Parting lips, James spoke first. "It's ok, Sara. I want you to know I have a copy of that book myself and found myself fantasizing of being a little bit Mr. Grey myself, only not so messed up."

Sara looked deep into his eyes as if trying to read his soul. "James, I am so glad to hear that. The sex we've had has been great and I'd never give that up in a million years, but this is something I think we can use to bring us even closer." Sara was baring her soul now, anxious to hear his response.

James nodded and smiled. "I agree. If you are sure, I mean."

Sara nodded back, kissed him tenderly on the lips and whispered "I'm sure...Now get off me so I can dress for dinner. We'll never hear the end of it if we don't show up."

Arriving later than fashionably late for dinner, James and Sara found almost all the tables full of people enjoying their last restaurant meal for the next 4 weeks.

"Look they have name cards for assigned seating" Sara explained excitedly. "Let's find ours."

"Over here" James called out.

Sara glanced back in James' direction and said under her breath "Just my luck." James was standing at a table already occupied by two lovely young women, roughly mid-twenties. One was a taller with jet black hair and a seductive confident smile. The other was a shorter, rounder redhead with demure attitude.

Sara noticed James was grinning ear to ear as he reached across the table to shake hands. Sara hustled over beside him and gave his butt a quick but firm pinch with her left hand. James jumped and turned to Sara with a slight grimace.

Sara put her left arm around him possessively and reached across the table with her right. "Hi, I'm Sara" her mouth said pleasantly, while her eyes said "This is my man and if you want a piece of him you'll be coming through me first."

James held out the chair for Sara and helped her settle comfortably close to the table.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer and this is my roommate Karen" explained the taller, raven haired beauty.

Karen looked up and gave a little wave. "Hi" she said shyly, then looked down at her plate again.

"Well it's nice to meet you both. I'm James. Did you say you were roommates?" He said to start up the friendly conversation.

"Yes, we're Professor Black's grad students" said Jennifer. "This is our second expedition and we're very excited to get on with it" she explained.

"Yes, very excited" added Karen with a shy smile. Jennifer glanced over at her roommate and Karen again looked down.

"Well this is our first time and we're also very excited, aren't we dear?" Sara said with a smile to James as she slipped her left hand beneath the table and gave his cock a squeeze.

James almost choked on the sip of water he was taking. Coughing once he croaked "Yes, excited".

Jennifer looked across the table directly into Sara's eyes with a sort of smoldering sexuality and explained "These tables have been assigned into field groups. Each table will have a specific region to explore. Two interns (you guys) will be assigned to two experienced guides (us) to provide assistance in our...exploring."

Sara was not sure she liked this arrangement but James spoke up first. "So you guys are our bosses, kind of?" he asked.

Jennifer turned that smoldering gaze to James now. "Well, it's not anything so formal. We just have the...experience and you can look to us for guidance and help, making this trip enjoyable for all of us." Jennifer said as she turned to Karen and smiled.

Sara's head was spinning as she struggled to figure out just exactly what was going on here. Jennifer was clearly in charge but Sara wasn't sure if she was sexually coming on to her or James or was more interested in Karen, who apparently was Jennifer's pet of some sort.

Sara tried to sort it all out "So you guys are roommates and classmates?"

"Yes we have a flat together off campus and spend most our time studying in the labs, working on artifacts from the university archives" Jennifer explained.

"Sounds like it doesn't leave much time for a personal life" Sara suggested.

"If you mean men, then no, there isn't much time for that sort of nonsense" Jennifer stared with eyes that burned into Sara. "But we're content with each other" Jennifer said as she put her hand on Karen's arm which rested on the table.

Sara breathed a sigh of relief. These two weren't into James, and she felt they probably weren't into her either. A quick vision of a girl girl girl three way popped into her head briefly and she shook that off. One thing at a time she thought, remembering the day's exciting events.

The dinner was just ok, just typical hotel food. Nourishment, but little else. James and Sara ate quietly, exchanging knowing glances.

