One Saturday morning while I was taking a walk in our local park, which is something I rarely do I saw someone that looked familiar. The park is filled with people, jogging trails, hiking trails and walking trails. Then I noticed a man that very closely resembled my boyfriend of seven years with another woman.

I decided to watch from a secluded spot some distance away so as not to be seen by either of them. After all, I thought to myself, I believed that I recognized the woman also. As it turned out, I did not.

It looked as though they were close as they were holding each other's hands as they walked and talked. I was just too far away to hear what they were saying to each other. My curiosity was roaming rampant. I decided to get closer hoping to hear what was being said and at the same time, not be seen. I have never played the detective so I did not know exactly what to do in this situation.

While moving to get closer I noticed them kissing in a more than friendly way. As soon as they broke their kiss I got busted. So, I decided to confront them.

"Bill!" I shouted. "What the hell is going on here and how long has it been going on?"

He spitted and stuttered quite a bit before the finally answered me.

"Well not that it is no longer a secret and is out in the open, she is my girlfriend. It has been going on for six months now. I just did not really know how to tell you" he said.

Just about this time she wanted to talk but I was pretty angry about the whole affair, if you pardon the pun. I was just not in the mood to listen to the boyfriend stealing BITCH. She kept interrupting Bill and I and I finally ran out of steam. She was going to say something no matter what!

"Look, we can be adults about this or we can fight it out" she said.

What nerve she has. Here she is still holding Bill's hand and she had the nerve to even talk to me. What I really wanted to do is strangle her, but I did keep my composure and I did not. I turned to walk away but someone's hand grabbed me and spun me around.

"Bill are you crazy? Just let go of me and I'll just leave" I said.

I knew I would get back to my apartment before he could so I would be able to throw all of his belongings into a few boxes. I really wanted to just throw them all out on the lawn. I also knew the situation in the park could have escalated and would probably turn out badly for me, but I did maintain my composure and I was able to leave.

Someone was knocking at my front door the next morning. As I opened to door it was Bill. He even brought the girl along with him. What a douche bag!

"What are you doing here with her?" I asked.

He said "I brought her along for an eyewitness of whatever happens right now."

"Just leave" I said. "I'll get your stuff and call you when I get it ready"

I already knew I needed to change the door locks but I had never needed to do it in the past. I did not even know how. We really did not have a lot of material stuff at my apartment, but it did fill up six boxes. I decided to put off calling him for three or maybe four days. He needed to worry for a few days about what I was going to do with his stuff.

When I finally did call, I did tell him that if he brought the boyfriend steeling bitch with him that I would not even answer the door. Well, the dumb ass brought her. At least she stayed in the car. True to my word, I did not even answer the door. He called me on his cell phone and I told him that I was not home at this moment. The whole time I was hoping he could not hear me through the door.

He informed me that he would get a court order if he needed to.

I just said "Do what you want. If you do get a court order, I will merely tell who ever asks that you bought me this stuff as a gift and gave them to me. So legally they are mine."

I decided to make sure that everything that even remotely reminded me of him was gone. "Crap" I thought. "I am going to need a few more boxes." I bought more boxes and thought about that saying "Out with old, in with the new". That just seemed to fit the situation perfectly I told myself.

Shortly after all of that I joined a local gym. I started immediately. They had exercise classes morning, noon, and evening. I started the evening classes so it would be after I got off work. I only needed to lose, at least I thought I only needed to lose, around fifty pounds or so. The scale they put me on said otherwise. They also informed me to set my goals at ten to fifteen pounds at a time. That way I could reach achievable goals more often. I could then celebrate smaller accomplishments. Since I do like, no I love, ice cream I did not have to give it up completely. Other things would be easier, at least I thought so. Again, I was wrong. I needed to rethink my strategy of losing weight.

After a week I got back on the scales. Checking my weight loss too often could result in me not seeing any loss of weight and could discourage me. That was supposed to be phycological I guess. Well because I would eat when I got home after a workout, I had actually gained a few pounds. NOT GOOD! That was discouraging and depressing all at the same time. I guess that I needed to change other habits too.

When I got home, I started to clean out my refrigerator. I also threw out some of the stuff I would eat in the evenings and bought salads. That really hurt mentally anyway. So more of an out with the old and in with the new attitude. I switched to the morning classes too. The next time I weighed in, I had lost two pounds in addition to what I had gained. I knew it right then that I could do this!

I was starting to enjoy myself. My confidence was better and I felt better. I think it showed because even my supervisor made a comment to me. Now that felt good.

My now ex-boyfriend finally came by and got his stuff. Even he made a comment about me changing physically. It did not help our relationship. He blew that in the park that Saturday. All of this was starting to change my self-esteem and my ego. A change for the better I might add.

I did notice a couple of cute guys at the gym. Even though I thought they were cute I was not ready to jump back into any games men like to play. I could always look though. Sometimes women or men would approach one another but I did my best to tune all that out.

