"So... we go talk about it?"

Wes scrunched his nose up in consideration. "That feels awkward too. Like, what? 'Hey Bailey, about all that cumming on your ass we did...'"

"Well obviously not like that."

"How then? How does one start a conversation with one's little sister about messing her booty repeatedly, and the emotional impact of that, and about probably wanting to do it again."

Ryan tilted his head. "You want to do it again?"

"You don't?"

"... no, I do."

"Thought so."

"That's fucked up, isn't it?"

"Of course it is. You kidding me? That's not the issue here."

"It kind of is."

Wes sat down with a heavy sigh. "Grinding on Bailey was one of the hottest things I've ever done. No... the hottest. Just straight up the hottest thing."

"I mean... yeah. Agreed."

"And I think she liked it. It'd be different if she didn't. Then I'd just feel bad. But I think she liked what we did."

"Kinda seemed like it, huh?"

Wes shrugged. "So maybe you're right. Maybe we just talk to her."

"Seems like the easiest thing to try."

Wes and Ryan slipped over to Bailey's room, making sure neither parent was around to note their movements. They were only just there to talk, but it felt clandestine all the same.

Wes opened the door and moved in, opening words already tumbling past his lips before he had to stop short.

"Bailey, we wanted to... talk... about..."

Ryan, just behind Wes, struggled to push his way in and close the door behind them. He was slower even than his brother to realize what they'd walked in on.

Bailey lay frozen on her bed, on her tummy, eyes wide and locked on the intruders. She had no bottoms on at all, and incidentally had a pair of fingers right up her bum. She had her phone in her other hand, and she fumbled without looking at it to turn off the porn vid she'd had playing on it.

No one spoke for the longest few seconds in all eternity.

"Don't you guys knock?"

Ryan and Wes shuffled their feet awkwardly. "Sorry," they mumbled as one.

Uncomfortable as they felt, they were still very, very drawn to their sister's naughty fingers up her butt. The soft click of Ryan locking the door was quite loud in the otherwise silent room.

Wes cleared his throat. "So, uh, want any help with that?"

Bailey had already been feeling ridiculously horny. She had never been in a position of having such an intense masturbation session in her life, let alone needing another one only an hour or two later.

But all through supper that was all she could think about. Her brothers had just been sitting there and reminding her, making her think things. Naughty bad things.

So she'd locked herself in her room again and...

Well ok, apparently she hadn't actually remembered the locking part this time, as evidenced by her brothers barging in. Ordinarily it would have been cause for quite a screaming tantrum. In this case... something very different.

"So, uh, you want any help with that?"

Of all the nerve. Asking her that. Locking themselves in with her.

Bailey shivered and felt her pussy flood. She slowly pulled her fingers out of her asshole a little, then pushed them back in. She watched as Wes and Ryan followed the movement with their eyes. Tents were already appearing in their pants. She wasn't the only excessively horny one today.

Bailey panted softly and fingered her bum in a slow, steady rhythm. She was being so bad. So very wanton. But as she watched her brothers, she knew she needed to be. She needed their attention, their horniness, and their love for their baby sister, inappropriate as it may be in this case.

"I could maybe use some help," Bailey admitted.

She'd spoken so quietly she almost thought Ryan and Wes hadn't heard her. Then, as one, they looked at each other, nodded, then padded closer to her.

Bailey bit her lip and tried not to make any embarrassing and revealing noises. She finger-fucked her bumhole harder, involuntarily humping her bed.

Ryan and Wes undid their pants and slipped out of them as they made it to her bedside. She couldn't follow them visually as they climbed up behind her, not without twisting herself around some, and she wanted them to have full access to her ass.

Her hand was gently pulled away from her butt. Bailey took it back and curled it up, regarding her slippery fingers critically, then sucked the pair of them into her mouth. She was simply too horny to function. And it was so, so much worse because of her brothers. Both morally and in intensity. Why did they have to go and make her feel like this?

"Damn you have a nice butt," Wes said reverently, giving her ass cheek a soft caress.

Bailey moaned low in her throat and kept suckling on her fingers.

"How'd our li'l sis get an ass like this?" Ryan murmured, emulating Wes's stroking on her other cheek.

Bailey whined and shook her head. So unfair being ganged up on. She couldn't begin to handle the emotions and sensations running through her, let alone with the both of them staring and feeling her up all at the same time.

"Makes you kinda want to taste her, huh?"

"Kinda does, yeah."

