[Part 14]

"Legs open, baby!" Zack said.

Manushi groaned inside. This guy had been trying to hit on her for hours now. She was sure he thought he was very charming but she was finding it annoying and creepy. She was only putting up with it because he was the photographer for the Angels magazine and she really needed this break.

Her dress was short, sexy and tight. It fit her slender, sculpted body like a second skin. She was willing to wear anything and pose any way Zack liked because she wanted the photo-feature to be attention-grabbing. But having Zack drooling all over her was not something she was enjoying.

Still, she was thankful that she didn't have to sleep with the photographer like most girls had to do to kick-start their modelling career. She was a Miss World and the title did get her some advantages. Sadly, she had been finding out lately, that the title did not guarantee a career in show business as she had first expected. Her title was just over a year old and already people were beginning to forget who she was.

When she had won the crown she had received so much praise, adulation, awards and fame that she had been floating on cloud nine for quite a while. To her chagrin, all of that tapered off very quickly and the height of that was two months ago when she had to crown her successor with her Miss World crown. As per the tradition they had given her a replacement crown which was hers to keep for life. However it was a sad replica of the original, being smaller in size and without real jewels. The original was valued at $300,000, the replica might not even be worth $1000.

The only major benefit she had managed to get out of it was to sign a big budget film in Bollywood. When that film had suddenly stopped mid-production because of mafia issues, Manushi had realised how close she was to being bankrupt. That had shocked her out of her panties and she had tried to find another film project or TV work. To her dismay she had found that she was considered unlucky in Bollywood. Unlucky? Her? The "daughter of India" that had brought home the Miss World title after 17 years? But such was the nature of the film industry - always fickle, selfish and ungrateful.

She did manage to find some TV spots which had helped her stay afloat for a while and before that money could run out she had decided to try her luck in Fiji. Of late, Fiji had become a secondary Bollywood with more studios, magazines and TV shows willing to work there and create an operating base there because of their tax structure. The Fiji government gave huge tax rebates to the film industry and that was attracting a lot of filmmakers and TV studios there. Manushi was hoping that she would not have the unlucky stigma there and may be more successful.

Fortunately for her, the stigma had not followed her there but neither had her fame. She found that she was practically unknown there and her title meant next to nothing. She would have to start from the ground up and get her break by the normal methods. But what are normal methods? She had no idea. Her money which was not a big amount in India would last her a fair while in Fiji. She set herself up in a mid-range apartment, got a portfolio made and started doing her legwork.

The legwork didn't really land her anything but she kept trying. Then one day just by chance she ran into Neha Sharma who was also a former Miss India. Neha's career story was not much different from Manushi's own and the two bonded over their common troubles. The two beauty queens met several times and shared stories and ideas.

In one such meeting, Neha suggested that they should look for other Indian beauty queens and see if they could help each other. The plan worked after a fashion. They found that Lara Dutta who was a former Miss India and Miss Universe was not only in Fiji but worked in one of the most prestigious Bollywood magazines -- Angels.

Even though they were new friends, the three of them quickly become close friends because of their similar background and needs. Then one day Lara shared an idea that she could get her magazine to run a series of photo features on Indian beauty queen title holders. For Neha and Manushi this was godsend. They jumped at the chance.

Lara told them that a new managing director was going to join the Angels team soon and their best bet was to get the series started quickly before the new MD took control of everything. Once one instalment was published, it would become an established thing and easy to carry out in the following issues. The girls had no objection to that. Both were in dire need of work and money.

The magazine feature would get them some immediate money and the break was likely to help them get noticed. Amongst the three of them, they decided to have Manushi as the subject of the first photo feature because she was a recent title winner and she was a Miss World so would be a more well-known figure. Neha had no objection to that as she knew Manushi would help her as well with the money she got from Angels. Manushi also said that in so many words when they were making all the plans.

Because she was a friend of Lara Dutta, Manushi didn't have to spread her legs for the photographer, but now that she was here, it was quite obvious that Zack did really want it. Manushi could not afford to snub him because he could fuck up the pictures but while she strung him along, she had no intention of fucking him.

