Hey, everyone! First, I want to thank everyone, who read, reviewed and put 'Mine' into their favourites. I deeply appreciate it, and I shall endeavour to keep you entertained, and satisfied.

This story is the continuation of Ellie, and Jack's story. Now, the first one was very smokey, and this one's going to be even smokier, since I'm going to be bringing Sherri, Ellie's friend into the mix. You may remember her as the person who introduced Ellie to cigarettes. There was a reviewer on the first part, who wondered why I put such emphasis on the smoking. I'd best address that, I suppose.

I want to make sure people understand that, in my mind, Ellie, and Jack's story is first and foremost a smoking fetish story that features Futas, a submissive male, and a whole lot of Futa on male sex. I still hope those who do not share in the smoking fetish, can still enjoy the heavy dose of Futa on male sex. There's a lot.

I wasn't certain I was going to be writing another part of this, but in the end, I decided to go for it. I simply had to have Sherri in it, but in the first part, it was revealed that she was a t-girl, and not like Ellie. Now, that put me in a bind. After thinking about it for a while, I landed on something.

I know it's sloppy, and I'm not entirely happy with it, but I've decided to do a little retcon (even though I'm generally against retconning stuff), and change Sherri into a Futa. As I said, I'm bringing her into the relationship between Ellie and Jack, and the thought that Sherri will be an old woman when Jack's forty, and Ellie's not even close to hitting her middle years almost made me cry.

This part, like the first, will heavily feature smoking as a fetish, excessive cum, cumbloating, a submissive androgynous bottom boy, and a pair of dominant dickgirls. No humiliation, or degrading, however. Everyone knows, and accepts their place in this relationship. There will be some dirty talk from Sherri, however. She's rather naughty.

A point to consider: I am not a native speaker, and as always, I humbly ask your patience, in regards to any mistakes.

A reminder, if anyone has read 'The Journey'; this series takes place in that same universe!

Anyway, here's part two of this story. Enjoy!

And, as always, all sexy stuff only takes place between people, who are adults.


So, you're back for another story of Jack and me, are you? Well, I certainly don't mind regaling you with our escapades. However, I'll have to apologize, first. I wasn't entirely truthful, when we first met. You see, my friend Sherri isn't actually a transexual. She is, in fact, like me.

I can tell you're surprised. Why did I lie? Well, I only know of one other person like me, and her name's Sherri. She did not have a good childhood. You see, unlike mine, her parents allowed the doctors and scientists to run their tests on her, until she ran away from home, and found refuge with a distant relative. She's gotten over it by now, but she's still very protective of her true self. Anyway, let's get to it. I have a pair of lovers at home, who are waiting for me.


After the door to my office closed behind my PA, I stole a look at the clock on the wall. I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair, which creaked ever so slightly. Six o'clock. Six hours since my twelve inch girl had been in the warm embrace of Jack's ass. I swear, I was starting to feel a withdrawal.

An image flashed through my head, and I groaned in need. My darling, and I were in our bed, the room hazy with smoke. Just the way we like it. I was dangling a fresh cigarette in my lips, and held Jack's hips, while I long dicked him forcefully, him mewling with pleasure. I was reliving the first night I'd taken him. Oh, it had been so utterly glorious!

I opened my eyes, and reached for my purse. I removed a pack of my Divines, and lit one up, despite knowing that it would only make me hornier. A long, hard double drag preceded a slow, measured exhale that allowed me the maximum pleasure from the smoke.

A month had gone by, since Jack and I had become lovers, and it had been the greatest time of my life, thus far. I smiled to myself, as I exhaled another deep drag. In all honesty, we had not done that much by the way of romance. It had been a month of almost non stop fucking.

Jack would always wake me up with a blowjob, and sometimes, I would cum a large load down his throat. More often, I would ease up a little, and cum in his mouth, to let him enjoy the taste. I would then reward him with a full cigarette's worth of creamy exhales. Then, having already fed Jack his breakfast, I would have some of my own. A piece of toast, or the like.

Once that was done, I'd fuck him for a few hours, until we became hungry. We'd eat, and go right back to it, rutting like wild animals. We were completely addicted to one another, me with cumming into him, and Jack was developing an addiction to my cum.

