1 Late Thursday afternoon; before Ryan arrives from work.

When Mandy woke up, it was already 7 pm and Ryan would be home soon. She wanted to take a quick shower to freshen up, after so much sex all day long. In one day, her body had experienced sex with another woman, sex with a hermaphrodite, extreme BDSM, and even body modification, not to mention the amount of fluid that she drank from Sabrina. Of course, she didn't think of her love sessions with Sabrina in these terms. She was just in love with her. Her mind under the total control of the mystical Seductress Kirka and her potions.

As she disrobed in the bathroom and waited for the water to warm, she observed her body in the mirror. Her pussy lips were longer than they were before and her clitoris more prominent. Her lips were long enough that now she could feel them when she moved. Why did Sabrina do this to her? And now, her clitoris almost looked like a small penis, even when not aroused. She was so confused. She was in love with Sabrina, or so she thought so, but she had made changes to her young body that she wasn't sure she liked. But at the same time, the changes made her feel very sexy.

All this had created an inner conflict that made her nervous and she had a dizzy effect in her stomach. She never guessed that Sabrina had been controlling her with her magic and all the fluid in her system was affecting her thoughts and physiology.

In the shower, she lathered her hands and began to clean between her legs. Her fingers rubbed against her small penis clit and it became harder and even longer. Just touching it made her aroused. It became hard immediately. This was so strange to her. It didn't feel like her clit the way it was before. It was now a small cock.

As the warm water of the shower massaged her body, she began to rub her womanhood profusely, letting her finger explore her entrance. Her other hand squeezed her breasts and she pinched her nipples to the point that it hurt. As she did this, she tried to run through the images of the dream she had earlier of the young maiden girl, Nikishka, who was taken prisoner by a nasty witch.

She imagined herself as Nikishka. She wishes she was that maiden in her home village in Siberia from a few hundred years ago. The simple life of the farm. Masturbating her skinny body in the barn with the raw smell of the animals. But, more than anything, she wanted to be humiliated like Nikishka. She wanted to be nasty and masturbate in the barn. She wanted to be treated like a slave. She wanted to be captured by the witch Baba Yaga and tied to the wall in a wooden cross. What would it be like to have her body pierced, debased with demonic symbols, and the fear of being used as a sex object her entire life? Just the idea seemed sexy to her that she wanted to orgasm to the thought of this. She needed to rub her pussy. But, how could such thought arouse her? Mandy was going mad.

Mandy's sexual desire, rampant fantasies, and continual arousal was taking over her mind. As she pleasured herself in the steamy shower, she became lost once again in the dream that she had that morning. The images had invaded her mind and now she wanted to be there. She wanted to be Nikishka.


2 Mandy's dream under the warm shower.

Mandy is transported to the mountain village where she was born. As the warm water beats down upon her naked skin, she rubs her soapy hands over her slick body. Her daydream overtakes her and she begins to imagine herself as Nikishka.

Her body is now extremely skinny, like that of Nikishka. She practically has no breasts, but her nipples are long and pointy. Her short pixie hair is cherry-blond, like the color of straw in Autumn. She looks at once boyish, but at the same time is a very sensual woman.

She is walking in the woods to visit the step-aunt. She is practically naked, without panties and only a very thin transparent garment that does nothing to cover her private parts. After having torn off a part of her dress to bandage the wounded lion, each movement reveals her intimate area. She has so little hair on her pussy she is completely exposed. Her long pussy lips sway as she walks.

Even in the fear that the lion instilled in her about her step-aunt, the evil Baba Yaga, Nikishka feels strangely sexy as she walks alone in the woods towards the cottage. She is in a state of constant arousal, even in this moment of imminent danger. Her urge to masturbate is constant and she does all she can to not stop and rub herself.


Mandy imagines herself as Nikishka approaching the dreaded home of the Baba Yaga. Just like Nikishka, Mandy is so aroused. She has such a strong desire to insert a finger into her moist and tight folds, anticipating the cruel treatment that the maiden girl will receive from the witch. She anticipates the cruel Baba Yaga ripping the girl's thin dress off and binding her to the torture cross on the wall. Will the animals come to save her as they promised? Or maybe Nikishka will be a slave for all her life. Mandy begins to rub her pussy harder under the warm water of the shower, while her other hand pulls at her long nipples.


