Alice walked out with Mary to her car, Mary clutching the slave ownership contract that her husband, Dan, had signed a few moments earlier. As she waved Mary off, Alice reminded her to come and collect Dan mid-morning Sunday.

It was now Wednesday night. Until Sunday, Alice would be slave training Dan in her fairly isolated home a few miles out of town. The house was a low single story which stood well back from the road on an acre of semi-wilderness. A belt of trees and shrubs between it and the road sheltered the site from public view. The plot had been parcelled off from a small farm that extended on up the mountain. Alice liked her privacy. As the principal of the local community college, the less visible her private life the better.

When Alice came back in to her living room, Dan was still standing naked against the table in the living room at which he had signed the slave contract, hands shackled under his chin and gagged. He wasn't entirely naked. A bulging adult diaper, now a sodden lump, covered his crotch. Dan tensed as Alice walked up behind him. She silently untied his gag and removed it without touching him. She placed it on the table, before walking away to the lounge side of the room. Dan thought Alice might have given him a little comforting rub on the small of his back. A sort of 'it's not too bad, we'll get you through this' rub. Not going to be that sort of relationship then.

She sat in an armchair facing Dan and looked at him coolly. Dan had followed her with his eyes but thought the better of moving from the table, never mind speaking. Dan had given up, really, from about the time earlier in the evening when he found himself bent over naked in a carpark as his wife unceremoniously pulled a butt plug out of his ass. At that moment, he felt the foundation of his existence shift and splinter. The anchors holding him to his normal life dragged and pulled free. Things felt like they were never going to be the same again. Dan was probably in the early stages of post-traumatic stress. And his ass was very sore.

Alice spoke to him from her armchair across the room. 'I'm looking forward to training you to be Mary's slave, Dan. As educators, we should both find it an interesting challenge. The books say that if you can train a dog to sit up and beg, you can train a male to do the same.'

'We have three days and four nights to make you sit up and beg for Mary. It will be a joint effort. You and I together will deliver a humble and responsive slave to Mary on Sunday. Isn't that so, Dan?'

'Yes, Madam.'

Since Mary had abruptly told him to shut up a few times in the restaurant, Dan decided that the less he spoke, in the manner of the wise old owl, the less trouble he might get himself into. Saying 'yes, madam' was the self-imposed limit of Dan's vocabulary for the night. But even that, it seemed, was not good enough for Alice.

'Dan, you may save 'Yes, Madam,' for Mary. You will address me as Head Mistress, both here and, from Monday morning, at work when we both go back to college. Also in college, you will address my secretarial assistant as Miss Hargraves. She also has full delegated authority over you. Understood?'

'Yes, Head Mistress.'

'Now come over here and stand in front of me.'

'Yes, Head Mistress.'

'You don't have to say 'yes, head mistress,' every time I say something to you, Dan. But you do have to do what I tell you to do. Over here, now.' Alice pointed with her finger to a spot and the floor just in front of her.

Dan managed to stop himself saying 'yes, head mistress,' as he shuffled across the room, wide legged in his wet diaper, and stood about two feet from Alice. He was very aware of her looking him up and down in a measured way. He kept his eyes lowered and looked at the ground between her feet. It was more out of embarrassment that out of a desire to be humble or deferential. He just could not bring himself to look Alice in the eye.

First off, till tonight he had thought of her as a close mutual friend, being the best friend of his wife from childhood. Next, in his own mind, she was a semi-girlfriend, someone who he though always had a bit of a thing for him. Finally, in an accidental sort of way, as he saw it, she was his boss. He felt horribly naive and stupid when his wife advised him the both she and Alice had been laughing at him all that time.

He was still trying to come to terms with the fact that she and his wife had sniggered over his sexual fantasies. They amused themselves by teasing him with accidental seeming hints of discipline and bondage. And now here he stood, a grown man, naked except for a soggy diaper, waiting for her to apply that very discipline and bondage. Alice, his wife's best friend, was going to make him sit up and beg for as often as she wanted for the next three days. But kind of arousing too; the idea that these two women had him by the balls -- big time.

'Dan, lift your head and look at me.'

