Chapter Nine. A Study in Scarlett.


It was only natural that after six months of trying to adjust to the modern world of 2019, Scarlett Holmes was feeling decidedly melancholy. Her comfortable life and career as the country's best known, and most successful consulting private detective, had gone. Gone, in the swirling mists of the Reichenbach Falls of 1891, as she plummeted to her presumed death, only to mysteriously emerge in the future.

"Bored, bored, bored."

Emma Watson turned her head momentarily by her side, frowned, and then continued her conversation with her personal booking agent. The famous actress and model had graciously taken the confused and isolated Holmes into her home and had even shared in some of her latest, and unique, adventures. They were attending another corporate event, the subject of which had eluded the uninterested Holmes, but was something Emma had agreed to appear at as a guest speaker. Although she was best known for acting, the young filly was also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, an advocate for the promotion of gender equality, and a certified yoga instructor.

"What was that, Holmes?"

Holmes had never been one for parties, nor had she sought new acquaintances, enjoying her close relationship with her trusted companion and lover, Doctor Emma Watson, the young Emma's great-grandmother. Granted, the bodacious and attractive blonde, did have an excessive desire for sex with either men or women. Sometimes with both.

Scarlett hated change. Old faces had gone. Familiar locales had changed, or even vanished. Only to be replaced by eyesores like sky scraper buildings, motorways, and mighty aircraft choking the very skies. She tried to avoid large gatherings, and only sought company if it involved solving a crime, or having sex. Casual sex mind, no ties or romance. Pity that Emma was going steady with her current boyfriend as she was the spitting image of her ancestor.

"What was that, Holmes?" Repeated a distracted Emma.

The slim light brunette looked her dazzling best in her white Ralph Lauren halter dress with the scooped out back and sexy slit up her left thigh that was in full view when she walked. Her pert buttocks were clearly visible beneath the fine fabric leaving no doubt in anybody's mind that the delectable young filly has chosen to forego wearing underwear. She had her hair up in a French twist which perfectly displayed her elegant neck and kissable shoulders, something Scarlett dreamed of nuzzling, if only she had half the chance.

"I want to leave, Emma." She said as she curled her lip at the indifferent glass of bubbly in her hand.

Emma now gave the pouting female her full attention. She had helped the reluctant guest to get ready, dressing her and doing her hair. The curvy blonde bombshell looked unbelievable in a sleeveless plum gown that fell to the floor. Her large bosom strained under the tight fitting dress, and her nipples were just about observable. Her fair locks had a fresh tousled look that suited the occasion.

"Look. Just relax. You really do need to get out more. No sense moping at home and wishing for the past."

Emma took a sip of champagne and looked aground the crowded room. The party was in full swing and various groups of guests mingled and chatted as waitresses offered drinks and canapes. More than one accent could be heard amid the pitch of laughter and general frivolity.

"I LIKE moping. My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me work. Give me problems. I crave puzzles, encryptions, mysteries that are unexplainable. Give me a real dilly of a pickle I cannot bear this atmosphere. I want a case to solve to stem this tedious existence. Either that or you and I can just jump into bed."

Scarlett gripped Emma by the elbow and didn't let go.

"Do behave! Look, there is the organiser of the party. Let's say hello."

"No. Don't want to." Scarlett huffed, gluing her shoes to the floor.

"You silly woman. Come ON."

Emma steered the reluctant Scarlett in the direction of Sir Peter Phist, an Anglo-German diamond dealer of high quality stones, and rough cut ones as well. The Embassy of Germany is located in Belgravia in the heart of London, and occupies three terraced houses in Belgravia Square. Phist resided in one of the houses, preferring the dependable German security of the Embassy to protect his collection of certified gemstones.

"Who is he with?" Wondered Holmes at the welcome sight of a tall blue eyed blonde with a curvaceous figure and outstanding 36DD boobs. She felt her heart race as she grew nearer to the host and his fabulous guest, perched at a small table.

"No idea. Sir Phist. So nice to see you."

"Emma! How kind of you to attend. Makes all the difference to our evening."

"Allow me to introduce Scarlett Holmes. She's been dying to meet you. Say hello to the nice man," whispered Emma to Holmes whose eyes were fixed on the buxom honey hued blonde.

Scarlett shook hands with the short, somewhat corpulent man with a receding hairline, beady eyes and pendulous lip.

'And this is Miss Stephanie Daniels, a...casual acquaintance."

