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The Girls:





Personality-Cheerful, slutty, dumb, stereotypical blonde



Hair-Dark brown


Personality-Demanding, smart, valedictorian type, no-nonsense





Personality-Jaded, dark, goth type, snarky





Personality-Kind, smart, talkative, well behaved

The Guys:




Personality-Outgoing, smart, well mannered/spoken, athletic




Personality-Joker, loud, class clown




Personality-Quiet, strong, calm with a short fuse




Personality-introverted, athletic, friends with Chris

The Teacher:

Name-Miss Banks


Hair-Light brown


Personality-Strict, provocative, Dom/switch, playfully evil

"Hey, everybody!"

Samantha groaned as she recognized the bubbly, happy voice immediately. She looked up and confirmed her guess as Sunny skipped into the classroom. Samantha didn't exactly get along with Sunny. The blonde's happy-go-lucky persona and perpetual cheerfulness made her nauseous. Still, the girl didn't seem to get the hint and refused to leave her alone. She sighed as Sunny noticed her sitting at one of the desks and waved, bouncing over to her.

"Samantha!" she said. "You're in this class, too?"

"Why would I be in here if I wasn't in the class?" Samantha responded.

"Oh, good point. Hey, Andrea, you're taking this course, too? I would have thought you would be taking something else."

"The other electives were too stupid." Andrea answered, not looking up from her phone.

That, Samantha could agree with. At Sommertown Prep, all senior students were required to take a home-ec elective in the final semester. There were the usual options like cooking, arts, basic home maintenance aka shop, and financial ed., but this year there was a new elective being offered, Advanced Sex Ed. It sounded like an easy A+ to all the students so many had applied. How hard could sex ed be, after all? Unfortunately, there were only eight spots. Four available for female students, and four available for male students.

"Oh, look, Lindsay's here, too." Sunny smiled at the redhead as she entered the room.

"Hi, Sunny." Lindsay said. "Hey, Andrea. Hey, Samantha."

"Oh, this is going to be fun!" Sunny giggled.

"Whatever." Samantha just rolled her eyes. "I'm just looking forward to graduating. No more bells ringing, no more crappy cafeteria food, and no more uniforms."

"Aw, I like the uniforms." Sunny complained. "They're cute."

She looked down at her outfit. It was the same as every other girl's, A short, pleated, navy skirt with a short sleeved, white button up shirt. She twirled around, her skirt floating up around her with her movements.

"Of course, you would like it." Samantha grumbled. "Every time the wind blows, everyone can see your panties."

"What does that mean?" Samantha asked.

"It means that some of us like keeping our boobs inside our shirt." Samantha gestured at Sunny's dress shirt that was straining to contain her large chest, the buttons hanging on for dear life. "But what can you expect from a girl with a pornstar name."

"Hey, don't be like that, Sam." Lindsay chided, pushing her glasses up her nose. "I like your name, Sunny."

Sunny beamed at her, grateful.

"Can you all shut up and sit down?" Andrea snapped, annoyed.

Sunny and Lindsay shirked, and quickly took their seats as a few of the male students filed in. Chris and Daniel were the first guys to arrive, laughing about some joke as they came in the door. Finding the front row taken by the girls, they took two seats in the second row and slid their backpacks under their seats.

"Only eight students, huh?" Daniel asked. "I hope this class isn't too hard. I need a good grade."

"Relax, Danny." Chris locked his fingers behind his head and leaned back. "It's just sex ed. Essentially basic anatomy and common sense. You know, wrap it up and don't knock anyone up. That sort of stuff."

"Do you mind?" Andrea asked, angrily.

"Sorry." Chris grinned at her, apologetically. "I'll put a lid on it now."

He mimed zipping his lips shut and throwing away a key. Andrea just rolled her eyes and went back to her phone, only to be interrupted a couple seconds later by a loud voice.

"Everyone ready to learn about sex?" David popped into the room.

"Great!" Andrea said, exasperated. "One more idiot in this class."

"Aw, don't be so mean, Andrea." He winked at her. "You could use a little humor. Might make you more approachable."

"Over my dead body." She shot back.

Tanner was the last to show up. He took his seat without a word and dumped his backpack on the floor.

