Idea that created this story was partially generated from an episode of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow", where Nora Darhk is turned into a Fairy Godmother. the rest of the story came from watching the movie Sexual Predator on cable, as well as reading "A New Life for Dr. Mitchell, Ch. 09" by Fat_Dad here on Literotica.

The following story includes incest, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, BDSM, rape, sodomy, violence against women beyond BDSM, murder of men and a ton of profanity. Aside from the Fairy Godmother, the characters in this story are broken people who start the story in bad situations with bad mental attitudes, more on that after the story.

The sex is not that graphic, if I had more time and less paying work, I would have the time to make it more graphic, but I figured if I didn't publish this story now, I might not get back to it as I have over a dozen stories at some level of completion, as this story is already more than a year old.

If that sort of story is a turn off, go somewhere else for your mental porn.



In 1693, I was a teenager. I lived in Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony with my mother. We were both witches. Now when I say witch, our powers were most centered on healing and nature. We also were Native Americans.

My dad had been a shaman when he was accidentally killed by a group of colonists hunting for meat. One of those men was single and took my mother and me as his instant family. When the hysteria in Salem started my mother and me fled the colony to seek a way back to her tribe. We were captured and put on trial for being witches, which we were. I watched as my mom was burnt at the stake and I knew I would be soon joining her in a separate bond fire.

So, I wished upon a star for help and an elderly white woman suddenly appeared as my fairy godmother. I asked for help to escape and she helped me escape into the forest. I knew they would hunt me down, so I asked for eternal life. What happened is we exchanged bodies as she got my powers and I got hers. She told me she had been bouncing back and forth from one spoiled brat to the next for over six centuries and was tired of being a fairy godmother. Her only escape from her life as a fairy godmother was if someone with magic powers gave her the ability to switch bodies, which I did. Then she ran off. I watched as the colonists caught her and burned her and my body at the stake.


For over 300 years, I wandered the Americas being whisked from one child or teenager to another. All of them had sorrow in their lives. Some wished for happiness for their parents, others wished for more attractive bodies or clothing, but my most frequent request had to do with producing bunnies, ponies, kittens or puppies who would be the kid's companion. As soon as the kid no longer needed me, I was whisked to the next kid to grant another series of wishes.

In the year 2011, I was whisked into the bedroom of an obese 18-year-old teenager just as he turned 18, who was naked and masturbating to an internet video of a portion of the movie "Sexual Predator" featuring a naked Angie Everhart. Beside him was a box of Kleenex and a bottle of Vaseline.

Now imagine if an overweight grandmother type in a powder blue dress and cape outfit straight from the pages of Disney's Cinderella shows up in your room, as you are obese and naked masturbating to a fit naked red headed actress having sex on your computer screen. You would probably do exactly what Kevin did.

He immediately tried to cover his nudity and then asked, "Who are you and how did you get in here? What do you want?"

I answered as I always did, "Well, I'm your fairy godmother, Kevin. Your sorrow drew me here to your room and you are stuck with me until I am no longer needed."

"Wait a minute, you are telling me, I can ask you for anything and you have to grant me my wishes? I wish to have a naked woman looking like her in my bedroom."

As I was tired of looking like a grandmother, I decided to become that woman. Turning myself into a naked Angie Everhart, with C-cup tits, a fit body and long red hair. If the choice is living my life as a doddering old white-haired overweight grandmother or a fiery redheaded temptress with a killer body, I decided I was tired of looking like someone's grandmother. So, there I stood before Kevin, naked and looking like a 5-foot 10-inch Angie Everhart with C-cup tits. Of course, being a fairy godmother, I had to have some blue clothing on, so I was wearing blue silk stockings, blue leather stiletto heeled thigh boots, blue leather garter belt, blue leather open cup bra, a blue sapphire choker necklace and blue leather opera gloves. I made my own girl cum taste like blueberry salt-water taffy.

Kevin looked me up and down and then walked around me, fondling my tits and ass as he walked around me, asking, "What the fuck? How did you do that?"

"I'm your fairy godmother, you gave me the opportunity to change my looks and I took the opportunity. I'm over 300 years old and was getting tired of the grandmother look. So, do you wish for me to make any changes to your body? You may wish to get me to fuck you, but that tiny pecker will never get into this fit cunt, because your obese body will keep you from penetrating me."