During coffee and desert Professor Black stood up to give a briefing on upcoming events. "As you must know by now our group is going to be broken up into smaller units. Each unit will be assigned a specific geographic region to explore. The grad students have been studying their areas for months and have specific sites identified for in-depth examination. The interns will be an extra set of eyes and, if necessary, labor for excavations. We are hoping to repeat the success of Jennifer and Karen from last year when they returned with some exciting finds."

Professor Black waited while the entire group gave the lucky team a round of applause, including James and Sara who were impressed and now glad to have been given this opportunity.

"I must also credit Jennifer with coming up with the unpaid intern idea for this year. She rightly pointed out that it will allow us to cover more ground without breaking the budget. She also helped me review the applications this afternoon and make the team assignments. So thank you again for your hard work Jennifer."

Another brief round of applause occured, as Sara watched Jennifer closely. Sara leaned over and whispered to James "Why do you suppose she picked us?"

"Beats me" he replied with a sly sexy grin.

"Maybe she's into you...Gorgeous."

"I bet you'd like that, wouldn't ya?" Sara teased and gave his cock another stroke.

"We mount up at 8AM tomorrow so get a good night's rest. Any questions? None? Ok, see you in the morning."

The group began to break up and head for their rooms. Sara and James watched as Jennifer and Karen walked ahead of them down the hall, hand in hand. The girls stopped briefly at their door, which happened to be next door to Sara and James' room. They looked back at Sara and James, giggled at some private joke, then whispered "Good night, you guys. Sleep well."

Sara took James' hand and led him into the room, sitting next to him on the bed. "James we need to have a talk."

"About the girls next door? Trust me you have nothing to worry about there."

"No, not that. About what we discussed before dinner."

"Oh, that" said James, caressing her cheeks gently with his hands.

"I want to know I can really trust you and you'll never hurt me." Sara started.

"I know it's been a whirlwind day. But I do feel something is bringing us closer" James earnestly replied.

"It's about that closeness. I want to share some things with you I thought I never could, not with anyone. May I explain some things I've always wanted...sexually?"

"Only if I can do the same, Sara."

She smiled. It was exactly what she wanted to hear. "It's hard to put into words completely. Maybe we could just start doing...things and I'll try to explain as we go."

"I'm listening" said Sam, watching Sara intently.

Sara picked up the backpack lying next to the bed and pulled out a hank of soft cotton rope and set it on the bed. "Would you cut this into four equal lengths for me, James?"

Intrigued, James took out his pocket knife and did as asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Now would you undress me, please?"

Sara stood in front of him and watched carefully as he removed each piece of her clothing, starting with her shirt and bra and working his way down. He noticed her shiver a little as he pulled her panties down, the last item.

Sara stepped closer to him, reached her arms to hug his head, pressing his face into her bosom. "I love being naked in front of you. It's like giving myself to you as a present, only much deeper, more personal."

James rested his head against her, enjoying the closeness of her soft chest rising and falling with each breath.

"Please take the rope and tie one end of each to my wrists and ankles."

James did as he was told again, becoming increasingly ensnared in her game. "No, game is the wrong word" he thought. "This is something more, for both of us."

Sara climbed onto the bed and spreadeagled herself, tossing the ropes to the corners. "Pull those ropes around the legs of the bed. As tight as you can."

James began to do as he was told. "This is something that is more than just sexual for me, James. It's a deep need, a craving to give myself to you. The ropes allow me to let go completely. They prevent me from changing my mind and closing myself off again. When I am bound I can be completely yours. Tighter, James. Tighter please. Tie your slave as tight as you can. No possibility of escape for your slave."

James had anticipated her needs and tied bowline knots that would be secure on her limbs, but not snug tighter, cutting off her circulation, no matter how hard he pulled the ropes.

"That's perfect, James. Sara the slave is now all yours now"

He stood and inspected his work. Sara was a vision of beauty. Stretched tightly and rolling her hips, inviting him to enjoy her as he saw fit.

She watched as he undressed, his eyes constantly on her, drinking her in. She loved being there for him to enjoy. Any way he wanted to. When his cock popped up as he pulled his shorts down she was pleased, knowing she was having the desired effect on her master.