I sighed and took a last drag of my cig, and crushed it out. Originally, I'd only meant to take two weeks off work, but then Joe had called to inform us of his plans to accept an offer from the travel agency, and extend his stay for a further two weeks. I simply could not resist the urge, to do the same.

I groaned, when I felt an electric surge shoot down to my cock, and I felt her grow a little bit. I rolled my chair back a bit, and glared at my crotch. She was getting to be such a needy bitch. Not that I was any better.

I glanced at my computer, and frowned. It seemed I had at least two hours worth of documents to read, and I was very horny. Well, there was nothing for it. I needed my sweet darling down here, so he could bounce on my cock, while I worked. I reached for my phone, and opened our message thread.



Your Mistress needs you, right now. Urgently.

You're at work, Mistress?


On my way.

I smiled at that, and reached for another cigarette, but did not light it. I made my way over to the door to my office, and locked it, knowing Jack had a key. I did not want anyone walking in on me. I carefully removed my skirt, revealing my slightly engorged cock, and black lace stockings. I draped the skirt over the back of the sofa, and unbuttoned my black silk blouse, exposing a bra which matched my stockings.

I went to stand in front of the mirror, and took a picture of myself, with the unlit cigarette dangling between my lips. I sent the picture to Jack, with a message.

I'm waiting for you, darling.

Before I'd taken more than three steps from the mirror, I received a message back.

Nothing shall stand in my way, Mistress. Your ever loyal servant approaches quickly.

I let out a giggle, and made my way over to my desk. I sat down in the chair, reached for my lighter, and lit the cigarette. I took a large drag, and exhaled down onto my cock, while filming it with my phone. I reviewed the footage, and loved how my cock almost completely disappeared from view, as the creamy smoke covered it. The way the smoke seemed to 'catch' in my thick bush, and slowly drift away wasn't any less erotic. I sent my sweetie the video, and leaned back in the chair to enjoy my cigarette.


A few minutes later, the door opened and Jack came rushing through, his eyes wild. He slammed the door shut, and strode over to me, dropping to his knees. I slowly spread my legs, and he practically attacked my cock with his mouth.

"Mmmmm," I moaned, and took a deep drag on a newly lit cigarette. I exhaled down on Jack, as he ran his tongue all along the underside of my meaty girl, his eyes intent on mine. He didn't even blink when the smoke covered his face.

"Such a good boy, coming to his Mistress when she calls," I said fondly, and ran a hand through his hair.

Jack arrived at my glans, and gave it a wet kiss. "How could I not, when you tease me like that, Mistress?" he asked, and pumped his fist up and down my cock a couple of times. A large dollop of pre came out of the slit, and he greedily sucked it off.

I exhaled in his face again and moaned sensually, when Jack's other hand began fondling my large, heavy balls.

"Still, I am grateful, darling," I assured him, and took a long double drag, exhaling my first drag through my nose, while attacking the cig again.

"I have an idea, my sweet," I said and bathed him in smoke. "I will complete this case, which should take no more two weeks. When I'm done, how about we go on a vacation together?"

Instead of answering, Jack took my cock into his mouth and began sucking with great enthusiasm, which I simply took as a 'yes'. He bobbed his head a few times, taking more of me each time, until he was expertly deepthroating me. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, when felt my first cum approaching quickly. Jack was, bar none, the greatest cocksucker I'd ever come across.

He took me all the way down, and when he came up again, he played with my cockhead with his tongue, giving extra attention on my slit.

"Oh, you lovely boy!" I said, and took a large drag on my Divine. "You're about to make your Mistress cum, baby. Would you like that? Would you like her to fill your tummy, and mouth with her tasty cream?"

In way of answer, Jack slowly throated my cock to the balls, and hummed twice. Mmmm Mmmm. That was enough. The vibrations caused by his humming, sent me over the edge, and I came into his throat, as I inhaled a massive drag, closing my eyes as the pleasure overtook me.

I felt Jack swallow, just barely managing to keep up with the torrent of cum that was flowing into him. When my cum blast began to recede, he slowly moved his head upward, his lips still forming a tight seal around my cock. He eventually stopped at my cockhead, and let the rest of the cum flow into his mouth, so that he could savour the taste.

I opened my eyes when I felt his hand on my girl and I watched as he removed her from his mouth, which was full of my pearly white nectar. His eyes had a naughty gleam in them, as he played with the cum with his tongue, before he swallowed it all, with one large gulp.

