Northern Zoya Concentration Camp E 2065

The sun was beaming down on her, it wasn't noon yet and temperature was in the 90s but this was nothing new to her. She wipes the sweat of her brow. "Hey 08th that foxhole ain't gonna dig itself! Dig!" A soldier barks. She knew not to complain, they weren't soldiers they were prisoners well she wasn't, she wasn't sure what she was for she gave up thinking about it a long time ago.

It was 12:30pm when lunch time came, they had an hour or hopefully an hour because the situation could turn at any moment. 08th sits down and nods to her friends Coco, Tobit and Roman.

Tobit glances at the guards who were nervous. He and Coco smile but Roman didn't share in their enthusiasm. It had been five years since they heard the good news but nothing had changed.

When lunch was over the two women go the restroom. "Life is changing," Coco says happily.

08th ponders what would life be like to no longer serve, to not worry about being able to accomplish this task and that task, not to be subjected to the perverse guards, not watching public whippings and executions via firing squad. Was there really a life outside of that?

Four few hours later they were back inside the camp preparing for dinner when they see two fellow prisoners carrying a body bag. "Who is it?" Coco asks.

"It's Pablo," an older woman answers grimly.

"It's can't be?! What about the medicine?"

"The majority is going to the front lines, the rest will be saved for the Zoya soldiers."

"So the rest of us are just supposed to... die?"

The older woman was just walks away. Tobit balls his hand into a fist. "I'm going to escape and join the Earth Coalition."

"Tobit, keep your voice down, you know what will happen," Roman reminds.

"I know but still."

"Our situation won't change."

"Roman, how could you say that?"

Roman was silent.

They hear footsteps approaching. "Come on before they see us," Coco whispers.

The next day the four were performing their tasks. "We didn't even get a chance to say goodbye," Coco says sadly.

"All prisoners to the courtyard! All prisoners to the courtyard!" A voice on an intercom orders.

Soon everyone was in the courtyard. "Why do you think they called us all here?" Coco questions.

"Maybe they plan to finally let us go," Tobit answers hopefully.

A few seconds later a woman appears on top of the huge wall. "Greetings, I am your new Warden, Makida Salander, Warden Grant has been transferred. I hope to get know each and everyone of you personally as guests. My door is open so feel free to stop by, there are no stupid questions. You are dismissed to your work."

"Great," said Tobit sarcastically.

An hour later they were gathering the crops. "Wouldn't it be nice to grow our own and keep them ourselves?" Coco murmurs.

The others nod.

"Hey you four, go help move those vegetable crates into the truck!" A guard barks.

As they were moving the crates an old man collapses. 08th races to help him up, she struggles but then a guard appears and yells at him to get up but he was too weak, 08th points to guard's water bottle but she is shoved and the old man is kicked several times. 08th clings to the guard's leg for mercy but he punches her in the face. "You dare put your filthy hands on me!" He kicks her several times in the stomach and more guards join in, one points her rifle at the old man while the other guards point their rifles at the other workers including her friends. Two more appear and take 08th away.

"Well this is certainly a surprise, your record is nearly spotless," Warden Salander observers. 08th struggles to speak but the Warden raises a finger. "I didn't recall giving you permission to speak." 08th has her head down. "The guard claims you attacked him but eye witnesses say otherwise. You should know better then to interfere but I'm going to be lenient with you, take her to the hole. You're lucky you're not going to the chamber."

08th was shivering. She hadn't been in a hole since was little and determined to never be in one ever again. But still she was thankful that she wasn't getting a public whipping or the chamber, she didn't know what was inside but the stories alone were enough for her. She closes her eyes.

She awakens with a groan as water is thrown on her face. She looks up at three guards and the warden. "I think you've learned your lesson." The door is opened and 08th is let out. "Once you're cleaned there's a shitload of work."

08th glances at the snow coming down and loads the last crate into the truck. She watches as its picked up by a Hunter Zaku, for a moment it looks at her with its ominous blue mono eye before taking off into the sky. She recalls the first time she saw one, she had been scared frozen and ended up pissing on herself and now it was everywhere even in her dreams, always watching, always hunting, its gaze would always be with her.

The sound of coughing snaps her back into reality, it was Coco this time but regardless if sick or not they still were required to do fulfill their quotas for the day.

