"Eric, what are you looking at?" my sixty-year-old grandmother asked me with a playful smile on her face.

"Ah...Ah...Ah," I stuttered as my face turned bright red. I was standing in the center of the room facing my mother who was seated and putting on her tennis shoes. She was leaning over and unknowingly giving me an excellent downblouse view of her boobs. My eighteen-year-old eyes were riveted to the soft curves of feminine flesh on display. I didn't see her nipples, but I did see where her tan ended on her full, round breasts.

"All done," Marie, my mother, announced. "Let's go."

She stood and the three of us went for a walk. It was a beautiful sunny, summer day and we were down the shore. For those of you who are not from New Jersey, 'down the shore' is how New Jerseyans say that we are at the beach. The majority of the state's population is up North by NYC and the best beaches are on the Atlantic coast of South Jersey so when we go to the beach, we drive South or 'down. I don't know why we say shore, instead of beach. We just do.

This was the first day of our vacation, We'd rented a beach house for a month. My mother, grandmother, and I arrived today. The plan was for my father and older sister to join us in a couple of days. We walked to the boardwalk and saw the people, shops, and the beach.

We enjoyed being outside, smelling the salt air, and feeling the sun and warm breezes on our faces. My mother and grandmother went into several shops. They bought me some salt water taffy.

I was excited to be there. I was a lonely, horny eighteen-year-old kid whose face had only recently cleared of acne. I'd had no success with women in high school. I had trouble talking to females of any age. But I could look, and while my relatives shopped, I spent my time ogling women. Many were wearing bikinis or at least bikini tops. There were lots of attractive young women my age, many hot MILF's, and a few well-preserved cougars.

"Eric, what are you looking at?" Dawn, my grandmother asked, catching me staring at an attractive, buxom mother. The new mom had stopped in front of me to calm the crying baby in the stroller. I guessed she was still breastfeeding because her tits were huge.

"Ah. Ah. Nothing," I answered, embarrassed at having been caught leering at the young woman.

"Those aren't nothing!" my grandmother teased in a quiet voice as she elbowed me in the ribs. "That's quite a pair she has. She could feed quintuplets!"

I turned and stared at her face. My eyes were opened wide, and so was my mouth. Her words shocked me. She left me and went to the baby. She squatted so she was eye level with the little tike, cooed, and addressed the baby.

"Ohh. Are you having a bad day?" She jiggled some toys that were attached to the stroller to distract the child and talked gibberish. He stopped crying and reached for the brightly colored plastic rings.

Dawn looked at the mother, smiled, and asked, "How old is he?"

"A year."

"He's very handsome," Dawn said. A conversation ensued, and introductions were made. After a friendly chat, the mother and the happy child went on their way.

My grandmother said to me, "Your mother and I are headed back to the rental house. There are many girls your age on the boardwalk and the beach. You should stay, talk to them, and make some friends."

I blushed and answered, "I can't. I'm too shy. Why would they want to talk with me? I'm a tall, skinny, doofus."

"You're selling yourself short," Dawn said.

I didn't believe her and returned to the beach house with my mother and grandmother.

After dinner, I stepped out on the deck that faced the ocean. Dawn was already there leaning against the railing, smoking a cigarette, and gazing at the beautiful sunset.

I stayed in the doorway behind her and leered at her ass. My grandma is sixty-year-old, but she doesn't look like your stereotypical grandmother. Maybe it's because she does yoga, eats right, and takes care of herself. She is slim and has a great ass. Her bum was encased in a tight pair of stretchy yoga pants.

I didn't see any visible panty lines. Was she going commando or wearing a thong? Either option intrigued and excited me. I got an erection.

"Eric, what are you looking at?" Dawn said with a laugh without turning around.

"Ah... Ah. Same as you. The sunset." I started to sweat.

"Yeah. Right," she said and turned to face me. I could see she wasn't angry. "Come over here," she ordered.

I went to her, trying to look casual as my hand dangled in front of my crotch, hiding my hard-on. I stood beside her. She put her arm around my shoulders, gave me a squeeze, and said, "I know you were looking at my ass."

