It was one summer Saturday night when my wife and I went to her boss's house for a party. Her boss was named Sarah. She apparently made some nice money based upon the size of her house (three bedrooms, two-car garage, living room, breakfast nook, large dining room, and a den as well as a laundry room, and three bathrooms). During the party, I figured out that this was a thank-you party for a few of the people who really helped out during the end of the fourth quarter panic that they get hit with every year.

The wife and I had been having some marital problems over the past few months. We hadn't had sex in three months. Her meds killed her libido for starters. Her meds also said "Do not mix with alcohol" and she was a lush, so she was either extremely bitchy or she passed out early on. Sometimes both.

The evening started out with Sarah (she was divorced), me and the wife, and two other couples as well as another woman named Hilda. Sarah apparently liked to drink. She also liked to flash and touch and was a nympho. Men or women, it didn't matter to her. Sarah flashed us all her tits a few times, no one complaining. Hilda even joined in a couple of times.

About 90 minutes into the evening of drinking in her backyard as well as in her dining room while playing Cards Against Humanity, Sarah had groped the husband of one of the women at the party. He got angry and they left. Hilda left shortly after that saying that she got a text from her babysitter. The evening continued with Sarah, the other couple, and myself and the wife.

Now that wasn't the only thing that night that had made things uncomfortable. As my wife had had more and more drinks, her tongue was getting looser and looser and she was talking down to me more and more. It seemed the friendlier I got with anyone, the more I talked to anyone who wasn't her, the more she seemed to insult and belittle me. It wasn't making the night comfortable, and when that dude flipped out, it made a nice excuse for people to start leaving.

At the end of a round, I got up to get a drink, Sarah was in the kitchen getting another snack tray ready, she dropped her knife, and grabbed my hard dick through my jeans. We could not be seen by anyone, so I reached over with my right hand and cupped a boob, noticing that she wasn't wearing a bra. She smiled at me and I told her that it was only fair for me to grab her if she was going to grab me. She said that she knew I wouldn't object.

I grabbed my drink and before leaving the kitchen pulled up the back of her dress, getting a clear view of her ass, she wasn't wearing anything under that dress. I just whispered "Nice..." and walked out of the kitchen.

We made sure to find reasons here and there to touch each other and flirt here and there. I made one comment about the size of my dick and the drunk wife said "Fuck... the first time you entered me it felt like I lost my virginity again." she said as she looked to everyone else, "Like a fucking coke can, not the longest man, but such a fat cock." Sarah made sure to make it clear that she likes sucking dick.

My wife's continued mixing of her meds and the drinks at the party soon ended the party with her starting to pass out. We moved the wife to one of the guest rooms and the other couple said their good-byes.

Sarah and I looked at my wife, sleeping in the guest bed, completely passed out.

"How out of it is she?" Sarah asked.

"When she does this she's out and there is no waking her up."


I said, "Let's leave her be." and closed the door.

We went to the den, which was on the far side of the house from the guest bedrooms. There we wasted no time. She removed her dress, I removed my clothes. We both knew what we wanted at that point. Before I could get dressed she was on her knees ready to take my dick into her mouth.

Oh, that felt good, it had been awhile since anyone paid me that kind of attention. I bent her over the arm of the couch in her den and pounded her from behind. It didn't take long before I came inside of her.

We caught our breath and sat there, on the floor of her den, naked.

"Are you worried about her finding us like this?" She eventually asked.

I shook my head, "She is dead to the world. We could have fucked next to her and she wouldn't have woken up."

She laughed. "That was hot."

"Fucking a married man?"

"No, fucking a married man who is married to someone under me, while she is in my home after the touching earlier." Sarah explained, then said, "How can your wife have access to a dick like yours and not ride it as much as possible?"

I said "I honestly don't know." before we kissed.

We went out into her backyard again, still naked, drank some more, and chatted here and there. We kissed here and there while learning about each other some more. She asked about home life for the wife and me. I explained that she's taking the meds that she's not supposed to mix with drinks, but she does anyway and this passing out thing is quite common for her.

Sarah said, "I planned this party out and between her and that one guy, mostly her, it's ruined."

"Were you expecting some kind of orgy, or is this just a happy alternative?"