"Tanner, you're taking this?" Chris asked, surprised. "I would have thought you would take some kind of economics or something."

"I wanted to, but my mom made me take this." He answered. "She's terrified that I'll get a girl pregnant at college and lose my football scholarship."

"Well, why don't you just keep your dick in your pants then?" Andrea offered.

"Is your voice always that irritating?" Tanner countered.

Andrea glared and opened her mouth to respond when their instructor walked in, her heels clicking on the linoleum tiles. She set her briefcase down on the desk and turned to the white board. In big letters, she wrote 'Miss Banks' and 'Advanced Sex Ed' in red marker and spun to face the class. She looked to be about thirty years old and very beautiful. She was dressed professionally, in a tight, black skirt and a matching blazer over her white dress shirt. The top button was undone on her shirt, showing off her generous cleavage that was threatening to rip her top open.

"Good afternoon, class." She greeted, her icy, yet sexy voice commanding all of their attention. "I am your instructor, Miss Banks. I see everyone is here. That's good. We'll begin."

She opened her briefcase and pulled out a stack of papers. Tapping them on the desktop to line them up neatly, she walked down the rows of desks and handed one to each student. When each of them had received a packet, she returned to the front of the room.

"This is the course syllabus." She explained. "It details all the material we will be covering throughout the semester, the schedule, and, most importantly, my expectations. Before we begin, I trust you ladies all fulfilled the pre-requisites for this course?"

The girls looked at each other and nodded, remembering the notice they had gotten before the semester began that had instructed them to visit their pharmacist and begin taking birth control pills. Andrea raised her hand.

"Yes...Andrea, right?" Miss Banks confirmed, looking at her roster sheet. "What is it?"

"Why do we need to be taking birth control pills?" she asked. "That seems like a weird requirement."

"This is a sexual education course." Miss Banks answered. "Of course, we want to promote safe sex. I would have thought that to be obvious to a student as intelligent as you."

Andrea shrunk in her seat, her face red and embarrassed at having been called out for not knowing something. Miss Banks just smiled and looked over the other students.

"Any other questions?" she asked.

She paused for a few seconds, looking for any hands. When none were forthcoming, she continued.

"Okay. I'll give you two minutes to take a look through the syllabus. Read everything carefully and then, we'll stop for questions again."

She took her seat and began organizing her materials as the students read in silence. A minute later, Lindsay raised her hand. Glancing up, Miss Banks noticed and called on her, referring to her roster again.

"Yes, do you have a question...Lindsay?"

"Yeah, this curriculum is very...detailed." She noted.

"I'm afraid I don't understand your question."

"Well, some of the material is...unexpected." Lindsay continued, reading off some of the listed subjects. "Oral? Anal? Threesomes?"

"Ah." Miss Banks nodded. "Well, as I'm sure you are aware, this is Advanced Sex Ed."

She uncapped her marker and underlined the word 'Advanced' on the white board.

"This is not your basic middle school course." She explained. "You already know the basics of sexual intercourse. This class will give you more extensive knowledge and techniques."

Still unsure with what that all meant, Lindsay dropped her hand and just went back to reading. A minute later, Miss Banks stood up and addressed the class.

"Okay, now that you have all gotten an opportunity to read through the course overview and we have gotten any questions out of the way, let us get started."

She turned to the white board again and wrote 'Oral' in big, neat lettering and underlined it twice. Capping her marker, she turned back to the class.

"We have a lot of work to cover this semester, so we'll jump right into it today, beginning with oral. This is a basic principle of sexual intercourse so it's nothing too advanced for you all yet. This will also give me a good starting point to judge where all of your levels are at. Lindsay, since you had some questions concerning the curriculum, perhaps you can begin. Please join me up front."

She stepped around from behind her desk and waited. Lindsay looked around, puzzled, but she stood and walked to the front of the room to stand next to the instructor, her hands clasped in front of her. Miss Banks looked around the room at the other students.

"Hmm, let's see..." she looked down at her roster. "Chris, how about you join us as well."

Chris was just as confused as Lindsay, but he rose from his seat and joined the two of them at the front.

"Okay, Lindsay." Miss Banks said. "Let's see how much experience you have. Perform oral on Chris."

