This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

The white fox-taur drew eyes, even though that was something that he was well enough used to by that stage. Etis always had eyes on him, in one way or another, and he stretched out on his side, his fox lower-half splayed out in the sand, though he did not wear clothes on his bottom half. For the comfort of others, he usually wore something on his anthro torso even though it was not strictly necessary, enough fluff remaining around his hindquarters to conceal anything that may have needed to be tucked away in any kind of polite company.

Yet his blue markings, intricate and tattoo-like even though they were natural, were out and on display in the bright sunshine as he stretched out, merely engaged in enjoying the day at the nudist beach. The sand was golden beneath his towel (sized appropriately for him) and he yawned lazily, his head tucked under the shade of a parasol so that he would not become too hot, as much as he liked to bake his white fur in the sun. Colder months were still yet to come so Etis was much in the way of thinking that he wanted to take advantage of all that he could before time was up in the warmer months of the year.

He was far from alone out there, however, a dolphin-shark-dragon hybrid, though not everyone caught every nuance of his hybrid species, lingering near the water's edge. Exhaling softly, his grey skin gleaming with ocean spray and his turquoise stomach standing out in a striking splash of colour, he shifted his weight, curling his white claws and toes into the sand. As naked as everyone else there, his shaft was neatly tucked away within the slit of his belly but the arousal and languishing feel of the day still had an effect on him, his slit parting slightly to reveal a pink, fleshy tip.

"Mind if I join you?"

A dragon? Not just a half-dragon, like him, even though there was some hidden shark in him that showed in the shape of his tail, but a full sea dragon, lightly muscled and yet tipping their foot into the sand, swirling it back and forth as they left patterns in the wetness of it. Their scales were splashed through with blue, green, yellow and purple - shades that did not seem that they should have gone together and yet worked perfectly in slices of warming colour. Echo smiled. In a way, there was something about the dragon that reminded him of the ocean, but the fact that the dragon's shaft, thick with a tapered tip, noticeable glands and a fat bulge nearing the base, was out and half-hard didn't complicate matters in the slightest.

After all, anything was permitted out on the beach, everyone enjoying their bodies and those of others exactly as they pleased.

"Hey there," Echo chirped, a dolphin squeak lingering in his tone that had never quite slipped away, not realising that there were the eyes of a fox-taur on him too. "You look interested... Is there something you're looking for out here?"

It was cheesy and corny and only made worse by the cheeky grin on Echo's muzzle, winking even as he posed lightly, though did not hold it. The sea dragon, Marble, muttered under their breath but Echo was not to be dissuaded, cheeky and forward, as bold as ever, stepping up to close the distance between them. A beak-muzzle hybrid was not the best for kissing but he still had so much more to give as he moaned encouragingly, enticing the more submission Marble, the dragon, to moan back with him, the drake's long, whisker-like appendages dangling from his muzzle denoting him of the Eastern type of dragon. Either way, even if he was not purely of that part of the world, he had some of their genes in him.

Not that Echo cared much as they shared kisses and names, Marble's legs trembling as his cock grew hard and throbbing, tail sweeping anxiously back and forth. He had not known quite why he'd gone out there that day, usually preferring that his relations took place in private with those that he cared about, but something had taken him there. And there had just been something with the gleaming skin of the Drashophin that he had not been able to resist, even though it was probably likely that he wouldn't have been able to make the first move himself if he'd been asked to.

"Wanna have some fun?"

Echo, of course, was the one to make the first move and to ask, breaking the kiss as their tongues tickled up against one another, though he was hardly breathless with his ability to breathe through his blowhole. Marble was worse for wear, undoubtedly, than him, but a throbbing length of cock-meat could not be denied as their little audience watched on, some other furs on the beach even spurred to enjoy one another more fully as their lusts rose in turn. Names were exchanged, even though they didn't have to be, and the two moaned as their cocks ground up together, passions throbbing up thick and fast. Who were they to deny them, after all?

What an interesting show...

Etis relaxed back onto his towel, his legs kicked up, though that position did put his swelling shaft on show. He was not quite as close to those enjoying themselves at the water's edge as he wanted to be but he could still participate, catching the Drashophin's eye as he grasped the dragon's cock. A show was always appreciated and yet the dragon appeared oh so very shy, shifting their weight constantly even as the hybrid's shaft slipped forth to match theirs, a smooth, hot length that was simply begging attention.

