Lindsey woke up first as the late afternoon rainy sky dimly lit the small apartment. Her pussy was sore but her ass was even more so. The taste in her mouth wasn't normal and her sucking his dick was the reason. She got up and saw a white button-down shirt she decided to put on rather than walk around naked. The shirt covered her barely as long as she didn't move or raise her arms. Lindsey wasn't concerned with hiding her body from Bobby at this point but didn't feel comfortable being naked either.

She went to the kitchen area, hunger growled in her belly, as she looked to see what was available. Bobby didn't have a lot but there were some eggs and bacon so she decided to make them breakfast. She started frying the bacon and getting the eggs ready while Bobby slept.

The sound and smell of bacon woke Bobby. His mind flashed with what had happened just a few hour earlier and his cock came to life. He got up to find Lindsey with her back to him while cooking in the kitchen. Her ass poking out from under the fabric of his shirt as she dutifully worked at the stove.

"Good morning," Bobby said as he hugged her from behind. Pressing his cock into her body at the small of her back.

"Good morning," Lindsey answered as she continued cooking. She wasn't sure what their relationship was and thought he only wanted sex. She wasn't against it but she didn't want to only be his slut. She wanted to be his and for him to be hers.

Bobby pulled her shirt up, exposing her bare tight young ass, and knelt down to kiss her cheeks. He moved his lips across both her firm, juicy ass cheeks and then focused on her tailbone. His tongue tasted her from the top of her ass crease down to her anal bud as his hands pulled her ass open.

"You can have me," Lindsey complied. She leaned forward while trying her best to tend the bacon.

"I know," He said as he rose behind her. His cock sliding between her legs and resting under her pussy lips.

Bobby stoked the head of his cock into the folds of Lindsey's pussy. She was getting turned on, her lips leak onto his tip with each stroke. Lindsey pushes her ass out so he can have more access for him to penetrate her.

"What am I?" Lindsey asked, not sure how Bobby viewed her.

"You're mine," Bobby announced.

"How?" Lindsey's heart was on edge and her pussy was on hungry as she swayed her hips.

"In every way," Bobby said as he adjusted his cock to enter her.

"Every way?" Lindsey moaned with hunger as he pushed into her.

"You are my slut, my woman, the mother to my child and I will never let you go." Bobby tells her as he pumps his cock into her tight cunt from behind.

"Mother?" Lindsey never thought about children but it didn't stop the desire to have his pulsing cock pump her full of his sperm.

"I want to cum inside of your tight little body," Bobby explained. Grabbing her hips and pulling her onto his cock as he pounded into her body.

"Yes, fuck me, cum in me daddy!" She called out in passion, allowing him to ram her from behind.

Bobby hugged her, caressing her stomach up to her perky tits, feeling her body within his shirt. He pumped his hips hard and fast as her wet walls massaged his manhood. Her moans are music to his ears and only urge him to continue his assault on her pussy.

"Fuck, daddy you're going to make me cum!" Lindsey's body spasms and her pussy convulses on Bobby's cock.

Bobby started taking long hard stokes, his body hitting hers with force as he too felt the moment building. Lindsey keeps pushing her ass against Bobby, she didn't want him to pull out, she needed to feel his entirety inside of her like a drug.

"Oh fuck!" Bobby called out as his dick twitched and shot his load deep inside of Lindsey.

"Please," Lindsey pleaded for it as she pushed hard onto his cock as he emptied his balls into her body.

Bobby pulled out of her young little cunt. His cock glistened with their cum, mixed together, and her pussy leaked down her legs. Lindsey was weak in the knees and removed the pan from the burner before turning to hug Bobby. He returned her affection and they stood there, holding each other lovingly, and kissed her passionately.

"I love you," she said as their lips parted.

"I love you too," Bobby replies truthfully.

"I need to clean up," Lindsey said about the cum leaking from her pussy along with all the dried cum already present.

"No," Bobby liked the idea of his cum dripping from her body while she finished breakfast. "I don't think you need to."

"OK," Lindsey replied with a slight smile on her face. Hugging him a little tighter and cuddling her face into his chest. "For you...but"

"But what?" Bobby asked as he made sure she was comforted in his arms.

"You know the church," Lindsey started saying.

"I don't care about the church, that town or those people." Bobby didn't want anything to do with any of that part of his past.

