"Remember that there are worse things than having to lick a bit of ass. I even made sure I was clean back there."

She did her best not to breath in, but knew that eventually she needed to breathe. Her lips were pursed she pressed against his asshole and her nose was pressed into his taint. His balls were sitting on top of her head. Against her will, the earthy smell of his ass invaded her nose as she took a breath. Tears started to form in her eyes as she slowly unpursed her lips.

"That's right, kiss my ass," Chris said, sightly shaking her head.

Feeling as if something was breaking inside, Stacy gave in. She puckered her lips and gave his rosebud a kiss. At first it was a quick peck, followed by another one, but it didn't take long before her tongue was out, licking around his hole and dancing across it. Something in her head had shifted and suddenly, it didn't seem so bad to give in. She rationalized it to herself that she didn't have a choice, so she might as well go with it and possibly get some enjoyment out of it as well. As he felt her get more into it, he relaxed his grip on her hair.

"That's a good bitch," he moaned as she penetrated his ass with her tongue for the first time.

He had her keep going for fifteen minutes before stopping her. He knew that by then her tongue had to be sore, but she hadn't slacked off the entire time.

"Apparently your oral talents stretch to beyond just sucking cock. You lick ass pretty well also."

She looked up at him from between his legs and smiled.

"Since you did such a good job, I'm going to give you a choice of rewards. I can take you back into the naughty room, strap you in, and make you cum until you are crying, or you can put your oral talents to work right here while I have a taste of your pussy."

"Whichever you would prefer," she said honestly, looking up at him with a smile. "I'm just happy that I could please you."

"You have become such a good slut. Lay down on the couch," he told her, getting up for a moment.

She laid down and he straddled her head. He started by sitting on her face, to which she responded by eagerly licking his anus once again. He ground his ass on her face for a minute before leaning forward. Lifting his hips, he shifted back so that as she tilted her head back, his thrust took him directly into her mouth. Bending all the way down, he lifted her legs and spread them, exposing her nether lips. With a wide swipe of his tongue, he licked her from clit to taint, causing her to moan around his cock. She was already dripping and he savored her taste for a moment before diving back in.

Chris loved eating pussy, and had to force himself not to give in to going down on her until now, so as not to lose control of her. But once he saw her give in and accept her place, he gave in.

He was struggling to keep from cumming from her eager and talented ministrations, so he furiously sucked on her clit. Her moans grew louder around his cock, which pushed him overboard. She started to choke as his hot seed sprayed directly into the back of her throat, but even as she did, his tongue and lips on her clit msde her start cumming as well. Her hips bucked even as her head and upper body were trapped by his pulsing cock and strong hips. She was red in the face and gasping for air when he finally got off of her.

"Thank you," she said, after a few deep breaths.

He gently patted her on the head, which made her happier than it should have. He sat back down on the couch and she settled her head in his lap.

Two hours later, Stacy found herself tied spread eagle in the bed, with a cushion under her hips, her ass up in the air. She waited with trepidation, knowing what was coming. Chris had made it clear that the time had come for him to claim this last piece of her. She startled as the mattress shifted when he climbed into the bed. She felt the same building of pressure followed by a release as he once more began playing with the plug. He pulled until it was almost ready to pop out and then let go, watching it slide back in.

After a few times, he didn't stop pulling, causing her to groan loudly as it slowly stretched her virgin asshole. She felt a sudden emptiness, as for the first time since the morning, her ass was empty. She was in shock at the size of it when he showed her what it was. While it wasn't as big as the dick that was about to spear her, it was still at least 3 inches long and thick, especially where it got wide. He held it in front of her face where she could clearly smell her own ass. Thinking he wanted her to suck it clean, she opened her mouth.

"I see that you have apparently decided that you like the taste of ass."

He put the tip in her mouth to lick, but didn't shove it in. Chris took his place behind her and dripped more lube into, and around her ass. He also applied a liberal helping to his cock. Lining up at the still gaping hole, he began forcing his way into her ass. She groaned as she was stretched to accommodate his size. He took his time getting in, but after a while, he finally bottomed out in her ass.

He loved how tight her ass was, as well as the small noises of discomfort that she was making. He gave her thirty seconds to get adjusted, before he started pulling out. He started slow, taking his time pulling back and pushing in again, but he did speed up slightly as he went.

Stacy, on her part, couldn't move. When he started, while it didn't hurt, it was uncomfortable. She felt stretched out and full, and didn't know what to make of it. It was when he started to actually fuck her ass that it started to change. As she got used to it, the uncomfortable feeling faded and was replaced by a deep welling inside of her.

The sheer primal rawness of it made her feel like an animal, which was compounded by the grunting she heard herself making each time he thrust into her. She wasn't sure who was more surprised when her grunts started to move into words.

"Yes," she grunted. "Fuck my ass! Oh, I can feel it so deep in me!"

Her sudden wantonness pushed Chris into higher gear. She moaned out in pleasure as he slammed into her ass as hard as he could. Her brain turned off and if she hadn't been tied down, she would have been thrusting her ass back at him. She kept begging him to fuck her ass harder, until she started cumming. This was too much for Chris, who began coating her bowels with his cum. He collapsed upon her still twitching body, with his dick still being milked by her ass. When he eventually pulled himself out of her and shoved his cock, fresh from her ass, into her mouth she didn't resist. She sucked away the mess like a good slut.

The next morning the sun was shining. Stacy endured another round of being peed on while sitting on the toilet. She even enjoyed herself when he slipped his fingers into her ass in the shower, and managed to orgasm twice while he fucked her under the hot spray.

It felt weird to be given her clothing back after not wearing anything for a couple of days, but she put them on happily. The bus came into view while Chris was holding her head in his lap, emptying one last load down her throat. Wiping the last bits of cum that had leaked out of her mouth away, she got out of the car and removed the collar.

Not looking back, she eagerly got on the bus. As she sat down in an empty row, happy to have had the horror of the last few days behind her, her phone buzzed. Curious, she opened it up to find a message from a number that she didn't recognize. Opening it up she saw a picture of herself, kneeling naked, her face covered in cum.

Another message followed, saying, "I expect to see you after the holidays. And remember, I know when you are sleeping and when you are awake. I known when you've been bad and good, so be good for goodness sake. Or be bad, I know you enjoyed being on the naughty list."