It all started one sunny day in May. I woke up that morning horny as shit, so I walked over to Mike's apartment. For the last few months I had been exploring my bisexual side, sucking him hard and then doing whatever we felt the moment lead. I let myself in with the key he had given me and stripped off my clothes as I walked toward his bedroom. Mike still lay there asleep; luckily he had slept naked that night. I admired him for a minute, my cock growing hard as I watched him and admired his cock. I knelt down beside the bed, lifted my cock so it wouldn't keep poking against the wood frame of the bed, and reached out to grab his cock. Leaning in, I hungrily sucked it in my mouth. I could feel him stir as his cock grew hard.

His eyes opened and he smiled at me, letting out a slight groan as I sucked him. He slowly pushed me back, got up and pulled me to my feet. Grabbing my cock he led me into the shower. We soaped each other up, taking our time to rub each other down in every spot possible. I was the first to rinse off, and as we slid around each other so he could rinse off, I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him as the water ran over us, until his first load of cum squirted into my mouth.

Reaching around him, I turned off the shower. Then I got up, grabbed a towel, and started to rub Mike dry. I didn't care that I was dripping water myself, as I grabbed his hand and lead him back to the bed. I pushed him down, pulled his legs up, and after putting a little lube on the head of my cock, slid it into his ass. It didn't take long, and I was cumming deep inside him. That was my way to a great start of the day.

I asked him what his plans for the day were, and he told me that he was going to visit his parents for the day. I told him I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but I was probably going to go out that night. One of our local hotels had a nice bar/dance floor in it, and I told him I hadn't had a pussy in a while, and was kind of craving it. Mike is gay, so I knew he wouldn't want to go, so him going to his parents was perfect for me.

Mike stroked himself hard and told me to get on my hands and knees. I felt my ass get wet as he put some lube on it. I tried to relax and open up my ass to him as I felt the head of his cock push against it. He fucked me for five minutes until I told him I wanted on top. He laid on his back, and I climbed on top of him. Grabbing his dick, I slid my ass down on his cock until I buried it as deep as it could go. Squeezing my ass as tight as I could, I slid slowly up and down his cock. I could feel him get really hard in me, and I knew that meant he was about to come. Releasing the pressure I rode him as hard and fast as I could, and when I felt his hot cum being released, I sat down hard on him, trying to take every bit of his sperm as deep inside me as possible. My cock was raging hard and I quickly stroked it, cumming all over his face.

We got cleaned up, got dressed, and went our own separate ways. I went back to my apartment to figure out a plan of attack for that night.

About 9 pm, I left and drove to the bar. It was pretty packed in there, but I saw my friend Jim, and sat down at his table. We had a few drinks as we surveyed the room, and he told me of the women he had already approached. I noticed two women at a table and motioned toward them. He said they had just arrived a few minutes ago. He had noticed them but not yet approached them.

One had caught my eye, a big boobed blond. I was kind of surprised because I typically preferred brunettes, but something told me to ask her to dance. I walked over to her and started to make small talk, finally getting the nerve to ask her to dance. She agreed so we headed out to the dance floor.

I could tell she had already had a few drinks, and she would bump and rub on me every once in a while. She was playing cute, and I of course was more than happy to go along with it. The song ended and a slow song came on. She cozied up to me, and started to grind her pussy against my cock. I could feel myself getting hard, and I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy tight against my cock so she could feel it grow.

The song ended and she led me back to her table. She slid in first, and had me sit next to her. Under the table she started massaging my cock through my shorts. She introduced herself as Kathy, and her friend was Linda. Linda said my friend should join us, so I motioned for him to come over. He slid in next to Linda, and they started to talk. It wasn't long before they were also getting touchy feely under the table with each other.

When it came closing time, we were all feeling pretty good and Kathy told us we should all go back to her place. When we got there, Linda and Kathy told us to make some drinks and get comfortable, and they went into the bedroom to change. After waiting for a few minutes for the girls to come back, I decided to go see what was taking so long. After all, I was horny, and knew I was going to get fucked that night.

