Chapter 18: A Bold Escape

Mary awoke back in her cell the next morning, covered in mineral oil. Her vagina, rectum, jaw, and throat were all a bit sore, as was the rest of her. Now that she had been sold, it was urgent for her to escape before she was to be delivered. It would be too unpredictable for her to wait and see how she would be transported or how she would end up. When her breakfast was delivered, she shouted through the door, "Hey guard, I'm itching all over! Want to come in here and scratch it?"

The guard opened her tray slot and stage whispered to her, "Not now, but I'll be back later."

"I've been sold, so I might not be here later," Mary argued.

"Oh, you'll be here," replied the guard, "The auction isn't over. There's another session tonight. Nothing happens until the auction is over." Then he walked away. Mary was elated, because evidently she had picked a very chatty and stupid guard. It was good that she had to wait until the evening to escape. Maybe she could take down the gang and their clients both if she engineered the raid to occur during the auction.

Also, it gave her enough time to recover fully and truly enjoy the handsome guard who was to visit her. Although she had sucked a lot of dick in the last two weeks and had suffered unprecedented abuse and orgasms the previous evening, she hadn't had any regular normal sex as God had originally intended in over two weeks, and she was going crazy from withdrawal. She closed her eyes to meditate and power nap. She was determined to be ready for a really thorough assignation followed by a flawless escape tonight!

Although it pained her, she couldn't tell her friends in the other cells about her escape plans. For best success, she had to depend on her own escape alone, and then call her father. Mr. Jones had friends who were highly placed in the FBI. On her father's word, they would surely raid the operation and shut it down, saving all these girls. Since it was no secret that she had been sold, at least she could say her goodbyes to them, which she did. They were not happy to be losing her.

That evening, the guard returned and snuck into her cell. Evidently, since she had already been sold, there were strict orders to the guards not to molest her any more. The guard was risking a lot to see her. He said he loved her and had been worshipping her from afar. Mary knew all the psychological tricks these men had been trained to use. She smiled back at him innocently and acted as if she believed it all.

By the hour, Mary knew she would have to keep him busy for a while until the auction was fully underway later that evening. That would be the best time for her to escape. "I'm pleased to meet you," she said shyly.

"I'm Bruce," said the guard, and began tongue kissing her. It felt wonderful to Mary to be being made love to like a normal woman. They kissed for a while. He rubbed her breasts through her dress and reached under her dress to run his fingers across her panties over her vulva and all the way back to her anus, exploring. For her part, she rubbed his muscular chest and the straining package in his pants with increasing curiosity.

Bruce asked "May I?" When Mary nodded shyly, he lifted her dress carefully off of her, hung it up neatly, and returned to the bed to start kissing her breasts. This is what she deeply needed. She had been whipped, tied up, and tortured enough for a long while. She needed to be treated like a regular vanilla girl, a regular girlfriend, a regular wife. She needed the opposite of being suspended upside down from the ceiling. Bruce's gentle respectful breast kissing was going straight from her heart to her vagina and bringing on the wet.

Bruce slowly removed her panties while gently kissing her inner thighs. Mary had her eyes closed, soaking in the gentle sensation. She was beaming. Her heart felt perfectly happy. She was encouraged that after last night, she could still feel this good from something this gentle. She was overjoyed that she hadn't turned into a block of wood that needed a five horsepower massager, a whip, and a cattle prod to coax out an orgasm. In fact, she felt pretty close to orgasm already, and Bruce hadn't even touched her vulva.

When Bruce began licking, he licked in little kitten licks all up and down Mary's vulva, brushing past her clitoris only a few times. As she sighed and strained a little, he focused his gentle little kitten licks a bit more on her clitoral hood and its immediate surroundings. He inserted a gentle finger into her vagina and gently and slowly caressed it back and forth. Mary said, "That feels great! Just to warn you, ...uh... if you keep licking and fingering me like this, I'm going to cum, and I might splash you a little when I do."

"That's okay," said Bruce, continuing the steady motions. "Could you try to warn me when you're cumming?"

"Sure thing," said Mary with a smile. "Oh it feels so good. Yes, don't stop. Oh God. I'm getting close to cumming. Okay. I'm cumming," Mary reported, her voice getting hoarse. A moment later, she released. She was feeling that emptiness inside her again. It was a bad ache. "I need you inside me," she whimpered.

Bruce undressed, his dick springing out from his pants. It looked perfect. It was big enough to touch all the places she liked touched inside her and small enough to be comfortable everywhere. Mary took it gently and lovingly into her mouth as a normal woman might, just in the mouth, and using the hands, until it was hard. Bruce got out a condom, but something deep inside her needed him to be closer than latex could allow. She must have every last drop of him. She said, "No. Please. I need to feel your cream inside me. Please." He reluctantly put the condom away.