"No...they don't allow contraceptive use...I'm not on birth control." Lindsey was worried about being a mother. "You're going to get me pregnant."

"I will take care of you and the baby," Bobby reassured her. "The idea, the risk...I like it so I guess get ready for a baby because I don't want to cum anywhere else but inside of you."

"I don't want to be used by anyone else Bobby," Lindsey confessed. Finding it arousing to be controlled by Bobby was a surprise but she didn't want to be farmed out for others to use either. "I will be your slut but I will not be a whore."

"What are you talking about?" Bobby was confused.

"I will be your can...control me," Lindsey was so scared that he might kick her out if he thought differently about what she was saying. "But only for you, I only want your cock, I don't want to be with anyone else...ever."

"Good," Bobby said happily. "You are my slut and I don't want you touching another man...but I want to...explore more as well."


"You are and will forever be my number one," Bobby explains. "I never imagined I would ever have my own personal slut and now I want to explore more of my fantasies."


"Of course," Bobby laughed. "But you are my special little slut that only I can have and I do plan on sharing you with the right woman."

"Right how?"

"I don't know yet but when I do you will know." Bobby said as he released his hold on her. "Now finish breakfast while I shower. We have a lot to do today."

"OK," Lindsey said feeling relieved to know she is someone special to Bobby and went back to making breakfast.

Bobby took his shower while Lindsey finished cooking some scrambled eggs with toast. After she started the dishes like a good girl should while Bobby looked at her dirty clothes for sizes. After noting what he needed he kissed Lindsey goodbye and told her to be ready to go shopping when he got back with some clothes she can wear temporarily. He got dressed in a blue and white, striped collard pull over shirt and khakis before heading out.

Bobby was going to drive to the thrift shop to pick up anything that would look good for Lindsey to wear so they could actually go out shopping. He was thinking a dress since it would be easy to take on and off while trying on clothes. The he saw the adult toy store and got an idea.

Walking into the posh adult store Bobby was amazed to see all the different toys, costumes and everything else to add to the bedroom. He had never been in a store like this and he didn't know if this was the right decision. He found the costume area and was happy to see it was a lot cheaper than he originally thought but then again how much can someone charge for so little fabric.

"Can I help you?" Bobby hear a female voice speaking to him.

Bobby looked up from the packaged costumes to see an attractive looking woman. She looked like she could be in her mid-twenties, she was a little thicker but all the extra was held in all the right areas. She was about 5'6" and at least one-hundred and fifty pounds of sexy wrapped in a pear shaped body. Her D-cup breast held high in her lacy red bra under a black thin, semi-transparent, skin tight t-shirt. Her thick and curvy legs were wrapped in black leggings that did nothing to take away from her big juicy ass.

"Uh, yeah I want to get something sexy," Bobby explained while fighting the urge to stare at her voluptuous full body. "Something that will attract attention but not actually show anything. She's 5'2, about a hundred pounds."

Bobby proceeded to tell her the sizes of her clothes and she suggested what was called a cash cage money dress. It was black, extremely short, string straps and with fishnet designed sections to expose her cleavage, sides of her torso, hips and her back from just above her ass to just under her upper back.

"So what do you think?" The saleslady asked.

"I like it, what about some sexy heels and maybe stocking?" Bobby explained. "She needs to be slutty."

"What's the occasion," the saleslady inquires. "I'm guessing party?"

"No," Bobby corrected as if normal. "She's my slut and I want to show her off while we go clothes shopping."

"Why not bring her in and she can try on anything you like?" She explained, curious as to what kind of girl this guy is showing off. "I can always help you with options."

"She doesn't have any clean clothes." Bobby informed her.

"OK." The saleslady said, suspicious as she was curious as to what the story was behind that.

"Her family kicked her out for some stupid bullshit and they left her with only the clothes on her back which got soaked and filthy from all the rain and waiting for me outside for a couple hours huddled up to a dumpster and building for shelter." Bobby answered her suspicious reply.

"And you're the reason why?"

"No, but if they knew what happened last night I would be." Bobby answered, his attention still on the clothing as he wasn't sure what to get. He wanted her to draw attention but he didn't know how far he wanted to really go.

"Oh really?" The saleslady was intrigued. "I like stories, my name is Kendra by the way."

