Apologies for publishing this chapter of the series after such a long gap as I had huge office workload in the past couple of months. I hope to publish the remaining chapters of the series regularly now. I encourage the readers to read 'Clothes Are Not Dry Yet' first and then 'Only One Piece of Clothing Ch. 01' to get the full cohesion of the series. Nevertheless I have written a recap below, so that you might get some idea of the plot. All the characters in the plot are above 18 years of age.

Recap: Deepa is alone in her flat in Mumbai, as her other three flatmates have gone back to their native towns during the Covid-19 lockdown. During this time she discovers the joy of being naked and flashing people one day and her opposite door neighbour, Kavya learns about it. Kavya convinces Deepa to stay with only one piece of clothing for the next seven days and takes away all pieces of clothing from her flat. Deepa gets into couple of adventures and mishaps of flashing different people within her society building. But her roommate Rima has come back to the flat suddenly and Deepa has to hide her nearly nude body from Rima, even though Rima stays in the office for most part of a day.

It was the Tuesday morning and Deepa was just lying on her bed, wide awake but eyes closed and fully naked under her old mattress which she was using as blanket to cover her from head to toe. She was hiding her nudity from her roommate Rima, who was very much unaware about the 'one piece of clothing' week, that Deepa was observing. After being awake for half an hour, she got a message from Kavya:

"I have hung your shorts on the door knob. Can't meet you today, I have been called to work at the office. Would be busy for the whole day."

Deepa was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to see Kavya in the morning. She was now concerned about fetching the shorts from the door. She slid off the mattress from her face a bit to find that Rima was facing her direction. If at any moment Rima opened her eyes and Deepa uncovered herself, Rima would be treated with the sight of Deepa in her birthday suit. She had to wait now for Rima to turn to other side so that she could sneak out without being caught naked by her. She also couldn't let Rima get to the main door of the flat before her at any cost lest Rima should find the shorts hanging on the door knob.

"I have to risk it," thought Deepa and she kept looking over her shoulder to check if Rima's eyes were closed.

She used the hand towel to cover her bare round ass, in case Rima opened her eyes. She was relieved when she got out of the room. She ran across the living room, quickly opened the main door and pulled out the short shorts hanging on the door knob outside. She hastily pulled up the shorts, zipped it up and felt the shorts tightly hugging her ass cheeks. The shorts covered just half of the curvature of her ass, the lower half of the ass cheeks were still exposed. She couldn't remember why she had bought the shorts because she had never worn it after buying it. Deepa was just happy to have some cloth on her body, so that she had fewer things to cover from Rima. The shorts was not appropriate to be worn even in front of her flatmates. She hid her breasts with her hand towel before entering her room. She slightly opened her room door, to check if Rima was still asleep. Rima was not on her bed and there was a sound of water running in the bathroom. She quickly got into her bed and covered herself with the mattress again.

She couldn't pretend to sleep now. She leaned herself against the backrest of the bed, pulled the mattress to cover her breasts and began checking her phone.

Deepa was startled a little when Rima got out of the bathroom in a towel. Deepa held the mattress against her body tightly with her elbows while she pretending to be on her smartphone.

"Another day of drudgery," commented Rima as she put on her panties and then turned around and dropped her towel to show her topless back as she proceeded to put on her bra.

Deepa couldn't help but admire Rima's ass in panties and her bare back. She shook her head slightly to shake off the lustful thoughts she was having for Rima. Ever since Kavya awakened the lesbian side of her sexuality, Deepa couldn't help looking at women differently, in that moment, Rima. Rima got ready in her usual formal attire of a formal half sleeve shirt and a knee length skirt and a matching face mask.

"Breakfast for you today as well?" asked Rima.

"Yeah," said Deepa looking at her, "And I will make the dinner later."

Rima didn't give a second look at Deepa's bare shoulders and left the room carrying her hand bag. Deepa uncovered herself and got up from her bed to enter the bathroom, but she looked at her hand towel.

"Wait, I haven't got a clean hand towel for the day!".

