I woke up Sunday around 1130am but laid in bed until 1 going over the events of the night before. I had tried cocaine for the first time and now knew what all the buzz was about. I had also slept with Kat's boyfriend and all three of us were scheduled to work today. My anxiety was through the roof.

I walked to the bathroom and analyzed myself in the mirror. My body was still unaffected by this new, slightly out of control lifestyle. I nakedly stepped on my scale. Down to 131 pounds. Not bad for a tall girl like myself who stood 5'6".

I returned to the mirror, thinking about how the pale skin of my breasts contrasted with the golden brown skin which was not covered by my bikinis. I held my breasts gently in both hands. I truly admired them. If it was not for the confidence these nicely shaped 36C breasts gave me, I'm not sure I would have any at all.

My face on the other hand had seen better days. My new platinum blond hair looked great but my eyes were black and puffy from late nights and bad decisions. As I turned to hop in the shower I picked up my panties from last night off the floor; a dried white cum stain against the black fabric flaunting my most recent bad decision.

I arrived to work to start my shift. The place was fairly empty.

"I'm gonna have to use this cleavage to milk as many tips as I can from those who are here," I joked to myself as I looked down at down at my tits sitting in my familiar black tank top.

I turned toward the bar and Jimmy was already at work behind it. He held up three fingers and then saluted me. He was referencing a term he used for women who slept with multiple men in the same group of friends. According to him I was now a three star general. What a fucking asshole!

I went up to see what section I was assigned today but didn't see my name.

"What's up General," Jimmy quipped.

"Leave me alone Jimmy and just let me know what section I'm working,"

"Kat hasn't come back yet so I'm moving you to bartend. Don't be nervous. I'll help you. It's mostly just slinging beers anyway."

His confidence in me surprised me. The last thing I needed after doing cocaine the previous night was more anxiety and sexual ribbing. Kat's absence helped and so did the constant work of being behind the bar.

The night passed quick. Learning the bar and steady service had made time fly. I had survived and was proud of myself. My confidence was beaming.

I cleaned up the bar exactly how Jimmy had shown me and said goodbye to the staff as they left to head home. I then went to the back office to clock out and head home myself.

Jimmy was in the office already, sitting at a desk, cleaning up some papers. I wouldn't really call it an office as it was more similar to a small walk in closet. There was enough room for a small desk, two chairs, and a dinky two drawer file cabinet.

The desk and one of the chairs were cluttered with papers and junk.

"Come have a seat" Jimmy said while patting his lap.

"C'mon Jimmy, enough" I complained, but he had already grabbed my waist. My balance was off and I plopped down on his lap like he was Santa.

I sat there, wondering what to do next. Hash out our mistake from the night before? Ask him about Kat? Get up and leave?

What I found myself doing was leaning in and kissing Jimmy. When sitting on his lap my face was higher than his so I tipped his chin up with two fingers and kissed him softly. He returned my kiss, our tongues playfully dancing in each other's mouths.

He reached into my tank top and pulled out my breasts. This time I did not stop him. We stopped kissing and he admired my multi colored tits which were closer to his eye level than my face. He traced his finger along the tan line on my left breast and remarked that he could tell just where my bikini top sat.

I slid off of his lap and down to my knees. Thankfully I was wearing jeans because the floor was dirty. I reached up and unbuttoned Jimmy's shorts. He stood up, let his shorts fall to the ground, and sat back down.

His thick semi-hard dick rested between his legs. Even semi-hard Jimmy was big. I estimated it to be around 5" which was about the size of my fully erect ex boyfriend of four years. I looked up at him, grabbed his cock with my left hand, and brought my mouth to meet it.

I put on quite a show if I do say so myself. My beautiful tits hanging out, my platinum blond hair being held up by one of his hands. It helped that he was keeping the hair out of my face but I knew he was doing that so he could get a better view of my mouth working on his now 8" hard cock.

I went down and licked his balls which had apparently gotten sweaty during a full shift of work. My mouth retreated to the tip of his dick. I felt his hands grab my head and begin to thrust, making me gag once again. I firmly smacked his hands away.

"Not today Jimmy."

I returned my attention to his dick. It was ideal, if not a bit too big for my liking at the time. It had a thick pinkish head which was met by an equally thick shaft that had various skin tones - pink at the top followed by a thin ring of dark brown skin, before a lighter brown tone covered the last 4 or so inches.

I sucked eagerly, my saliva covering his dick while I bobbed my head up and down on it. His girth stretched my lips. His length filled my mouth. Sucking him turned me on and the quality of my blow job reflected that.

I suctioned my lips to his cock and slowly drew my lips back up to his tip. I felt his cock pulse but no cum filled my mouth. So I kept my lips around the head of his cock and jerked his dick with my right hand, using the obscene amount of saliva I had left on his cock as lube.

His dick pulsed once more in my hands and I felt the first spurt of cum fill my mouth. In one quick motion I swallowed it and deep throated as much of Jimmy's phenomenal cock as I could. I had always prided myself on swallowing and this time was no exception. I swallowed every last drop and quite easily.

I stood up and placed my tits back into their proper resting place. Jimmy's dick had softened but still glistened with the shine of my spit.

"I'm gonna go," I told Jimmy, grabbing my things and walking out of the door before he said anything.

As I walked out into the parking lot, I noticed the knees of my jeans were dirty and brown from the floor.

"We will not be wearing these same ones to work tomorrow," I laughed.