Coco walks weakly and falls but Tobit catches her. "Please, I have to finish the work."

"You know you can't, Tobit says.

"Hey get back to work!" A guard yells.

"She needs medicine and rest," he explains.

"Bitch, stop lazing around!"

"She can't move, look at her!"

"You dare raise your voice at me!" The guard was about to strike Tobit with a whip but is stopped by a guard in bronze clothing. "We already have one in bad condition, no need for two." The first guard nods. "Go take her to the medical bay and be quick about it!"

"Yes, Sir."

08th, Roman and Tobit get Coco to the infirmary. "Doc, help!"

"This place is for Zoyanese only, either her immune system will kick in or start digging."

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS!" Tobit roars.

"Guards, escort these people out."

"You heard him, now move!"

They leave.

"What do we do? She's going to end up like Pablo if we don't do something!" Tobit exclaims.

08th starts weeping.

Tobit balls his hand into a fist, "I'll force them to give us medicine!"

"No you won't, you think your death will help Coco? And what about everyone else who will answer for the repercussions of your actions."

"Then what are we supposed to do, Roman?!"

"Leave it to me, I'll talk to the Warden. But first lets get Coco to bed."

Warden Salander was in her office busy with paperwork when came a knock at the door. "Yes?"

"Ma'am, Prisoner #015721 would like to see you."

"Send him in."

Roman enters the office.

"What can I do for you #015721?"

"I come to request medicine for a sick friend of mine, her name is Coco."

"Coco, eh?" She gets up and starts looking through a file cabinet in alphabetical order. "Ah yes, Prisoner #0967429. Why should I help? We're fighting a war here, I have no time be allocating resources to non essential personnel."

"But we sweat and toil and break our backs for you."

"Yes and we appreciate all your hard work but we're the ones baring all the risk. We're keeping you fed and protected. You want to complain?!"

"No, I'm not complaining, I just... We just want Coco to get well that's all, how are we supposed to do our jobs effectively if none of us are well?"

"Um yeah you all are replaceable, so unless you have something to bargain with there's the door."

Roman starts to leave but then he notices a picture of a young man about his age and then he notices more, all young and muscular. "Wait, I do have something to bargain with."

She raises an eyebrow, "Go on." He pulls off his shirt revealing his muscular body. Her eyes widen in delight. "Are you saying what I think your body language is saying?" He hesitates but nods. "Very well but lets see how you do first." She approaches her door and locks it. And then she turns to him licking her lips. She cups his face and then touches his chest. "Oh that is nice."

She wasn't worried about the guards outside, this was nothing uncommon, they all had needs and had a brothel camp an hour away.

She approaches her table and sits on it. She raises her right black stocking covered leg. "Pull off my boots and stockings." He unties her brown boot and pulls it off and then she raises her left leg and begins untying her left boot. With the boots off he starts at her stocking but was unsure of what to do. "Move up to my skirt." He gulps and slowly rolls up her bronze colored skirt. He hesitates, not because of the lack experience which he had but because this woman had the power to end his life if she felt the need to. "It's okay, you wanna save your friend, right?" He nods and rolls until he sees the black suspenders and garter, his eyes glance at her black panties. "Did I order you to look at my panties?" He shook his head. "Do what I tell you or the bargain is null and void."

He unclasps her suspenders, one by one until all four were done and he slowly removes her stocking and gazes at her smooth leg. "Don't just stand there, get to my other leg!"

"Yes, Ma'am." He removes her other stocking.

"Ah much better, now massage them with your tongue." He proceeds to lick her legs, starting with the right thigh, he licks several times before going downward to her knee. She purrs as he moves her leg up and licks the back of her kneecap. "Oh yes that's the spot." He finally reaches the top of her foot, he gets her heel, ankles, the bottom of her foot and then he gets between her toes. "Ah yes, wonderful just wonderful." She wiggles her toes as he licks.

She hands him a juice box. "Drink that and then you can start on my left leg. If you're really good I'll let you paint my toes."

A few minutes later he proceeds with her left leg, starting with her left thigh and making his way downward again.

"Your tongue is good but there's much to do," she says and wiggles her toes again and he licks and sucks on them. A minute later he was done with her toes and watches as she unzips her brown skirt, his mouth watered on what was to come. Once it was off she places it on the table and part her legs. "Come lick."

