Early fall 2020

My father in-law called September 27th, to let us know that my wife's mother was in very poor health and he needed help. We decided it would be best if my wife went to help her parents out for a while and I would stay at home to watch the house. My wife could work from anywhere on her laptop and we don't have any kids to worry about. So my wife Brenda got things in order and a few days later she was ready to drive off to Arizona.

For the first time in our marriage, we were going to be apart for an extended period of time. I thought it would be a good thing for us to be apart for a while. Our sex life was getting stale and we were getting on each others nerves more frequently. I was looking forward to some alone time and was hoping it would improve our sex life. After 15 years of marriage, a long break was in order.

I kissed her good bye and she drove off on a Wednesday morning from the Los Angeles area. She called about 6 hours later to let me know she made it Ok. Sadly she mentioned that her Mom looked real bad and would need a few weeks or more to help out. I reassured her several times, that it was fine. I loved my wife's parents, they had always been terrific to Brenda and me. I told her things would be fine here and not worry about anything but her folks.

Late that afternoon, I noticed my neighbors grandson Tom was over. I had not seen him in a few months. We had been buddies for many years and hung out once in a while. Tom was a great guy and we always cracked each other up with funny stories. Today he was mowing the lawn in shorts and no shirt, on this hot sunny day.

Sometimes Tom would come over and we'd watch sports, or have a few beers together. He was in his late 20's and was very handsome. When I went out to get the mail, I waved to him. He waved back with a nice smile, as he continued to mow the lawn. I went inside to watch Tom for a minute, with my binoculars. I was admiring his hard sweaty body as he plowed back and forth over the yard.

Tom was in construction and home building, he looked in great shape as always. I was thinking of inviting him over to watch a game and have a few beers tonight. I felt a little nervous about approaching him this time, because I was feeling different about him today. I was feeling an attraction to him and didn't think he was gay but I was hoping he was bi or curious. With my wife gone for several weeks, I began thinking of all the possibilities.

Tom finished the yardwork a short while later and came walking over, shirtless and sweaty. I put down the binoculars and gathered myself. I saw him pick up an envelope I must of dropped on the driveway, while checking him out.

Then he came up the steps and knocked on the door, I told him to come on in. Tom stepped in and handed me the envelope.

"Hey Steve, how's it going? I think you dropped this on the driveway when you were getting your mail." He said with a nice smile.

"Thank you Tom, how have you been lately buddy?" I asked trying not to notice his nice tan abs and chest. Dam he looked even better up close.

"I've seen better days." He said sadly.

"Sorry to hear that Tom, what's been going on?" I asked concerned, trying to curb my attraction.

"It's a long story, you don't want to know." He said reluctantly.

"Sure I do." I encouraged, as I felt my mouth slightly watering.

"Well Steve, If you really want to know. I'd rather come back over after a shower, then I can tell you all the details." He said, looking down and added." I could sure use some advice."

"Ok, no problem. I want to get cleaned up too. Come on back over when you're done, I'll be here." I said reassuringly.

"Cool, hey where is Brenda?" He asked looking around the room.

"She left for Arizona this morning, her Mom is not doing so well. Looks like she will be gone for a few weeks or more." I said, hoping he'd perk up with this information.

"Oh, that's too bad Steve, you feel like a few beers then?" He asked with a in new cheer in his voice.

"Sure, I could definitely go for a few beers tonight." I said with a smile of relief.

"Great, I'll swing back over in a few." He said, now sounding excited.

"Ok, I'll run to the store and grab us a fresh case or two. Then I'll get cleaned up." I said casually.

"Cool man." He said, in a happier tone.

"If I'm not back from the store, or still in the shower, just make yourself at home." I said casually. "Front door will be open." I added.

"Sounds great Steve, see ya soon!" He said as he left to get freshened up.

After he left, I began getting more and more excited. I couldn't believe he was coming back over for beers. There seemed to be something different going on between us today. Some sort of new male attraction, I was hoping it was real but I wasn't sure. He was younger, handsome and had a gorgeous athletic body. I was wondering what was instore for us tonight. I was wondering if he could possibly be bi. He had to be a little curious, isn't everyone?