I walked to the door I had watched the girls had disappear into, and saw that it wasn't shut tight. I peeked in and saw Kathy and Linda laying naked on the bed, playing with each others boobs. I reached down and played with my cock as I watched them. I heard Linda say how they should not keep the guys waiting much longer, and I walked quickly back to the living room.

The girls came back into the room with us wearing only long loose fitting shirts. Kathy came and sat on my lap, took my drink and took a long pull on it. We started making out and drinking even more, both of us feeling no pain. It wasn't long before my hand found its way into her shirt, playing with her nipples. Kathy's hand was playing with my cock, and soon had the zipper undone. I had to wiggle as she pulled my cock out. I unbuttoned her shirt and started sucking on her nipples as she played with my cock.

I glanced over at Jim, and saw they were already naked. Linda was giving Jim a blow job, and the sight of his cock made me even harder. I had never saw his cock before, and didn't realize how large he was. I pulled Kathy's shirt off and she quickly undressed me as well. Quickly she straddled me, sliding my cock into her wet pussy. Soon we rolled over and I was on top, hammering her as hard as I could. I feel the head of my cock scrapping something deep inside her. She started to beg me to fuck her doggy style, so I slid out of her to allow her to roll to her hands and knees. As I slid my cock back into her, I felt her orgasm when my balls slapped against her. We fucked another five minutes like that, and she came 3 more times. I then had her roll over onto her back. I wanted to get as deep into her as I could before I came, and after another couple minutes, I pushed as deep into as I could as exploded cum inside her. She started cumming one last time as she felt the heat of my cum fill her.

We laid together as we watched Jim and Linda fuck. Linda was on top and really riding him hard, and suddenly she pulled off of him and quickly put his cock in her mouth. We saw cum trickling from the corner of her mouth as Jim finished for the last time that night.

We all laid there, tired, but I was not quite ready to sleep. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and as I walked back I could hear Jim snoring lightly. As I turned the corner to the living room, I saw Kathy licking Linda's pussy. I felt my cock spring to life again as Linda looked over at me smiling. She told me that Kathy had wanted to taste Jim's cum, and this was the easiest way without waking him up. I smiled and agreed, and started fucking Kathy doggy style again while she ate out Linda.

Linda started tugging on Kathy, and Kathy moved off of me, sliding her pussy up until she sat on Linda's face. I moved up and slid my cock into Linda's wet pussy, I fucked her as I watched her lick and nibble on Kathy's pussy. I could tell Kathy had cum when she dripped onto Linda's face.

Kathy got up and turned around, sitting back down on Linda's face while facing me. She leaned over and started kissing me, and I felt her hands playing with my balls. Then she slowly started pushing me out of Linda, and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked on me, licking Linda's juices off of my cock, and then started guiding my cock back to Linda's hole.

I felt the head of my cock touch the rim of the hole, and thought it felt a little tighter, and as I looked down I realized Kathy had put my cock into Linda's ass. Kathy was trying to lick Linda's pussy while I fucked Linda's ass. It only took a couple minutes, and I unleashed another hot torrent of cum, this time deep in Linda's ass.

I listened and watched Kathy and Linda cum together. I played with my cock as I watched, and although my cock was getting sore, it started getting hard one more time. Kathy rolled over and told me she would help me with that and sucked me until I was completely hard again. Kathy told me she had only one rule in sex, and that was we could fuck whoever we wanted, but the last fuck of the night always had to be each me and her. If I was okay with that, we could be together, but if not , this would be the last time we fucked.

I told her that her rule was a good rule, but it should apply even if she fucked another woman or I fucked another guy. Her eyes lit up and said she agreed, and couldn't wait to watch me fuck a guy. She had always wanted to watch two guys together, she just hadn't had the chance yet.

As I fucked her one last time that night, I told her about how I had fucked Mike just that morning. She came three more times , and then told me to fuck her and cum in her ass. I slid out of her, she lifted her legs up, and I slid my cock into her ass. It wasn't long before I was cumming deep inside her ass, and then felt her cumming as well, one last time for the night.

We collapsed onto the floor, and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up with the sun shining on our faces. Kathy and I set about making breakfast, still not wanting to put on clothes. I told Kathy I was a nudist, and told me she had always been curious about it, but hadn't ever met anyone to explore that lifestyle with. I told her it can be our second rule, always be naked whenever we can. She laughed and said she agreed. She giggled as she agreed with me saying that two rules are better than one!