I stiffened, and my face turned red. She laughed gently and said, "You're not in trouble. I'm not mad. You're an eighteen-year-old boy. Young men check-out women. It's how your brain is wired. Do you have a girlfriend?"


"We have to get you one. You need to find an outlet for your sexual energy. You don't want to be the creepy guy that stares at women from the shadows."

"Grandma, there's no hope for me. Girls have never been attracted to me. I can't even talk to them."

She turned to me, put her hands on my shoulders, and made me face her. She looked me directly in the eyes and said, "What happened in the past is the past. So what if you are a late bloomer? All you need is some confidence. You can't let fear control you. You have to put yourself out there to live a happy, meaningful life.

"Most of the things you're worried about is stuff no one notices or cares about or they have the same fears. Meet me out front tomorrow morning at eight o'clock, and I'll prove it to you."



I got up early the next day, got dressed, and ate breakfast. I was sitting on the front steps at eight o'clock.

My grandmother stepped out the front door wearing flip-flops, a flowing bathing suit cover, and carrying a cup of coffee. I stood when the front door opened and said, "Good morning."

"Good morning. It's a great day to go to the beach," she said and smiled. "Our supplies are in the car. We are good to go."

I watched her descend the stairs and thought I noticed more jiggling than normal in her chest area. We got into the car, and I asked, "Why are we driving when the beach is only two blocks away?"

"I'm taking you to Gunnison beach."

"What's so special about that beach?"

"It's a nude beach."


"Calm down," she said. "You like girls, but you're afraid to talk to them. This trip will help you get over your insecurities."

"By getting naked?" I asked incredulously.

"Precisely." She gave me a kind look and said, "Be honest. I know you like girls. Why are you afraid of talking to them?"

I stared back horrified by this conversation and didn't answer.

"I'm guessing that you are afraid of rejection. Some might reject you. Maybe they're married or have a steady boyfriend. That's good to know so you can move on to an available girl. Maybe they aren't attracted to you. That will hurt your feelings, but it's also good to be told that you're wasting your time and should try someone else. Some girls will say no, but some will say yes."

I didn't respond. A minute later, she said, "You like baseball, right?"


"Do you get a hit every time?"


"So why do you play, knowing that you will make an out more often than you'll get a hit?"

"Because it's fun, and that's how the game is played."

"I could say the same thing about dating," Dawn said and laughed. "When you think about it, approaching a girl is the same as stepping into the batter's box. Both give you the opportunity to be successful. You might strike out, you might make a friend, and you might hit a home run and get a girlfriend. There's one thing we know for sure, if you don't play, you can't win."

She pulled into a parking lot and said, "We're here. Do you trust me? This will change your life."

I hesitated.

She said, "I believe this trip to the nude beach will give you the confidence you need to talk to girls, ask them out, kiss them, and do more. Right now, you don't think you're good enough that you're not interesting and attractive. I'm telling you that you are. Come with me, and I'll prove it. Are you brave enough to have the life you want and dream about?"

She got out of the car and walked to the sign that read 'Gunnison Beach' and had a big arrow pointing the way. I joined her. She smiled and said, "Good for you. The beach stuff is in the trunk."

We put on knapsacks which had towels, food, water, and other stuff, and began the journey.

It was a bit of a hike. A sign at the end of the walkway read "Attention: Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers.' My grandmother laughed and said, "There's no maybe about it. You will see nude people."

A few minutes later, we were on the beach. The waves crashed noisily on the shore, and I saw at least a hundred people. Most were naked. I was one of the youngest. There were no children in sight. The crowd was mostly middle-aged people and retirees with more men than women. I guessed that twenty percent were under thirty.

All races, sizes, and levels of fitness, or lack thereof, were represented.

Grandmother grabbed my hand and led me to an open spot. We put our stuff down, and instantly she was naked. All she had worn were her shoes and the bathing suit cover. I stared at her slim, tanned body. Her boobs weren't that big, and they sagged, sliding down her chest a good three inches. Her butt was firm, and she was hairless down below. I saw her gash.

She stood unashamed in front of me with her hands on her hips and her legs spread, letting me have a good look. She said, "This is me naked. Now it's your turn."

I hesitated, turned my back, and slowly undressed. She saw my pale ass, laughed, and said, "We're going to have to put a lot of sunscreen on your bum. It's whiter than white."