Long ago, I had messed around with a buddy in College a few times. I don't remember that much, because we were so drunk. I do know we had given each other blow jobs and had some fun a few times experimenting. Once when his dorm roommate was gone for the weekend, we had some pretty hot sex. We played around a lot that whole weekend. We took our time and got each other off with some very strong orgasms. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to do it again. We never got another good chance again that semester. I was ready to go all the way with him the next time we got together, but it never happened. We eventually found girlfriends and we never talked about it. Nobody ever found out about it, but I was left wanting more.

I had suppressed my bi side for too long. I wanted to be with a man again, hopefully with Tom. Maybe I could get something going with him over the next few days. Tom or no Tom, I decided then that I wanted a man before my wife got back. Even if I had to go online and make a new friend, or drop into a gay bar in the city. I was going to try my best to find a hot guy to hang out with before my wife returned.

I zipped over to the convenient store and grabbed 2 cases of beer, so I had more than enough. When I got home from the store, I manscaped and got my whole body nice and smooth. Then I showered and washed myself good, I began to think about Tom as I washed my cock and balls. My cock was getting hard and I was feeling very horny.

I put on some tight black spandex boxers and a stretchy shirt. Then I slid on some shorts, added some cologne and cracked a beer. I sat down and put on the sports channel and waited for my friend. I was somewhat relaxed and optimistic about the night ahead. Tom came over as I finished my first beer. Perfect timing, I thought to myself.

"Knock knock." Tom said as he stepped in.

"Come on in buddy, I'll grab you a beer." I said as he entered.

"Sounds great, thank you Steve." He said.

Tom stepped in and looked very handsome. His dark hair was styled nicely and he was wearing shorts, tight tank top and flip flops. He had shaven his face and smelled nice, man he looked good. I was feeling quite aroused and a little nervous as I handed him a beer and we clanked bottles.

"Here's to freedom." I said.

He laughed and thanked me for the beer. We sat down in the living room with the TV on and began to talk about our recent issues. We made small talk about sports and news. We also talked about his grandparents and how they were glad we were friends. When he told them he was coming over to watch the game, they were pleased. They also said bring your key, we will be asleep by the time you get back.

Then the subject changed to his longtime girlfriend Becky. How things had gone very sour lately. He said she wasn't interested in sex as much as before and he was losing patience. I was wondering what happened between them. I tried to get him to open up about it, a little more.

I had met Becky a few times briefly, she was an attractive young woman but seemed a little snotty to me. Brenda wasn't too crazy about her either, I could see why this might not work out.

"So what's up Tom, did Becky catch you cheating on her or something?" I asked with concern.

"Well she's really pissed at me, we have had some issues recently and we needed some space apart. I'm going to stay here with my grandparents for a while, till we figure this out."

"Sounds like were sort of in the same boat. My wife is gone for a few weeks and our sex life is not what it was 15 years ago." I said reluctantly.

"We do have similar issues.." He said sadly.

"Oh, come on Tom. You can tell me anything, I don't judge. What's wrong buddy?" I encouraged.

"Well this is embarrassing, I hope you don't freak out on me." He said looking down.

"I promise Tom, I am totally cool with anything you say." I said nicely. "I'm just a guy like you trying to deal with this crazy world we live in."

"Well, Becky and I are having big problems." He grunted.

"I'm having problems with my wife too, it's nothing new." I exclaimed.

Tom took a big swig of beer and looked at me reluctantly. Then looked down.

"Becky caught me watching porn a few times and she's really pissed off about it." He said sadly.

"That's normal, I do that almost everyday. I just don't get caught!" I joked him.

"It's a little worse than that." He exclaimed.

"It can't be that bad, what happened?" I asked nicely.

"Well, I started watching more and more porn, to relief the lack of sex. Then I began to watch a variety of porn. Then I started watching some gay porn. She caught me like 5 times in the last month watching gay porn. She would sneek up on me very quietly and when she saw what I was watching, she'd freaked out on me. Calling me names and making me feel like crap. It kept happening and it was getting more and more embarrassing. I've never acted on it, or done anything like that with a guy. It just looks so hot and it gets me off so much more than normal porn does." He said boldly.

"I've seen some gay porn before. I'm sure 90% of guys have and I bet most have enjoyed it!" I said sincerely. "These days it's more common than you think."

"Really, what percentage of guys in LA are gay or bi?" He asked, perking up.