"The sex wasn't planned, though I was hoping for something, but not with you. I've been wanting to experiment with a woman and Hilda is single. But I'm mad at your wife for how she treats you and for ruining this get together."

I nodded my head. "Thank you, it is nice to hear that."

We kissed again and went back inside. My dick was hard once again, we were still naked. Once the door was closed, our bodies were pressed against each other, and her hand wrapped around my cock. I suggested the den again, and she said "No, I have a better idea." with a smile. She leads me to the room my wife was passed out in. We stripped my wife naked. Sarah looked on, smiling, "You're right, she can sleep through anything."

I laid down next to the wife and Sarah climbed up on top of me and I entered her again. We fucked like that, slowly at first, us kissing each other while grabbing and touching the wife. I even said to Sarah "That's even how she acts during sex."

Sarah laughed and said "Really?"

I replied, "I don't remember, it's been a long time."

We both laughed and then we both came, me inside of my wife's boss, again.

We laid there, resting again. I stood up and Sarah turned her head to my passed out wife, kissed her lips, and said "I have your husband's cum inside of me."

We went to the den, grabbed our clothes, and talked for another hour or so before we heard the door open and my wife walking across the house.

She asked why her clothes were off, and I said that I did that to make her more comfortable. She got a scared look for a moment and asked "It was just you?" and I answered "You passed out and everyone left. We've been up waiting on you to sleep this off."

She nodded and said "Let me get my shoes and we can leave." and walked back to the guest bedroom.

Sarah and I kissed once more, we exchanged phone numbers and she said "I'm taking Thursday off, do the same."

Monday I got some naughty pics from Sarah, as well as some dirty texts from her. Most of the day was like that. I was feeling good, that good you feel when you first start a new relationship. Sarah and I were about the same age, so it's not like we were in some strange cross-generational relationship or something. She had told me that there was some fall out from the party, that my wife seemed to have lost all her friends at work. Apparently, bitching about other people, acting miserable, and drinking as much as you can doesn't win you friends. This had the bonus effect of her coming home and going straight to bed.

Tuesday night I was coming home from work when I got a text from Sarah, not a naughty text like I had been getting, but a serious one. The wife had been getting hell for being an alcoholic and not one of the fun ones. Rumors around the office spread faster than wildfires, apparently. Then I got a text from the wife telling me that I was on my own for dinner, that she was going straight to bed once she got home from work, and to leave her "the fuck alone".

I told Sarah about that text. She asked what I was going to do and I said that I was going to hit a drive-thru, probably.

About six or so, the wife was in bed. I hadn't actually heard her voice since the weekend, and further, that was typical. I was more of a roommate at this point than a husband. This is why I was spending so much time with Sarah. Why spend my time with someone who doesn't want to spend any time with anyone, including me? I sent the wife a text that I was going out for dinner. The reply was "Don't care". I drove the short distance to Sarah's place. We got into my car and we kissed. We went through the drive-thru and parked in a quiet little park not that far away. We were the only cars there. We ate, talked, laughed, and when finished I bent Sarah over the hood of the car, pulled down her pants, and we had a quickie that ended with me cumming inside of her.

I dropped her off, we kissed, and she reminded me about Thursday.

Right before 11 am, Thursday morning, I was off, I told my boss that I had a stomach bug or something, said the same to the wife. Sarah knocked on the door. I invited her in, closed the door, and kissed her instantly.

We had some sodas and chatted about recent events. She said "I was on the fence about your wife before last week. Now, after knowing how she treats you and having to deal with her and listen to her bitching, I think I hate her now."

I said, "Honestly, I am happier when she isn't here."

We laughed, kissed, undressed and I took her to the bedroom. She made sure to grab her cellphone, and she told me to make sure mine was with me. I told her it was still on the nightstand.

She was blowing me when I called my wife to tell her that I was feeling great. She said she couldn't talk long, that she was busy. That was fine with me. We hung up and I said, "Damn, that was hot." Sarah said "Yes it fucking was." as soon as she released my dick from her mouth.

I laid Sarah down in the bed, on my wife's side, got between her legs, slowly side my dick into her, and raise her ankles into the air. Sarah reached over on the bed and grabbed her cellphone. She called my wife for the sheer purpose of micromanaging her while I fucked her. She ended the call by asking "I'm having another get-together Saturday night, do you think you and your husband can make it?"

