I wrote this short story for the Christmas holidays coming up. Hope you enjoy!

I decided to go for a drive on this crisp and beautiful day of Christmas. The trees were so beautiful even though they did not have leaves on them. You could see the whole countryside through the trees. I drove for miles out in the country. There was not anyone out on these backroads since it was Christmas Day.

I watched deer cross the roads several times so I was being careful. It was extremely odd that deer were out during the day near the roads because normally they never ventured out like this during the day. They must not hear much traffic so they might be venturing out for food. Never liked deer meat and I loved the gracefulness of them. They are beautiful creatures.

Came upon a campsite sign that was tucked in some trees with a arrow pointing to the right. I decided to drive that way because I figured no one was camping this time of year. I turned right toward the campsite and saw that the place was deserted. The campsite had hookups for electricity with picnic tables and bbq pits.It was a beautiful setup.

I kept driving and a dog with a collar came running up to my car and would dash away a little ways. It would keep doing this for a ΒΌ of a mile. That made me very curious so I turned my car around and went back to where I first saw it. I was going back where he/she had run up to the car and it took off down an incline. I saw him/she come back when I opened my door and walked cautiously toward me.

I stuck my hand slightly out for the dog to sniff my hand to show that I was not afraid and friendly. I noticed the dog was female. It turned and whimpered and ran off, but came back. She seemed to be trying to get me to follow her. So I started walking in the same direction as she was trotting away.

We went down the incline a ways and I saw a lone tent down there. I also seen someone laying on the ground. I ran down to the person who turned out to be an adult male. He had a slight bump on his head that seemed to have some bruising. When I got closer to him and kneeled down, he opened his eyes.

By, the way, I had on a white parka jacket with a white shirt under it and white slacks. So, when he opened his eyes up, he said, "Did I die and is that why I see an angel?"

I told him, "No, you aren't dead. If this is your dog, then she found me driving around the campsite , She acted like there was something wrong so I followed her here to your camp,"

He told me, "Yes, this is my sweet dog, Pretty Girl."

I said, "What happened to your forehead? You have a slight bump on your head with some bruising. Are you alright?"

He touched his head and winced. He seemed to be thinking so didn't rush him cause even the slightest of bumps on the forehead can cause a concussion. His dog walked to the other side of him and laid down. She was looking at me with soulful eyes that seemed to be saying, 'Please help my daddy get better.'

He finally said, "I don't know. My head hurts and I feel like I have not eaten in awhile."

I asked him if he had a first aid kit and he said yes, that it was in his tent. I walked to his tent and crawled in and found it, then went back to him. I knelt down to him again and proceeded to put triple antibiotic cream on his forehead, He did wince and I tried to be more careful.

When I was done, then I told him, "I can make you something to eat, but you will have to come with me to my house for me to do that. If you are scared someone will bother your campsite then I can take your tent down and carry everything to my car while you follow me, then I can load everything into my trunk and you and Pretty Girl can get in and go back to my house. But only if you want to. It is Christmas Day and I have already eaten my lunch I cooked for today so I have many leftovers left."

He thought for a bit and then said, "You don't have to do that. I will be alright and besides we are strangers. I wouldn't feel right if you thought I was mooching off of you which might make you think I do this to get attention all the time."

I told him, "I would not think that and I want to give you a special day since this is a special day for celebration. Plus I have so much food that I would end up throwing a bunch out to the trash because it would go bad. So please don't think that!"

He smiled and said, "Thank you, yes, but you don't have to take my tent down at all because I actually live in a cabin near here. I was just wanting to get out of the cabin for a while. We can leave it here and no one will bother it. And by the way, to answer your question about what happened, I was in the process of chopping wood earlier and a piece of wood hit me hard in the head when it flew up. That was the first time that ever happened to me."

So I helped him to his feet and he said, "Hey, why don't you just drop me off at my cabin and I can get my work truck and then follow you to your home so that way you do not have to bring me back?"

I told him that I could do that, so I took him to his cabin down the road which he then followed me to my home in town. When we got there, his dog jumped out of the back of his truck and went barking at my fence to my backyard. My female border collie was back there. Susie, was barking her head off and trying to jump over the fence but it was too high for her. I knew she loved other animals cause when one came around her, she would want to play, so I opened the gate and Pretty Girl ran in there.

I turned to the guy and said, "Oh my manners, I just forgot to introduce myself to you. I am Liza Petre."