"Well, I've read that about 70% of men today are bi and 30% are gay.

"Must be all the hot gay porn out there." He joked.

"Well I think it helps normal guys like us, to consider the possibilities. I also know guys are enjoying gay sex, more than ever before.." I protested.

"Really, you think so?" He said more relaxed.

"Definitely, If the right type of guy was there and the situation was right, most guys would go for it." I protested.

"Well gay porn has certainly changed my outlook on gay sex." He said nervously.

"Well if the opportunity came my way, I might just give in myself." I added, hoping for a positive reaction.

"I might want to try a few things myself someday, gay porn looks so hot." He said.

"Wanna show me what she caught you watching on my laptop?" I asked nicely."

"Are you serious?" He asked with a funny smile.

"Sure, gay porn is cool. I never watched it with anyone before. Not even my wife." I said with a bit of nervousness in my voice.

"Ok,,, are you sure Steve?" He asked.

"Sure why not, who's going to know?" I said, as I got up.

I grabbed my laptop from the kitchen and fired it up. Then I handed it to him and sat down next to him on the couch. I liked where this was going. He took the laptop from me and found a hot gay porn and hit the play button. There were two very sexy guys wearing bright speedos by a pool. One guy swims over to the other and they began to talk and touch each other.

"I like this one a lot." He said boldly.

"This is hot, I can see why your girlfriend wouldn't approve." I said as I adjusted my hardening cock in my shorts.

The guys on the screen were making me horny and I knew Tom was getting aroused too. They began kissing and rubbing each others big bulges. It was getting really hot, Tom and I were glued to the screen. Then one of the guys pulled the other guys speedo down and began to blow his big cock. It was very beautiful and very erotic, my heart began racing.

"Wow, that looks like fun!" I said, breaking the tension in the room.

"Definitely!" He agreed without taking his eyes off the screen.

"These guys are sooo fucking hot!" I protested as I openly rubbed my shorts.

"I know, I can't stop watching them go at it. It looks so unbelievable. I wonder if it's that much fun in real life?" He mentioned.

"God that looks like so much fun, I wish I was either one of those guys." I said

"Me too." He agreed.

This was it, It was time to make my move. I was ready to do almost anything sexual with him. I wanted him right now!

"You wanna try it? We could right now?" I said boldly, as we watched the men on the screen pleasuring each other.

"Really?" He said excitedly.

"Sure, why not. I even have an extra pair of speedos for you." I said.

"Ok." He grunted out, with a shake in his voice.

"Let's really try this! I'm totally STD free, just so you know. I do have protection too!" I conveyed.

"I've only been with Becky over the past few years. You'd be my first guy!" He explained with joy in his voice. "I'm sure I'm totally STD free too."

"Terrific, I'll be right back." I said quickly.

I got up and went to my bedroom slid on some speedos and grabbed an extra pair for him. When I came back Tom was standing there, watching the porn and rubbing his shorts. I could see the bulge, it looked big!

"Take those off." I protested, as I held out his sexy swimwear.

Tom did as I asked and dropped his shorts and underwear for me. His cock finally came into view, it was such a turn on. I handed the speedos to him and admired his big beautiful cock. It bounced back and forth as he pulled up the speedos. Tom's eyes were glued to my cock filling out the front of my speedos. His cock was a little bigger than mine, with a gorgeous cock head and nice balls. My mouth was watering, my cock was aching for his affection.

"Let's go out to the pool, it's very private out back." I said.

"Ok". Was all he said.

Tom followed me out back and we sat at the edge of the pool with our feet dangling in the water. We smiled shyly at each other and he looked down at my straining, speedo covered cock.

"Lets pretend were the guys in that porn." I said nervously.

"Ok." Was all he said.

I reached over and touched Tom's cock through his slick speedos. He flinched a little as he accepted my eager hand. The porn was going in the background and the tension was building fast. His cock began growing and his breathing got faster as I slid up and down his shaft. He reached over and began to feel my straining cock, a few seconds later. It was so fucking hot and exciting, we were really doing this. We started rubbing each other more aggressively and my cock was getting nice and hard for him.