Then she guided him gently into her. As Bruce filled her deep to her womb, the aching void she had felt was deliciously, delightfully, excruciatingly well filled. As he began making love to her, she held him close to her face with her arms. His wide hips pushed her legs and feet apart too far; she could not cling to him there, only feel him deeply in her, parting and owning her body, filling her, completing her.

Bruce made love to her gently a total of three wonderful times. Each time his hot cream flooded her and seemed to fill her from her blushing orgasming face to the tips of her toes. Each time, they chatted and joked for a while and then she gently sucked him to hardness again.

All too soon the hour grew late, though, and it came time to betray his trust. When the inevitable time came, she quickly and mercifully choked him out and stole his keys, pocketknife, and baton. She gagged him and tied him up thoroughly with the cord she used to hang her laundry. She then left the cell and locked it behind her.

She quickly made her way to the observation room that Bruce should be manning. There was an escape alarm, which she disabled by cutting a few wires using the pocketknife she had stolen. Here was also a lever that would open all the girl's cell doors at once. She rigged the lever to open all the doors at once by tying a brick she found in the office to the lever and then setting the brick on a block of ice from the ice box in the corner. When the ice melted sufficiently in about half an hour, the brick would fall and pull the lever, opening all the doors.

On her way out of the building, Mary found a door marked "Armory" which, sure enough, was filled with guns, batons, and an assortment of other things that you'd find in a police station armory. She wanted the raid she would bring down on this place later to be as casualty-free as possible. She found the right key in Bruce's stolen keychain and broke it off in the lock.

Mary escaped the building through the motor pool. There were valets and chauffeurs milling about playing dice and chatting, but they were not expecting Mary and were easy to evade. About a hundred expensive cars were parked tightly together, blocking each other. One Duesenberg sat apart; it was evidently the boss's car. Mary had only to disable about a dozen cars by cutting spark plug wires and so forth to trap all hundred or so cars in the lot. Now only the Duesenberg could leave easily and quickly.

Mary walked up to the chauffeur sitting in the Duesenberg and knocked on the driver side window. He rolled down the window and asked with a big smile, "What can I do for you, sweetheart?"

Mary gave him a shy and innocent look. "I was sent out here to... entertain... you while you wait."

"My, what a wonderful gift!" The chauffeur climbed out of the car, opened the backseat door for Mary, and encouraged, "Get in, sweetheart." He climbed in after her. He was quite handsome and charming, she thought to herself, too bad she had hardly any time to enjoy him.

The chauffeur was a class act. After removing her panties, instead of getting straight to the main event, he put his face between her legs and began licking her snatch quite hungrily. This also signaled to her that the chauffeur expected to have a fair amount of time with her, which was good news for her plan. All of the sudden, he stopped licking and got a sour look on his face. Mary realized that he must have gotten a taste of Bruce's cum as her cunny had begun juicing and squeezing with excitement. It was time to think fast. "That's the boss's cum," she said. "He sampled me, heh, pretty thoroughly, and liked me so much that he sent me right out to you. I'm sorry, I didn't think there was any more in me."

The chauffeur smiled and redoubled his efforts. Men are so nasty, Mary thought to herself as her hips began thrilling again to the tune of the chauffeur's lusty tongue worship. She tried to hold back a little, but her excitement built and built until she could no longer hold back. Mary squealed and came explosively, shooting her own lubrication and bits of Bruce's semen all over the chauffeur and the back seat. It was going to take some work to clean the mess up.

Now she knew her time was up, and with a great deal of regret, she put the chauffeur in a leg lock. He was out cold in about 30 seconds. She put on his coat and hat, rolled the rest of him out of the car and into the motor pool behind some tires, started up the Duesenberg, and drove it away through the front gate.

She quickly oriented herself as being in Chicago, near the docks. She was unfamiliar with Chicago, but read it easily off of passing signs. Then she saw a phone booth on the street and stopped the car. She clambered into the phone booth, dropped a nickel in the slot, and called her father collect. Her father was very relieved to hear from her and didn't ask many questions. They hung up quickly so that he could call the Chicago FBI office and signal them to raid the white slaver's hideout.

After this, she drove to downtown Chicago and found the Magnificent Mile and then the Blackstone Hotel. She gave the chauffeur's keys to the valet, and went inside to the hotel detective's office. Her father had called ahead, and the hotel detective was expecting her, looking very worried. He put her in a very comfortable, normal, but special room on the fifth floor that the hotel staff were not aware of and had no knowledge of. It was a kind of safe room.

(To be continued)