Neither was paying attention to the screen. I could feel feet on my back and Tracy moved a foot to my neck, pushing me down. I started to lay down, but I felt him put his foot under my abdomen and push upwards. I ended up on my knees, ass in the air and my left cheek on the floor facing the tv.

I heard noises from above me and her foot ground into my neck as she writhed, in response to what I assumed was him caressing her body.

"Stay in that position, but look at us." His voice was low and commanding.

I turned my head to look at them. He was bent down sucking on a nipple again, his hands between her legs, her hips thrusting up at him as he stroked her clit and wet swollen lips.

Her eyes shot open as it looked like he was biting her nipple. She started to shudder and then when it looked like she was going to cum, he stopped, removing his mouth and his hand from her body. The look on her face showed the frustration and the look on his showed satisfaction.

He turned to look at me. "Worship her foot"

It was hard to move my arms in this position, but I tried until I heard him speak again.

"No hands, just your mouth."

I first felt her toe press against my lips. I could not believe I was going to do this, but my cock told the story of how much I was enjoying this. As I opened my mouth, she pushed her toe inside.

The taste was different, I had tasted her skin, her pussy and nothing tasted like this. Tangy and sweaty with just a hint of the coconut bath soap she loved.

In the beginning she just moved her toe in and out of my mouth, but soon I started licking and sucking on her toe. I could hear her moan with each lick. Her foot moved, she wiggled it and tried to push more into my mouth.

I opened wider and, her foot being small, slid in, all five toes entered my mouth. I licked around and between her toes. Her moans became louder and my cock harder.

Her moans became muffled and I turned my head, she managed to keep her foot in my mouth as I did so. He stood before her, his hands on her head and was pushing her head up and down on his cock.

Her foot was bouncing in my mouth in time with his thrusts and I sucked on her toes the same way. I could hear her gags clearly as he held her head still and just fucked her face. I could see moisture building up between her legs, her lips were swollen and I could actually see her little clit sticking out.

Her hand moved between her legs and she started playing with her pussy. She thrust her foot into my mouth and soon I had her foot so deep that I was almost licking her heel.

I watched her shove two fingers into her dripping snatch. Moving in and out rapidly, using her other hand to manipulate her clit. Her hips were raising and falling like she was fucking someone.

As I watched this, I saw him stop and grip her head. His butt flexed and she stiffened as he came down her throat. Her orgasm ripped through her body like a train. She thrust her hips up and juices sprayed out of her, coating the couch, the carpet and surprisingly enough me. I was drenched and kept sucking her toes, needing my own release.

He stepped away from her and turned to me. Grabbing me by the hair, he pulled me off of her foot and into a kneeling position.

"Seems you are really enjoying this." He stepped over to Tracy and leaned down to whisper to her. She nodded to him and stood up and walked over to my desk.

He grabbed my head again and brought my head to his cock. It had shrunk and looked nothing like it had thrusting into my wife. My cock jumped at the thought. What was wrong with me? I was getting off on the humiliation.

I could feel Tracy's presence off to the side, but could not see her as he held my head and his hands covered my eyes.

"Okay Brandon, you know what to do. No hands and show me how much you love to suck my cock."

I stuck my tongue out, remembering how I liked Tracy to blow me. I licked the head of his cock, swirling around it. I put my mouth over the head and stuck my tongue in the urethra, playing with the hole.

"Very good, a little deeper now. Show us how it is done."

I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. I took his cock deeper and it slowly grew the more I sucked on it. I could feel it filling my mouth. There was movement to my left and I saw Tracy standing there with her phone. She was recording this and my god I was harder than ever.

I bobbed my head on his cock and stared at the camera. Why, I don't know, but I winked at the camera and put on show like on the porn I liked to watch.

"Oh Brandon, work it love. Suck that cock. Take it deep. Let him control you, give over. I hope she appreciates this." She giggled. Moving closer to get my face and the cock deep inside.

At the time I missed the part about "she appreciates this". I just worked the cock and felt it flex. I knew he was close to cuming and tried to keep it in my mouth as he pulled out. He stroked his cock and aimed it at my face.

His slow strokes hypnotized me and I just stared and watched the pre-cum forming on the tip. Tracy brought camera in close. He started to stroke faster and faster and I was looking forward to the facial. Then it happened. The first shot came out, hitting me in the eye.