One of the women there noticed that I was pretty much a beginner. One day later she came over to me. I did not know what to expect. All sort of things ran through my mind. She introduced herself as Sheri and I introduced myself as Diane. We struck up a conversation about ourselves. I was there to help me get over a relationship and start a new me. She was there because she just enjoyed working out. Since we were both women and both in the morning class, we decided to work out together.

Over time Sheri and I became friends. I am not going to say good friends but we were heading that direction. I did find out she started out like I did in a broken relationship and she just enjoyed working out. She met her new husband three years ago and he encouraged her to continue working out. He liked the new her, strong, firm and very toned.

Six months later she invited me to their annual Christmas party. This is where I finally met her husband Tom. He is slim, trim and fit.

By the time the Christmas party rolled around everything in my wardrobe was loose fitting so naturally I had to purchase a new dress for the occasion. I chose one of those numbers with a low back that looked better without a bra. I am not that well-endowed there so that presented no problem. It was black, backless and short. Nice I thought.

This is where I met a number of single guys. All of which were handsome in their own rights. By the way, I also found Sheri's husband was one of the Senior Vice Presidents of the company he works for. Some sort of investment company. Sheri and I had never really discussed jobs before, it just was not ever brought up by either of us.

Of all the things which had happened to me over the past I counted this as one of the best. I was definitely heading the right direction. It was like I was belle of the ball that night. I garnered a lot of attention from the single men I had met. The whole evening proved to me that I was indeed doing the right thing and heading in the right direction.

To date, I had lost about forty pounds and was actually starting to tone up. It felt good to feel good about myself.

The following Monday morning Sheri informed me that the gentlemen which I had met at the Christmas party all wanted my phone number. At least this is what her husband had told her. I had to think on that. I did think that bit of information was exciting though.

Looking back, I could not remember this type of attention, EVER! I remember a number years ago my now ex-boyfriend while we were in high school approached me about half way through my senior year and asked me for a date. Even then, as with most girls, I thought w was overweight. Looking back in reality I was not. Perception of one's self is really important. Up until then I had not dated much. I just thought it was because I felt overweight. In reality, it was because I was stand-offish and consider a prude.

That evening at the Christmas party it had made me feel good about myself. After all there were seven different guys that paid me a lot of attention. All but one guy had danced with me numerous times. Sheri's husband was that one. All had given me compliments over my looks and my dancing. All were perfect gentlemen.

About a week later I did give Sheri my phone number so her husband Tom could give it out so he could relay that to the guys that had asked for it. The only thing I asked was that he tell the men that I was willing to go out but I am not looking for something permanent. That way I could have at least one date with all of them. Life was starting to get really good.

Eventually I dated all seven guys at one time or another. Over the next ten months I had several dates with all of them. More so with a few. One of them had gotten handsy with me on our second date but I stopped him and he never called again. Self-elimination if you ask me. The field had just narrowed by one.

A short while later I heard one of them got married so now there were two out of the game. That made the prospects of future dates even shorter. I only went out every other weekend and I kept a journal about each person as if I were judging them. Maybe I was, but I did not want a man in my life that has roaming eyes.

Sheri asked me every Monday morning how things went. She seemed really genuine. It was comforting to have a confident I could rely on. She and I would meet up after work on occasion. You would think that seeing each other every other morning that we would not have much to talk about. We mostly discussed how my dates went with one of the guys I met at the party. The field was narrowing. A couple, well maybe three of them showed promise. I did learn that my first impressions were not always right. I just knew I did not want a repeat of my waisted numerous years of time with someone that just was not good, either in manners or kindness. Looks were not that important but it did help.

The next Christmas party was soon. I decided to impose myself on Sheri and her husband Tom one more time. I was trying to be cautious with the guys. Number one, I did not wish to become the girl that was considered easy. Number two, being single has its ups and downs. I had not slept with any of them to date. I wanted to wait but that was not getting easier.

The Christmas party was just around the corner now, just about two weeks away now. Again, because of my desire to lose weight and firm up had necessitated me into buying another new dress.

My new dress was a little black number. The hem did reach just above my knees but it also had a slit in it that went a little more than halfway up my right leg. And again, it was low cut in the back but this time no spaghetti straps over the shoulder. The dress came up and wrapped around the back of my neck to hold it up giving the elusion of being strapless.

"Perfect!" I told myself.

The dress was probably more daring than anything I had worn in my life.

The Christmas party came and true to form I was the "Belle of the Ball" so to speak. I now had only three bachelors and Tom to dance with. While Tom and I was dancing our second dance in a row dance, Sheri came over and tapped me on the shoulder and cut it. Everyone was acting very professional except one of my dancing partners. He had apparently over indulged on spirits and he was showing off. I did not want nor did I need anything like that.

Now the field had dropped by one more. I do not mind an occasional drink, but not drunks. One of the other single guys noticed I was uncomfortable with my current dance partner so he came in and rescued me.

"Thanks" I told him.

Of course, he said "No problem. I do not like him anyway. He is a real ass even when he is sober" he added.

We chit-chatted during the rest of that song. When it ended, he escorted me back to my table and sat with us. Well, this was a first but it was nice to say the least.