That was even more unfair. Wes and Ryan taking turns spreading her cheeks and licking her butthole. They were being just the naughtiest brothers of all time.

Bailey was absolutely melting as a result.

She arched her back, sticking her bum up toward her brothers. Their tongues probed deeper, getting her so wet and spitty.

Bailey gasped as one of them stuck a finger in her tight little hole, exploring her ass. It got swapped back out for more licking, but between Wes and Ryan they really started getting right in there, filling in for her own fingers where they'd been playing before being interrupted.

"So tight," Ryan murmured.

"Feels nice," Wes concurred.

They got even worse, both trying to stick fingers in her at the same time. More lube was added in the attempt. Mirroring the slipperiness of her bum, Bailey's pussy was absolutely drenched, and her thighs were getting soaked.

"Jeez, at one at a time," Bailey whimpered.

"One at a time?"

"I mean, I guess we could."

"But who first?"

"Obviously me."

"No way."

Bailey trembled as the boys bickered. She had a sense she knew what they were thinking. It was so bad. So very, very bad.

Yet there she was, shakily waiting, ass wantonly in the air. Helpless toward their urges, and in fact encouraging their naughty desires toward their baby sis.

Bailey's eyes rolled back and her fingers clutched at her sheets. She was proven absolutely correct as a cock poked her ass, then slipped down her butt crack. Not even any panties to prevent full skin on skin contact this time. Just her brother's cock right up against her.

Somehow Ryan had won the first go. Bailey didn't know how that worked. She didn't care. That was between them. She had far too much zooming through her brain.

What she hadn't fully anticipated was Wes scooching around in front of her. His underwear was off now too. Nothing covering the full, pulsing erection quivering just above her head.

"You guys are so bad," Bailey cooed softly.

"Yeah, that's been a problem today," Wes admitted.

"You probably want me to do something with that."

"Kinda. How you feeling about it?"

Bailey shrugged. "Conflicted."

"Oh? So then-"

Bailey interrupted before Wes could even ask his question. She lifted her head, nuzzling his cock, and looking up at him with big, confused, adoring eyes. Wes's words trailed off to a soft groan.

Bailey nuzzled and kissed Wes's cock. She didn't quite dare do more than that yet. Not from moral dilemma, but because Ryan kept threatening to stick his cock up her bum. He kept rubbing her warmed up asshole over and over, sometimes catching on it slightly and pressing like it might go in, then sliding on past.

It was an odd feeling to want to yell at her brother to hurry up and fuck her butt already. It was certainly a first for Bailey. She couldn't form the words. Couldn't quite get there. But her pleading look up at Wes was enough.

"Better do it," Wes said softly.

"She's tight is all," Ryan said. "Don't wanna hurt her."

"You want me to do it?"

"No way."

"One of you just fucking do it," Bailey growled, going bright red instantly as she realized what she'd said aloud.

Ryan's fingers squeezed harder into her ass cheeks, then one palm yanked back and slapped her quick and sharp. Wes just brushed his fingers through her hair.

"Language," Wes admonished.

"If you're gonna fuck my butt, fucking do it," Bailey said, doubling down now that she'd gone and said it already. "Any more of this teasing and I'll-"

She gasped and closed her eyes as Ryan stretched out her bumhole, slowly getting his dick in her. Her tight little sister ass. The first cock ever in her butt.

It hurt a bit, sure. If Bailey had never played with herself back there it would have been a real problem. As it was, it threw her off and left her near-frozen in a mix of shock, ache, delight, and horny satisfaction. She leaned more heavily into Wes's hair caresses and happily nuzzled his dick some more when he pressed it to her face.

"Fuuuccck me," Ryan breathed. "Your ass is amazing, Bailey."

"Damn right it is," Bailey said, trying to sound self-composed. It came out far too mumbled to have the right kind of effect.

This time when Wes pushed his cock to her lips, she opened wide and let him in.

Taken on each end by her big brothers. The dirtiest fantasies of her life couldn't compare. And this one was real. So very real.

Bailey felt her ass getting all filled up. Stretched out with brother-cock. She sucked absently at Wes in her mouth, not doing the sisterly blowjob justice, but he was very understanding. No doubt only waiting for his turn on her bum anyway.

Ryan and Wes shared a long look over Bailey's back. Ryan felt the blissful tightness and embrace of their sister's virgin ass. Wes was buried in her wet, slobbering mouth.

