Disclaimer: If you have read First Night Alone you will recognize Daniel, though this is an AU where he chooses to split from his adventuring party and become part of a thief's guild.

Daniel was the first to run into the back ally, trying to catch his breath and smooth out the wrinkles in his nice shirt and pants. Coming in close behind him was Shieve, also out of breath but giggling all the while, her long brunet hair dancing around her lightly tanned shoulders. Daniel looked in her eyes and saw them light up with joy, enough to cause his heart to skip a beat. She caught her breath and stepped past Daniel to peer out into the street they ducked out of, "Do you think they were able to keep up?"

He wanted to answer but with Shieve leaning over in front of him the dress became the focus of his attention. The dress remained a constant distraction from when she first showed it off to even now. A sleek backless black dress that ended just above her mid-thigh, showing off all of her curves to Daniel. When she first showed it off at the inn and he lost the ability to speak, her grin told him this dress was wore specifically to be his distraction. She might have asked him something else but his attention was fixed on her sleek open back and how much the end of the dress raised with her bending.

"You like what you see Danny?"

Suddenly his attention returned to the situation at hand as he saw the look of smug victory on her face. Shieve giggled and straighten up, letting the dress fall back down to its full short length. She enjoyed seeing him flustered and having a good time of it, this dinner date was meant to more for him than anything else. Shieve knew that lately Daniel had been feeling pretty low and found that one of the best ways to bring him out of his wallowing was to catch him off guard and show him a good time. Wasn't usually this flirty about it but they both had a hard week and she knew they deserved to have a few days of bed 'rest'.

Still grinning Shieve sighed, "Did you see the look on her face when I asked where her 'diamond' necklace was and she finally noticed it was on my neck? She still kept screaming about being all high mighty important and all that crap. The bitch really thought I gave a shit that she had a last name as long as the stick up her ass. Her husband threatening us didn't help."

She looked at Daniel with a twinge of guilt, "I'm sorry that I let her ruin our dinner date. I should have just walked away."

Regaining some sense of balance Daniel gave her a light glare, "What did you think would happen when you showed off her necklace? I get telling her off, but you were openly antagonizing her. If we got caught then we would have to break out or get bailed out because they were well within their right to call the Sentinels on us."

Daniel sighed as he let his own guilt fall off his own shoulders as he pulled out a fine silver key from a pocket. "But it's alright, I couldn't just do nothing either. The guy kept talking about how they have the most expensive room in the city, so while he was yelling, I swiped the key. Might be a little while until they realize we took it, probably until they try to get to their room."

He watched Shieve's prideful grin slowly turn into someone much more mischievous as an evil idea grew in her mind. She eyed the key for a moment before gently taking it from his fingers and coming very close to him, putting a gentle hand on his chest. "Well then, why don't we make up for a bad night with some 'fun' in the most expensive room money can buy? You said it yourself that it will take a while before they realize what happened. Why not make the most of it?"

Daniel couldn't help but chuckle and blush at the idea, it would be a fun risk to take. He nodded and Shieve grinned and with a kiss on his lips turned to make sure the coast was clear. Daniel again enjoyed the view for a moment but then his hesitation at the idea nagged at him. No, it was that he hesitated while Shieve practically leapt for it. She was full of energy and excitement, Daniel on the other hand always wanted to play it safe. Why would she want to be with him?

Shieve watched the street for any patrolling Sentinels that might give them a suspicious eye. Seeing none, she turned back to Daniel, and began to grin thinking that he was entranced by her backside again. When she looked into his eyes though, she saw familiar self-hate, something she hoped this trip would have taken his mind off of. Taking only a moment to mentally kick herself for letting things get out of hand, Shieve stepped up to Daniel and took his hands into hers while looking into his lost eyes. "Hey there, you ok?"

She saw him refocus on her but the look in his eyes remain, "Why me Shieve? I'm not as exciting or up for danger as you, hells just look at tonight. I don't know why you chose someone like me over everyone else. Wouldn't Anders have been more fun for you? Seems like everyone is a lot more interested in the captain of his own ship who would rather be the center of attention than breath."

Wincing at the toxic frustration in his voice Shieve kept her eyes locked on Daniels, "You want to know why? First of all, Anders can't do two story work worth a fucking damn. He can't ever keep his mouth shut or focus on what he needs to do, instead wanting to ogle me or anyone else within eye sight. Ander's can't think on his feet and when it's time to make a hard call he will punt it to whoever it there. But do you know who can do all of that and so much more?"