He answered and laughed, "I am Peter Long. Nice to meet you even though we seem to be friends already since you already invited me to your home before we introduced one another."

I laughed and took his hand and guided him to my front door. I unlocked the door and told him to make himself comfortable and I would start fixing us all something to eat. I went in the kitchen which was open to my living room so I could see him taking his jacket off and walking around observing everything I had. He would pick up a pic to look at it then put it down. As I was taking things out of the fridge, Susie scratched the door to be let in and I let both dogs in.

The house had 3 bedrooms and she ran to her bedroom and Pretty Girl went with her. There they could lay on her queen size bed that I spoilt her with and she had a lot of toys in there. Had to clean the room once a month to keep the dog hair down to a minimum. So I saw Peter follow them there. He came back and looked at me oddly!

I was heating the food up in my microwave and turned and seen that he looked confused. So I asked, "What is wrong?"

He said, "Do you always let your dog lay on your bed?'

I laughed and said, "That is her bedroom, not mine. I keep my bedroom door closed and also the guest room. Her room is always open. When I got her as a puppy, she wandered around and when I did not see her for a while, I went to look for her. I found her in that room asleep on the quilt so just let her have that room. I do keep the room clean for her plus her food bowl and water bowl are in her closet there. She knows that is where she eats and I eat in here."

He was really surprised about that, but let it go. He asked if he could help me, so I told him where the plates and silverware was and also the glassware. He got all of that and set the table. I asked him to get another extra 2 pet dishes under the sink so I could fill them up with food and water for his dog while we ate. He did that while I went to get Susie's bowls.

I filled them up and we both took them back to Susie's room and sat them down on opposite sides of the room. Both dogs started eating their food. We both went back into the kitchen and I served the food. We both ate in silence, but when we finished, we started chatting to get to know one another. While we were still eating, both dogs came and sat next to our chairs then laid down.

I said first, "So what do you do for a living?"

"I am a electrician."

My eyes went wide and I said, "WOW! Aren't you scared that you will get electrocuted doing that?'

He laughed and said, "No, it is safe as long as you have the electricity off and yes, I have been electrocuted before but it wasn't that bad. I was changing a outlet plug and never turned the electricity off and accidentally hooked it up wrong cause I was not really paying that much attention to what I was doing, which I have never done that again, Thank goodness!"

I got up to put our dishes in the sink to wash later when he walked up beside me with the rest and said, "I will dry if you wash."

So I filled up the sink with soapy water and started washing dishes. While we washed and dried, we still talked. We found out a lot about one another. He has lived here for 10 years and he found out I have lived here my whole life. He has been married, but he divorced 10 years ago and that is why he moved here to get away from his ex wife.

I told him I was a widow of 5 years. I asked him, "Do you ever feel lonely for companionship for a woman?"

He said, "Yes, I do and sometimes I have dated, but have not wanted to get serious with anyone because of my bad marriage and divorce."

I nodded and said, "I understand. I feel lonely sometimes myself but have not dated anyone at all. I would not know how to act around a date." I giggled and blushed!

He grinned and said, "I don't believe you cause you seem to be a very easy woman to talk to in my eyes. You are a very beautiful woman and there is a lot of men out there that are attracted to a woman of your looks, including me."

I blushed again and hung my head in shyness, but he lifted my head up by my chin and said, "Don't be shy about what I just told you. When I first laid eyes on you and thought you were an angel in all white, I thought you were very beautiful. I have seen a lot of women in this town that are very pretty, but you look better than they do. You stand out amongst them."

He leaned towards me and placed his lips on mine and kissed me lightly on the lips. I froze, not knowing what was going to happen, but wanted something to happen. I was so strung out from being without a man for 5 years that I started kissing him back. When the kiss deepened and he got even closer to me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my body to his.

He stood up and our chairs scooted back without falling over. He must have wanted to feel my body closer to his body. When he was holding me close and we were passionately kissing even with tongues, my nipples hardened so much that it started hurting. I got even closer to him and felt his hard on which felt a little above average. I rubbed myself on his hardness and he moaned.

Then I felt his hand moving under my shirt and going towards my tits. I gasped when he touched my nipple through my bra. I could feel my pussy gush cream out and soak my panties. I had a mini orgasm just by him touching my nipple. WOW, I never have done that before!

He picked me up and put me on my counter and got between my legs. He unbuttoned my shirt and since my bra's clasp was in the front, he unclasped it and my huge tits came out! He gasped and said, "Fuck, those are huge!"