His name is Fred. Of course, we had dated previously but nothing became of it. We remained friends and I felt that was about to change. For the better too I might add. We made a date just two weeks away. I was not sure what to expect. All I could hope for turned out to be a wonderful success for me and him.

Fred was a perfect gentleman. He showed up for our date and brought me more flowers as he did when we had our first date. In all of the numerous plus years with my ex I never received flowers from him. EVER!

Over dinner he started out by complimenting me on my progress of slimming down and now toning up. He also started telling me more details about himself. We knew of each other while the "dating game" was going on, but no details.

"I am divorced for eight years now. The divorce was more my fault than hers. Looking back over the past ten years I realized I spent too much time building my career. What she had said about me was probably true. I was married to my career before I married her and the marriage just fell apart. I did not realize that until one day she told me I spent far more time at work than I did at home. I just did not see it but she tried to convince me and I was not listening."

He continued to tell me more. "I realized she was right but the damage was done and we could not reconcile the marriage. For another two months we tried to work it out but I could not see myself spending any less time working so we called it quits. I literally threw myself into my job. I had no home life so the company had become my home. I would spend anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours a day at the office or at a client's house. I had been with the company only four years by then. As much as I tried to curtail some of my business hours, I just could not do it."

I asked him about the time frame that all happened and how long the long hours lasted.

He said "five more years before I finally cut back. Now I only take care of around fifteen new clients a month. Managing my existing clients and my new ones allow me more time off for myself."

He did tell me that his financial advisor had told him to take time off and enjoy himself.

The next thing I know but did not remember when that while he was talking, he had taken my hand and was gently holding it.

He finally added that this is his story in a nutshell. "Your turn" he said.

"My turn?" I thought. "Where do I begin?" I asked that part out loud and not really expecting an answer. "I am now single again too. I have been for just over twenty months now. I met Sheri at the gym where I work out. When I attended the Christmas party over a year ago and met you and a few other guys I was not looking for something permanent. When I saw my ex with his girlfriend at a nearby park kissing, I knew we were through. I never did and still do not like two-timing people. We had been together for around seven years by then. We had never discussed getting married so I thought we we were an item. He had always given me a sense of protection just knowing he and I were together. That is until I caught him with the other woman. I guess that looking back he actually set me free in a sense. This is when I met Sheri after I joined a gym to start working on a new me. She and I became fast friends.

I continued, "The first time you and I went out, I remember telling you that I was not ready to start a new relationship. Right now, I think I would like to get to know you much better."

Deep down in my soul I was hoping he too would like to get to know me better. Just judging from the way his eyes glistened and the slight smile on his face when I said that, it looked as if I was right in the fact that he too would like to get to know me better.

He jumped in "Well I would have to agree with you. I would really like to see more of you too."

I told him that I wanted a monogamous relationship and not something that can be thrown into the trash on a whim. He just grinned when I told him that. I may have found what I was looking for. Fred was definitely high on my list of potentials.

After that we made time to see each other at least every other weekend and any other time we felt a need for company. We went to the movies, dances, dinner, amusement parks, live performances, outdoor theaters and even the city parks in our area. I met his parents and he met mine. Every time we went to a park, I had always feared my ex would show up and ruin the day for me. I really had no animosity towards him I just did not care to see him.

Fred and I never discussed his job nor mine. The jobs were just never important to us, yet. As it happened Fred and I did run into my ex one afternoon in the park. Fred handled it very gentlemanly. My ex on the other hand was being the jerk he proved to be. Fred and I just left. That was the last time I saw him and his boyfriend stealing bitch girlfriend. I mumbled "BITCH" under my breath after we had turned around and Fred just grinned, very widely I might add. There was also a hint of chuckling coming from him.

Things had started getting serious between Fred and me. About two weeks before the next Christmas party, my third one if you are keeping count, Fred asked me if I would consent to him being my escort to the gala. Well of course I would. Even though I said it in a low tone of voice, I was screaming in side.

Another new dress was in order now. I wanted it to be as elegant as the man escorting me is. I was going to dress to impress.

Starting at the top and working downwards toward my feet, I chose one that the top tied around my neck giving the illusion of formal gown complete with a low back exposing most of my backside ending just about three inches above my rear cheeks. The front has a deep vee down to five inches above my navel. There was a thin string holding the front somewhat closed to ensure my breasts would not just accidentally pop out. The hem of the dress came withing inches of the floor. My new high heel shoes would accent the dress beautifully. This time the split was over my left leg. The split started at the bottom and ended just below my hip by eight inches. It would fly open just enough to tease. OH, it was a pearl white. I did know I could pull the affair off with a bra too. I did wonder if I could do this with panties too because I did not want panty lines to mar the image.

The night of the party will be forever etched into my mind. We both knew Fred was going to become a Junior Vice President of the company. Tom was going to make a short speech introducing Fred as the new Junior Vice President. Fred was to go up to get the promotion and make an acceptance speech. It all sounded wonderful.,dyskusja,1198227.html