Another BIG THANKS to Jade Stone the outstanding editing.

Chapter 2

Once the day actually kicked into gear, I sure was grateful for the few hours of rest I squeezed in. Keeping up with the girls, with their sprightly demeanor and sexy outfits was exhausting in the best way.

All three of them were gorgeous in their own way, and though I tried to hide it, Erin was the only one I could focus on, and she knew it. Clad only in a hint of a red bikini that did nothing to hide her tight body as she pranced around the boat, it was impossible not to stare.

Hannah was the leader of the pack. A stereotypical cheerleader and a control freak, she had asserted her dominance by enforcing her family's home as the rendezvous point (we had ceded to this idea most gracefully, as the area was beautiful and even with the small house, our options were limited). She had determined the entire itinerary of our stay down to the minute and today she seemed to assert her dominance by sunbathing in the prime spot at the boat's bow. Her amazing body outlined by a frill-less pink bikini, on full display to anyone who dared drink in the sight of her. Blonde hair, a tan and toned body (yet armed with D-cups), everything a man could ever want. I never had the pleasure of fucking her, but had to admit to rubbing it out to her more than once; generally with thoughts of exploring every inch of her hot body, but always cumming to the picture of face-fucking her into a blissful silence. God she could talk.

Hannah's main partner in crime was Rachel - her best friend since grade school, content to sit in Hannah's enormous shadow. Whenever she was dressed as she was today however, the attention she would draw was unavoidable. Her tits demanded it. I'd guess they were an E-cup, but in reality they were likely even larger, she mentioned once that all of her bras were custom made.

For the most part, Rachel was quite shy about her body. Comfortable amongst friends and constantly making sex jokes, but being less physically fit compared to the other girls left her with some insecurity. Even though all of us guys would give anything to play with her tits, there was definitely some jealousy. She was the only girl in a one piece, but she still looked damn good filling it out.

When Erin and I had dated, it was Hannah who had set it up. When it didn't work out, she had tried to push me towards Rachel, but Derek had warned me to stay away. Breaking the hearts of two of his wife's friends wasn't a great idea.

It was a fun day, but a long one. If it weren't for the morning head, I'm not sure how I would've survived. Between the three girls, I had plenty of new material for my spank bank, but still had no idea when I'd be able to make a withdrawal. Fortunately, fate arrived with a solution: margaritas!

The girls wanted them, but we needed ingredients. As the designated driver, I was tasked with going to get them. Erin was in charge of making them and graciously offered to accompany me, a perfect opportunity for us to continue this morning's events.

We were barely out of the driveway when I made my move.

"So, remember this morning when you said 'any time?'"

"Why do you think I came along?" Erin unbuckled her seat belt and knelt beside me, a perfect angle to bend down. "You better be able to focus on driving."

"What else would I focus on?" Erin had my cock out in no time, and immediately engulfed my hard rod. Just like that, I was in heaven.

I drove slow, and Erin blew me all the way to the store. Bobbing her head on my lap and humming happily while slurping my cock. I knew I could cum soon, but figured it made sense to enjoy the road head for as long as possible, so I pulled into the parking lot and pried her off me.

We went in and got what we needed quickly, eager to get back in the car. I admired Erin as she pranced around the store without a care in the world. Meanwhile, I had to walk awkwardly behind her as my erection refused to subside.

When we got back to the car, Erin surprised me with a big, long kiss, practically straddling me in the driver's seat before she ducked down to resume sucking my cock.

"Oooooh he's still hard!" she giggled before wolfing me back down.

I groaned in response.

"You going to give me another big, hot, creamy load?" Erin asked innocently between slurps.

"Oh yeah." I replied as I pulled out of the lot. "You going to drink it all up like a good girl?"

"Mmmmhmmmmmm!" She kept my cock in her mouth as she answered, enthusiastically slurping up and down.

"Good girl... remind me I owe you a good fucking later."

Erin popped me out of her mouth and moved her hand in so she could stroke my slick cock as she sat up.

"Oh no!" She denied me as she stroked. "You won't be fucking me again, but you WILL go down on me before the weekend ends."

I stuck out my lower lip and mock pouted. "No fucking?"

Erin shook her head as she continued to stroke. "No fucking. Oral is oral, I can convince myself this isn't cheating, but fucking is over the line."

With that logic, I couldn't really complain. At least I was getting my dick sucked for the second time today. Erin was great, but this was likely just a weekend fling.

Discussion over, Erin ducked back down to continue blowing me. I was focused on the empty road, two hands on the wheel as she bobbed up and down furiously

"Fuck yeah. Do the tongue thing again." Erin slowed momentarily, and I could feel her smile at my request. She lifted herself up so only my head was in her mouth and swirled her tongue around just like this morning.

"Oh fuuuuuuck." Moving one hand from the steering wheel to the top of her head as she swirled and swirled, alternating speed to keep me on edge.

I considered pulling over, but the fact that this was happening while driving was honestly an even greater turn on. I snuck a peak at Erin's ass, on full display for anyone who passed her window, imagining how nice and fuckable she must look from that angle.

Erin eventually stopped swirling and just focused her tongue on the underside of my cock head, flicking her tongue back and forth on my frenulum ferociously.

"Oh shit!" The sensation was powerful, and I was going to cum. I kept my grip on the top of Erin's head and lightly pushed her down more. She resisted slightly so she could keep flicking her tongue, but eventually it was too much.

"Here it comes, baby." I warned her, but she already knew.

My cock slipped deep into her as I began filling her mouth. Spurt after spurt of cum shot powerfully against the back of her throat.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkk!" I moaned loudly as I unloaded. Erin dropped a hand to massage my balls as they twitched powerfully with each blast.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmm!" She hummed, slowly slurping up my shaft to focus on the tip of my cumming cock.

My breath was heavy as I did my best to focus on driving, fortunately we were on a straight road and I was going slow, but the powerful rush of cumming into Erin's talented mouth still made it hard to focus.

After the first few shots moved my second hand back to the wheel, holding it steady and leaving Erin in full control as she happily sucked on my tender tip, swallowing my cum as fast as she could and moaning in approval as she drank it all up.

When I appeared to be finished, she gave a little kiss to my still sensitive frenulum and stroked from the base upwards to slowly milk any last cum out of me.

A smug grin appeared as a thick glob oozed out and she quickly gobbled it up. She repeated this a few times before being satisfied I was empty, tucking away my now softening cock before leaning back in her seat, and raising her arms in the air to do a little dance in triumph.

I caught myself smiling at her antics as I pulled into the driveway. Fuck, I was falling for her.