Deepa felt the need to get a clean hand towel. She was feeling unclean using the same hand towel that she used yesterday. Without a clean hand towel, she couldn't take a shower and wipe herself dry.

"You forgot to give me a clean hand towel," she texted Kavya, "Please come to my flat or hang it on the door knob after 30 minutes. Rima would be gone to her office by then."

There was a sound of the room door being pushed.

"Hey Deepa...oh sorry," came the voice.

"Hmm?" startled Deepa and looked up from her phone to see Rima looking away and keeping one of her palms in front of her eyes.

Deepa couldn't think of anything and quickly dropped her phone to cup her left breast with her left hand and her right breast with her right hand. She couldn't even decide on how to cover her boobs properly.

"Sorry, I left my office ID card on my bed," said Rima looking away from Deepa and walking past her towards her bed, while Deepa stood still, her palms covering the corresponding side of the boobs.

"I was about to take a shower, thought you wouldn't come back," said Deepa in a flustered voice.

"No worries," said Rima looking down, dashing out of the room. She didn't even notice the short shorts that Deepa was wearing.

Deepa was now deeply mortified. She dropped herself on her bed with her face first and then quick turned around and covered herself with the mattress, lest Rima should come back to the room again.

After waiting for another half an hour or so, Deepa slowly got out of her room to ensure that she was alone in the flat now. She opened the door of the flat slowly to check if there was any hand towel hanging on the knob, but there was nothing. She called Kavya again, but Kavya's phone was busy and after some time, it was switched off. She was getting angry at Kavya now, she hated it especially when her phone calls or messages were ignored.

She finally had to use the dirty hand towel to wipe herself dry after taking the shower. She promptly sat on her work desk after having breakfast and began to wonder when was the last time she was actually serious about her work.

With her short shorts barely covering her upper thighs and the bottom curve of her ass, sitting in front of her laptop with her free breasts, she still felt weird doing normal things while being in a state of near nakedness. She had got used to cooking dinner naked, but apart from that and taking a shower, whenever she was naked, she could only think of some kind of adventure that involved flashing.

She did an hour or so of serious office work. After that, there was nothing much left to do. The less amount of work actually made her anxious, making her wonder if there was gonna be some kind of downsizing happening in her office soon.

Deepa stayed nude that whole afternoon, as she got rid of her short shorts too, without much excitement. She went to the kitchen, hoping to see the two men at the window in the building across the street, to whom she had waved the previous evening. But the window of the room seemed closed. She was showing her whole naked body, through the kitchen window, to anyone who could see her from the building across the street, or anyone looking up at her flat from down the street. But still it wasn't enough excitement for her. She decided to click some photos of her at the window and send it to Kavya. She posed with grabbing her right breast with her right hand and pointing the nipple outside the window and sticking out her tongue from her mouth like Miley Cyrus and clicked a selfie.

"I will send this to Kavya, this will at least entice her to call or text me back," said Deepa to herself as she turned around to show her bare ass through the window.

But she got a text back from Kavya:

"Hi Ms. Nudie."

Deepa was perplexed by the text, but she called her quickly.

"Hi, where the hell are you?"

"From a place where I can admire your naked bubbly butt showing through your kitchen window," said Kavya on the phone.

Deepa realised that her naked ass was on display at the window and she involuntarily and unsuccessfully tried to hide her ass with her free hand, before turning around and shutting the window.

She still couldn't believe that Deepa would call her and would be watching her from a different society building altogether.

"How did you go to the other society building? And why?" Deepa asked.

"I have a surprise for you, and a clean hand towel too, just come to this building."

"My shorts are so short that it barely covers the lower half of my ass," exclaimed Deepa, "Do I have to streak across the street to get to the other housing society?"

"Well...yes! Do as you please, wear whatever you want, but just come to the opposite housing society at around 6 pm. As I said, I have a surprise for you, I'm eagerly waiting for you," said Kavya and hung the call.

Deepa was actually happy that she was finally getting to have some adventure for the day. But she had to check on her clothing options to go outside.