Lindsay's jaw dropped, flabbergasted.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"Please listen close so I do not have to repeat myself in the future." Miss Banks chastised. "Now, perform oral sex on Chris to the best of your abilities. Be quick about it."

Lindsay, still frozen in shock, just stood there as Miss Banks pushed her down to her knees before Chris. She looked up at the equally surprised young man looking down at her and then back to their instructor. Miss Banks just sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Chris, perhaps you can help her get started." Miss Banks suggested. "Unzip your pants and present your penis."

Chris snapped out of his shock and unzipped his uniform pants. Reaching in the opening of his boxer briefs, he pulled his dick through and into view. He jumped as Miss Banks grabbed hold of him and started stroking him to erection. Her talented hands had him to full mast within seconds. When she released him, his long cock was now no more than an inch from Lindsay's cute face. Miss Banks put her palm on the back of the little teen's head and nudged her forward, bumping her lips into Chris's tip.

"Open up." Miss Banks ordered.

Galvanized into action by Miss Banks' steely voice, Lindsay opened her stunned mouth and took the first inch of Chris's thick penis into her mouth.

"That's better." Miss Banks said. "Now hurry up and suck him off. We don't have all day, you know."

Lindsay complied to the best of her ability, sucking on his head and running her tongue around him. Unfortunately, she had limited experience in the blowjob department. Her previous oral encounters had been few and far between and nowhere close to the size of Chris. Faced with the prospect of blowing the biggest cock she had ever seen, she didn't even know where to begin. Fortunately, Miss Banks was there to coach her and give her tips.

"Move your head." She said. "You need to put some motion into it, like so."

The teacher's hand on her head guided her back and forth in a standard BJ motion. She helped her get started and then let her go on her own devices. Lindsay continued to bob her head once Miss Banks' hand fell away. She sealed her lips tightly around him and applied suction, her cheeks hollowing out. Chris was groaning in pleasure, but he didn't seem to be any closer to finishing any time soon.

"Go deeper, honey." Miss Banks urged.

Pushing her slipping glasses back up her nose, Lindsay did what she was told and went a bit deeper. She pushed forward three inches until the tip of Chris's cock bumped into the back of her mouth, causing her to gag and pull back immediately.

"Try again." Her teacher said. "A bit deeper this time."

Lindsay blinked back some tears and breathed in, going forward again. When his dick poked at her throat again, she tried to go further, but her instincts repelled her in a fit of coughing. Miss Banks looked down at her, somewhat disappointed.

"It seems you're very inexperienced at this." She noted. "At this rate, we'll be here all class waiting for you to finish. Keep sucking, girl, and I'll give you a hand."

Miss Banks literally gave her a hand, wrapping her fingers around the remaining length of Chris that was not in Lindsay's mouth. Bending down to drop a long string of saliva onto the top of his cock, she twisted her hand around, spreading the lubricating liquid. With his shaft now slick, she started stroking him vigorously.

This was no rookie blowjob now. With the combination of Lindsay's soft mouth sucking his head and Miss Bank's skilled hand stroking the rest of him, Chris was grunting and thrusting his hips within minutes, drawing ever closer to climax. Miss Banks watched his face and movements closely, monitoring how far along he was. When she saw he was about to cum, she leaned towards Lindsay's bobbing head.

"Make sure you swallow it all." She ordered.

Before Lindsay could register what her teacher had said, she felt a hot burst of semen fill her mouth. She squealed and started to pull away from the salty, sweet stream. Her practiced eye recognizing that the redhead teen was about to retreat, Miss Banks released Chris's cock and took a firm grip of the girl's hair, holding her in place. She quickly brought her other hand in to continue jerking him as well.

"I said to swallow!" she commanded.

Lindsay's cheeks were now puffed out like a chipmunk, full of warm jizz. Closing her eyes, she reluctantly gulped down the copious fluid as Chris's balls continued to flood her mouth, spurred on by Miss Bank's manual actions. She pulled back as the instructor finally released her and the final spurt of semen landed on her glasses, dripping down the clear lens.

"You have a long way to go, Lindsay." Miss Banks told the coughing girl. "But this was a decent start. You may return to your seat. You too, Chris. Thank you."

Chris tucked his softening dick back into his uniform pants and strode back to his seat, shrugging to his bewildered friend, Daniel. Lindsay wiped her glasses on her skirt and stood, returning to her desk.

