My family owns a piece of land in the woods near our town. It's not a place we use often, just a get-away. It has a cabin and a lake. There's a 'No Trespassing" sign by the lake, but the sign was put up years ago. Occasionally townspeople use the lake, and we don't care. There is decent fishing, and it's a cool spot for a dip on hot days. Surrounded by trees and private, it even tempts some into skinny dipping. That's where my story begins.

I had gone to the cabin for a few days at the end of May, to clear my head after final exams. I was just finishing my third year in college. I was lying in the sun and reading a magazine outside the cabin, when I heard the splashing of water. I walked down to the lake, and there were two girls from the high school, laughing and swimming. I saw their clothes strewn on the ground, along with a towel. From the flashes of skin as they swam, I was sure there were no bathing suits.

A gentleman would have retreated and left them to their pleasure. I did not do that. I sat down on the ground not far from their clothes, and pretended to read my magazine. They shortly noticed me, and not sure what to do, continued their swimming. But their laughter ended. We both knew they could not get to their clothes without approaching me.

After a while, they swam toward shore. Crouched in the water, so that only her shoulders were above the surface, one of the girls called to me.

"Hi. Do you mind turning around? We need to get our clothes."

I smiled. "I'm on my property. Your girls are trespassing. I don't care about that, but if you want your clothes, you'll just have to come and get them."

They stared at me, talked to each other, and came to the acceptance that they were stuck. They couldn't tread water forever.

One girl, the blonde, came out of the water first. I guess the other stayed in the water to see how things went. She crossed her arms over her chest, covering the breasts. But her bottom was bare and I could see the blond hairs covering her groin. She had a beautiful body, with an athletic build and firm buttocks. She grabbed her clothes. I watched, but didn't move. The second girl, a brunette, followed. Larger breasted than the first, she was pleasingly plump. To avoid exposing themselves longer than necessary, they did not towel off but hurriedly pulled on their clothes under my gaze.

"That was not very nice of you", the blond said to me when they turned to leave.

"You're right. I apologize. But you both are so beautiful, it was a temptation I couldn't resist. There's no damage done, except perhaps to a false sense of modesty. But there is nothing to be ashamed of in the human body."

I have a way with words. I continued.

"I'm sure you sneak a look at boys with beautiful builds. Everyone admires the opposite sex. Is that so terrible? But I meant no harm. Forgive me."

Her stern look softened. So I pressed on.

"Look, let me make it up to you. My cabin is nearby. Let me make you lunch. I have fresh bread and cold cuts."

The girls looked at each other. They didn't talk but it was clear they were considering it.

"And cold beer." I added.

That clinched it. They were in high school after all.

We walked back to the cabin. I introduced myself and asked their names.

"Meredith." Said one.

"Annette", said the other.

We chatted and they relaxed.

Recall that they had not toweled off. The consequence of this was that their clothes clung to the wetness of their bodies. Their nipples protruded from their t-shirts; their shorts clung to the curves of their midsection and their buttocks. My head was reeling from the view, helping as it was to recall their nakedness, but I maintained a sense of calm.

I made lunch, and they told me they were seniors in high school and had skipped their last period of class to swim. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I work out and am proud of my muscular build. From their glances, it seemed they admired my powerful chest and shoulders.

After we ate, the blond (Meredith) brought up what I had said to them. That there was nothing to be ashamed of about the human body. False modesty, and all that.

"Do you really believe that, or is that what you say to justify ogling naked girls?"

I replied. "No, of course I believe that. Too many people are hung up on their bodies."

"In that case", she said, "remove your clothes."


"You heard me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander."

I froze. They sat there, waiting. Now, I'm happy to cavort naked with a woman, but the idea of stripping in front of two of them, while they would sit there clothed, watching, was bizarre. I had never done something like that before.

"That's weird." I said

"You have nothing to lose but some false modesty. There's nothing to be ashamed of about the human body." She was mocking me. "Strip."

I guess I deserved this. I removed my shirt. They watched, saying nothing. I removed my shorts. I hesitated but finally pulled off my underpants. I was fully exposed.

Meredith walked over and picked up my clothes. She took them to where they were sitting.

"Good boy. We like to look too."

We continued to talk. They asked questions and I stammered on about my college. I was naked. They were clothed. They acted like this was normal. I tried to pretend I was ok with this, but finally there was a stirring in my groin. My penis rose and I didn't know if I should shield myself with my hand, or let them watch. I let them watch.

They continued chatting for a few minutes. I was in shock, not knowing what to do, and found myself blushing. I guess I am modest, after all. I stood there naked in front of them, them ignoring my nakedness and my arousal. The more uncomfortable I was, the higher my erection rose.

Finally, Meredith, mercifully, laughed and tore off her t-shirt. Annette followed, and those wet shorts were gone too. They were soon naked. They swarmed me, one rubbing my chest, the other my back. Their hands travelled down to my waist and teased my inner thighs. I lay down on the floor and each massaged a different part, with Meredith ending up at the groin. She tugged at my stiff organ. Annette cupped the testicles. I smiled like a puppy having its belly rubbed. I was in heaven.

Annette lay on top of me, letting the warmth of her body fill mine. Meredith massaged my feet. Those sensitive nerves in the feet, mingling with the waves of pleasure coming from my penis, proved too much. My body shook and I ejaculated. I was embarrassed not to have controlled myself, but the girls laughed and used the towel to clean me and Annette.

It was their turn. Meredith lay on the floor and I straddled her, with my knees on either side of her legs. I cupped her breast with my mouth. My tongue circled her nipple. While I did this, Annette continued to massage my dangling testicles. I travelled down Meredith's body to her groin, and used my finger to gently rub the clitoris. Then probed the vagina, finding the spot inside of most pleasure. She reacted with appreciative sounds. Annette rubbed my back, circling around to my chest, my abdomen, the thighs.

We traded places, Annette now under me, Meredith stroking my body. My erection had returned by this time, and I entered Annette. I couldn't ejaculate again but I was able to give her the pleasure she wanted.

When we finished, we all lay on the floor, spent. I asked, "Anyone here into skinny dipping?" They laughed, and we all ran, naked, down the path to the lake where it had all begun. We swam, laughed, and afterwards sunbathed nude on the shore.

The lake is our spot now. The girls have returned several times. Once they brought a girl friend. But that's a story for another time. And I took down that no trespassing sign.