"God this is so hot! Take it honey! Cover his face! I bet your mom is loving this, she hasn't hung up yet. Hahaha." Tracy started laughing

Anthony chuckled and made sure to cover my face with his cum. Meanwhile I was staring at the phone. Was Tracy honest, was my mother watching this! Was she seeing each and every rope of sperm striking my face.

Anthony lead forward and whispered to me "Go ahead, jerk off for your mom."

I reached down and grabbed my cock and slowly started stroking. He put his semi-hard cock up to my face and I opened my mouth to take his cock again. It tasted salty and felt slimy. He held my head and made sure I was still facing the camera. Tracy stepped back and took in the whole scene.

"Oh Brandon... I am watching your mom masturbate to you. Who would have known your mom was a freak. I thought she would just hang up. Fuck, we may have to invite her to dinner soon." She leaned forward and, in a stage-whisper, she said "I am recording her too"

Tracy was enjoying this way too much. She really did not like my mother... step-mother really. Both were jealous of each other's looks. They ended up getting catty with each other.

Yet here I was with a dick in my mouth and my step-mother masturbating to it. Anthony was extremely hard and started to make me gag when he pulled out. He walked around behind me and pushed me forward.

"On your knees Brandon and smile for your Mom and tell her how much you love this."

As I knelt on the floor, Tracy lay on the floor in front of me. She held the phone up and spread her legs.

"Eat me baby while you get fucked" her voice was low and sexy.

I leaned forward and licked her pussy, my hands on her thighs, holding her legs spread. My tongue parting her swollen lips and lapping up her sweet nectar. Then I felt it, a pressure on my asshole. It was soft and spongy and wet. I tried to relax and his hands gripped my ass and spread my cheeks. I was worried, I have never done this ever. He may not have been long, but damn he was thick.

I was surprised that Tracy could take that cock without issue. Honestly though, she had been wound up all night, she could ignore pain when she wanted and as wet as she had been, I should not have been surprised.

However, I did not suffer the same luxury. This was going to hurt, but I didn't care anymore. God I was looking forward to this. I don't know if it was in spite of or because of my mother watching.

I felt more pressure and it burned as I stretched. "Tell your mother how this feels"

"Ugh... it hurts, burns while it slowly enters... oh god. Tracy how could you... ARRGGGGGHHHHH!!" oh fuck, he just pushed in. All the way in with one shove. Jesus Christ my ass is full.

"God it hurts, it is ripping me apart. I hope you are enjoying this Kathy because from some reason I am." His cock thrust in and out of my ass. My face pressed into Tracy's pussy; she was starting to quiver but she still kept recording.

He pounded my ass harder and faster, I think I felt something tear but the pain was turning to pleasure and suddenly I had a desire.

"Think about this Kathy, soon this will be you. You can feel this thick dick in your ass and uhhh, you can lick his sperm from Tracy's wet cunt."

I then heard the moans coming from the phone and then screams as my mother orgasmed. Closely followed by Tracy squirting even harder, spraying her cum everywhere. Then Anthony arrived, pressing into me and forcing me to the floor, my dick pressed against the carpet. His thrusts scraping my cock on the carpet fabric.

I seemed to enjoy the pain of what I was going through, as I thrust into the carpet, friction burns were bringing me closer to orgasm as well. I felt him cum in my ass and keep thrusting until he was done. He pulled clear of my ass and I kept thrusting into the carpet.

Tracy kept recording as I fucked the carpet and then, I stiffened and came hard, each burning thrust causing another jet of sperm.

"Oh god baby, that was awesome..." Tracy said breathlessly.

"I agree with Tracy... for the first time." My mother's voice came over the phone's speaker.

"Well then, in two nights you will be here for dinner and entertainment. Or the rest of the family can see the video of you masturbating to your son's humiliation." Anthony said in that no-nonsense voice of his.

"Yeah mom, see you in two nights" Tracy said as she hung up the phone.

"I had a great time Anthony, and I am sure Brandon did too." Tracy said as she hugged and kissed him passionately. He grabbed her ass and looked at me.

"You two have fun. Just know that if I want either of you, you come when I call." He looked at me hard. "Understand?"

I nodded as I said "Yes, I understand." I did not want to, I yelled at myself for agreeing, but it seemed I really needed this. Where the fuck is this going to end up?

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