's mother," Felicity said.

Katrina knew that Martin was not a secure enough master for her newly awakened needs. She did love him, but she could see herself enjoying two as quickly as she loved one. Katrina was kind of thrilled by the prospect of being the property of an Heiress and her Husband.

"I think that will be better for everyone," Katrina admitted.

"I think so also; the three of us will love and take care of you," Phoebe said.

She liked to lick pussy and suck cock, so how bad could it be. Felicity showed Martin's DNA report. Felicity also revealed her own to Phoebe and Faye.

"Who's DNA is this I compared to?" Martin asked.

"That is your cousin, my father's brother's son," Felicity said.

There was no doubt it revealed that he was the closest relative on 23 and Me. The other report verified that the twins' Father was Faye's brother.

"You don't want to marry for money, Martin?" Felicity asked.

Martin, though not dense, struggled to process the information. He did not answer.

"How about marrying me for my pussy? You know Katrina never rocked your world like I have this weekend," Felicity said.

Although confused, he had fallen for Felicity. He would love to marry her, especially since she would embrace his newly discovered propensity for a CFNM lifestyle. Although he was a man of his word, and he had given it to Rosemary.

"You know you want to be my naked slave husband," Felicity said.

"Yes, I admit that sounds fun," Martin said as an evil smile grew on his lips.

"I plan to keep you both forever," Felicity said, beaming triumphantly.

"I get visitation rights; after all, we do share everything, Sis, Phoebe said.

"Of course, you know you can use them however you want," Felicity said.

"Perfect," Phoebe said.

It was a good thing because Martin already had a bun baking inside Felicity's oven.

Martin wished Felicity had claimed him sooner; he wished he had fallen in love with Felicity first. Now two women split his heart. He loved them both, but how would that work long term.

Felicity had only noticed the two perfect slaves when the money had gone missing. It was then that the security camera installation inside Martin's office occurred. Once she saw the footage, she knew Martin was her father's son. It was then she ordered the DNA research and the discovery of the shocking results.

As Martin continued to gaze at the portrait of his father, memories of his early childhood resurfaced. He remembered his mother having a frequent visitor named uncle Addison around nap time. When he awoke from his nap, uncle Addison would adjust his clothes and leave. Uncle Addison was the man in the portrait.

"I remember Addison coming to my house at nap time. Mother had me call him uncle Addison," Martin said.

"Mother's diary told how she discovered the affair, and they had a battle of wills. She took control of him at that time," Phoebe said.

"He seemed happy to let her lead," Felicity said.

"What a devious woman Constance was; she did that while having an affair with my brother. I bet she even knew you two were not his children," Faye said.

"Katrina is the only reason we found out about you, Martin. If Katrina had not stolen the money, we would never have investigated," Felicity said.

"Thank Katrina with your cock right now, Martin. We want you two to give us a show," Phoebe ordered.

What could he do? He fucked Katrina for the three ladies' entertainment as ordered. Katrina still loved the feeling of Martin's cock inside her. She even loved him but knew he alone could never have satisfied her perverse submissive nature. Fucking Katrina felt good, and It was a sacrifice he was willing to make, he joked to himself. Anything to please, Felicity.

Faye looked on hungrily as the two fucked.

"Turn over and let Katrina ride on top," Felicity ordered.

They turned over, and Katrina strode him, cowgirl. He thrust his straining hips up to meet each of Katrina's motions. Felicity was recording it all on the sophisticated security camera for ultimate voyeuristic viewing pleasure. Throughout the mansion, the camera would turn and capture images in focus automatically triggered by motion in the rooms. She had quite a collection of material from the weekend's happenings.

"Now you can sit on his face Aunty," Felicity said, wanting to add a new element to the video recording. Felicity could hear the camera autofocus to capture the full shot.

Faye lifted her skirt and lowered her hairy pussy onto Martin's face.

"His tongue is not quite as experienced as his fathers was," Faye said.

"I knew you left the nursery at night for something," Felicity teased.

"Someone needs a haircut," Phoebe said, giggling.

Martin used his fingers to part Faye's hair to lick her folds. He tried to ignore the loose hair in his mouth as he licked Faye into an intense orgasm. Faye stood up, and he used his fingers to remove the hair from his tongue. He was distracted, and Katrina climaxed without him.

"Enough of that, get up, Katrina," Felicity said, knowing full well she denied Martin his Orgasm. Martin looked dejected.

"The Helicopter is due in ten minutes," Phoebe said.

"Don't worry, Martin, we will make good use of your hard cock in the helicopter," Felicity said.

"Good, we need to shop for Martin's new wardrobe. I am promoting him and Katrina," Felicity said.

"I will help her buy her clothes," Phoebe said.

The Helicopter landed outside the mansion. The two twins lead the two naked slaves back into the rotary-wing aircraft.

"Do you have passports?" Felicity asked.

"I have one," Martin said.

"I also do," Katrina said.

"Good, we will go get them first," Felicity said.

"Are you planning to go to Father's favorite haberdashery?" Phoebe asked.

"Yes, I love their suits also," Felicity said.

On this trip, the two slaves were allowed to watch the scenery during the flight. The chopper landed at SFO. They transferred to the Hedwig Limo once again. Mark held the door for his daughters, most likely still unaware he had sired them. They quickly made the trip to Martin's house to retrieve the passports, and they promptly ran nude through the garage into the house. They found the documents and returned to the limo. Mark drove back to the airport, and they went to the Leer jet.

"Park the limo into the hangar. Mark, you are coming with us," Felicity said.

"Okay, Mam," Mark said.

He parked the limo and closed the hangar. He returned to the jet and climbed in.

"Did you know we were your daughters, Mark?" Felicity asked.

"I figured you were because twins run in my family," Mark said.