Daniel felt her fingers intwined with his and gave her hands a gentle squeeze, she was going to tell him the answer he already knew but he liked hearing her say it. "You are one of the best thieves in the city, and someone I know I can trust to have my back. If I am in a tough job you know who is at the bottom of my list? Anders, and then your brother. You will always be at the top of my lists and someone who I know will always make the right calls. I don't give that kind of trust to anyone, just you."

He couldn't help but let out a light hearted laugh at the mention of his brother, "Well I did always think that you were too good for Dave. You are so much smarter than him, he would not know what to do."

Daniel sighed some relief and felt himself give Shieve a sheepish smile, "I still don't know how exciting I can be but I am always up for anything you want to try. It would be a shame to not take some advantage that the night is giving us, right?"

Shieve laughed and felt so relieved to see him back in balance with himself. She thought about the 'expensive room' and the advantages of the night, when a thought occurred to her. Looking around at the alley there were no side doors and nothing to think that any business was done here at this time. The lights from the street didn't fully reach into the alley, only the stars and moon gave them light enough to see each other. The plan formed and solidified in her mind and the grin grew into something downright evil.

Before Daniel could ask what, she was thinking she gently pushed him against one of the side walls of the alley, 'If you are up for anything then why don't we take full advantage of the night?"

Not waiting for him to respond Shieve expertly undid the belt of his pants and pulled them down, underwear and all. Springing into the night air was his hard, and getting harder, cock that she grasped with one hand to begin slowly stroking it. Daniel gasped in surprise, then began to hold back moans as he started watching the alley exits around them for anyone. Shieve grinned and not wanting to waste any time started to suck and lick the head of his cock, making sure to get it nice and wet.

Didn't take more than a few moments to start tasting his precum leaking out, slightly sweet and just how she liked it. Hearing Daniel hold back moans Shieve felt a part of her wanting to stretch this out for as long as possible. Looking up into his eyes and seeing the mix of lust and concern there told her that the quicker the better in this case. It would be awkward to hear the Sentinels explain what they caught them doing here to her father. In an instant she took his entire cock into her mouth and took to task licking every inch of it.

His light moans turned into groaning as his attention now was focused more on her affections rather than the danger of being caught. Shieve looked up into his eyes and saw his need for her, just the thing to make her shiver inside. Taking it up a notch she pulled back slightly to allow her hand to stroke his cock while she sucked and licked the tip in just the right places. After a few moments of muffled moans as Daniel tried to keep himself quiet, she felt his hand on the back of her head and knew he was close.

She continued to suck the tip of his cock until she felt the fist spasm and let it out into the air of the night. She felt his cum spray with each spasm over her face and chest, a warmth that she always enjoyed, grinning up to his face contorted in pleasure. Once the spasming calmed down Shieve let go of his cock and let him slowly sink to a sitting position, having no strength in his legs.

Daniel felt himself practically gasping for air and his legs were shaking from trying to keep standing after her attentions. Finally, he focused back on Shieve and watched her in one smooth motion pull a bright red lacy thong out from under her dress and toss it to the side. He felt his heart return to beating fast as she slowly pulled her dress up just enough to show him her nude pussy. Waiting only a moment to see his reaction, Shieve stepped forward until Daniel could see nothing other than her wet pussy, light bush, and her needy eyes.

"It's your turn Danny, don't worry," she gave him a wink, "I'll keep watch." No wasting a moment Daniel leaned forward and started eating her out like it was his last meal. He heard her gasp at the contact of his tongue and her wet pussy, feeling a grin grow on his face. Daniel looked up into her eyes and saw her bite her lip looking at him, making his heart leap from his chest. With one hand on her thigh and another on her butt he pulled Shieve's hips more toward him and buried his tongue deep inside her.

The gasps and willful attempts to hold back her moans just made Daniel double his efforts at licking every part of her pussy. Feeling her hips and legs shake with an effort to keep standing he focused his tongue on her clit and heard a moan finally escape her lips. He glanced up at her and gave a playful glare, as if to silently scorn her for making noise. Shieve sucked in a breath through clenched teeth and grabbed his hair gently but forcefully, bringing his face deeper into her soaking pussy.