"Hello Kendra," Bobby reached out to shake her hand. "I'm Bobby."

"Pleasure is mine," Kendra said accepting his greeting. "But I'd really like to hear what happened last night."

"She called me when I was going to bed. My father married into their family so we are step-cousins and their entire family are absolutely fanatical with their religion. She was caught on video dancing and drinking with some guys and there was some pantie flashing but nothing else. They disowned her, kicking her out so I drove over two hours to pick her up and another couple to bring her home to live with me." Bobby told her so far.

"That sounds like cult lever fanatical shit." Kendra remarked.

"Yeah they are damn near Jonestown level shit. Anyhow I had her strip in my car right in front of me. I gave her my jacket to wear form there. When we got back I told her to suck my cock." Bobby continued with his story.


"Yes, and after she finished me off I ate her out and she squirted all over my face."

"Oh, I bet that was a surprise," Kendra laughed.

"Tell me about it, after that I fucked her, we were both virgins."

"So you both had some fun last night them?"

"You could say that," Bobby smiled with amusement. "I made her suck me hard again before I fucked her ass."

"I bet you came all over her."

"I made her mine, I came in all her wholes." Bobby said triumphantly and absentminded as to how lewd it all sounded out loud. "She my personal slut and I want to show her off."

"Bring her here," Kendra wanted to meet her out of curiosity and she also wanted to make sure the girl was safe. "Put her in anything and I'll slut her up just the way you want."

It sounded good to Bobby so he left to pick up Lindsey. When he got home she was showered and besides the same shirt she was wearing when he left she was all natural. She didn't have make up or anything for that matter to pretty herself up with. Bobby didn't care as he was just amazed a beautiful young woman like her would be with him let alone allow him to treat her like he was. The whole drive back Bobby was excited to see Lindsey looking slutty for him.

"You're back," Lindsey said happily as he entered the apartment.

"I came back for you," Bobby answered but also had to take a the time to enjoy her sexy form as she came to him for a hug.

"I missed you," she said uneasily.

"Why, I wasn't gone that long?"

"I've missed you since you moved away," Lindsey was talking about two years ago when he left town and her behind.

"I missed you too," Bobby always liked her but had other things on his mind. "You are my slut?"

"Yes daddy," Lindsey was happy he wanted her.

"Good, put on my boxers, we're going to slut you up before we go shopping for clothes."

"What?" Lindsey was a little concerned.

"I am going to fuck you and while my cum is dripping out of you we're going to go shopping."

"OK daddy," she replied as she unbuttoned her shirt, stripped, and laid back onto the love seat. "Like this daddy?"

"Perfect," he said as he pulled his dick out.

"Daddy?" Lindsey was sore from losing her virginity and the fucking Bobby gave her before. She was sore all over as it seemed all the orgasms made her feel like she had worked out. "My kitty is sore...I can't say no...I want to make you happy."

"Are you telling me not to fuck you?" Bobby asked as his mushroom pressed to her entrance.

"I'm sorry daddy," Lindsey didn't want to disappoint. "I'm your slut."

"Suck it," Bobby said sitting down next to her. "I don't want to hurt you but I am cumming inside of you before we go."

Lindsey bent over from her seat and took him into her mouth. Bobby reached over and spanked her ass hard twice before caressing it. His other hand was on the back of her head as she bobbed up and down his shaft.

"Yeah you little slut," Bobby happily praised. "You are my sexy slut."

Lindsey moaned her happiness to his words as she worked his rod with her hungry lips. Her tongue massaging what she could with his girth filling her mouth alone. She worked as much of him into her mouth but could only get a little past halfway before her gag reflexes made her stop as she choked on his dick.

"I'm going to cum," Bobby said as he helped her with his hand on her head and his other groping her ass and giving her a couple hard spanks.

Lindsey moans and whimpers to his actions. She is surprisingly turned on but still sore enough to want to wait. She moves her head faster as his hips jolt with pleasure, telling her he's about to cum. She makes sure not to lose her grip with her lips as she sucks hard and swirls her tongue around his tip.

"Yes!" Bobby blurts as his cock jolts its first shot of cum down Lindsey's throat. Pushing her head down past her limit and pushing his hip up to shove as much of his cock down her throat as possible.