Nikishka approaches the house of her step-aunt, Baba Yaga. From the window, she notices a light within. She knocks.

"Hello," she says meekly. "Is there anybody home?"

She hears stirring from inside as the nasty witch approaches the door.


Mandy's imagination overcomes her. She begins to rub her pussy frantically. She - Nikishka - waits for the witch to come to the door. She anticipates giving her body to the nasty woman to perform her evil on her. She wants to be helpless and degraded. How exciting it would be! What would it be like to know that this nasty witch could turn her into a sex-slave for all eternity, making her only objective to fulfill the sexual desires of anybody and anything that demands it of her?


"My dear, how lovely you are," the witch says as she opened the door and eyes Nikishka from head to toe, examining her nearly naked and ultra-skinny form. "Come in, my dear."

Nikishka is immediately repulsed and scared by the appearance of the Baba Yaga. At once, she wants to turn around and run away into the forest. But, she has promised the lion to carry through with their plan and help them overthrow the Baba Yaga, undoing the magical spells she has over them. Also, she cannot return home to her stepmother without the cloth, lest she tells her father of her "nasty masturbation habits".

The skinny girl enters slowly and reluctantly into the lair of the old hag. In the center of the room is a steaming cauldron that bubbles continuously from the heat of the log fire upon which it sits. The smell that permeates the room is old and dingy. There is a mystical insense that obfuscates a profound and underlying odor of putrification. It is so strong that evokes a gag reflex in Nikishka that she tries to overcome.

The witch directs the girl to a chair, putting her arm around her until the girl sat down. As Nikishka sat down, her dress rode up slightly revealing her naked pussy. It was so short, that it could not cover her naked bottom.

"You are here for the cloth that I promised my sister, aren't you?" she says to the girl.

"Why, yes," Nikishka responds somewhat surprised. "But... how could you know?"

The witch ignored the girl's question and turned around. "I shall be back, my dear."

With this, she went into an adjacent room and came with a large basket that seemed full of cloth of all types. But underneath the cloth, there seemed to be other items that Nikishka could not discern.

"Here it is my dear," the witch said as she placed it on the table in the corner of the room.

She then turned to the girl and outstretched her bony arms and hands to the girl. She touched the girl's face with her old bony hand and as if to caress her.

"So lovely," she said in a whisper. "And so fresh and skinny. You will do just fine."

Her statement was eery and also ominous. It seems that she was not so much admiring her as treating her as something that would serve a purpose. Nikishka wished she would stop touching her. She wanted this dreadful moment to pass. With the palm of her hand, the woman then touched Nikishka's neck and moved it down her thin shoulders.

"Before you go, would you like something to drink?" the witch asked.

"No thank you."

"How old are you, my dear?" she asked Nikishka as if she didn't listen to the girl's response.

"I am 19," Nikishka responded somewhat perplexed.

"That is very good, indeed," the witch said to herself. "Then be a dear and help this old lady to put this pot up on the shelf over there," the witch said to the girl.

As Nikishka turned around to pick up the pot, she suddenly felt something solid strike her on the head. She immediately felt her legs give-way and she lost consciousness. The girl was splayed out on the filthy floor. The nasty hag began her work to convert the girl into her sex bound slave.

First, the Baba Yaga tore off the thin garments and touched the skinny girl's limp body. With her bony hands, she grabbed the girl's small breasts and pulled violently on the girl's nipples. She then opened the young woman's legs to examine her pussy. With one of her long bony fingers, she pushed it into the girl's small tight hole. The girl's vagina was so small, that the nasty woman needed to use all her force to stick her finger into her. Once her bony finger was inside the girl's she began to pump and in and out of her in an attempt to produce as much lubricating fluid as she could, even in the girl's unconscious state. Then the witch pulled her wet finger out and brought it to her mouth to taste the girl's inner fluids.

From the small sticky droplets produced by the young girl's pussy, the nasty witch appeared to obtain more energy and a slight injection of youth. Her appearance was at once not so nasty. The girl's pussy cream at once provided the witch a brief reversal of her old age, if only for a moment.