"Did you like that, sweetie?" I asked, and gently exhaled a deep drag in his face, which he received with a smile. "Was my cum tasty?"

"Oh, yes, Mistress," he gushed. "It was amazing, as always."

I smiled. "Only the best for my darling. Now, take off your clothes, and straddle my lap."

He did as ordered, and he got into the chair, his thighs on either side of mine. We locked eyes. "Kiss me," I whispered.

Jack put his hands on my shoulders and leaned in, while I wrapped my arms around his neck. We came together in a searing kiss, that was full of passion, and love. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, and his met mine, in a feeble attempt to defend its home. As always, it was a foregone conclusion. My stronger, more experienced muscle easily broke his defences, and battered his tongue into submission.

My arms loosened around his neck, and I began sliding my hands up and down his back, as I ravaged his mouth, and he made such lovely whimpering noises. Of course, I knew exactly what he wanted.

I slowly moved my hands down to his butt, and grabbed it. "Raise your butt, my love," I breathed, and he instantly did as I told him.

I slid the fingers of one hand down his crack, and they found the hard plastic end of a butt plug. I smiled. He really was a good, obedient boy, my Jack. You see, I had told him to wear a plug, so that he would always be ready to receive my cock, should the need overtake me.

"Good boy," I said and carefully removed the plug from his ass, and threw it on the floor. He gasped, and whimpered at the loss of the toy.

"Don't worry, darling. You won't be empty for long," I said, and licked his nose.

My hand now grabbed a hold of my cock, and lined it up with Jack's ass. "Sit down, sweetheart," I commanded.

Jack gazed into my eyes, as he slowly lowered himself down. I felt my head come against his ring, and it popped in easily. Jack's mouth opened just a little and a barely audible gasp escaped his lips, when my raging girl penetrated him.

Further and further down Jack went, but his eyes never left mine, even as they glazed over in pleasure when my thick meat began crushing his prostate. Eventually, his sweet cheeks landed on my thighs, and he sighed in satisfaction. I smiled blissfully. Now, all was well with the world; my twelve inches were buried to the hilt in my lover.

Jack trembled slightly, and he eased himself up against me, my large breasts squishing against him. He rested his head on my shoulders, his face buried in the crook of my neck. I loved how intimate we were, at that moment. However, my girl was quite insistent, and I gently began flexing my hips, and Jack moaned.

"That's it, baby," I said. "Feel my cock in you. This is where it belongs."

I grabbed his ass again, and began to guide him slowly up and down my cock, and it felt incredible. I cannot state often enough, how we are such absolutely perfect fit for one another. Jack began moving by himself now, in that same slow rhythm.

He went in for another kiss. I happily obliged him, and we indulged in our gentle lovemaking for a while. Then I felt like being a bit forceful. I waited until he raised himself, and when he began to slide himself down, I slammed my hips up, and we met in the middle with a slap.

"Ungh," Jack went rigid, and groaned when he came with a shudder. A couple of small ropes of cum splattered onto my toned stomach. He seemed to lose all the strength in his legs, and desperately threw his arms around my neck, to keep from falling.


"You didn't like it?" I asked with a grin.

"That's not it," he whispered in a trembling voice.

"Then do it again," I commanded.

"I- I don't think I can, Mistress," he moaned pathetically. "I don't have any strength in my legs."

"Hold on," I said. Using my considerable strength, I lifted him up, almost all the way off my cock. Allowing gravity to do its work, I all but dropped him and slammed my hips up to meet him, with another slap.

I did this a few more times, slap, slap,slap. This was absolutely fantastic, but I wasn't able to enjoy a cigarette while doing this, and that simply wouldn't do. So, the next time when Jack landed on my thighs, I gripped him and stood up.

Jack clasped his arms tighter around my neck, and wrapped his legs around me. Oooh, this was nice. I raised and lowered him a few times on me in this position. Jack's face was buried in the crook of my neck again, and I simply could not get enough of his low moans, and whimpering.

However, as stated before, no session of lovemaking with my darling is complete, without my wonderful cigarettes. For either of us. So I stepped to the side of my laptop, and gently eased Jack onto my desk, but made certain to keep my cock in him.