I turned lethargically. My face was a bright red, and both hands covered my cock. Dawn smiled and said, "I'm so proud of you! Did you notice the world didn't end?"

She laughed and gave me a hug. I stood there awkwardly for a moment with my hands pressing against her belly button, and then moved my arms and hugged her. Her soft breasts were crushed against my chest. I felt my penis brush against her belly.

She pulled away, kept a hand around my waist, and spun out so we both faced North. She extended her free hand, pointed to the mass of nude bodies before us, and said, "Look. There are dozens and dozens of people in front of us, and not one is paying any attention to us. My tits are out. Your dick and my pussy are exposed, and No One Cares!"

"You're right. I expected people to be staring, and worried that some would point and laugh."

"Do you notice anything else?" my grandmother asked. "Look around."

I scanned the beach and said, "I'm surprised this many people would want to prance around without any clothes."

"How many look like Brazilian supermodels, movie stars, or really fit individuals?"

"There are no supermodels. They're average people. Some are in shape, but I also see guys with beer bellies and women with drooping tits and sagging asses."

"Aye," Dawn said. "Some of the men are fit, and many aren't. I don't see any huge cocks." She looked at mine and said, "Your penis is on par with most of the men here. The women run the gamut too: some are pretty, some are fit, and some are not. Some women are flat-chested, and some have enormous bazooms. I see cute, tight bottoms and fat derrieres that are dimpled with cellulite.

"I'd say you and I fit in and that we have nothing to be ashamed about."

I nodded.

"You know," she continued. "I like the feel of the sun and a warm breeze on my skin, and I find it liberating to see other people's imperfect bodies. I have things I wish I could change about my body, and I'm sure you do too. When I look at these naked people, I see happy people who are comfortable in their own skin. That's how I want us to be, accepting of who we are and not embarrassed about our bodies."

She pointed to the left and said, "A woman over there is displaying her breasts which resemble fried eggs, so why should I worry that my boobs sag? I have a birthmark and freckles, and so do other people. If you were worried about the size of your penis, you can stop. It might be smaller than the guy in the porn video, but your equipment looks the same as every other man here."

She giggled and whispered in my ear, "Can I tell you a secret?" Her soft breasts brushed against my arm. "The average woman is built for the average cock. Big dicks hurt us. Your grandfather was five and a half inches long, and he satisfied me for thirty-five years. Bigger is not always better."

We unpacked our stuff and spread the beach blanket. Dawn held up two bottles and said, "Catch. Time to put on the sunscreen." She tossed me one, and we both covered our fronts. She finished first and got behind me and did my back and bum.

She slid her fingers through my butt crack, laughed, and said, "You need protection everywhere." I squealed and moved away from her invasive hand, but not before she caressed my asshole and testicles.

"You'll thank me later," she said with a big grin on her face. "Sunburn is no fun on your tender parts. I'd double coat your prick to be safe and recoat your body after going into the ocean."

I turned my back to her and applied a second coat to my dick. Red-faced, I turned around. She was lying face down on the beach towel. She said, "Be a dear, and do my back. I need sunscreen too."

I knelt beside her, squeezed a large dollop of lotion into my hand, and rubbed it on her back and shoulders.

"Mmmm. That feels nice. I did my legs; can you do my butt?"

I gulped and hesitated. "Fair is fair," she said. "I did yours. Be as thorough as I was."

I put more lotion on my hand and massaged her bottom down to her thighs. She spread her legs, I got a good view of her pussy and understood what was expected of me. I ran a hand between her butt cheeks and rubbed her anus. I touched her sex when she moved suddenly and caused my hand to contact her vagina.

She giggled and said, "Sorry. I couldn't help myself. Years from now, when you recount the story of your first trip to a nude beach, I want you to tell everyone that your grandmother took you. I dare you to include that we put sunscreen on each other and that I was the first woman to touch your genitals, and my vagina was the first one you groped!"

She chuckled, appearing pleased with herself while I was in shock. She rolled over, so she was face up, smiled pleasantly, and asked, "Ready to get some sun?"

I laid beside her face down. I was embarrassed and bewildered.