The witch would contemplate how a steady supply of the girl's pussy juice and even magical cum that she would begin to produce would restore her youth completely. Together with the witch's magic, the girl's pussy juice would be converted into a fountain of youth. But for that, the girl would need to be her eternal captive slave girl. The witch would turn poor Nikishka into a slave that only desired and lived for sex to produce the youth giving pussy juice.


When Nikishka finally regained consciousness her ankles and wrists were bound tightly to a large wooden cross attached to the wall. She realized that she was completely naked and could not move. She had a tremendous headache and started to realize she had been unconscious. Although she was still in a daze, her half-opened eyes could see the nasty witch busy at work putting herbs in the bubbling brew.

As she lifted her head, Nikishka looked around the room. She saw the lion immobile on the floor, not knowing if he was unconscious or if the witch had killed him. However, even in her dazed state, a sudden fear entered her with the realization that the coup attempt failed. There would be nobody to save Nikishka now that the plan for overthrowing the witch had failed.

While Nikishka was slowly regaining consciousness, the witch noticed that she stirred.

"Ah, my little prisoner slave girl is finally awake," she said with a slight giggle. "You have to get better to start producing your valuable liquid for me, my little pet."

Nikishka had no idea what she was talking about but suddenly realized that she had a sudden pain between her legs. Her pussy felt sore as if it had been penetrated. It even felt full as if it were being stretched. She suddenly realized that her entire body was not only tied to the cross but she was lifted off the ground and impaled on a very long and thick dildo. The pain was so intense that tears fell from her eyes.

She looked at her long extremely slender arms spread, taught and outward and slightly above her head. Her wrists were bound tightly with thick leather cuffs to the wooden cross so that she was essentially hanging from her wrists. She tried to pull at the wrist cuffs, but they were so tight that it was impossible to escape. Her legs were also spread wide and outward and she sensed the same types of cuffs tightly binding her ankles.

The witch was working preparing some devices near the large metal pot and the open log fire. Nikishka could not see what she was doing. Suddenly, the witch started to hobble towards her. In her hand looked like red hot prongs, some medieval metal writing instruments, and what looked like nails, pins, and hooks.

The witch fastened an extremely tight metal choker collar around the girl's neck. The collar was three inches wide and joined with a small metal clip in the back. Using the red hot prongs and red-hot pins, the witch permanently closed the collar in place. She then took what looked to be small nails but with a ball attached to each end. She unscrewed one of the balls from the first pin. With a small hot prong, she grabbed the pin. The pin became red hot. She then grabbed one of the girl's nipples and rapidly pierced the girl's flesh, sending the pin through the center of the girl's long nipple. While the pin was still seething hot, she attached the ball and clamped it on, fusing the ball permanently onto the metal pin, making the nipple piercing permanent. During the entire process, Nkikshka screamed with excruciating pain. The witch then repeated the procedure with the other pin, piercing the other nipple permanently.

The witch then attached chains to each nipple piercing, which she attached to a metal ring fastened on the neck collar. The chains were short and stretched tight, forcing the girl's nipples and breasts upward.


Despite the utter depravity and pain that Nikishka is experiencing, Mandy wishes she was Nikishka. She wants to be that girl in her imagination. The story is different this time. The lions and other wild animals have not arrived to save poor Niskishka. In this variation of Mandy's daydream, the Baba Yaga will succeed in converting the girl into a dominated sex-slave for all eternity and have her under her magic spells.


Now the nasty witch returns to the cauldron that contains a thick bubbling brew and draws some of the liquid into a mug. Before bringing it to the girl, she starts to recite a magical and mystical spell over the glass. Nikishka has somewhat recovered from the piercing ordeal and tries to understand what the witch is saying. But it is an ancient tongue. Not many understand such languages these days. Then, the nasty old woman slips the mug underneath her dress. The girl is repulsed, because she knows the witch must be peeing into the mug, mixing it with the potion. Suddenly the witch is next to her, forces her head up, and brings the mug to the girl's face. She begins to pour the warm contents into the girl's mouth, making her drink every drop.