Since my leg was pressing against his hardon, his cock jerked hard, so I knew he loved the size of them. He then leaned down and took my nipple into his mouth and I gasped when he started sucking, It almost hurt since my nipple was so hard. I started moaning and he grabbed my other tit and started rolling my nipple, making it stick out farther.

He took his mouth off my nipple and took the other nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. I started humping him and with his other hand he rubbed my pussy through my slacks. He took his mouth off my nipple and grinned at me. He pulled my slacks down and saw that my panties are so soaked that it looks like I wet myself. He got on his knees and started sniffing my crotch!

I gasped when I felt the tip of his tongue start licking my panty covered pussy. I gushed more cream. He felt the wetness so he started sucking on my panties to see if it would happen again. And it did. So he took my panties in his hand and ripped them off.

He then said, "I will give you money to replace them."

Then he went back to my pussy and started licking the cream up and the wetness while moaning which made me even more excited from the vibrations. I was so into it that I never heard him unzip his pants until he stood up and spit several times in his hand and slicked his cock up till it was really slippery. He then started stroking across my pussy opening to my clit with his cock that was a little above average. That made me whimper more than I was already doing. Then he positioned his cock into my pussy opening and wham he hit home!

I screamed out as I orgasmed. I looked over at him and he seemed surprised so he had to grit his teeth to keep from cumming himself. When he calmed down enough then he started fucking me slowly. I orgasmed again. He was so into the fucking that it did not seem to faze him so he kept right on pumping into me. He started fucking me faster and faster until I screamed again, but this time I had a g-spot cum and a clit cum at the same time.

He could not believe how hard I was cumming which was so hard that I was squeezing his cock hard like a virgin would. That made him lose it and he screamed out, "OH FUCK, I AM CUMMING!"

He just kept cumming and cumming until his cum started pouring out of my pussy onto my floor. We both were breathing so fast that we had to calm down before we could move. I could tell he was shaking , so told him to go sit down before he fell down. He did just that! I finally recovered and started cleaning the floor up.

He was watching me on my hands and knees cleaning and before I knew it, his mouth was on the crack of my ass and he was trying to stick his tongue in my hole. I started moaning again, but told him that the floor was too uncomfortable for that. So I got up and grabbed his hand after he took off his pants and underwear which he left in the kitchen with my clothes. He did take off his shirt in my bedroom that I lead him to.

I got on my hands and knees and took my hands and spread my ass cheeks apart. He dove in. I gasped as he actually penetrated my hole this time with his tongue and he went to town on it! It felt so good and I had never felt anything like that before.

He seemed to be actually enjoying the taste of my asshole. All of a sudden I felt myself orgasming while being rimmed. That was also a first. My pussy squirted juice out so much that it felt like I was peeing. He felt me squirting and moaned into my ass.

He then got his fingers into my asshole slowly with one finger at a time until he had 3 fingers inside. I was moaning the whole time and backing up to his fingers. He knew then that I was ready, so he took his cock in his hand and spit on it like before until it was slick and slowly entered my ass. He was going slowly till I got use to his size. I started backing into him.

He started fucking my ass slowly but would every now and then go faster. I wanted it faster and when he noticed I was actually moaning every time he went faster then he just kept that rhythm. I actually felt him reach under me and he started flickering his finger on my clit which made me hump harder on his cock. He started fucking me like a wild man until he felt me squeeze his cock with my ass and knew I was cumming again. He let loose and started cumming himself.

After we had calmed down, we started talking about what we did. I asked him, "Why didn't you scream out this time like you did the first time you came?"

He said, "Cause you came so damn hard the first time that I started cumming which was the most intense cum I have ever had before. That was incredible! Your pussy felt like I was inside a virgin pussy when you did that!"

I was shocked. He then said, "I hate to fuck and run but I have to be at work early in the morning and have to get home and also get my tent taken down before it gets too dark."

I nodded and we found our clothes and got dressed. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to me and said, "Here is the money to replace the damage to your panties I done to them."

Peter called Pretty Girl and she came running and they left. To my surprise, Susie started whimpering when she walked out of her room when she noticed they were both leaving. I said to her, "Well, baby girl, it seems you made a friend and hope they both come back here soon to visit."

I really hope that they do! I had more fun with Peter that day than I have ever had with a man before I even got married to the only man I ever loved! 'Please come back and visit, Peter!' Best fun I have ever had on Christmas Day!