I was now more thankful than ever, that I had bought one of those electrical desks, and could raise it, so that it was in the perfect position for me to fuck Jack's ass, without bending my knees too much. It also meant I could keep reading those files on my case, while I enjoyed my pet's ass, and an endless stream of cigarettes.

Having adjusted the desk, I took one of Jack's legs, and put it against my shoulder. His other leg hung off the desk. I reached for my Divines, and lit one up, exhaling the monstrous drag onto Jack, who was staring at me with rampant lust. My heart soared. How he delighted in watching me indulge in my cigarettes.

My hips began working, moving my girl in his ass, and his eyes glazed over again. "Mistress, I..."

"Ssssh," I shushed him. I took a sweet double drag, and gave him the creamy smoke. "Just lie back, and let your Mistress take care of you, darling."

Setting a slow, gentle rhythm, I put the cigarette into my lips, and let it dangle while I opened a file. I took a deep drag, which I exhaled through my nose, and stole a look at Jack. His head was leaning back, and he simply lay on top of the desk, taking my cock like a good boy.

Satisfied with how things were going at present, I focused on the document I was reading, and discovered this was going to be easy as pie. It might not even go in front of the judge. I was extremely happy to see that. I took a last drag on my cig, and crushed it out, before lighting another one.

"How are you doing, love?" I asked Jack, and looked over at him. He didn't answer. I pulled almost all the way out, slammed my hips forward and exhaled a large cloud of smoke towards his face.

"Answer me!" I hissed, and slammed my hips into him again and did a flurry of rapid thrusts into his ass.

"Amazing, Mist- oooh!" he wailed, and came. His cum shot out of his cock, and landed on his stomach.

"That's right," I said, and smiled a satisfied smile. "We are amazing, aren't we, Jack?" I asked, and bathed him in a thick cloud of smoke.

"Yes, Mistress," he panted, as he recovered from his orgasm.

I closed the document I'd been reading, opened the next one, and scanned it. This was pointless. I had already seen enough in that first document to tell me everything I needed to know. This was an open and shut case, as they said on TV. If all went according to plan, my submissive and I could be on our way south, before the end of the week.

"Baby?" I said, and took a drag.

"Yes?" Jack panted.

"About that vacation I mentioned earlier. Are you interested?" I asked him, and exhaled the drag onto him.

"Yes," he answered in a strained voice. "I would go anywhere with you, Ellie. I love you so much, I cannot imagine being apart from you."

I felt my heart skip a beat, and I shivered in delight. "Oh, my sweet, darling Jack," I gushed. "I love you, too. More than I ever thought possible," I told him, and leaned down to give him a steaming hot kiss.

I straightened, and sped up my thrusts, a little bit. "There's an island in the bay of Faxe, and on it is a village called Ragnar's rest. You know it?" I asked my darling, and reached for another cigarette.

Jack nodded, and I felt his ass tighten, as he came, once again. There were only a few small drops, this time. I was about to dry him up. Good. I loved emptying him, so that I could fill him to the brim, with my own cum.

"Aaaah, yes! Yes!" he groaned.

I lit the cigarette, and rewarded him for cumming, with a nice facefull of smoke. "Of course you do, baby," I said, and slowed my hips down, again.

I pulled my cock out, until only the head remained inside, and very slowly pushed back in, with a smooth thrust. It took a long time, but I absolutely adored how my sweetie writhed on the desk, as I slowly long dicked him. We had tried a lot of stuff, in the month we'd been together, but our mutual favourite was when I'd use every inch of my cock, and slowly stroked his insides.

I took a double drag, and exhaled the smoke down, where we were joined together, and I loved how hazy it became. God, I love smoking when I'm fucking my Jack. I closed all the folders on the laptop, and opened the video call app, and let the mouse hover over the name of my friend Sherri.

"Sherri has a summerhouse down there. I'm certain she'll lend it to us, if we ask nicely," I said in a sweet voice, and turned the laptop towards our bodies. "I'm going to call her. You don't mind if she watches, do you?"

"If it pleases you, Mistress," Jack whispered, and clenched his fists a few times, as he tried to stave off an impending orgasm.

"Good boy," I said gleefully. I took a drag, and bent down to kiss him while the smoke drifted out of me.

I looked at the clock, and saw it was seven thirty. Knowing Sherri would be home by now, I hit the call button. It rang a few times, before she answered.