Lindsey put her hands on his hips to help support her from choking. She felt his shots in her throat as her stomach felt like it was about to turn. Luckily Bobby loosened his hold on her and she was able to finish him off with ease.

"Thank you daddy," Lindsey was happy to make him happy without having to use her aching sex.

"Thank you for being a good girl."

"If I was good then why did I get spanked?" Lindsey asked playfully.

"Because you were doing something dirty," Bobby played along.

Bobby got put away and Lindsey got dressed in his shirt again and put on some of his boxers at his suggestion since they'd be like shorts. He took her back to the adult store and brought her inside.

"You're back!" Kendra said excitedly, "and you brought your friend!"

"Kendra this is Lindsey," Bobby introduced them.

"So you're the slut," Kendra wanted to see her reaction.

"I'm his slut," Lindsey was slightly embarrassed being called a slut by a random woman.

"Don't worry honey we're all a little slutty," Kendra joked.

"So what should I do?" Bobby asked Kendra.

"Let's look at some clothes," Kendra said as she wave her arms as if making a grand entrance.

They looked at all different styles of clothes and Bobby couldn't help getting hard thinking about Lindsey dressed up like a wet dream and at his side as his woman. The chose a couple items and went in the back to the dressing rooms. Bobby was told to wait outside and that Kendra was going to make sure Lindsey was just the slut Bobby wanted.

"So Bobby told me about you guys," Kendra tells Lindsey. "I'm sorry your family is like that."

"It's fine," Lindsey actually felt free. "I can't explain it but I think this was meant to happen."

"With your cousin?"

"Oh...well...his dad," Lindsey was trying to figure out how to explain it. She didn't think Bobby would introduce her as his cousin after what they have done.

"I know there's no blood relation," Kendra says as she continues to help Lindsey get dolled up. "Girl to girl, are you safe, do you need help?"

"What?" Lindsey was a little taken back with the question.

"If you like what he's doing and how he's treating you then I have no issues but if you don't want this if you need to get away I can help you." Kendra was still dressing Lindsey while she spoke.

"No!" Lindsey was not going to let this go on. "I love him and he loves me. I don't care what it looks like. He's my protector, my man and he's going to father my children."

"Hey, perfect, I don't care what you guys do as long as it's mutual." Kendra eased off and felt fine knowing this girl wanted it. "I just was looking out our gender honey, I wish I had a man that I felt so compelled to please."

"Thank you," Lindsey said. "For looking out for me even if you don't know me."

"Like I said honey I was looking out for the gender." Kendra replies, "Let's exchange numbers and have hang out just us girls?"

"I don't have a phone right now," Lindsey answered sadly. "My parents took it away when they kicked me out."

"I'll get Bobby's number then."

"OK that works."

"We're done here so let's see if you're slutty enough," Kendra said contently at the finished product.

The girls came out of the dressing room to Bobby's delight as he saw Lindsey dressed like his sexy little slut. She wore a skin tight black dress which was made to look lacy but was solid from her tits, narrowing down to a strip down her stomach, and formed a full solid strip of material around her hips which covered her intimate areas perfectly. The rest of the dress was made of a sheer lacy material which filled in the back and sides of her torso of the dress and left her looking perfectly slutty. She wore her hair back into a pony tail with a black ribbon tied into a bow holding it back. She wore black high heels that had straps of ribbon that wrapped and crossed up her calves and accentuated her wardrobe perfectly. It was clearly obvious she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples poked at the thin fabric of the dress and there was no pantie line to be seen anywhere.

"I'd say by the look on his face honey you are the slut he wants," Kendra happily tells Lindsey.

"Yes," Bobby agrees. "You are so fucking sexy I just want to bend you over and fuck you like my little slut."

"Thank you," Lindsey was embarrassed having Bobby speak to her in public but she felt her arousal as well which made her enjoy his compliment. "I'm happy to be your slut Bobby...only yours."

"I wouldn't let another man defile your beautiful body." Bobby had to feel her in his hands and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately.

"You guys are fucking hot!" Kendra fanned herself jokingly. "I think I need to take a break."

"Kendra wanted to exchange numbers," Lindsey tells Bobby. "But I don't have a phone.

"We'll get you a phone after this," Bobby interrupted Lindsey, "so why don't you get her number and you can text her when you get your new phone."