"That's great, can you make sure you put extra on to my lower back. It is a really sensitive area." I didn't say a word, just did what he said and continued to rub it into his lower back.

"Lower," Michael whispered as I continued and he ever so slightly inched back towards me.

"Mmm that feels so good. you have great hands." Michael said as he took another step back towards me. His hands were now no longer by his sides. He had moved his hands to his front and was rubbing his chest with his left hand and had his right wrapped around his cock. I couldn't believe this was happening but couldn't stop, I kept rubbing the cream into his back as I watched over his shoulder, him slowly wanking his huge cock.

He took another step back and now he was so close that my hand couldn't rub his back anymore. He reached behind and grabbed my hands, fingers intertwined as he pulled them around to his front and ran them over his chest. He stepped back again and his ass was now firmly pressing up against the bulge in my shorts. He kind of melted into me as he continued to guide my hands over his body.

My head was spinning, in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I was in a horny haze and couldn't stop. Michael turned me on so much I was just mush in his hands. He guided my hands down and wrapped one around his cock. It was the first time I had felt another man's cock and it was definitely thick. It pulsated in my hand as he guided me up and down his shaft slowly. The lotion proving to be an excellent lube. With his other hand he reached back and now squeezed the very obvious bulge in my shorts. I couldn't help but let out a little groan.

"My sister has been teasing you all day hasn't she?" He continued to reach behind and squeeze my bulge. His bare ass grinding into me at the same time. "I knew it as soon as I saw the bulge in your shorts when you got out to make drinks earlier."

All this time he continued to have his hand over mine which was wrapped around his cock, guiding me as I stroked him. I was in heaven. I was ready to cum. This was all a new experience to me and I wasn't sure what to think. My mouth was dry and I couldn't muster any reply. Sensing my trepidation, Michael swivelled around to face me, his cock now pushing up against my shorts, he looked me up and down, bit his second lip and giggled.

"Don't worry, nobody has to know, especially my sister! Why don't I just finish what she started?"

And with that he dropped down into a deep squat, his cock bobbing up and out in front of him. He pulled at my shorts, dropping them down around my ankles and then helping me get them off completely. My cock sprang to life in front of him. "Mmmm" he purred. I didn't have the biggest cock in the world, it was average length but was always very girthy. I certainly never had any complaints.

And with that he reached around grabbing my arse cheeks with his hands and guided my cock deep down inside his mouth. He took the whole thing in one, his nose pushed up against my pubic bone, held himself there for at least 3 seconds before releasing. It felt amazing.

My eyes rolled back in my head and instinctively my hands found his head. He was in full control now, licking the end of cock, flicking the head with his tongue and watching as I twitch uncontrollably. He licked all the way down my shaft and across my balls, pushing his face into the crease between my balls and my leg which is just so sensitive. I knew I wouldn't last long and seemingly so did he. Wrapping his lips around my cock he bobbed his head quicker and quicker up and down, my hands were now firmly planted on his head and his were on my arse pulling me in closer.

Molly had never sucked me off in our whole relationship, she thought it was vulgar, but then again she thought anything other than missionary was vulgar. This was a whole new experience for me. Michael knew exactly what he was doing and I knew I couldn't hold on for long. My hips bucked and I tensed up and just at the point of release Michael pulled me in tight and held me there so I couldn't escape. I let out a very loud moan and shot 7, 8, maybe 9 shots of cum down his throat. He licked the length of my cock, I shuddered as he did because I was so sensitive. I was breathing heavily and still had my eyes tightly shut.

Just then, we heard the sound of the range rover on the gravel driveway and it snapped me out of my euphoria.