Kevin looked to his belly, not being able to see past the folds of his belly then looked up and said, "Yes I would love to be fit with a thick 10-inch cock. I mean, can you change me in that way? You know, make me a stud?"

"Of course, I can. I'm your fairy godmother." I took a look at Kevin and began by shrinking his waist; took the fat out of his jaw, giving him a thinner face; then I began by defining his pecks and abs; removed the fat from his arms and shoulder, giving his arm & hand muscles more definition; then took the fat from his legs and thighs, giving his foot, leg and thigh muscles more definition; I magically lifted his body up and turned him around as I looked at his backside, taking the fat from his ass and back, giving his ass and lower back more muscle definition. I decided to restyle his unkempt curly hair giving him a shorter macho hair style. Finally, I turned him back around, magically moved his hands from his privates and looked at his junk. I decided to give him that thick 10" cock, as well as a larger pair of hairless balls capable of producing a ton of cum, removing all of his pubic hair. The obese Kevin was gone. The new Kevin looked like a body building porn star, someone most women would drool over. My final touch was making his cum taste like chocolate flavored salt-water taffy.

"OK Kevin. Now I'm ready to fuck you."

I pushed a stunned buff Kevin onto his bed and mounted him, taking his virginity, with him taking mine.

As the movie played, I watched it trying to replicate the moves and sounds of the actress who I looked like. Kevin, then decided to takeover, flipping me on my back as he pounded his weapon into my pussy as I wrapped my leather and lace clad legs around his ass.

I guess we were making a ton of noise as his older obese sister walked in on us, saying "Kevin, I do not need to hear that awful porn. Oh fuck, who are you two and what have you done to my brother?"

Kevin stopped, and I wrapped my legs around him holding him in place as I responded to her for Kevin.

"I am Kevin's fairy godmother and this naked hunk fucking my pussy is the new Kevin. If Kevin wishes it, I can turn you into a major league babe, but I am going to have to see your naked body, because seeing you in those sweats hides a lot of your body."

"Yeah, right. I don't believe either of you. I am going to call the police." With that she turned around and I decided to protect Kevin, I needed to levitate her and stick her to the wall, all the while I kept fucking Kevin. "What the fuck? HELP! HELP! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!" I decided then to put a ball gag into her mouth, making it appear out of nowhere.

"Kevin, you know the only way she is going to believe me and not report us to anyone is if I turn her into a naked hottie and you fuck her to numerous orgasms."

"OK, fairy godmother, make my sister into a bimbo fuck toy."

I levitated her off the wall and shredded her sweats instantly, then I shredded her bra and panties, making the shredded clothes disappear into nothing. "Kevin, what's her name?" "Rose."

With her nude except for her socks and tennis shoes, I decided to start with her face and hair. I removed the fat from her head and tightened the skin around her face. I made her lips fuller and permanently red. Then I took her short, cropped hair and grew it until it was past her shoulders, then fashioned it into a Genie ponytail with a red leather scrunchy securing her hair.

I next began working on her arms and mid-section. I first removed the fat from her arms and then tightened her arm skin, followed by removing her under arm hair, then I shrank her stomach until she was a 24 around her waist. I then worked on her chest area, first removing the fat and then giving her a set of J-cup tits with super sensitive nipples and a pair of hoops piercing those nipples. I turned her around and gave muscle definition to her back muscles, especially her lower back to compensate for her tits.

I continued down to her waist first removing the cellulite from her ass, then tightening her ass, giving her a fuckable apple bottom ass. I gave her back a tramp stamp tattoo of her name in red Old English font. I spread her ass cheeks and began stretching her asshole, as she screamed into her ball-gag. I made that asshole sensitive, so she would get orgasms from getting sodomized. I then turned her to her front and removed that forest of black pubic hair, making her pussy hairless. I added a pair of rose tattoos to just above each side of her pussy. I gave her a one-inch clitoris, with a diamond stud piercing it and made it very sensitive. I then flipped her on her back, spread her legs and removed the hair from her taint and ass cheeks. I made her girl cum taste like cherry salt water taffy.