"But your panties are still on."

"Are you questioning my orders?"

"No Ma'am, right away Ma'am. He gets between her legs and starts licking her panties, his hands gripping her inner thighs. She moans and bites her upper lip, "Oh god your tongue!" He could feel more wetness that wasn't from his tongue and then he feels her hands firmly gripping his hair, forcing him deeper into her.

"Ugh, ugh, ohh, ahhhh!" She releases him after her first orgasm, "lay on the floor," she commands. He does this and she approaches him and lowers herself down on his face in reverse. She moans and groans as she sits on his face and rubs herself against him.

She begins cupping her breasts as she was nearing her second orgasm. She suddenly stops, "Are you still alive down there?" He makes a muffled "Uh-huh." She gets up and turns towards him, his face was shiny and she smiles and sits back on his face. She grips his hair. "Tell me would prefer you dying of suffocation with my cunt in your face?" She hears his muffled "Uh-huh" again.

She resumes rubs herself against his face going nice and slow. She was so close but then stops, "I didn't give you permission to touch my ass!" Only thing she heard was muffled sounds. "What was that?" She gets up. "Say again?"

"I'm sorry, I just couldn't control myself."

"Well you better learn! Interrupt me again and you'll be digging two holes!"

"Yes, Ma'am, sorry Ma'am."

She lowers herself back down on his face but not before adjust her panties so he could see her lovely pink cunt which had been neatly trimmed. "Hmmm, feels good doesn't it? My ass and cunt in your face!" She starts going up and down on his face.

A few minutes later she changes positions again and she places her left hand on his crotch. She gives it a rub. His body jerks. "Someone is excited." She unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down. "Oh can't forget, you need to breathe. Oh wait you wouldn't mind dying this way."

She pulls down his underwear. "Oh my, you have a nice cock. Let's find out how big it can get." She adjusts her position so she while she was on his face her feet was touching his cock. She taps his head with her big toes and then she grabs the shaft with both feet and begins wanking him off while he was eating her out.

She pushes his cock up with her the heels of her feet and then has one foot on top. It felt wonderful to him, he never had this before. She smiles at how fully erected it was, she could feel the veins and was tempted to put it inside of her but no she had other things she needed to do.

Precum starts oozing out on her feet giving them a nice shine. She begins rubbing faster and faster while feeling him kissing her hard clit and eating her faster and faster. He moans loudly and his goo explodes all over her feet and she moans loudly and releases all over his face. She takes a breather, "Did you enjoy it?" He gives her his muffled answer. She gets off of him and he watches in awe as she proceeds clean his cock with her tongue.

Once she was done, the warden orders him to get dressed, she goes to her desk and pulls a slip out of the drawer, writes and then hands it to him. "Give this to the doctor."

"Thank you, Ma'am." Her only response was putting her cum oozing feet up for him to see.

"Coco, everything will be fine now," Roman says happily.

"Good work," Tobit congratulates.

"Yes," he says with a hint of guilt and his eyes met with 08th's eyes and she knew what he had done, what he had to do.

A few weeks later another prisoner was sick and it was always the same story, unless someone bargained there would be no medicine for them.

Roman goes to see the Warden.

"You again, ready round two or do you have something else to bargain with?"

"It's the former," he answers grimly.

"Don't be like that, you enjoyed it last time. If you want medicine then I suggest you smile!" She snaps.

He nods.

"Lock the door."

It wasn't long before Roman was moaning in pleasure as Warden Salander was riding his cock in reverse, she allows him to cup her red bra covered breasts. Her stockings were the same color as the last time but her garter and panties were red.

She picks up speed and it wasn't long before he came and she slows down and a second later she pulls out and he watches the cream pie. "You enjoyed that?"

"Yes very much."

"We're not done yet."

Another week passed and more medicine was needed so Roman pays another visit to Warden Salander.

She starts by rubbing her stocking covered feet on his face. A minute later he was sucking on her stocking covered toes. She gives him another foot job and once his cock was good and hard she adjusts her panties and rubs her cunt against it. She lowers herself down on him and rides him slowly.