Once she hung up the phone I started fucking her harder and faster. We came at the same time, me inside of her again.

We laid in bed for the next hour or so, laughing and talking before getting dressed and she left.

The wife got home, told me of yet another get together at her boss's house. I suggested that it would be nice if we got the drinks this time. Friday was Sarah and I texting each other and sharing naughty pics.

Saturday night came. We hit the liquor store first and picked up the drinks that I knew my wife both liked and would hit her the hardest. We got to Sarah's house, but it was just us. Sarah explained that Hilda didn't have time to get a babysitter, one couple didn't want anything to do with Sarah outside of work and the other couple had plans (Sarah waited to ask everyone else so they would say no).

There were no games this time, just talking, drinking, and snacking. The wife mentioned feeling drunk. Sarah just said, "If so, you can crash in the bedroom." I said "Yeah, I'm not fit to drive at the moment." and opened another beer.

We were in the dining room, the wife was drunk, but not passing out drunk. Sarah showed us her tits a couple of times, something that I was very happy to see. She then said, gesturing to my wife, "Let's see what you've got."

"No." The wife protested.

I was standing behind her, I reached down, grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and pulled straight up, exposing her bra and cleavage.

The wife was angry, she got up out of her chair, but was so drunk she nearly fell over, pulled her shirt down, and started to yell at me. Sarah put an end to it, saying that there was no yelling in her house and for her to calm down and have another drink. Something that my wife was more than happy to do.

I moved closer to apologize to her, saying that it wasn't intended. Sarah got behind the wife and that is when I moved my hand to her pants and unfastened them. She tried to fight me, but that is when Sarah joined in and grabbed her hand.

The wife protested as we stripped her naked and lead her back to the guest room. Once we were in the room, the door was closed and Sarah and I both stripped together.

The wife laid there, on her back, just said "Get it over with you asshole." as she looked at me. Sarah stepped up first and parted the wife's legs "You ruined my party, bitch." and proceeded to eat out my wife while I watched. I walked to the other side of the bed and forced my dick into my wife's mouth "It's been a while since you've done your wifely duties."

I pulled out of her mouth and walked over to behind Sarah, who was still on her knees licking my wife's pussy. I entered into Sarah and fucked her while being watched by the wife. I pulled out of her and walked back to my wife, forcing her mouth open and putting my dick back in, "Here, clean your boss off my dick." and face fucked her again.

Once I was done with that I moved Sarah out of my way and placed my cock at my wife's pussy lips. Sarah watched as I forced my way into my wife. The wife screamed as I entered her and demanded I stop it. I said to Sarah, "She used to love this." I got in and began to pound her as Sarah watched. "I can't believe she doesn't want this constantly."

"You better fucking enjoy it." my wife said before she began to moan and say "Yeah, like that..."

Sarah left my side and straddled my wife's face "Here," Sarah said, "I think you owe me some attention." as she lowered herself down.

I moved forward and kissed Sarah right before she started to moan and say "She's hitting the right spots... just needs some practice."

We kissed one more time as Sarah became to cum, as did my wife. I pulled out and told Sarah to lay down. She did with her head towards me. I grabbed my dick, held it over Sarah's breasts, and came over them.

The wife got up and watched, unbelieving of what she just saw. I grabbed her by the back of the head, lowered her head to Sarah's chest, and told her to lick up every last drop. She obeyed.

The wife finished and Sarah forcefully kissed her. I watched as my wife slowly stood up, walked for the door, and dropped to the floor. She was completely passed out.

"You could have waited," Sarah said, "Until she had passed out."

I said "That would have been too easy. I wanted her to see what we did to her."

"That was hot," Sarah said and kissed me. "I really don't like her, but being with you is great," she said with a smile.

Eventually, we got the wife up, got her dressed, and dragged her to the car. It wasn't a long ride home. I was able to get her up to the apartment and into bed.

The next morning I woke up to my wife with an ice pack on her forehead and the words I didn't want to deal with: "We need to talk about last night you son of a bitch."

Wish me luck everyone...