Finally, I moved onto her legs, removing her tennis shoes and shocks first. Then, I removed her leg hair, followed by the fat from her thighs and calves, then I gave her muscle definition to both. Finally, I decided to encase those coltish legs in red fishnet stockings, red stiletto heeled thigh boots and attached to the tops of the stockings a red leather garter belt. I decided to finish off her look by putting her into a red leather open cup bra. I then magically attached two chains to the ceiling and attached the chains to a pair of hand cuffs. Before I attached the cuffs to her wrists, I encased her arms in leather opera gloves and her neck with a red leather sex slave choker collar attached by a hoop ring to a red leather leash.

When she was secured in those chains, I could not hold off my first orgasm no longer as I had about four hard orgasms back to back to back to back. Meanwhile Kevin shot several ropes of cum into my magical pussy, which kept his cock erect, despite him cumming. As both Kevin and I were recovering from our orgasms, Kevin's sister struggled in her cuffs and ball gag, kicking the bed.

When I came to, I tapped Kevin on the shoulder ad told him. "Well stud, now its time to go fuck your slut sister Rose." When I said those words, I saw extreme hatred in Rose's eyes as she tried to say something through her ball gag.

Meanwhile Kevin got up off me, fully exposing my nudity and his to his sister's eyes, then he shuffled over to her, bent her forward and inserted his cock into his sister's pussy fucking her hard, while pulling her head back with one hand using her ponytail, while the other moved to her hip as their skin slapped together over and over again.

I saw tears streaming down her eyes as her brother raped her from behind. "Hey stud, why don't you grope those melons she's sporting?" That caused Kevin to begin fondling her F-cup tits. Poor Rose was having orgasm after orgasm as her brother fucked her and played with her tits.

To make sure the bond between brother and sister was cemented, I had an idea.

"Hey stud, move around the front, and fuck Rose from the front. That way you can suck on those melons." Ever the horny teenager, Kevin did just that entering his sister's pussy from the front, grabbing her ass cheeks and sucking on her tits.

"Fairy Godmother, I want to kiss my slutty sister, please remove the ball gag." I did this immediately.

"Kevin, you stop, oh, oh fuck, not again, I'm cumming, mmff, mmff." Kevin and Rose started kissing and as he became more assertive, she became more passionate in kissing and then French kissing her own brother. Rose broke the kiss asking,

"What the fuck did you do to me? And can you release me from these cuffs and chains? My arms and back are starting to hurt." Kevin ask, "Fairy Godmother please remove her restraints, I don't think she will be a problem now, especially given she is mounted on my cock and kissed me like that."

So, I made the cuffs and chains disappear. Kevin sat his now beautiful sister down on the bed and kept up the fucking. As she looked over to me, I leaned in and kissed her lips as I began fondling her tits, pulling on the loops. Looking over to the computer screen I notice that a new movie was playing, in this one there was a threesome with one woman getting fucked by the man, while she ate the pussy of the other woman in the video. So, I pushed her back on the bed, straddled her face, facing her brother who was still fucking her. "Lick me Rose, eat your brother's cum out of my pussy." Like a good girl, Rose did as she was commanded, as I French Kissed her brother as he kept fucking his busty sister.

After multiple orgasms, the three of us separated with Rose sandwiched between me and Kevin.

Rose spoke first, "I can't believe I lost my virginity to my brother and that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Shit, I cannot believe I ate my brother's cum out of your cunt. All three of us look like fucking porn stars, especially me with these jugs. Couldn't you have made them smaller?"

Kevin responded, "I like them the size they are. You have always been mean to me, just like the rest of our family, so until you stop being a bitch and treating me like a piece of shit. I will not be asking for them to be reduced. I was contemplating suicide when she appeared in a blue ballgown looking like an elderly rich woman. I asked her to bring me a woman looking like Angie Everhart and she became my wet dream crush. Now, I look like a stud and have fucked two women."

Rose responded, "Well, you think it's been easy for me? Fuck, you know how crappy mom, big sis and the aunts have treated both of us. But no, you just care about yourself. So, please reduce these melons into something more manageable?"

I responded, "Well Rose, I could reduce your tit size, if you promise to not get your brother into trouble and of course if your brother wishes for it to happen. As his fairy godmother, I must grant whatever his wish is, unless if it puts his life in danger. I must fulfill his greatest need. Only then am I whisked to the next child or teen nearby who has a deep need that I must figure out how to fulfill. Now this 314-year-old woman needs a cock in me, and I am curious how your pussy tastes."