She pauses to unclasps her bra and his eyes widen in anticipation for the last two times they fucked she never took off her bra but this time he was going to finally see her big naked tits. She tosses it to the side. She had a lovely pair with pink nipples. She offers him her left breast and he eagerly takes her nipple into his mouth. He sucks on it like a newborn. He cups her right breast and she moans and resumes riding him.

An hour later they were done and Salander was laying against his chest. "You're handling this quite well."

"Um thanks I guess."

"If you wish to bargain for more medicine, my door is always open."

"How long have you been a warden?"

"Long enough."

"How old are you?"

"You've got a lot to learn about women," she says sternly and gets up. "There's the door."

He sighs and gets dressed.

It wasn't long before the three saw less and less of Roman, they were grateful for the medicine but lately he'd been negotiating other things such as extra blankets and food.

A month later Coco was sick again so Roman makes a typical trip to the Warden office. Once he enters she gives him a grim look. "We have no more medicine."


"Our supply vehicles have been attacked. They're closing in on us."

"Can't the Emperor send more Zakus?"

"You really think its that simple? I thought you were smarter than that."



"But when will more supplies come?"

"Didn't you hear me?! The Earth Coalition is closing in on us! Now get back to work!" She barks angrily.

Coco was sweating, groaning in pain and her breathing was raspy. While 08th watched her, the two men leave for a minute to talk. "If we don't something soon Coco is not going to make it."

"What do you suggest?" Roman questions. "They're completely out."

"I'll sneak out of here and find medicine."

"You can't do that! If the warden finds out, the rest of us will suffer for it."

Tobit shakes his head. "Remember Gomer, he managed to escape and the guards didn't mess with us too much, just an interrogation, a denial of food and a longer work day."

"Not everyone had it as easy as us, and remember Gomer didn't make it," Roman explains grimly.

"I will make it."

"For the sake our friendship don't this, have patience."


"Yes I'm sure they will deliver supplies by air if the roads are blocked. I'm going to talk to the warden for soup."

"I'll come with you."

"No, stay with the ladies, they may need you." Truth be told, he wasn't thinking about Tobit protecting 08th and Coco, he just wanted Warden Salander all to himself.

Three days later Coco was dead, the supply plane had been seized by the Earth Coalition Forces. No help was coming.

The three dug the hole in silence, the four of them had been together since childhood and now there were only three.

After finishing their goodbyes, the prisoners get back to work. Tobit throws his shuffle. "Calm down, Tobit, if the guards saw you..."

"I can't take this anymore, I won't take this anymore." He and Roman walk off to talk to some of the prisoners out of sight of the guards and cameras.

"I say we take this place ourselves!" Tobit declares.

The eight other prisoners nod in agreement.

"Wait, do we really want to do this, they have firearms on their side," Roman says.

"Then we sneak up on them and take a few. At least enough for all of us," Tobit explains.

"So we're supposed to somehow subdue ten guards?"

"Not really ten, each guard has one rifle and at least one side arm."

"Just a moment," a prisoner interjects. "The idea is good but we would have a level playing field if we raid the armory."

"Yes let's do it!"

"No not now, we need to properly plan this out," Roman explains.

"We are properly planing this out, we raid the armory and liberate ourselves!" Tobit snaps.

"You're not thinking straight, you're angry."

"What about you?! Didn't you care about Coco?!"

"Of course I did but if we lose? What about everyone else? Michael you have a brother."

"Of course I do, that's the reason why I'm doing this."

"We need to wait for the right time."

"And how long would you have us wait?" Tobit questions angrily.

"At least three days."

"Three days! We need to attack now!"

"Three day will give us enough time to get prepared, we need bigger numbers and who knows maybe the Earth Coalition will arrive by then. Please, Tobit, if we attack now we'll be cut down in seconds. We need to strike when they least expect it, like early morning when they're still asleep."

Tobit's anger subsides for the most part for he knew Roman was right, rushing in blindly would get them all killed. "Fine, we'll do it your way but three days and if the Earth Coalition hasn't arrived by then we will take this place ourselves."

A day later after some planning, Roman visits the warden. He bargains for tomorrow off and she agrees to his request. He begins the routine, he takes off her boots and he rubs his face against her stockings to get in the mood. Salander could see something was wrong but simply dismisses it as grief for his friend.