She licked her lips seductively. Letting him know her mouth was ready for him, if that's what he wanted. She watched as he scratched his chin then walked to the bathroom. "Everything ok, Master?"

"Yes, I just need a minute to shave, my pet. You aren't going anywhere are you?"

"No, but please hurry" Sara pleaded.

James wanted his face to be smooth for what he had in mind. Finishing a quick shave he climbed onto the bed between her legs. He could see the spreading moisture glistening on her lips. Sara glanced down, hoping he would take her with his tongue, a favorite fantasy when she imagined herself tied like this.

James began with her soft, tender inner thighs, kissing and licking. He slowly moved closer, feeling a heat radiating from her sex. His tongue began exploring her folds, drinking in her sweet nectar.

"Oh God" Sara thought "He is even better than my dreams." She flexed her arm and leg muscles, testing her bondage. She was not going to go anywhere, no matter how much pleasure he gave her. The thought of it caused a deep moan to emerge from her throat.

James' tongue continued exploring. He pinched and pulled her lips with his mouth. He listened carefully for the clues that told him he was doing exactly what she needed. Her clit was emerging from its shroud, as if seeking pleasure of its own. He circled teasingly, occasionally lightly touching the sensitive tip of her swollen clit with flat of his tongue, sliding upward until the tip of his tongue flicked her clit. She rolled and moaned each time he did that.

"His tongue is truly magic" Sara thought. "It's as if he's reading my mind!!" She focused all her sexual energy into her pussy and was rewarded as his nose tickled her clit as his tongue explored deep into her cunt. Circling her tender inside walls, stretching his tongue upward until he found her g-spot.

Fireworks began going off inside her closed eyelids as his fingers replaced his tongue and his lips returned to suck her engorged clit between his lips while his tongue swirled around and across it.

Sensing she was about to come, James drank in her juices and used every move of his tongue and fingers to push her down the path she could no longer resist.

Sara tensed up and uttered a low grunting sound which she carried until her hips suddenly tipped down, then up hard, and held as her orgasm took over her body completely. She shook and shivered and quaked wildly as he remained clamped tightly on her clit. She climaxed like this once, twice, three times before she cried "No more, no more, oh God please, no more."

He pulled back and smiled as her body lay lifeless, only occasionally twitching and shivering in aftershocks with satisfied mmmm-ing sounds coming out of her lips repeatedly.

Finally she said "How did you do that? It was you were inside my head, inside my pussy, inside everywhere."

"Quick, untie me" she added. He obliged, slipping each bowline knot easily. As soon as she was free she grabbed him around the neck and began showering his cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, neck and finally his mouth with a flurry of kisses.

James smiled as the kisses came. The fantasy scene they just played was one of his favorites and it went even better than he had hoped. Although, when he used it while masturbating, he always came when she did. Now he was pleased but more than a little frustrated.

Sara teased him "You know I have so many more fantasies. Dark fantasies of sexual torture, and teasing. All at your hands."

James moaned as his cock grew harder at this news.

Sensing his need, Sara pushed him down onto his back on the bed. "Please, let your slave help you come, Master." She quickly straddled him and, her pussy lips stretching deliciously, she lowered herself onto him.

James looked up at her, admiring her pert breasts bouncing with the diamond hard nipples pointing out proudly. Her face contorted in ecstasy as his hips lifted up to meet her downward thrusts.

Faster and faster she rose up and came crashing down. Sara was staring down at her master, pleased with his reaction to her fucking. Suddenly she surprised herself as her hips began rocking in a short twerking-like motion. She found she could do this motion at blazing speeds and watched in amazement at the effect it had on him.

"Never in my life had I been fucked like this" thought James as Sara abused his cock in this most unique way. "It's almost as though she is fucking me so fast I can't keep up with the sensations. My cock being bent to and fro and banged around in that gloriously tight pussy." Unable to stop, James' orgasm built and built until he exploded in wild throbbing sensations. "Cuuuummmminnnngg" was all he could say.

Sara looked down at his face, thrilled that she had been able to wreck him so thoroughly. "All in a day's work for my master" she whispered into his exhausted ear as he softened and slipped out.