"If you are going to make me do that then you might as well make it quick." Daniel grinned and started sucking on the lips of her pussy as he groped her ass, encouraging her to ride his face. Now feeling her pussy gliding up and down his tongue he focused on flicking it against her clit every time it passed over the tip of his tongue. It wasn't more than a few gyrations before Shieve let out a loud gasp followed by a long-drawn-out moan.

Daniel watched Shieve lean her head against the alley wall behind him and catch her breath. Grinning like a loon he began to clean up his own face thinking that the fun of the night was done. She was just coming off the high of her orgasm, but Shieve knew that it wasn't going to be enough. Looking down lower she saw his cock standing at attention and felt warmth spread deeper inside herself.

She walked across to the other alley wall, the thought of getting caught a tiny voice in her mind at this point, and leaned forward against it. Looking over her shoulder at Daniel on the ground he finally noticed what she was doing as she became the center of his focus. Swaying her hips gently back and forth Shieve watched him go from stunned amazement to an undeniable need. She shivered with excitement when he stood up and came up behind her with his rock-hard cock in hand.

Feeling his breath against her back and his hand run down her hips felt absolutely electric from head to toes. It only became almost overwhelming when she felt the head of his cock align with the entrance of her pussy and with a solid thrust filled her with almost his entire cock. It took all her willpower not to immediately moan out at the top of her lungs as she felt his other hand snake under the front of her dress to tease a nipple while slowly thrusting in and out of her. Her entire body felt like it was going crazy from the assault of sensations that Daniel was putting her through.

Shieve could felt herself shiver as he slowly pulled his cock most of the way out of her pussy, before feeling her body explode with electricity as he thrust it all the way back in. She knew he liked to drag it out but in their current state the teasing was over and he started a steady rhythm of thrusts. Between kisses on her shoulders and neck she heard his desperate gasps for breath and the gentle moans of her name into her ear. The firm grip on her waist didn't stop her from thrusting herself back in time with him, making the sound of her butt crashing into his hips almost thunderous.

Neither of them cared about getting caught now, all they could focus on was the pleasure of their lover and just how close their orgasm was coming. Now with both hands on her hips Daniel thrust as hard and fast as he could while Shieve continued to moan and say his name. The moment finally came and she was barely able to suppress a scream as her orgasm hit and felt him empty whatever was left inside her. Both of their shaking orgasms lasted for an eternal minute before Daniel finally let go and Shieve spun around to have him hold her in his arms against the wall.

They were silent except for ragged breathing that eventually calmed into normal deep breaths as they look into each other's eyes, and shared a deep grinning kiss. With the shaking subsided they pulled themselves away and began cleaning themselves up, with magic and basic supplies. It was about this point that as they were just about finished Shieve noticed that she could not find her thong anywhere.

"Danny, have you seen my lace piece anywhere? I threw it off in the excitement and I think something might have taken off with it."

Daniel gave a shy smile and pulled out of nowhere her lacy bright red thong, "I caught it before it hit the ground, wouldn't want to get too dirty."

Shieve laughed and beamed him a proud smile as she walked to him, "Fast clever hands, I didn't notice you taking them. They are going to get dirty anyway, your seed is going to be leaking out of me on the way home."

As she reached out to take it from his hand, Daniel got a gleam in his eye and instead of handing it over the thong vanished from view. Shieve was about to protest when he held up his hand and get her an innocent look, "You said it yourself, if you put it on now before we get home it is just going to get dirty. It looks like an expensive piece so it would be a shame to have it ruined. Don't worry though, I will keep it nice and clean."

A look of nervous pride beamed at her, "Besides, you said you liked me being exiting right?"

At first Shieve looked like she was going to scold him, but then pulled back and seemed to think it through while considering him. Daniel felt the first pangs of anxiety eat at his heart as he thought that this would be a step too far for her. The feeling was relieved though, when he saw her eyes spark with excitement as she playfully bit her lip.

"Using my own words against me, very crafty. I guess there is no harm in that, seeing as how you will be escorting me. Besides, there will be plenty of alleys along the way so if I start to feel like I need some rest you wouldn't mind 'helping' me, would you?" Daniel grinned and held his arm out to Shieve. She took it and they walked out of the alley arm in arm into the cool night, heading to their home.

With maybe a stop or two along the way.