While helping her pose, Zack was taking the opportunity to touch her and rub her beautiful body wherever he could. Manushi was not in a position to object verbally but she did try to use body language to convey her displeasure. It didn't work. But Zack being the main photographer had to stay behind the camera most of the time anyway, so Manushi was tolerating his grabby advances in between changes with a restrained annoyance.


The shoot lasted almost 4 hours and Manushi was fully exhausted. She was also a bit annoyed because Zack asked her number before letting her go and she had to give him her real number. Until the magazine feature came out, she will have to humour him. She would even go on a date with him if she had to. But hopefully, Lara had enough pull in the company that Manushi wouldn't have to sleep with Zack.

She was lost in these thoughts when she rounded a corner and ran into someone. In her high heels, Manushi would have flown into the opposite wall at a hundred miles an hour but the man she had collided with quickly wrapped his arm around her waist and steadied her.

"What the fuck do you mean by grabbing me like that?" Manushi flared "Don't you have any manners? Can't you see where you are going, you fucking idiot?"


She ignored whoever was calling her and just gave the suited booted idiot an earful. She had had enough of people copping a feel of her body and she was going to make an example of this moron who could not keep his hands off of pretty girls.

"Just because you wear a suit doesn't mean you fucking own anything and everything in sight. You should have more sense than grabbing girls like that without their permission. I mean what a kind of a pervert are you? Are you just going to stand there and ogle me? I mean really!"

The suit spoke "My apologies for running into you. I am glad to see you are ok. Please take care. Have a nice evening."

With that, he turned on his heel and walked away. His polite behaviour fuelled Manushi's anger even more.

"What a bastard! Can you believe that?" She said to nobody in particular. There were many people in the corridor watching but nobody was saying a word. They looked horrified like they were watching a train run over a bunny.


Hearing her name again, Manushi turned her head "I can't even imagine they hire perverts like that...oh, hi, Neha....he looks like someone who.." then really noticing Neha for the first time, she turned to face her "Can you believe this idiot? Did you see what happened? I am going to report that bastard to the management."

Neha Sharma took a deep breath, looked Manushi square in the eyes and told her "Manushi, that was Shartan Silverstar. He IS the management. And YOU ran into HIM!"

"What?" Manushi's heart sank like she just stepped off the corridor into an empty elevator shaft.


Shartan entered his office and smiled at Amrita.

"How was your lunch, Sir?" She asked.

"Very delicious." He walked up to her and kissed her. She immediately parted her lips so he could push her tongue into her mouth. Like a good secretary she always made herself available in any way he wanted to use her. Shartan explored her hot mouth with his tongue and she massaged his tongue with hers.

After a quick but intimate kiss, he released her from his arms. Amrita smiled.

"Thank you, Sir." She said.

"Where is Kareena?" Shartan asked.

"Um...she went back to her office, Sir." Amrita said.

Shartan frowned "She didn't wait?"

"Yes, Sir, but only for half an hour then she went back to her office. She told me to call her when you were back."


Amrita could sense the change coming into her boss' mood.

"Should I call her, Sir?" She asked softly.

"Yes." Shartan replied simply in one word and went into his office.

"May I come in, Sir?" A timid Kareena asked a few minutes later.

"Come in." Shartan said.

Kareena was wearing a tight black minidress that had only one thin strap that tied on her left shoulder. It was made of cotton and fit her body like a second skin. Circular wrinkles could be seen forming where it moved around her shapely, toned body. Following her boss' dress code, she was not wearing any panties. Her silky, dark hair was loose on her back, covering some of the bare back that the sexy dress revealed.

Her long legs were fully bare as the dress stopped two inches below her ass. She was wearing small earrings with dark gems in them. Her shoes were 6" high black stilettos with a single strap across the instep. In that extremely simple outfit she looked smoking hot because she had a killer body and a beautiful face.