She wrapped her body around his and pulled up the covers. They were both soon fast asleep. Grateful for the rest.

James phone alarm went off suddenly. They awakened and it was though they had only closed their eyes only seconds ago. Sara and James showered and dressed quickly, hoping to not be late for their first day on the job.

Grabbing their belongings, they rushed down the hall into the lobby. Thankfully, a coffee station was set up and lined with to-go sack breakfasts. They snagged some coffees and the breakfast as they headed out the door.

They found Jennifer and Karen loading a Land Rover and threw their belonging in the back, Sara's pack as usual banging and clacking as it landed. Jennifer gave Sara a look and said "You know it's good we're not going hunting or you'd scare off any animal within 20 miles."

"Sorry" Sara said, thinking "This bitch better stay off my case."

Loaded up, the Range Rover sped off down the road, pulling onto a highway heading northwest. Turning off after a few hours, the roads grew progressively narrower and rougher with each passing hour. Finally, coming to the end of a road that turned into a path, Jennifer announced "End of the line."

Jennifer got out and asked James to help her get some stuff off the roof. "We have a lot of gear and supplies to haul in so we stuff them in these canvas bags then sling them below these posts we carry on our shoulders. James, you and I will take one pole and Sara and Karen will take the other. We are stronger and taller so we'll try to take a heavier load and they'll take a lighter one. It's the only way to get a months worth of stuff in with just one trip."

James was impressed with Jennifer's preparations and praised her for it. Sara glared at the both of them and thought of last night. "Yeah, she can pack a camp but you'll never get what I gave you last night from her" she mused, satisfied with her superiority in bed.

"We've got a four hour trek and five hours of daylight so we better hit it." Jennifer commanded. She hoisted the front of the pole onto her shoulder while James lifted his end at the same time. The load swung below the pole and James could see how this was an easier way to get more weight moving than packs alone, although everyone also had a full pack.

Sara observed how they had loaded their pole and waited at the back for Karen to grab the front end of theirs. "One, two, three, go" she called out as they lifted.

Then they were on the trail. Taking up the rear, Sara could see James watching Jennifer ahead of him. She did a slow jealous burn at first, but after a while grew too weary of the load to care any more.

Finally arriving at a small clearing Jennifer announced. "This is our site from last year. Sara, if you and James can get to work on the tents, Karen and I will unpack everything else and start a fire for dinner."

Soon they found themselves around the fire enjoying dinner as the jungle darkness closed in around them. Sara commented "This reminds me of Girl Scouts sitting around the fire after dark. Scary, but safe at the same time."

"Boy Scouts too" James chimed in, leaving Sara wondering if that's where he learned how to tie knots. She shivered a bit at the thought of last night and shifted closer to him on their shared log.

James asked "So where is this site you found last year?"

"It's right over..." Karen was interrupted as Jennifer pulled her arm down before she could point out the direction.

"Strange" both James and Sara thought as they glanced at each other nervously.

Jennifer began "We haven't been completely honest with you guys about last year."

James and Sara exchanged glances again, a bit more concerned. "You see, last year we found more than just old dusty artifacts. We stumbled across a tribe of Amazon women. They took us in and told us how they had lived for centuries procreating by capturing men from native tribes and using them for sex before discarding them."

"What!!?? Wait a minute!!" exclaimed Sara.

"Yes, it's true. And in the last hundred years they have developed a refined taste for white men in particular."

"Get...out" shouted Sara.

With that James burst into laughter. "What's so funny, James?" Sara demanded.

"Don't you remember in Girl Scouts what you did around the campfire? Telling ghost stories about escaped mental patients and the like to scare each other?"

Sara blushed that she had fallen so easily for the oldest trick in the book. "Oh you guys" she said across the campfire.

They heard a rustling in the nearby brush. Sara jumped as James looked at the girls across the fire from them, laughing.

"They've got a string or something rigged up to shake the bushes from where they are sitting. Oh look!! Here come the Amazons!!" Everyone was laughing now at the fine joke well played.

In the midst of the laughter they almost missed the sounds.

Ffffftt, Ffffftt.

James felt something like a bee sting on his neck as he reached up and pulled out a small dart.