"Sorry if I got carried away. I knew I wasn't as big as George, so I tried to make it up in other ways," Jay replied.

"What gave you that idea?" Sydney asked. "You two are very similar in size. Your cock may actually be a little longer. His perhaps a little thicker. But I can assure you, they both can get the job done!"

"I have to admit, I overheard George with Jess. The things she was saying, she was so excited," Jay answered.

"You men with your fragile egos," Sydney laughed. "The reason George was so rough with Jess was because he heard you had fucked me without him there. Jesus Christ you guys. This isn't a competition. Of course, Jess loved it with George. It was the first new dick she's had in years. Just like I loved it with you the first time. I came so fucking hard."

"You came that first time? I came so quickly," Jay revealed.

"We both came so quickly at the same time!" Sydney laughed. "I've wanted to fuck you since we first met, you would totally have been my type back in the day. Jess always had excellent taste in men."

Jay was shocked at Sydney's revelation. He realized his wife was just as excited as he was to take on a new sex partner. He really couldn't blame her for wanting to have an experience too.

Jay and Sydney cuddled for about another 20 minutes when Sydney decided to go back to her tent. She said, "It's starting to get light out. I better head back before our kids find us like this."

Jay laid quietly in his tent until the door zipped open and Jess came back in with a sheepish look on her face.

"Are you mad baby? Do you still love me?" Jess asked.

"I'll have to admit, I was sad and jealous when I overheard you fucking George," Jay sighed. "I just wish I knew you had gone there. I was just surprised, that's all."

Jess got a little nervous when she realized Jay had heard her dirty talk with George.

"Well, after you fucked Sydney and left me there hanging, I felt pretty let down," Jess admitted. "Remember when you kissed me after you fucked her? Well, I tasted her. It was something I had never experienced. After you went to sleep, I couldn't get that taste out of my mind. It brought out a sexual feeling I had never had before. It made me desperate for more. When I went to the latrine, I could hear them talking in their tent. Just as we didn't object to Sydney joining us, I figured it would be the same situation over there. I had to taste her again. While I was going down on Sydney, George started eating me from behind. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was coming all over his cock. It felt so good to be so naughty. There was no love making, just raw animal passion. Thank God, George is fixed too!"

Jay found himself rock hard again after hearing Jess's story. "Do you think we can get a quicky in before the kids wake up?" Jay asked.

"Let's give it a shot," Jess laughed.

Jay and Jess had re-connection sex and it was the best sex they had with each other in a long time.

Both couples were pretty tired the next day. With all the fucking, nobody really got any sleep. They decided to have breakfast and pack up. The girls were all smiles at the breakfast bench. They were both acting so lovey-dovey towards their own husbands. It was almost like the time apart made them appreciate what they had at home. At one point, George and Jay had a little private talk. They both admitted that they were both jealous of each other's threesome with both wives. The agreed that if they were to do it again it would have to be a "same room" situation. At the end of the day, neither had any regrets and both thought it was really hot getting to experience each other's wife.

Over the next several weeks, each couple had more sex with each other than they had in the duration of their marriage. George and Jay could not believe how horny their wives had gotten. One day at work, Jay called George and they shared stories of how crazy their lives had become. They both agreed they should have done this years ago.

The End.