So, I got into the 69 position above Rose and Kevin entered my pussy from behind. Every so often, Kevin would pull out, stick his cock into his sister's mouth and then back into my quim. Meanwhile, I feasted on her pussy as I ate my first peach. At first, I didn't like the taste, but then I changed her taste so she would taste like cherry flavored salt-water taffy. When we finished, I looked up at the computer screen to see a threesome, where the two women were French Kissing, while the man alternated between their pussies and assholes. So, I maneuvered the three of us into our positions with me on top of Rose and Kevin alternating between our pussies and assholes. Of course, one of us took Kevin's virginity regarding sodomizing someone, while Kevin took both of our anal virginities.

All three of us were cumming, when we heard a female voice ask, "What the hell is going on here?"

In unison, both Kevin and Rose muttered, "Oh fuck it's mom!" At that I disappeared between the siblings and appeared in front of their mom.

"OK, it's time to hang you from the ceiling by your wrists, until we figure out what to do with you. Oh, and I should probably shut you up before you can cause any trouble." With that, I threw a ball gag in her mouth and made the chain attached to padded purple leather wrist cuffs. I then turned to the siblings. Kevin still had his cock in his sister's asshole. "Kevin, should I do to your mom, what I did to Rose? Make her a bimbo slut too? If so, what is her name?"

Rose answered for Kevin, "Yes definitely, her name is Lilith."

Kevin responded, "Whatever Rose just said."

So, I gave mom the bimbo treatment, removing her clothes, fat & cellulite; tightening her skin; giving her muscle definition; removed her under arm, vaginal, taint, ass and leg hair; giving her the genie/slave girl ponytail with the purple leather scrunchy, the plump fuckable lips, J-cup tits, a one inch clit, the hoop nipple piercings, an amethyst clit piercing, purple lily tattoos just above either side of her clit and a purple tattoo of the slutified version of her name "Lily" in cursive writing with purple lilies on either side. I then encased her legs in purple fishnet stockings attached to a purple leather garter belt, followed by purple leather stiletto heeled thigh boots, a purple leather open cup bra, the purple leather choker slave collar attached to her purple leather leash and then purple leather opera gloves. I also increased the sensitivity of her clit, asshole, and nipples, so she would more easily orgasm and become a sex slave to Kevin's cock, just like Rose had apparently become. I then changed her cum to taste like plum flavored salt-water taffy.

I turned back to the siblings. "Ok Rose, time to suck off your brother and get him hard enough to start fucking your new slut mommy."

Kevin pulled his cock out of Rose, picked up her red leash securing it around his wrist and walked over to his new and improved slutty mom leading his sister who crawled off the bed and knelt by him, and fucked her pussy from behind, while he pulled on her ponytail with one hand while he groped her left tit with his other hand. As her mom started crying, Rose yelled out, "Spank her ass Kevin, mommy has been a bad girl".

Kevin stopped pulling on her hair and began to slap his mom's ass, switching ass cheeks and tits as he felt up and spanked his mom, while he maintained his fuck of her. Kevin then started talking dirty to her, "Like me fucking your slut pussy cum bucket? This is for treating me like a second-class citizen you man-hating bitch. I think it's time to fuck your slutty asshole mom."

He said all this as his mom shook with her first cock induced orgasm, then he pulled his weapon from his mom's pussy and began fucking her asshole. After his mom squirted from an anal orgasm, he pulled out his cock and ordered, "Rose suck my cock, it's time to fuck mom's pussy from the front."

So, he pulled out of his mom's ass, stuck his cock in his sister's mouth and began to fuck her face. He then approached his mom from the front secured her leash to his other wrist, picked her up by her thighs and steered his cock back into her pussy, beginning another fuck session. His mom's eyes rolled up into her head as he licked and chewed on her tits and nipples as Lily began experiencing multiple back to back orgasms.

Kevin then told me as he kept fucking his mother, "Fairy godmother, I think it's time to remove her ball gag. As soon as the ball gag was removed, Kevin began to French Kiss his mom, as Rose began to lick his cock and the taint, pussy and asshole of her naked mom. With the threesome paying attention to just themselves, I froze time, so I could take in the remainder of the house.