They were hesitant at first, not wanting to push her too far too fast, or indeed hurt her. But those fears weren't long for the world. Bailey got all wiggly between them, pushing back against Ryan and looking up at Wes with those unfairly adorable puppy eyes of hers.

Ryan got deep in Bailey's bumhole, then slowly pulled out, drizzled on some more lube, then pushed back in. Bailey met him on each careful downthrust, trying to take him harder and deeper. She was remarkably engaged in getting more from him, considering that she clearly still wasn't used to taking his cock that way.

"Patience, Bailey," Ryan said, giving her butt another smack.

Bailey shook her head as much as she easily could with her mouth full. "Uh uh."

Wes was hypnotized by Bailey sucking on him and meeting his eyes as often she could manage. "She wants it," he said.

"I know," Ryan said. "But she's too tight to give it to her the way she wants."

"Uh uh!" Bailey mumbled firmly.

"She says nuh uh," Wes repeated helpfully.

"I heard," Ryan said. "What do you expect me to do about it?"

"I mean... fuck her harder, obviously."

"That's our sister you're talking about."

"Yeah. And you're fucking her butt."

"You just want me to cum faster so you get a turn sooner."

"... maybe."

Bailey was insistently pushing back against Ryan, though, and he couldn't resist that kind of pretty pleading forever.

Ryan grabbed Bailey's hips firmly and sank balls deep inside her. She moaned appreciatively. When he pulled back, he did it faster than before, and thrust back in with added vigour. Bailey moaned louder. She stopped meeting him quite as firmly as he picked up the pace, but still did her best.

She was going absolutely crazy on Wes's dick as a result of her getting her ass drilled. Slobbering all over him. Not giving a focused blowjob by any means, but it felt nice and Wes loved that faraway, overly intense look developing in her eyes.

Wes took Bailey's face delicately in both hands, prompting a questioning look up at him. He took over for her, fucking her face rather than letting her casually suck on him. Her eyes went wide and she gagged slightly on his first couple thrusts until he found the rhythm, but then her eyes rolled back and she smiled around his cock, to what extent she could.

Bailey was experiencing decadent sexual feelings the like of which she'd never dreamed. It was a lot. Very intense. Right on the edge of making her feel she'd taken on more than she could handle. But that was a big part of what she loved about it.

Wes and Ryan, sure, they were great. She wouldn't have been doing this with anyone else she could think of. They were bad brothers, but she was an equally bad sister, so it basically worked out.

The sheer intensity and madness of it all kept her going. She wasn't sure she could handle them fucking her like this if she didn't lean right into it. If she'd tried to just keep things slow.

The force of Ryan pounding her bum and Wes fucking her face kept her constantly trying to balance them, to feel them, and leaving very little of herself left for self-berating and acknowledging the bad parts of what she was getting into.

There were bad parts, probably. Bailey wasn't sure what they were. At the moment, it was all so very excellent.

Ryan cumming in Bailey's ass nearly made her explode as well. The hot cum deep inside her, so naughtily sprayed within, was an extra layer of badness that she once again just had to lean into.

She didn't get hardly any time to rest before the boys were switching. Wes was still impatient, even if neither Ryan or Bailey were anymore.

Bailey's ass was stretched right back out just as it had started to try and close up. No chance of that.

"Doin' ok?" Ryan asked, tenderly swiping back some of Bailey's hair that had plastered sweatily to her forehead.

Bailey smiled at him, doing her best to hold herself up on slightly shaky arms. "Real good," she whispered.

"Bum ok?"

"Oh it's gonna hurt tomorrow."

"I tried to go gentle."

Bailey shrugged. "I know. But what fun is that?"

Ryan chuckled. "You're a far sluttier li'l sis than I ever would have dreamed."


"Well aren't you?"

"... maybe. Shush. You two are the bad ones, you know. Playing with my bum this morning like you owned it."

Ryan flicked his gaze back to Wes sliding deep, deep into Bailey's butthole. "You know we kinda do now, right?"

Bailey felt shivers all through her, and the most delightful tingles. "You think my brothers own my ass now?"


"That's baaaddd."

"I know it. Tell me I'm wrong."

Bailey couldn't. She couldn't muster such a lie at that moment. Who would she be kidding? Her bum belonged to Wes and Ryan. They'd taken it. It was theirs. What was she going to do, pretend like she hadn't demanded Ryan pound her ass only moments ago? Yeah right.

Wes had learned from Ryan and was already fucking Bailey hard and deep, putting his claim in right from the start. Bailey's attempt at further logical thinking was severely impeded by the brotherly ass-fucking, deep in her previously stretched and cummed in little bum.

