She did not overpower me. It wasn't that I couldn't resist, that I was simply too much of an animal not to betray to Grace. It was that I wanted to surrender myself to Ava. I labored my breathing, reached out to kiss Ava with a look of desperate thirst on my face, and shifted in my restraints to move my cock closer to her hands because knowing that Grace was watching me, knowing that I was planting the seeds of torturous insecurities, and knowing that she was seething angry but naked and tied up and unable to do anything about it, it turned me on more than anything ever had before.

"Kiss me, Ava."

"Calm down. Your girlfriend is watching." Ava was inviting me to beg.

I begged. I wanted to say what would ruin me for Grace. "Please Ava. I'm frustrated. You turn me on like no on else ever has."

Ava rewarded my sadism. She stroked me with her palm with light pressure but still didn't grip me. My thirst surpassed what I had felt in even my most gratuitous virginal fantasies. She dragged me beyond a critical point after which my desire was not voluntary or restrained.

When Ava flirted with my lips, coming close to kiss me but then pulling away, my pained exhale had a tone. It caught me off guard, the tone, which was...a moan. I had voiced my pleasure without intending to.

"You want more?"

"God, please."

"This is better than Grace?"

"You're like no one else, Ava. Please kiss me."

As Ava touched her lips to mine she finally gripped my cock, and a pulse of pleasure shot out from it into my torso, legs, and arms. I moaned again, louder.

Grace fought with her restraints. "Stop Liam! Stop!" She whimpered and twisted erratically, but I couldn't pay much attention to her because I was immersed in my desire for Ava. "Liam you have to stop!"

She was better than Grace. I didn't understand how, but she knew my body better than I knew it myself. When she brought me close the cliff of ecstasy, it was so close that an amateur would not have been able to stop me from careening over the edge, but she casually eased me back every time, that much more frustrated. I lost all self awareness. I writhed in my restraints, trying to escape the shear intensity of sensation she forced on me. The restraints absorbed every protest. No amount of my strength could liberate me from of Ava's delicate, calculated grip. She stroked of my cock easily as if I wasn't resisting at all.

I wanted to escape when she was touching me, but when she stopped I almost wanted to cry. She paused and leaned back. Begging came out of my mouth before I was even conscious of it. "Please Ava—fuck—please don't stop. I need it."

"Oh, you need it?"

Grace screamed from the other side of the room, through barely controlled sobs, "Liam please stop! Liam, please I love you!"

"Yes Ava I need it. I'll do anything."

She made me suck on her nipple while she feathered my cock with the back of her hand, but I needed her to grip it again. I needed that.

I flicked her nipple repeatedly with my tongue and felt her harden in my mouth. I alternated sucking on it and licking it at a ravenous pace.

"Oh, you're going above and beyond. I suppose you've earned a little attention."

"Liam I love you please stop. Please don't—" Grace began to say, but then fell into loud uninhibited weeping.

I surrendered to Ava. My body was hers, a tool she used against me. There was no fighting it. When she gripped my cock again, I moaned a final time, and heard it as if it were a foreign sound. I came on myself. She stroked me until I had nothing left for her.

As I sat there, heaving to catch my breath, covered in my own cum, Ava moved to my side. She wanted Grace to see me in my mess.

Grace wept and tried her best to telepathically beam the hate across the room with her eyes. I felt it, her hate. But I also sensed—and it disgusted me to sense this—that she would still beg to have me back if I indicated that my mind was open to that, even after this humiliation. She felt degraded. She thought what was happening had to do with her, and she blamed herself. What I saw was not an opportunity to reassure and comfort my girlfriend. I saw insecurity that offended me like an odor, and a boundless capacity to suffer that I craved to exploit. Her pain and my pleasure had tangled together. They created and fed on each other, and I knew I would never untangle them again.

Ava kept her hand on my inner thigh to mark her territory. She licked the outside of my ear and whispered into it with slow exhales, which started to turn me on again. She asked, "What should we do about her, Liam?"

I realized Ava had only started. She already humiliated Grace by making me beg in front of her, masturbating me in front of her, and bringing me to cum on myself in front of her, and she had only started. When I intuited the natural next step, it felt like placing the last piece of a puzzle. Grace not only had to suffer. She had to enjoy it, enjoy it terribly.

While looking at Grace, I replied, "bedside table. Top drawer."

"No," Grace said. "No. No. No. No."

A terrible grin formed on Ava's face when she pulled the vibrator and its remote out of the drawer. "I don't know Grace. I think yes."

Grace whipped her head side to side. "You can't do that Ava. You can't do that."

"I can't do what?" Ava pinched Grace's nipple. "I can't do this? Is this what I can't do?"

"N—o. You can't use the—"

Ava twisted her nipple.

"Nng—Fuck!" Grace adopted her performative firm tone again, to compensate for that possible sound of pleasure. "Stop!"

Ava did stop, but not to step away. She moved her nipple-twisting hand down below Grace's waist as she positioned the vibrator in front of her. As Grace retreated back and side to side to escape Ava's hand crawling down to her pussy, Ava took note of Grace's whole range of movement in the constraints. She then set the vibrator down so it would massage Grace's clit even if she scooted all the way back against the dresser she was duct-tape-cuffed to, and taped it to the carpet there.

