This happened in the fall of my sophomore year of college. I went to a frat party with a few of my friends. We went to the same fraternity house every weekend. The theme that weekend was "White Trash Bash." So I wore a white tank top with cut off jean shorts, so short my ass was pretty much hanging out of them and a pair of black flip flops.

While at the party I started getting hit on by this really tall black guy who I had never seen at the house before. He was giving me a lot of really strong drinks the entire night. I had never been with a black guy before or even entertained the thought. The more I drank the more comfortable I got and the more I let myself cut loose with him.

We danced for a while. While I was grinding against him I became acutely aware of massive hard on! I looked over my shoulder and could see the outline through his basketball shorts!

We continued to dance, which was probably starting to look more like a night at a strip club than actually dancing! I would brush my against his cock and I would allow him to touch my breast while dancing with him!

After a little while of our dirty dancing he pulled me in close, grinding his hard cock against my white ass breathed into my right ear "let's take this back to my place!" That sent a chill down my spine and I said breathlessly "yes!"

On the ride over to his apartment I leaned over into his lap and pulled out his bbc from his shorts and started sucking his dick! It was so big, veiny and dark in my small white hand! His head was coated in precum from being turned on by our dancing so I leaned over and licked his head clean! He let out a deep low moan and I felt his big hand on the back of my head and I started to suck and slobber on his big black cock!

I felt so naughty, I had never done anything like before with anyone let alone a random black guy I had just met at a party! But thinking of that somehow made it hotter! When we pulled up to his place he pulled his cock out of my mouth and then slapped me in the face with it. That really turned me on! I quickly followed him up to his apartment like a little puppy. Once inside he grabbed me by my pony tail and made me follow him into his bedroom where he practically threw me onto his bed!

He then told me to strip naked and I couldn't get out of my clothes fast enough! I pulled my white tank top up and over my head. Then I reached behind my back and undid my cheap highlighter pink bra and slipped it off, revealing my large supple milky white breasts and my tiny pink nipples which were erect with excitement and anticipation! I then unbuttoned my makeshift daisy dukes and pulled them and my matching pink underwear down around my ankles and stepped out.

As I was getting naked so was he. I sat on the edge of his bed naked and he walked over to me his bbc swaying back and forth. My mouth was watering as I stared at his bbc. I reached for his cock and he stopped me and told me "no hands." As I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth he grabbed it by the base and slapped me accross the face with it!

Every time I would try to suck his cock I would get slapped in the face with it. This was driving me wild! I looked into his eyes and gave him my best "puppy dog look" and pleaded "please let me suck your big black cock again." Without saying a word he brought his cock up to my face and rubbed his head across my lips smearing his precum on my lips.

My tongue quickly darted out and licked my lips. It tasted so sweet and I let out a soft moan and he then parted my lips with his head and I was finally allowed to suck his cock! I started sucking his cock head swirling my tongue around it. Every time I would tease and lick his slit I would taste more of his precum. I then started licking his long veiny shaft and tried to deep throat him as much as I could and after about 10 minutes of that he grabbed me by my pony tail again and started to face fuck me.

I started to cry from gagging on his cock and with every whimper I made, the more fearce his thrust were. When he was done with my face he pulled out his cock and slapped me across the face again and said "I'm ready for that white pussy." I quickly spread my legs and he thrusted his huge cock inside me. Nothing could have prepared me for the savage fucking my poor white pussy was about to endure!

I felt like I was being stretched out with every thrust. He would pull it all the way out till just the head was inside me then he would slam it back into me all the way to the hilt. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass with every thrust. This went for about 10 minutes or so then he stopped, I thought he was allowing me to catch my breath. Then he leaned over and started sucking on my nipples and occasionally nipping on them.

He started kissing and biting his way up my right breast slowly working his way up my chest and neck. As he would climb higher up my torso his cock would slowly inch deeper inside me. Once he had finally reached my right ear lope, his cock was all the way back inside me. He started biting my ear lobe and my neck, driving me over the edge, causing me to fuck back against his big black cock. He then breathed into my ear "I want you to put your feet in my face!"

I was so turned on I didn't even question his demand and quickly did as I was told and repositioned myself so that my feet were now in his face. He grabbed them both and pressed them into his face. His cock got harder as he inhaled deeply from my feet! I could feel the air being sucked out between my toes which made me involuntarily wiggle them against his face and made his cock jump inside me.

He said "I've been after your pretty little white feet all night!" He started kissing the ball of my foot then he started to lick the ball of my foot then nibbled his way up to my toes. One by one he sucked on my toes and licked in between them. After he sucked on all my toes he started licking my soles and and biting my arch and instep. He started fucking me even harder and faster than before and he was savagely licking and biting my soles and toes.

Whenever I tried to pull my feet away from his mouth he would thrust harder and bite my soles and toes more ferociously. I felt like a small prey getting devoured by a large predator! I was so turned on I squirted four times all over his big black cock! He finally took a break from devouring my feet and he bent over and but down hard on the right side of my neck as he nibbled his way up to my ear and whispered

"you are now bbc property! You will be used by bbc only for the rest of your life!" And with that he thrusted his cock deep inside me and before I knew what was happening or could even protest, I felt his big black cock unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum deep into my white pussy! All I could do was take it! There was no point in fighting it, I gave into him and wrapped my long white legs around him and pulled him in deeper as he pumped me full of his seed!

Once I felt his cock was done pumping I lifted my head up to kiss him. Our lips met then his tongue started exploring my mouth, we kissed passionately as he started to grind his hips against mine and I kept milking his black cock with my white pussy. He finally broke away from our kiss and pulled his still hard black cock from my tired sore white pussy. I suddenly felt so empty without his cock inside me and I looked down to see the giant pool of cum that had leaked out of me and onto his bed. And something in me had changed in that moment...

Not gonna lie to y'all, seeing all that cum that was inside me was a HUGE turn on! That was my first experience with a black guy, but it wouldn't be my last!