But before that, she decided to prepare the dinner for her and Rima. She didn't want Rima to be left hungry once she reached home back from work. Also, she didn't want Rima to find her cooking naked, lest Rima should come back home early.

"I don't even know when is she gonna come back home in the evening?" Deepa told herself as she was rolling the dough to make rotis. She was cooking the dinner naked, just like yesterday, but she was hesitant now about opening the kitchen window. She just turned on the exhaust fan to remove the little heat in the kitchen. After she prepared the dinner, she began to walk about the flat, searching for any item of clothing to cover her upper body.

The only item of clothing available to her apart from the short shorts and the dirty hand towel was Rima's towel, which she always hanged on the metal bar outside the room window.

She nicely wrapped Rima's towel around her upper body to make it appear like a strapless crop top. She looked herself in the mirror to ensure that her body had the decency to go out in the street.

It was almost dark as she stepped out of her flat into the usual dim-lit hallway. She was feeling cold. She inserted the door key in the tiny back-pocket of her short shorts. Just sliding her hand an inch down the back-pocket of the short shorts gave her the touch of her round bare ass. She was wearing a pair of shoes, to help her run across the street if someone questioned her state of clothing. She also kept the dirty hand towel in her hand.

She dialled Kavya's number as she got inside the lift to the ground floor.

"I'm coming to get my surprise!" she said enthusiastically.

"Good, you won't be disappointed by my surprise," said Kavya, "Once you enter the opposite society, call me to know the flat number."

As the lift reached the ground floor, Deepa got extra careful about the towel that she make-shifted to a strapless top. The towel covered much of her breasts, barely exposing any cleavage and just touching the waist of the short shorts. A security guard was sitting at the reception desk. Deepa was glad that he was not the same security guard who, just few days back along with Hanif the plumber, had seen her totally nude from the front.

She gripped the hand towel tightly with both her hands as she held it together in front of her, as if she was hiding her crotch with it. She lowered her head as she tried to take silent steps across the lobby and past the reception desk. The security guard did take his eyes away from his mobile phone to look at her ass.

"Madam, where are you going?" asked the guard.

"Shit," Deepa said to herself as she shut her eyes tightly and gripped the hand towel even more tightly.

She slightly turned around to face the guard, who was standing, near his desk.

"I'm going to meet a friend, in the opposite society, the one across the street," said Deepa with a nervous and shaky voice, even though she was not lying.

"Where do you live? What is your door number?"

"Door no. 501," said Deepa, now thinking if she should have lied to him.

"Ok, I'm not sure if the other society would let you in easily though, because there are restrictions in most of the societies, including this one," said the guard.

"I will try my luck," said Deepa and she turned around and walked on her way outside the lobby, happy with the fact that she wasn't stopped.

The security guard kept staring at her uncovered lower ass, as both her asscheeks flattened a little bit and again contracted to a curve, turn by turn in a rhythm with each quick step she was taking.

It was almost a month since she had looked up at the open sky, though the sky was dark. She looked around and found the front grounds of the society to be empty. Two more security guards were sitting at the main gate of the society. They both looked at her with some suspicion, but decided not to stop her as she was going out of the society. She carefully went through the smaller gate, which was part of the big main gate, as she didn't want her towel to be stuck in the gate bars.

The street was visibly deserted and there were some small vendors with their carts of vegetables, tea and snacks lined up very sparsely in the street, which usually used to be crowded before the lockdown. She walked across the street and reached the main gate of the opposite society.

"Where are you? In which building? I have reached the main gate of Nirmal society," said Deepa.

"Come to the second building, Door no. 501," said Kavya.

"Wait, isn't this the exact same address of my flat?"

"Yes indeed," said Kavya, "And if they ask you whom do you wanna meet, say Nirav."

"Nirav? Who is Nirav?"

"Don't ask questions now, just come over here," said Kavya and she hung up the phone.

The security guard at the main entrance gate of the Nirmal society didn't even ask her anything, assuming that she lived in the same society. She was walking towards that building, which she assumed faced her own society building across the street.

"Madam," called the guard after Deepa had already walked past him.

She turned around.