Outside, she had been warned by Amrita that boss wasn't pleased with her. She stopped a few feet away so he could examine her but Shartan didn't look up from his computer. He simply beckoned her to come closer. Kareena debated whether she should kneel by his chair and offer to suck his cock to appease him. She decided to wait until she knew more about his mood.

"Good...good afternoon, Sir." She ventured as she walked around his desk and stood next to him.

She was not stupid enough to go and sit across from him in the visitor chair. Even if not on her knees, she was submitting herself to him on her feet. She had only spent time with him in general meetings and the breakfast on the roof. Whenever she was near him, he had touched her boldly, but he had not yet fucked her. But Kareena already knew his reputation from her female colleagues and had no doubt that he was going to make her his bitch as well just like he had done with the other managers.

Not only was she ready for him to fuck her because of the plan, she was genuinely eager to have him in her after what the other girls had told him. Standing near him, waiting for his command, she was quite excited and more than a little nervous. Her pussy was beginning to get wet. Seeing his mood she was getting more nervous.

He got up and she got a whiff of his manly smell. Her pussy tingled.

"Kareena, we had a meeting, did we not?" He asked.

A cold chill went down Kareena's spine "Yes...yes, Sir."

"But when I got back, I did not find you here." Shartan said, his tone chilly.

"I..I am...sorry, Sir." Kareena knew better than to tell him she waited for half an hour.

Looking down into her eyes, he said slowly "I thought you were a good bitch, Kareena."

With a quick nod, Kareena said "Yes, Sir. I am a good bitch, Sir."

"Even good bitches need training and discipline." He said and Kareena's gut clenched at the last word. She lowered her eyes.

He lifted her chin with his fingers and made her look up into his eyes.

"You girls are all my bitches now. Is that not clear?"

Kareena nodded enthusiastically "It's clear, Sir. Very clear. We are your bitches. We will do as you command."

"And yet, you had better things to do than wait for your owner?" Shartan looked at Kareena.

Her throat had suddenly gone dry. She could not think of a response that would get her out of shit. She did notice he had said "owner" and not "boss".

"I think I need to help you become a better bitch by giving you a lesson today." Shartan said.

This did not need a response so Kareena kept her head down and her mouth shut. Her heart was beating fast and for some reason her pussy was soaking wet.

Easily reaching up, Shartan untied the dress strap on her shoulder. He then turned her around and pulled down the zipper that went from the top of her dress down to her waist. The dress loosened and fell around her heels. Shartan didn't tell her to step out of it. Nor did he turn her back to face him. He simply gathered up her silken locks and used it like a leash as he bent her over his desk.

He pushed her down until her upper body was completely resting on the glass desktop. The cold of the glass travelled up through Kareena's nipples into her body. She shivered. Shartan kept her hair in his grip and guided her, slowly and patiently, to place her cheek on the glass. Then he carefully gathered and moved her hair on the desk behind her head. He adjusted her, taking his time, his calloused hands caressing her bare back, until she was completely flush on the desk with her feet shoulder-width apart and her ass sticking out. She was one hundred percent vulnerable and helpless even though she was not tied down at all.

Another cold chill went down Kareena's spine as she heard the sound of Shartan's belt unclasping and passing through loops of his trousers. He doubled it up in his hands and ran it slowly down her bare back.

In a soft voice, that nevertheless held a menace in it, Shartan said "Are you ready for your lesson, my bitch?"

"Y...yes, Sir." Kareena could not remember the last time her voice had trembled like this.

The leather of the belt felt cold on Kareena's bare back as he slowly ran it down her spine. Then it left her body and came back down with a sharp, stinging blow on her ass. Kareena's body jerked forward on the glass desktop with the pain. She held on and stayed in place. The second blow was quick but hit her left butt cheek this time. Kareena could feel her skin burning with the stinging blow. Her breath was heavy and visible on the glass.

But despite the pain, she didn't move from her place. He was the boss and if he thought she needed punishment she would have to take it like a good bitch. Even as her ass was burning, Kareena could feed her pussy flooding with her cunt juices. She waited for the third stroke and the wait made her squirm on the desk. Her pussy was itching deep inside. She knew it would hurt her ass but she wanted Shartan to hit her ass again already.