Scarlett noticed how the man's eyes were strictly at bust level as he introduced the smiling woman and leered at her own ample bosom.

"Phist. Yes, of course. One of the Hannover Phist's no doubt. (Say it fast-author) The renowned, but dubious diamond brokers and traders from Germany. I had some bad fortune in meeting with one Jerken Phist, an unscrupulous Prussian diamond smuggler and general sex sadist, back in 1887. I enjoyed seeing him put behind bars. Presumably one of your ancestors."

'What? Surely you jest."

"Phist by name, fist by nature, I perceive."

"Holmes! Not here!" Exclaimed an embarrassed Emma.

Undeterred, Scarlett continued.

"Yes. It's quite clear that you overdo the solo sex act. Do you find yourself in the men's room at work a lot? I observe that you have an unusual amount of skin chaffing on your right palm. A sure sign of excessive masturbating. How many times a day do you wank?"

Scarlett pointed to the gobsmacked Phist's trousers.

"I should try to tone it down if I were you. It's most uncivilized to appear at such functions with the tell tale signs of semen splotches on your pants. A clear indication that you recently bashed one out in the last half hour. Tit man, are you not?"

Scarlett indicated Stephanie's eye popping plunging neck line and generous breasts and then spread her hands.

"This is an outrage! Never have I been so insulted!"

As Phist turned on his heels, an outraged Emma fumed at how briskly her companion had reduced the German organiser to a poor excuse of a man.

"Bloody hell! Was that necessary? You have a total lack of tact and diplomacy. I truly despair."

"I am what I am. I make no apologies."

Emma chased after the host as Stephanie looked at Scarlett with an acute interest.

"And exactly what do you make of me?" Asked she with an accent.

The American had sat down with a glass of bubbly in her hand. Her right leg was crossed over her left and a fair amount of thigh was unveiled beneath the hem of her short dress as a result. The muted whisper of silk upon silk was highly suggestive to the always horny detective. With her ears still burning, Scarlett chose to tone down her deductive prowess.

"Charming, most charming. Miss Daniels."

What she thought was that the woman was a classic femme fatale. A woman so breathtakingly beautiful as to appear almost taboo and off limits to most men. She oozed sensuality and sophistication, and was not likely to entertain fools. In fact, back in more familiar Victorian times, Holmes would have labeled her a wicked woman. Scarlett focused on the woman's mouth and imagined their wet lips smacking together.

"Please. My friends call me Stormy."


"Sure. Baton Rouge. Ever been?"


Scarlett blinked hard as she stared at the others ruby lips which parted seductively as she smiled.

"Come on. I need a smoke."

Holmes nodded and the pair of golden haired beauties made their way to the rear of the building and exited into the cool night air. As they stood under an archway Stephanie took out a black cigarette holder but then lowered it as she curled her lip at the offered Karo filterless brand. "You smoke that German shit?" Stormy handed her own packet of Virginia Slims Lights to Scarlett who took one, letting her fingers brush against the American's as she did so.

"Light me." Said Stephanie, her voice low and sexy, as she set one smoke into her holder.

Scarlett took her lighter from her purse and held it to the end of the holder as both women held direct eye contact.

"That was quite amusing the way you humiliated Phist, the Kraut bastard. He's a total bore and only ever wants to fuck my tits. You and skinny a couple?"

"Skinny? Oh, you mean Emma. No, we just room together. Why? Do you think we're gay?"

'Well. I know you are." Stephanie pointed her holder at Holmes. "You've practically been mentally undressing me from the moment you set eyes on me."

"Well, considering that your evening gown is barely there, it leaves little to the imagination."

"Touche." As they smoked they felt the night air become chillier and they drew closer and closer in a natural move to stay warm.

"Come here."

Scarlett didn't need asking twice and glided across the floor and welcomed two light hands squeeze and fondle her tits. Their faces came close and Scarlett inhaled the heady perfume that assailed her nostrils. Their lips made light contact and then both pursed and kissed for a full minute. Scarlett felt her body heat rise as they sought out each others tongues in a lustful urgency. A little pool of creamy wetness formed in her cunt as she realised the gorgeous American wanted her as much as she did.

"MMM, no panties. I had a good feeling about you when I first saw you, and it just got a whole lot better."