She started chortling and said, "Look at my chest. My breasts have disappeared." I looked and saw her large, dark nipples. They were hard. She was right. She appeared to be flat-chested.

She sat up, cupped her breasts, and said, "Now you see them." She lay on her back, her tits puddled and slid into her armpits. She said, "Now you don't."

We laughed. It was like watching a magician perform a magic trick as she repeated the move.

"See. Men are not the only ones with a body part that changes size. Your penis expands and contracts. Women's breasts change size too. When we gain and lose weight. When we're pregnant and breastfeeding. And we go through menopause. All the milk-producing components in our breasts wither away, and our boobs are mostly sacks of fat with little supporting tissue to fight gravity. That's why when I lay down my boobs disappear."

We lay in the sun for a while, and Dawn said, "I had a couple of objectives today. One, to work on my tan... I'm kidding. I want you to realize that very few people are beautiful and have great bodies. I find it freeing to be naked with other people. You realize your body, like 99% of the people in the world, has flaws, so it's silly to obsess over them."

She got up on one elbow, looked at me, and asked, "Do you think there is something seriously wrong with your body?"

"No. Not seriously wrong, but I worry that I'm too tall, too skinny, and not good-looking, but now I see that everyone has issues. Bodies come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors."

"Good," she answered. "I'd thought this would be an eye-opening experience." She laughed and added, "Sorry. No pun intended. I hoped this visit would quell your fears and boost your self-esteem, knowing that you're not abnormal, ugly, or deformed. The second phase of my plan is to get you comfortable talking to strangers."

"First, I need you to understand that what you feel is normal. Children are naturally shy. It's a born-in protective feature designed to keep you safe. This fear doesn't automatically disappear as you grow older. Did you know that the number one fear people have is speaking in public to a group?"


"See. You are not alone with this phobia, and you can overcome it with practice and a strategy. Talking to people is a skill, and all skills can be learned. Let's return to our baseball metaphor. Were you born knowing how to throw or hit a baseball?"


"You learned those skills. Today, we are going to learn the art of conversation and you will practice on strangers here at the beach."

She proceeded to teach me, giving me strategies and examples.

"Now, get up and go into the ocean. You are to smile and say hello to everyone you pass coming and going. All you have to do is say 'hi'."

I was a nervous wreck. I stood over my grandmother as she smiled and sat up on the towel. My dick was in her face, but at the moment, I didn't notice. I was anxious and filled with fear. I turned and walked stiffly to the water, nodding, smiling, and saying 'Hello' to every stranger I walked by.

Some noticed and responded. Some didn't acknowledge me. I kept walking, smiling, and greeting people. I strode into the water and dove in when it was deep enough. The water was cool and refreshing. I was jubilant. I returned to my grandmother more relaxed and offered a more natural, unforced smile this time as I greeted everyone.

"How was it?" Dawn asked.


"But you did it!"

"Yes. I spoke to more people on that walk than I did all last month!"

She bounded up, we hugged, and she said, "Great job." We sat cross-legged on the beach towel and discussed my walk. It was a surreal experience. I felt totally comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings while my dick was on display, and I could see grandma's soft-looking boobs. Since her pussy was hairless, I could see her labia majora and minora.

"Put more sunscreen on," Dawn said. "You have another mission."

I rubbed sunscreen on the front of my body. This time I didn't turn away when I coated my cock. Dawn stood and did my back and butt. Her fingers again brushed my anus.

"I want you to do the same thing. Walk and greet everyone on your way to the water. This time say something in addition to hello. It can be 'What a nice day' or 'Isn't it nice to be in the sun?'. Or give them a compliment. 'That's a nice or interesting hat, cooler, or beach umbrella.' If you see something from a sports team or city, you can say, 'What are the chances your team will make the playoffs?' 'Are you from 'X city'? My favorite bar, restaurant, sports team, or museum is there'.

"You get the point, just as we discussed, be friendly, keep the conversation light, lead with a compliment, etc." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and sent me on my way.

I didn't return for an hour. I smiled, said hello, and made small talk with people to and from the ocean. Some were curt, but most people were receptive. I had short chats and long conversations. I was invited to sit, talk, have a drink, and grab a bite to eat. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.