Instead of whipping her ass right away, Shartan squeezed her ass cheeks. His cool hands felt soothing on her butt and made Kareena moan.

"Spread them wider, whore." He said and Kareena responded obediently as if whore was her job title. She lifted her high heel and moved it wider, then the same with the other foot.

Opening her legs so wide opened her pussy lips and her cunt juices dribbled off the edge of her pussy slit and dripped on the floor. She knew how obscene she looked in this pose and how vulnerable she was under this ruthless boss. But it was all just making her hotter and wetter.

Again, Shartan ran the belt slowly down her spine and the predictability of the movement made Kareena hold her breath. The belt hit her firm, naked ass in a 1-2 pattern, hitting both her ass cheeks in quick succession. Kareena gasped and moaned. She was aroused beyond words now.

The sound of each stroke was making Amrita's body jerk. Sitting outside at her seat, she could hear the sound of each blow on Kareena's ass followed by Kareena's moans. She could guess exactly what was happening inside by following the sounds. She had known Kareena for a long time. She had seen her powerful presence in the company meetings, she had seen her professional project plans that came through the official channels. She had also seen Kareena play the previous MDs like musical instruments. She was not only stunningly beautiful, she was also incredibly smart and shamelessly cunning.

Whap! As the sound of the next stroke reached Amrita, she could not help but slip her hand between her legs. She could picture, beautiful Kareena bent over her boss' desk and being whipped by his belt like a bitch. The thought was so hot that Amrita's pussy was already wet and was getting wetter with the sound of each stroke. She had not been allowed to cum today and that was adding to her arousal. She hoped that Shartan would fuck her before the day was over and allow her to cum before she left the office for home. Her legs were trembling with excitement and anticipation.

Kareena's legs were trembling as well. She was beyond any control. Her pussy was dripping on the carpet and her whole body was so turned on that she was worried she would come with the next blow. She could guess that that would be a bad behaviour and she would earn more punishment.

Although, she had only met the new MD in official meetings, she had no doubt that he would fuck her. That was the deal and the girls all knew it. He had started fucking them one by one which was expected and welcome. However, what her manager friends had been telling her had worried Kareena. The new boss was not just fucking them, he was claiming them. Nobody could explain how he did it but once he took a girl she was his. He had even broken Lara who was the strongest of them all. And Malaika, who was the champion in seduction, had said in their last meeting that she would happily beg for his cock on her knees.

These things had made Kareena doubtful about her own chances of success with the new boss. Now as she took a whipping from his belt, naked on his desk, she had given up any pretence that she would be able to control the situation. She was in his office, on his desk, completely naked, and he was doing to her what no man had ever managed to do. And Kareena, was not only not protesting, she was loving it. Kareena had to admit to herself that he had broken her. Just like Malaika, she would beg for his cock as well. She decided that she would do it as soon as he finished whipping her. Her pussy was hungry, it was itching deep inside. An itch that only a big cock could scratch. She knew that he had it.

Shartan gave her 10 strokes on her bare ass and at the end of that, Kareena was soaking wet and hungry for cock. Her whole body was buzzing with an electric charge that felt like it would burn her through if it wasn't diffused soon. Her pussy was throbbing and Kareena felt like she would come if Shartan as much as blew on her cunt hole.

"Have you learnt your lesson, cunt?" Shartan asked, running his hands slowly up her bare back.

Kareena moaned "Mmmmm, yes Sir."

"What have you learnt?" Shartan adjusted her hair behind her head, keeping her pressed down on his desk, he adjust her body in subtle, minute ways, as if lining her up perfectly.

"I am your bitch, Sir." Kareena whimpered "Nothing is more important than being in your service."

"Good, that's like a good bitch." Shartan moved back. Kareena heard the rustling of clothes and a moment later felt his bulbous cockhead pressing on her wet, hungry cunt hole.