"And Lindsay." The redhead turned as she heard her name. "I better not have to tell you to swallow twice again. Understood?"

A chill went through her as she met the icy eyes of her instructor and she nodded hurriedly, sitting down.

"Good." Miss Banks said. "Now, who wants to go next?"

"Oh, me!" Sunny's hand flew up into the air. "I want to go next, Miss Banks!"

"Certainly. Come to the front. How about we have...David as well. Both of you come up."

Sunny dropped to her knees immediately, pulling David toward her and smiling excitedly as she yanked down his zipper and fished his hardening cock out of his pants. Without a moment's hesitation, she bent forward and engulfed his half hard penis in her mouth, bathing him in her warm saliva. Using her hands to match her head's movements, Sunny stroked his base and sucked on him with gusto, showing considerably more skill than Lindsay.

The normally loud, jokey David was rendered speechless by the eager blowjob that the beautiful, busty blonde was giving him. She delved deep, pushing his tip down her throat repeatedly. Her other hand joined the first and reached in the opening of his pants to massage and fondle his testicles. David moaned as her deft fingers gently squeezed his balls, making his cock jump in her mouth.

Sunny stopped stroking and placed her hands on his thighs. Winking up at him, she swallowed his cock whole, deepthroating him in one fluid movement. David gasped and Miss Banks raised an eyebrow appraisingly as all seven inches disappeared between her pretty lips. Without moving an inch off of him, Sunny took David's hands and brought them to rest on her head, nodding encouragingly at him.

Taking the hint, David began to piston in and out of her, fucking her face in earnest. Sunny took it all in stride, never batting an eye. Her nostrils flared as she took a breath on each outstroke and her hands never left his thighs.

David didn't last long in Sunny's warm, wet mouth. With a grunt, he buried his dick in her throat and held her there while his balls unloaded their contents straight into her stomach. Sunny just kept swallowing, her throat muscles working ardently to milk him dry and put it right where it belonged, in her belly. When he dropped his hands from her, completely spent, Sunny slowly pulled back, sucking all the way and cleaning him off until the soft head popped out of her mouth. Swallowing once more, Sunny smiled and looked up at Miss Banks.

"That was very well done, Sunny." Miss Banks praised. "Very well done, indeed."

"Slut." Samantha scoffed under her breath.

Miss Banks' eyes narrowed as her keen ears picked up the whispered insult and she frowned.

"Thank you, Sunny. Thank you, Chris. You may both return to your desks now." She said.

The two teens fixed themselves, Chris zipping his pants back up and Sunny wiping a drop of cum from her lip and popping it in her mouth, and they walked back to their seats. Miss Banks turned her icy stare on Samantha now.

"Samantha, it's your turn now." She said, slight venom in her tone.

Samantha rolled her eyes and walked to the front of the room, about to kneel down.

"No, that's all right, Samantha." Miss Banks stopped her. "I'm going to have you demonstrate a more advanced technique. Please, if you will, take a seat on my desk."

Samantha felt a chill at the cold, evil tone that had appeared in Miss Banks' voice, but she did as she was told, sitting on top of the teacher's desk. Miss Banks cleared her papers off the top and then took the black-haired girl's shoulders and lowered her to her back, rotating her until she was lying lengthwise on the wooden surface with her head hanging off one end.

"That's good right there." Miss Banks said. "Stay."

Her eyes scanned the room and fell on the tall, muscular Tanner. She smiled at him and beckoned with her finger.

"Tanner, how about you help me with this demonstration."

Tanner rose and came to the front, awaiting instructions.

"Like I said, Samantha is going to demonstrate a more advanced technique for us." Mis Banks explained to the class. "Throatfucking."

A shiver ran through Samantha as she heard that. Being somewhat of a loner, she had never sucked a dick before, but she had seen the videos online of girls violently having their faces wrecked by big dicks. Her only comfort was the hope that Tanner wasn't as big as those pornstars and that it would be less of a throatfucking and more of a mouthfucking. Her first hope was dispelled as Tanner dropped his pants and his huge cock slapped her in the face. She went cross-eyed looking at the massive shaft casting a shadow over her face and she swallowed fearfully.