"Ava no. No. Please untape me. Please."

In response Ava lowered her face to Grace's chest, extended her tongue, and with cruel slowness, licked along Grace's tit. When her tongue touched Grace's nipple, she flipped on the vibrator.

Grace's eyes threatened to roll. Her unwilling pleasure was inevitable. She pursed her lips and fought impassioned expressions trying to form on her face, but it cost her conspicuous effort. Resistance would exhaust her, but Ava, with time on her side and the vibrator remote in her hand, only had to relax and wait.

Ava crawled backward on her hands and knees toward me, ass first, while watching with predatorial keenness for Grace's eyes to open. Without looking she yanked her underwear down her thighs and tossed them to the side with her legs. She pressed her ass into me. I was still coated in my cum when the wet lips of her pussy warmed my cock.

I wanted to pull away. I was still hypersensitive after she brought me to orgasm the first time. Urgent pain and the sensations of ascending to bliss fought each other for my response. I felt like a glitched machine. "It's too much for me, Ava. I can't handle it."

Ava ground her ass against me. "Too much? You must be used to weak pussy."

Grace opened her eyes and begged, "Ava please let—," before closing them again to hide her feelings and cut off an elated "nng" sound she began to emit against her will.

Ava was driving my body to a boiling point. I needed to shut everything out. But I couldn't shut out the feeling of Ava trying to get herself off on me, grinding her clit into my cock on an accelerating rhythm, Grace's moaning as the vibrator taped against her pussy carried her to primal euphoria against impassioned resistance, or the way Grace was flexing her ankles and extending her toes straight out the way I knew she did when an orgasm was just a moment away.

And then Ava's pelvic muscles and thighs convulsed, and she said "Ohhh god," as her pussy drenched me in her warm cum.

Suddenly I was terrified she would pull away. I was too near the edge of orgasm to turn back. I began to thrust into her with what little maneuverable room my restraints allowed. "Please don't stop Ava," I said.

Ava turned on the vibrator's fast setting with the remote.

Grace was taken by full body spasms. She made a sound that was a perverse mixture of weeping, moaning, and wheezing. I imagined how ashamed, how powerless, and how betrayed by her own body she must have felt, and thrust harder against Ava.

Just as Grace's spasms became the slow and rigid way that signaled the orgasm beginning to take her, Ava pulled the vibrator away from her.

Grace shook her head and said, as if confused about whether this development was what she wanted, "What? What?"

Ava, propping herself up on one hand, pinched Grace's nipple. "You didn't want it to stop? Is that it?"


"It's ok Grace," Ava said, flirting with her, "I'll take care you of you."

Ava then ran her hand over Grace's naked chest and body, toward her pussy.

I knew what she was about to do. It was perfect. Ava, the object of Grace's insecure resentment, who Grace would love nothing more than to dominate, to debase, and to shame, was now going to bring Grace to the very end of her dignity. Not only had Ava stripped her naked and restrained her, seized the total desire of her man in front of her, and brought her so close to sexual ecstasy as to confuse her, but a soft gesture from Ava, a light touch to Grace's clit, was about to bring her over the edge.

When Ava's hand reached her, it took only contact. Grace's eyes rolled back and her body jolted side to side. She moaned and melodically exhaled. It was as if the sensations wrestled Grace to the ground, overcoming her violent protests without any visible impedance. She leaned back supine and squirming beneath the carnal rapture that mounted her. It felt so good to her that it hurt. I had never seen her love anything at that volume in our sex life. Her moaning was self-effacing and deferential, like she wanted to feel the pain, and felt indebted and endeared to Ava for forcing it on her.

Comprehending the depth of Grace's defeat transported me to a non-thinking level of frustration, as I became jealous for the first time. Ava had pleased Grace more powerfully than I ever had, and without even her cooperation. I wanted to hurt Ava for that. I wanted to throw her into the wall. No one could touch Grace but me. Without my arms or legs I could only hit her by thrusting into her as I had been, and I tried to do so with all of my force, but Ava stood up. A rush of cold air hit my cock when she pulled her warm, wet pussy away. I wanted so terribly to grip her hips and force myself into her and yank her head back by her hair as I fucked her, but I couldn't move. Even as frustrated as I was, I couldn't turn back from the orgasm I had come so close to before she pulled away from me. I tried not to but I came, and my cum again covered only me, and fell on the carpet.

I noticed the hum of the heater again, and regained my awareness of the room. I sat in a puddle of my own sweat and cum as Ava got dressed. Grace would not look at me.

Ava knelt and untaped one of my arms, then fetched her phone from the bedside table and left Grace's dorm room.

It was awkward between Grace and I. I freed myself from the tape, and then freed her. She wouldn't talk to me. As soon as she could move she wrapped herself around me and sucked on my cock and I couldn't pull her off. I had to just let her try for almost an hour.

When after all that time I didn't come for her like I had for Ava, she told me to go home and not reach out to her.