Scarlett emitted a soft cry of delight as a warm hand cupped her mound through the lustrous dress material and squeezed. Fantastic sensations shot through her and she humped back into the firm palm on her pussy. She slipped her tongue into Stephanie's mouth as their kissing grew fiercer. Then they broke and the moment was gone.

"Easy kitten. You wanna make out here?"

"You want to 'make out?'"

"Sure, honey. Make hubba hubba. You know, bump uglies. Eat beaver and form the two backed beast."

I really must make a study of modern euphemisms for sex, thought Holmes as she finally got the drift.

"Your place near? I have some stuff to do, and when I'm done I'll head on over."

"Fine. I'll leave now."

Scarlett took out her Nokia and gave the blonde the address of Emma's riverside flat in Canary Wharf. The pair left each other, and Holmes hailed a black taxi and made her way home in a buzz of sexual excitement.


Once home, Scarlett stripped off her evening dress and stood naked in her silver high heels. Although only five three in bare feet, she was proud of her voluptuous breasts that sat firm and rounded on her chest. Her upper body tapered to a fairly trim waist which flared out to feminine wide hips and luscious buttocks. Her lips had a perfect symmetry, the upper being of the same proportion as her lower, giving her a perma-pout which was the envy of most women she met. Her pussy mound had been trimmed back in the modern way, but anyway, her fine and light pubes were pretty much invisible.

"Not bad for a 160 year old." She quipped at the irony of her unexplainable time travel trip.

She made sure her room looked presentable and plumped up the half dozen or so fluffy pillows. She waited a full hour and then sat up as the intercom buzzed, signaling the arrival of her new lover. Slipping her shoes off, she padded naked to the door phone mounted on the wall and pressed the button to open the door to the complex twenty five floors below. She returned to her bed and laid on her back with acute anticipation.

"Hello?" Came a greeting in an American accent.

"Come on in, and close the door behind you."

Moments later the already open bedroom door widened and Scarlett rubbed her thighs together as her pussy gave her an expectant spasm.

"Naughty. You started without me."

Stephanie's magnetic sexuality held Holmes in a trance as the stacked blonde entered and then turned her back her way. She painstakingly removed her skin hugging dress and let it shimmy down to her four inch heels. Once naked, Holmes checked out the smooth skin of her back and her alluring bottom that lifted up and separated to show that enviable cleft in between that drew the eye to her sweet slit. The honey blonde spun on her heels to let Scarlett get a good eyeful of her opulent breasts with the large areolas and protruding nipples. Holmes did not need any of her excellent deductive powers to note the gleam of moisture on Stormy's succulent mons. Scarlett felt her own pussy tingle like mad as she practically salivated over the drop dead gorgeous American.

"Hit the lights." Suggested Scarlett, in a mood for a leisurely tryst.

Stormy flicked the switch and the only illumination in the room came from the lights of the nearby buildings which gave an odd on again, off again effect through the window. The tall blonde sashayed her way to the bed and settled on her back. Her fair hair fell back to her shoulders and her pendulous boobs rose and fell as she breathed. Her legs parted and as Scarlett moved closer she leered at the moist outer labia that parted slightly to hint at the desirable pink inner lips.

"Touch me."

Scarlett inhaled deeply and reached out to run her fingertips over the two jutting peaks that were the woman's erect nipples, and down the soft and slightly round belly in the shadow of her heavy tits.

"Suck 'em."

Scarlett moved up to kiss those rosy lips while her palm brushed both erect nipples from side to side. Stormy squirmed on her back as she welcomed Scarlett transfer her pursed lips from mouth to her oversized tit. The famed detective suckled on the left nub first, pulling it into her mouth hard, almost as if she were trying to suck it right out of the big globe of flesh. She turned to the other and both huge mammaries were soon bathed in warm spit. Her eager pink tongue rolled around the erect nubs as drool slithered out of the corners of her mouth.

"I can tell you've done this before."

"You've seen nothing yet."

Scarlett had both boobs in her hands as she sucked on each nipple with a hint of dominance on her reddened face. Then, she ran her hands down to the trimmed muff of the impressed American, which was damp with tantalising droplets of her pussy juice.

"YEAH! Fuck my cunt!"

Scarlett licked two fingers and thrust up Stormy's sopping quim, her thumb found her tiny clit at the same time. Fisted knuckles banged up and down on the quivering American babe as her hand sped up her pussy fanning.

"Faster, you're making me cream!"