Almost immediately after forced to drink the nasty liquid potion, Nikishka feels very strange. It is as if all the pain that she had disappears. She feels that she is floating. She is conscious but doesn't feel pain. She only feels a warm feeling in her breast and vagina. She only wants the terrible dildo that has impaled her to start to move. She tries to move up and down on it. She tries to make her clit rub against it.

"My little slave likes that now, doesn't she?" the witch giggles, knowing the strang effect the potion immediately has on the girl.

With this, she takes out what seem to be medieval instruments and begins to imprint a large permanent tattoo consisting of a mystical symbol below the girl's navel and just above her pussy. The symbol is ancient but discernable. It has two interlocking stars. At the center is an inverted eye, or what is the shape of a pussy. They are symbols of her ownership over the girl and her pussy. They are ominous and mystical warnings to anybody that dare use the girl, that they should be cursed into eternity. From this moment hence, the girl's pussy belongs to the Baba Yaga. Later she will make sure a special chastity device that will prevent anyone other than the witch from entering the girl's pussy.

With the tattoo as an omen, the witch has made a claim on the girl's pussy and all that flows from it as hers. Forever.

With these images in Mandy's mind, she has been frantically rubbing her pussy under the warm shower. Her soap lathered hand glides over her clit with increasing speed as she senses her orgasm approach. While she imagines the witch write the mystical symbols of ownership on Nikishka's bald pussy mound, Mandy begins to shake and moan. She is lost not only the image but also the fantasy to be fully owned and taken as a slave. She wants to be Nikishka. It is driving her mad. Just in that instant, she feels the orgasmic wave suddenly flow over her and she nearly loses her balance. She needs to steady herself with a hand against the wall of the shower.

Finally, she collapses and sits on the floor of the shower until her shaking orgasm subsides.

3 Mandy Prepares for Ryan.

After getting out of the shower, she begins to put all these thoughts aside. What has come over her? Why is she dreaming of such perverted and kinky things? And why is it always of domination?

Since Ryan would be home soon, she searches for some clothing. She put on one of Ryan's button-down Oxford dress shirts that is almost like a dress for her. She decided not to put on panties to feel sexier.

She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased. Despite all the latest body modifications, her face looked young and fresh. Her shoulder-length brown hair was full and she was pleased with how pretty and fresh her image in the mirror was. She looks younger, almost as if she were only 21 again. She noticed it in the color and elasticity of her skin. Even at 28, she was still young, but there were tell-tale signs of her approaching 30s. Slight wrinkles, or accumulation of excess fat that she never had. Now, however, she no longer had those slight blemishes and telltale signs of wrinkles around her eyes.

Also, she saw the girl in the mirror very much skinnier than even a week ago. In fact, now thinking back on the week, she realized how little she had been eating. But she was not the slightest bit hungry. Drinking the potion of Sabrina seems to fill her. In only a few days, she must have lost at least 8 kg.

Just then, the image from her dreams of Nikishka and the skinny girl on the African plains came into her mind. She is starting to look like them. Is this just a silly thought? As she looks in the mirror, she runs her hand over her skinny neck, thinking of the neck collar and what it would feel like to have a tight chain attached to her nipples. Also, her nipples start to tingle and she gets a sudden flush in her cheeks. What would it feel like to have a piercing and her nipples constantly pulled upwards with a tight chain? This thought makes her intensely aroused. Only weeks ago, this idea would have repulsed her. Or so she thinks.

She put all these other thoughts of Sabrina aside and started to think about her husband, Ryan. She was so glad that he would be home soon. But, he could never know what she did today with Sabrina. That would have to be a secret.

How little did she understand of Sabrina's plan? She could never imagine that Sabrina's true objective was Ryan. No, Mandy could not know that Ryan was also part of Sabrina's plan. His cum would also keep Sabrina young. They would both be her fountain of youth. She would eat it, take it in her pussy, and bathe in their fluids and cum. Someday, Mandy's growing clitoris would serve a similar purpose. He would also be transformed. Yes, he would become feminized. They would both become Sabrina's hermaphrodite sex slaves. In time, they would both serve Sabrina for all eternity.