'Yes, Head Mistress,' replied Dan in a low voice, flickering his eyes up to meet hers before immediately looking down again.

'Dan, do what I tell you. I won't tell you again!'

Dan brought his eyes up to meet Alice's cool gaze. He felt more than naked now. She was wearing a leisure suit of very light, tight, stretchy, grey lycra material. Big white trainers on her feet. She was sprawled across the armchair, her legs splayed, one hand draped languidly over an armrest, the other resting on her crotch, fingering it slowly.

Dan couldn't help seeing as she lazily and deliberately stroked her pussy through the thin material, an amused grin on her face. Her eyes were boring, it seemed, right through him. He gave a lopsided half grin of embarrassment, fighting the urge to look away to the side, feeling a hot blush of shame suffusing his cheeks. He could see the shape of her pussy, the lips showing on either side of the indent of material that was created by her finger pressing in and rubbing up and down the crack. He knew she wanted him to see her do it, wanted him to look. He began to get hard again.

'Hunker down here between my knees, said Alice, spreading her legs wider. Shuffle up close until your mouth is about two inches from my pussy.'

The hope of a little bit of a good time gladdened Dan's heart as he got on his knees and shuffled forward. He felt he had earned a little diversion after all the torture of the evening so far. Dan's field of vision on either side was filled by Alice's strong and toned lycra enclosed thighs. In front of him, almost in licking distance, was Alice's lycra-clad pussy, moving and twitching slightly as she pulled and rubbed at the join of her swollen lips. He had a raging hard-on now.

'I bet you want to kiss it?' asked Alice as she brought her thighs together and squeezed his head between them.

For the last twenty years Dan had wanted to kiss that pussy, to lick that pussy, and to fuck that pussy. He felt he owned a bit of Alice really, that she was the third part of a triangular marriage with him and Mary. It would only have been right for him to consummate that third part of the union. And he has always assumed that Alice wanted him to. And now that very pussy was right there on offer, just a few inches away from his mouth.

Alice grip on his head was such that he couldn't move in to kiss her pussy. If he stuck out his tongue to lick it he would come up just short and would look totally pathetic, licking fresh air. He had forgotten that he already looked totally pathetic. Alice released her thigh grip and pushed his head away with her hand.

'Cat got your tongue. Dan? Time to make some things very clear. First off, the fact that I'm a lesbian is long known by, and is obvious to, everybody of our mutual acquaintance but yourself. That means I have no interest in you as a man or in your penis. My only interest in you over the next three days is in making you a better slave for Mary. Understood?'

'Yes, Head Mistress.' He accepted then that Alice hadn't the slighted interest in him going anywhere near her pussy. It was all a tease.

Alice continued rubbing her pussy, openly, wantonly, in large deliberate strokes. 'This is how I usually relax in the evening, Dan. Doing just like I am doing now. In case you are wondering, I am making the point that your presence here is not going to stop me doing whatever I feel like doing. You do not matter to me. As a slave, you should become used to being invisible. You will be ignored unless somebody wants you to do something for them. If I choose to use you intimately, and I might, it will be for my pleasure, not yours. If I really do want my pussy kissed by you, I will tell you to do it and you will do it. Clear?'

'Yes, Head Mistress.' Dan's hopes rose once more. Maybe he will get to lick her pussy, he thought, if he is well behaved and does whatever she asks of him. It was always thus. The male of the species is easily led.

Alice kept rubbing herself blatantly while looking at Dan through half closed eyes. Daring him to look away. Two fingers rubbing the top of her pussy in slow circular motions now.

'We will start your training programme in the morning. Tonight I will lock a chastity cage on you. Mary told me about you coming without permission in the restaurant earlier. She wants you to be punished. But we'll leave that till tomorrow. The chastity cage will make sure it won't happen again, at least not while you in training under me. It will stay in place until the end of the training on Sunday. After that Mary will decide when, or if, you are to be released from chastity.'

Dan, his cock hardening and twitching some more at the prospect of being bent over Alice's knee for punishment, kept looking at Alice's pussy, as instructed. He was almost hypnotised by the slowly circling fingers round the nub at the top of her pussy, round and round. He grew ever more erect, his stiff cock hidden behind his swollen diaper.