"Please sanitise your hands," he said pointing at the table near the gate, on which a sanitiser was kept.

She nodded and stepped towards the sanitiser. The guard kept staring at her cleavage as she bent forward a little to sanitise her hands, as the towel got slightly loosened and it was slipping a bit down. She quickly adjusted her towel and turned around to head towards the building, sure of the fact that the security guard was still staring at her lower exposed ass.

She entered the lobby of Building no.2 and like the one in her society building, there was a guard sitting at the reception desk in this one too.

The guard was visibly confused, first trying to figure out if he had seen Deepa before in the building, as it was difficult to recognise anyone with the mask. And then of course, because of her scant attire.

She didn't wanna catch attention of the guard any further and really wanted to run past him to the lift doors. But the expression of haste only made the guard more suspicious.

"Madam," he called her as she was about to press the lift button.

"You need to sanitise your hands," said the guard pointing to the sanitiser at the table.

She wanted to tell him that she had just sanitised her hands at the main gate. But out of nervousness, she walked towards him to sanitise again.

"Which flat are you visiting?" asked the guard.

"Flat no. 501, to meet Ni...Nirav", said Deepa as she straightened up.

"Ok," said the guard.

Deepa was slightly astonished about the lack of strict security measures in the society, but it was actually easier for her to get to her destination now.

The lift door arrived quickly at the ground floor and she pressed the button for the 5th floor.

After the lift reached the 5th floor, she took some time to get out of the lift, slowly taking her legs out of the lift, one step at a time and peeking her head out first to see if anyone was present in the hallway. She noticed that the hallway here was more brightly lit.

She heard the sound of the lift door getting closed and then something was pulling her by the towel. She realised the towel she was wearing got caught in the lift door. She freed herself from the towel and tried to pull it. But the towel was torn now, she could grab only one half of the towel, the other half was inside the lift. Deepa got mad at her bad luck hit her head with her palm.

She realised that she was topless now and she covered her breasts with the hand towel. She decided to just leave Rima's towel on the floor, mostly out of nervousness and anxiety. But the coast was clear and she quickly found out Flat no. 501. She hesitantly rang the door bell, not actually sure who was gonna open it, even though it was the same address that Kavya had mentioned.

For what felt like more than five minutes, but was not actually even a minute, she waited outside the door. She was shaking and getting excited, standing outside a door, in a different flat, a different building, a different housing society altogether, half naked with only a dirty hand towel to barely cover her boobs, but failing to cover the side boobs, and with a short shorts, that legit looked like a pair of panties, if only it wasn't made of jeans. The big white pair of sports shoes made her look even cuter.

She rang the doorbell for the second time and this time, the door opened and it was Kavya indeed.

"Hi, Ms. Nudie, come in," said Kavya with her signature mischievous smile.

Deepa, even though she liked public exposure, quickly dashed inside the flat, as Kavya was the only familiar face in this unknown location.

Kavya was wearing a sort of formal attire, a white long sleeved shirt and a black pencil skirt. Deepa quickly move forward to give her a long kiss.

"I missed you the whole day," said Deepa, no more hiding her breasts, as she was used to being naked in front of Kavya.

"I had to bring a surprise to you, or shall I say, bring you to the surprise," said Kavya.

She grabbed Deepa's hand and led her to a room. The room was almost empty, except for a bedding on the floor. To Deepa's surprise, Hanif was standing at the corner of the room.

"Hi," said Hanif with an awkward wave and then quickly locked his wrists, standing awkwardly.

Deepa quickly covered her boobs with her hand towel.

"I must say, you did a daring task of walking all the way across the street in just your short shorts," said Kavya, noticing Deepa's naked state for the first time.

"I had a towel to cover my upper body, but it got stuck in the lift," said Deepa with a clenched teeth and a smile.

"What's with you and towels? Guess you don't like towels, that's why I gave you hand towels," she said as she snatched the hand towel away from Deepa, which she was using to cover her boobs.

Deepa felt more vulnerable and aroused at the same time. She liked to dominate over Hanif, but in front of Kavya, she was the one to be dominated.