Stormy's hips were clear off the bed as she made loud groans and panted heavily. Her cunt flooded Scarlett's hand and mouth with a mix of love juices and perspiration which dampened her inner thighs and deep cleavage. Now Scarlett concentrated on her oral onslaught and used her flattened tongue to deftly circle the plump pussy lips in her face. Stormy felt two hands under her butt as she was unceremoniously pulled up into Scarlett's drooling mouth. Both lust crazed females moaned in time as Scarlett hungrily explored Stormy's sweet folds whose contents coated her chin and gliding tongue. Stormy shivered and moaned breathlessly as the tongue plunged right inside of her as hard as was permissible.

"Faster! Fuck!"

Sweep after sweep of her weeping muff had reduced the sweat dappled honey blonde to a trembling mess, whose legs kicked out uncontrollably, and whose tits heaved up and down. Teeth nibbled on her engorged mound, as three, then incredibly four fingers furiously pumped until her blessed release came with moan after moan after moan. Stormy wearily lifted her head and came as she looked down her own body to see the fair bobbing head buried in her heated snatch.

"Your turn, lover. And I bet I can make you cum quicker."

Stormy scooted up as Scarlett happily laid on her back and watched the busty blonde move her head from side to side to lightly paint the insides of her soft thighs, taking great pains to avoid that wet treasure that begged to be licked and probed. Scarlett screwed her eyes up and licked her moist lips as Stormy sent her crazy with lust as she kept stopping short of her aching mound.

"You're one for teasing."

"You wanna race to the finish line already?"

Stormy leapt up and smothered Scarlett with her soft curves. They used every part of their bodies to rub the other. Tit on tit, limb on limb, belly against belly, and bush to bush. As Stormy shunted up, so Scarlett shifted down, ensuring their cunt lips glued together from their shared love juices and spent saliva. Their moans of pleasure were in very grave danger of being drowned out by the lewd squelching of sopping pussies.

"OH, OH, OH!" They moaned as they planted rabid kisses on each other. Lips, tongues, and hands went everywhere at once. Faces, necks, tits, belly, thighs and hips.

"Wait! It's Emma, shush!"

The bedroom door opened and a decidedly tipsy Emma Watson stumbled into the dark and kicked her heels off, sending them flying across the room.

"She thinks this is her room." Whispered Scarlett to the amused Stormy.

"Bloody Scarlett Holmes, hic! Her and her bloody, 'elementary my dear Watson.'"

Emma unzipped her dress and let it puddle around her feet, huffing and puffing as she undressed, clearly angry at her unpaying roommate.

"Hic! I swear if I hear another 'the game is afoot' I shall scream. And those bloody awful cigarettes she smokes. Smells like sweaty socks, hic!"

The two naked blonde bombshells huddled together under the sheet as Emma flopped into bed.

"And as for the bloody Yank. She's all tits and ass and a bottle blonde. She wouldn't know the difference between a glass of champagne and lemonade. AND her dress was way too small for those big hips."

Emma sighed as she plumped up a pillow and made herself comfortable in the bed. She always slept in the raw, loving the feel of her favourite satin sheets close to her skin. But this felt different.

"Hang on. This isn't my bed."

"Correct, Emma. It's mine."

Emma jumped up and turned on the bedside lamp to see the pair of stacked and naked blonde's lying next to her.

"And for your information, I'm a natural blonde. Look."

Stormy opened her legs to display her trimmed back fine pubes.

You're quite a sexy little thing, aren't you?"


A sense of uncertainty and confusion gripped Emma as four hands gripped her arms firmly and pinned them to her sides. Her lithe frame was then gently guided down and dozens of kisses rained down on her delicate flesh. She craned her neck to see the astonishing sight of the two busty blondes ravaging her.

"Guys, oh. Guys?" She gasped as her doe like eyes rolled back in her head..

Emma felt the delicate touch of a hand rub her left buttock and a shock of electricity hit her loins. The American's bodacious body molded to hers from behind and she responded to the fingers between her legs that searched here and there. She lifted her head to see Scarlett in front of her cup her tits and pull on her hard nipples. She groaned as the detective kissed her on the mouth and Emma arched her body as the pair of women sandwiched her with their gyrating bodies.

"Oh my goodness!"

The pressure of the two against her was overwhelming erotic, and despite her reservations, Emma's pussy leaked down her thighs. Her fuzzy mind reeled from the sensation of Scarlett squashed to her front, and the American pushing into her backside.