After a little time, Alice, let her eyes close fully. She breathed a deep sigh, shuddered a little, and her shoulders slumped down in relaxation. Good for you, Dan thought, as his cock twitched in lonely sympathy inside his diaper. After a minute Alice opened her eyes and stirred herself into action.

'Time to show you to your slave quarters, Dan,' she said standing up over him. 'Get up. You will be sleeping in the cellar. We've modified it just for you. You should have a good night's rest. With the chastity cage in place you needn't worry about any more accidents or pretend accidents between now and Sunday.'

With his hands shackled close to his chin, Dan padded along behind Alice down the hall and through a doorway from which stairs led down to the cellar. Dan carefully shuffled down the open wooden steps behind her and at the bottom of the stairs arrived in a 15 by 20 foot room. It looked like it was originally used as a store of some sort, maybe for potatoes or apples when the house was a farmhouse.

The plain concrete walls were relieved only by ancient wooden shelves along one side. The cellar was warm. Dan could hear the central heating boiler burbling away behind the stairs. There was not much else to see. A bed was set against the far wall away from the stairs. On it lay a utilitarian looking plastic covered mattress and a pillow. At least I'll be lying on a bed, thought Dan. He had once harboured fantasies about being kept in a dog cage, but now he felt like just wanted to lie down and go asleep for a very long time.

A harsh direct light was cast by a bare bulb fitted in a protective metal grid attached directly to a joist at ceiling level. This was what would be his prison cell for the next four nights. There was no window, naturally. A small four inch square ventilation grill was set into the wall high up over the bed. It probably let in a trickle of gloomy light in daytime. Dan could see a sturdy paint splotched table positioned close to the adjoining long wall, probably an old work bench,. A kitchen-type chair in the middle of the cellar completed the furnishings.

There were just two other items in the room. A plastic bucket with a lid, of the type used to contain wall and ceiling paint, sat beside the chair. A length of shiny steel chain was piled up in the corner near end of the bed. He could see that one end of the chain was fixed to a ring bolt in the wall low down. Dan was slightly disappointed to see that there was no St Andrews cross, or flogging post or rows of whips, canes and floggers laid out. He has been half hoping for a fully equipped BDSM dungeon. This was very much a cellar-type cellar.

His erection faded away in the time Alice made him take three trips back upstairs to get the two carrier bags of stuff and the box of diapers, which he carried down to the cellar with difficulty due to his hands being shackled close to his chin.

Alice told Dan to stand still with his legs apart while she rummaged in a carrier bag and brought out Dan's two leather ankle cuffs. She fitted them around his ankles. They were simple thick leather bands with three D-rings spaced out around each cuff. They closed with a standard buckle arrangement. Alice went to the length of chain by the bed and pulled the free end over to Dan. It terminated in a single steel cuff like half of a normal police type handcuff. Alice slipped the open cuff through each of the D-rings on Dan's left ankle cuff and snapped it shut.

'Now we can free your hands,' said Alice reaching under Dan's chin and unclipping his wrist cuffs from his collar.

'See how far upstairs you can go.'

Dan, flexing his arms which were a bit stiff from being tied up under his chin for the past hour, started across the room and up the stairs. The chain was light enough but still dragged somewhat from his foot. He successfully climbed the stairs and got about half way down the hall before the chain pulled tight. Alice followed him up into the hall.

'That will do nicely. It's long enough to allow you go into the guest bathroom beside the cellar stairs. Go in there now.'

'Yes, Head Mistress.' Dan said as he shuffled back and into the small bathroom. It contained a toilet, wash hand basin and shower all tightly fitted together. It struck him that he wouldn't be able to lock the door due to his ankle chain extending out and down the stairs. Alice followed in behind him wearing blue disposable gloves.

'Let's get you cleaned up. Take off your diaper.'

Dan thought briefly about being embarrassed at stripping fully naked in front of Alice, but reminded himself that things had moved well passed that point. He pulled the sticky tabs from either side of the diaper and drew the heavy soggy bundle from between his legs. There was another plastic bucket in the corner that Alice directed him to put his used diaper into it and close the lid. She had him step into the shower and wash. When she told him to bend over in the shower with his bum facing out, he hesitated slightly, probably at the memory of last time he was told bend over and the butt plug rape of his ass that followed.