We slid a little closer together and began to lightly kiss, just like the porn we were watching. It was getting more and more erotic by the second. I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted him so badly. I stood up and I began to pull his speedos down. His cock popped out and hit me in the chin. Up close Tom's cock was so big and beautiful. My mouth was watering with so much desire and lust for this gorgeous man!

I took Tom's big cock and began to suck, with all my hidden gay desires. I started by doing circles around his cock head with my tongue and jacked the base of his huge cock. Pre cum started oozing out and the taste was making me crazy for more. Tom was enjoying his fantasy and he looked sexy enough to be in that porn.

I kept at it, sucking his cock and swirling my tongue around the head. Then I'd squeeze the head of his cock with my tongue and the roof of my mouth, squeezing the blood out. Then I'd swirl my tongue around the head as the blood rushed back in. He got harder and harder, louder and louder as I worshipped him. I did this over and over again. He was definitely enjoying himself and I was in ecstasy. His pre cum was like a sexual venom, I wanted more and more of. It was getting very steamy, very fast.

He kept groaning with approval as he squeezed my head a little harder. I also sucked up and down the veiny sides of his slick wet cock occasionally. It was so much fun, he was really getting into it. Then I got back to sucking and swirling his big cock head. His cock head began to throb and the shaft got stiffer. I picked up the pace, sucking, jacking and swirling my tongue around his big beautiful cock. Tom was losing control of himself and so was I.

Tom threw his head back and enjoyed my lustful blow job to the max. Tom was moaning with approval and loving this. His breathing became more intense and I had a feeling he would reward me soon. I squeezed his cock head again and again, while jacking him faster. He moaned even louder and his whole body started trembling. I knew he was about to explode and I wanted to have it all. I shoved his cock down my throat and breathed through my nose. As I was deep throating him, I pulled on his ass with both hands. Then I shoved a finger in, as far as I could. I was lost in a sexual bliss, we were in gay heaven. I wanted his cum more than anything. I wanted to please Tom more than any woman had before.

Then Tom's legs shook hard and the first jets of cum shot down my throat. I throated as much as I could, before I needed air. I kept pumping and sucking like crazy as Tom kept cumming and cumming. Tom was in a state of sexual bliss and really pumped my face hard as he was cumming. I was so turned on by his aggressiveness, that I kept going full throttle. Then Tom's legs shook again, even harder. Tom began trembling as he drained the rest of his balls into me...

Then he gently tried to pushed my head away. He came for like 30 seconds, then I stood up and we kissed. We shared his cum as we kissed. My cock was very hard and grinding against his beautiful cock and balls. As we kissed he began to feel my ass. It was so erotic and wild, I lost all sense of time and order.

I grabbed his hand and walked him back to the guest bedroom, where we continued with our gay fantasy. Tom kissed me and held me firmly. The fun was just beginning. Then he pulled down my speedos and admired my aching cock.

"Have you been wanting to do this for a long time Tom?" I asked him between deep breaths.

"Yes, but more than anything now." He said as he went down on me and went to work on his first cock.

He grabbed my cock and began to suck me with so much lust and enthusiasm. He copied my moves a bit, swirling his tongue around my cock. Then squeezing the blood out of my cock head and letting it fill again and again. Tom seemed to really be having a wonderful time and I was loving this. Brenda never gave head like this and eating her pussy wasn't nearly as fun as sucking Tom's big dick. It was pure erotic ecstasy, for both of us.

I was having too much fun, I knew I couldn't take much more of his sensational blow job. He was too good at it, Tom was the best ever by far. I forced his head a little faster and groaned with approval. He jacked me faster and sucked even harder. He pulled out my cock and slapped his face with it and kept going. He looked so sexy bobbing on my cock, I couldn't take it another second.

"Tom, I'm gunna cum!" I grunted between breaths.

He heard my warning and went even faster. Then I exploded jet after jet, into his eager mouth. He milked and sucked my cock, as if it was the most important thing in the world to him. I had the longest, most everlasting orgasm of my life. I couldn't believe myself, I just kept cumming and cumming. It was like a rolling orgasm that lasted longer than anything before, just from a blow job. My body shook as he milked me for every last drop. I was so blown away I almost cried with joy. Instead I pulled him up and we kissed and fell back on the bed together. I tasted my cum on his tongue for the first time, as we kissed and our bodies grinded together. We carried on for a while before we collapsed and laid back on the bed side by side.