We took the food into the living room, and the smell woke up Jim and Linda. Jim looked to be embarrassed to be naked, but when he saw we made no attempt to put on clothes, he just went along with it. We started talking about sex as we ate, and Linda asked me if she had been the first ass I had fucked before. I glanced at Jim before I answered, and he had a curious look on his face, I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. I figured if he didn't like my answer than maybe he wouldn't be my friend anymore, but I wasn't going to lie just to make someone else more comfortable. So I told Linda that her ass wasn't the first ass, just the first woman's ass. Linda laughed and asked when was that last time I had a guys ass, and I told her the story I had told Kathy about fucking Mike just the morning before.

I glanced over at Jim and saw he was trying to cover his cock; it had started to get hard. I told Jim to not be ashamed of his hard on, we already saw it last night. He was red faced and told me he didn't know why he was getting an erection. I told him he had no reason to be, and erections are normal. And after all, there isn't much difference between fucking a guys ass or a woman's, they are both great places to shoot hot loads of cum.

Linda walked over to Kathy and asked Jim if he liked to watch two women fuck. He told her of course he did, and said he didn't know any guy who didn't. Linda knelt in front of Kathy and started sucking on her nipples. Kathy told him women don't mind putting on shows for guys, and asked him why men don't do the same. I didn't think Jim could get any redder than his face already was, but his cock was now very hard. He glanced at me, and I was playing with my cock, just enjoying the teasing that was going on.

I saw Jim look down at my cock, and his eyes get wide as he saw how large my hard cock was. I got up and walked over and sat beside him, and told him I wanted a better view of the women. I could feel the nervousness oozing off Jim, he wasn't sure what to do. As Linda moved down to lick Kathy's pussy, I glanced at him and his cock was still fully erect. His eyes were glued to the women, and his hand was sliding up and down his cock.

I moved closer to him just a little bit, and slowly reached over and put my hand on his cock. I felt his body tighten, but then start to loosen up as I started stroking his cock. I looked into his eyes and they were glazed over. He knew what was happening, he just had no control over anything.

I looked at Kathy and saw the pleading look in her eyes. I gave her a devilish smile, and got down onto the floor. I moved in front of Jim, and took his cock in my mouth as he watched the girls. Instead of resistance, I felt him start to wiggle.

Kathy had started moaning as she watched, and had moved onto the floor. Linda was really going to town eating her pussy. Jim couldn't take his eyes off of them, and didn't say anything when I pulled him onto the floor.

Linda got out a strap on dildo and had started to fuck Kathy. I could feel Jim grow just a little more in my mouth, and I knew he was going to cum in a few minutes. As I sucked him I put some lube on my ass, and then crawled up on top of him. Jim had no idea still what was going on, as I slid his cock into my ass.

I looked at Kathy and saw the drool dripping out of the side of her mouth, her eyes as big as saucers. She told me she came as soon I slid his cock in my ass, but she wanted to see more.

I slid up and down Jim's cock, putting on a good show for Kathy. I sat down and starting grinding against him, playing with my cock at the same time. I felt Jim tense beneath me, and I knew he was going to come. I slid up and down a few more times, pumping his cum up the shaft of his cock, and sat down hard when I felt his hot cum filling my ass.

When Jim was finished I pulled up, squeezing my ass to keep his cum inside me. I went in front of Kathy and knelt in front of her, releasing the pressure and letting the cum drip out of my ass and onto the floor. I heard her gasp as she had another orgasm.

I moved down and pushed Linda out of the way. I slid my cock into Kathy and started fucking her again I leaned down and told Kathy that since I had to leave soon, this was my last fuck of the day. And since we had an agreement that we would be each others last fuck of the day, I told her it just made sense to fuck her again now, in case something happens and we can't get back together later.

Kathy was to tired to do much, and soon I finished deep inside her again. We laid together for a few minutes, catching our breaths. Then I leaned over and kissed her, telling her I needed to go. She said she would call me later. I got up, got dressed, and told everyone goodbye. That was the end of my first time with Kathy.