'Do what you are told, Dan. You are going to have an enema now. You will have one each night before you are locked in the cellar. I will supervise this first one. After that you will do it yourself.'

Alice stood directly over him as he bent over. She pushed a slim nozzle into his ass. A jet of warm liquid filled his abdomen and made his guts gurgle. She pulled the nozzle out and placed it in a holder inside the shower cubicle.

'Stand up and keep that in you as long as you can. Then sit and expel it. Then repeat the same thing at least three times. I'll leave you to it.'

Alice left the bathroom. As Dan stood with his asshole tightly clenched, listening to his guts stir and bubble, he saw that the nozzle was joined to a flexible hose line from inside the shower unit. There was a press on and off type valve behind the nozzle. Suddenly he felt his guts spasm and quickly sat down on the toilet. There was nothing he could do to stop the forceful rush of waste and water out of his ass and into the toilet bowl. He immediately flushed and stood up again. Picking up the nozzle, he bent over once more and eased the nozzle up past his sphincter. Here I am fucking my ass all by myself, he thought, as he felt the water surge through his intestines once more. He filled and emptied himself three more times before Alice came to return him to the cellar.

'Mary wants your torso free of body hair. She prefers her slaves smooth,' said Alice with a grin as she motioned to him to go down the cellar steps in front of her. 'So let's get it done. Then we will put you in chastity.'

'Yes, Head Mistress.'


The rattle of the chain on his ankle as it slid down each step of the cellar stairs forcefully brought his captive slave status home to Dan. And now he was to be shaved and fitted with a chastity cage. This was the sort of thing he had only dreamed about, and now it was happening.

Alice told Dan to lie back on the table with his arms behind his head. She got his electric shaver from one of the carrier bags. With the trimmer extended she quickly shaved off his underarm hair, then shaved the armpits smooth. As she finished shaving each armpit Alice clipped each wrist cuff to O-rings in the table legs either side of his head. That kept Dan's arms extended and fixed out of the way.

Next she moved on to his chest area. Pinching and then pulling up hard on each nipple, she ran the shaver around each one. Next, starting from his chest area, she shaved steadily down his belly, and around and around his pubic area till it was all smooth. She told Dan to lift his legs high in the air, bent back over his head. Dan's ass crack and balls were now fully exposed and Alice got to work. His hands were tied back at the top of the table so he just had to go along with it. He felt like a sheep being sheered as Alice grabbed his ball sac and pulled it this way and that, the shaver buzzing away as it did its work. He could see the chain hanging from one ankle, swaying over his head, clinking a little as his legs were pushed wider apart by Alice.

He felt very slave-like at the sight of his chained leg. Chained up for the night in case he'd try to escape. Overhead he could see the joists supporting the floor above. There were large ring bolts screwed into the rafters. Dan wondered if they were intended for use on him in some way. In case he had to be flogged for his escape attempt; Dan the runaway slave, branded even. He jumped a little when the shaver touched the tender puckered skin of his asshole. Alice told him to hold still while she shaved right down his ass crack on both sides. She ran her hand up and down between his ass cheeks, around his scrotum, then twice up and down his slowly hardening dick, and declared herself satisfied.

She told him to lower his legs and, as he did, she took one of his ankles and held it at the edge of the table while she clipped his ankle cuff to a ring there. She did the same on the other side. This left Dan with his legs wide apart, bent at the knees and tied at the ankles to the sides of the table. His hands already similarly fixed at either side of his head. Alice threw a towel over his face saying that he didn't need to see his chastity cage being installed. It will be a surprise, she said, as she eased back his foreskin. He twitched as she sprayed something very cold on his now shrunken penis.

Next thing he felt was a sharp pain at the tip of his penis followed by another numbing cold spray. He got a similar treatment just behind his ball sac. Then he felt Alice manoeuvring the parts of the cage onto him. It was all over in about a minute.

Dan felt Alice unclip his hands and feet. 'There, all done. I'll let you have a look now, Dan,' she said taking the towel off his face. 'You can stand up.'