"Maybe you're right," Bailey breathed.

"Yeah. Maybe I am," Ryan said.

"Would you two quit being weird over there?" Wes asked. "You're throwing me off."

"How on do you need to be?" Ryan asked in response. "Fuck our baby sis's butthole. She likes it deep. Not much more than that."

"Make me sound so easy to figure out," Bailey whined.

"You are, as it turns out. That's gonna make things pretty damn fun."

"I'm not. You..."

Bailey trailed off almost immediately. Ryan offered her his cock, soft after cumming in her, but starting to pulse back to life. She regarded it uncertainly. It had come straight from her ass. Still messy with lube and cum.

Wes railing her ass continued to make it impossible to think clearly.

Bailey opened up and sucked part of Ryan's cock in. She gazed up at him, meeting eyes that were just as big and adoring as hers were. So unfair. Two against one. She never stood a chance.

This time while getting double-teamed, Bailey got off, cumming on her brothers' cocks. It was a desperately needed release, but somehow didn't calm her down at all. She just wanted more. More bum pounding, more face fucking, more cums. Everything. Such a little sister butt slut she was.

The boys wore their sister right out. Themselves too, for that matter. They curled up with her in bed in a soft, messy tangle of nudity and post-sex relaxation.

Bailey responded well to some loving aftercare, snuggling comfortably with Wes and Ryan and accepting all kisses and caresses as her due.

"My bum hurts," Bailey complained.

Ryan laughed softly. "What did you expect?"

"I expected it. But it hurts. It's gonna ache all night now, probably."

"Probably, yeah," Wes said. "We could have-"

"If you say you could have gone gently, I'ma kick you out of bed right now."

"... then nevermind."

"That's what I thought."

Ryan tenderly massaged Bailey's bum, using plenty of lube as he rubbed her aching bumhole. Wes softly kissed Bailey from the other side, around her shoulder, neck, and cheek, and eventually on the lips as her mouth sought his.

A sudden sound from the door startled all three of them. The knob was tried, then after that there was a knocking. Typical parent attempt at privacy violation, really.

"Bailey, have you seen your brothers?"

Bailey rolled her eyes at their mom's voice. "I've been in my room since supper. How would I have seen them?"

"Well I was just asking. We can't figure out where they are."

"Have you tried texting them?"

"No. They should just be around."

"Well I don't know what you want me to do about it."

"Ok. Just... let them know we're looking for them if you see them."

"Sure, Mom."

Wes and Ryan had gone fully still and quiet until their mother left.

"Good thing you locked the door, huh?" Bailey murmured.

The boys broke out in nervous giggles, even as Bailey tried to shush them.

"Imagine if she'd walked in," Ryan said.

"Shit, imagine if Bailey had told Mom exactly where we were," Wes countered.

Another fit of giggling followed.

"You two are terrible," Bailey complained. "Remind me why I love you?"

"'Cause we're your big brothers and you have to."

"And 'cause you love it up the buuuttt from us."

"Ugh. Changing my mind."

"No you aren't."


"You want me to stop rubbing your bum?" Ryan asked.

Bailey hesitated. "No. Keep doing that."

"That's what I thought."

It took a couple days before Bailey's ass stopped protesting its aching treatment. Bailey stayed a horny mess as a result. Her butthole constantly reminded her of her naughtiness, and rubbing her pussy just wouldn't take care of the itch. She needed her anal play, and it was an agonizing delay waiting for her bum to be ready for more.

It was kind of worrisome how easily her mind went right back to Wes and Ryan. Her brothers. But that was all she could think about. Getting more of them.

Bailey waited until early, early morning one day. More to the point, she woke up and felt like she could take some anal action, at which point she was too excited to go back to sleep and wait for a normal time of day.

She got out of bed, thought things through for a few moments, then grabbed her lube. Bailey meticulously rubbed lube over her butthole and as deep inside as her fingers would reach.

All ready to go, Bailey only held off long enough to put on some cute panties and a long enough t-shirt to just barely cover them if she stood straight. She then pattered off whisper-quiet to her brothers' room.

They were asleep. They obviously would be at that hour. Anyone sane wouldn't be skulking about looking for sibling ass play.

By virtue of being closer, Bailey zeroed in on Wes's bed. He snoozed totally unaware. She sneaked just as quiet and careful as could be, slipping herself under his covers with him and getting comfy.