The taur licked his lips, the spire of his cock rising as his need grew, though there was no one there with him to provide that pleasure as yet and he hardly felt as if he wanted to curl forward quite that much to jerk himself off at that moment. Best to wait a while, to see if someone more interesting came forward. He'd had enough eyes on him, after all, and his two tails fluttered back and forth under his hindquarters, not pinned by his position, the sweep of them brushing up the sand as they arched back and forth lightly.

A shadow fell over him and he quivered deliciously. It hadn't taken long, not even as the dolphin put his paw on the shoulder of the dragon, guiding him down to the throbbing meat of his cock.


Oh, it was as standard a greeting as any but not one that Etis was at all inclined to turn down, glancing up to find a creature standing over him that was rather similar. He'd not seen another fox-type with multiple tails but the grey fox with a black belly and slicked back blue hair (he must have just been in the water with the salt and dampness clinging to his fur) standing over him. Licking his lips, the other fox chanced a grin in a flash of white and sharp teeth, yet his tails were split in the typical fashion of the kitsune, waving back and forth in constant motion as if it would have been a crime, at least between them, to render them still and forlorn for any amount of time.

Etis smirked.

"I didn't think I'd see someone like you here..."

Rikku grinned, the kitsune finding a little more boldness in himself, as much as his heart hammered. His knees ached to drop but the hard length of his red prick was already bulging out his sheath, putting itself on show, making his intentions well enough known even though the words were stuck in his throat. The fox-taur salaciously licked his lips, a long, fleshy, pink length of it sweeping out and along the side of his muzzle, teasing and lapping, encouraging Rikku in, even though the kitsune hardly needed to be encouraged in the slightest. No, he knew just where he wanted to be, the taur rolling over onto his belly, eyes ravaging his form even though Rikku was far from a dominant party.

"If you see something you like, why don't you give it a kiss?"

Maybe Etis was too sun-sleepy and drowsy to think of something better but he was not one to beat around the bush when it was so obvious that they were all, mostly, there on the beach for varying reasons circling the same central theme. Everyone wanted to see something lewd or get involved in it and there was nothing like the cool of the ocean to bring the temperature down just a smidge so such lusts could be better enjoyed.

"Name's Etis, and yours?"

Rikku shivered but gave his name in turn, tongue lolling happily from his muzzle as he followed the taur closer to the water, though he did not think to ask just where they were going. He was too caught up in watching his hindquarters sway, occasionally covered with the sweep of his tail and revealed again, though there was something flirting in those two tails too. Rikku could not drag his eyes away, licking his lips repeatedly, breath catching in his throat as they went right down to the water's edge.

Only there did the taur smirk and stretch out on his side, torso raised and propped up by a paw, placed right where he could enjoy the best view of the hybrid dolphin and the dragon down on his knees sucking his cock.

"Here..." He offered his cock to Rikku with a grin that said that he would get what he wanted either way. "If you do a good job, I might give you something more, foxie."

Rikku shivered, his gaze grazing that of the dragon, the two of them one and the same in a situation that made their hearts pound with lust untold. The lewd, wet slurps of Marble's maw around Echo's cock filled the air even with the call of the gulls and the soft wash of waves on the shore, creeping closer and closer to them with every breath. Yet that was not going to stop Rikku from taking a cheeky dose of pleasure, relaxing into the warmth of the sun as he swept his paws over the taur's body, revelling in the rise of muscle. There was hardly a spare ounce of fat on Etis' hide and the kitsune could barely believe his luck as he massaged his hindquarters, fingers digging in to get at the deeper-laid muscles. It was too tempting to adore such a body and, even though the taur was not very large when it came to the weight he carried with him, the muscle layered over bone and sinew was tempting, too tempting.


It was Etis' moan that caught Marble's attention, the dragon's eyes sliding to the side as he tried to catch sight of the seductiveness going on right there beside him. He groaned softly around the thick length of dragon-dolphin meat in his mouth, head swimming with delirious joy. There was nothing he could do to hold it back when it throbbed so powerfully and he let his moderate muzzle take it deep, tickling the back of his throat. Swallowing rapidly, Marble let himself drift away, languishing in the moment, the sun warming the back of his head as his draped whiskers quivered softly.

The dragon slurped down his cock as if it was the only thing in the world for him, though he was acutely aware of the foxes nearby, eyes near enough popping out of his head in shock. Closer again, that was all he wanted, feeding his lust as his tongue lapped and swirled, delivering every ounce of pleasure that he had to that length as his hips rocked and twitched, wanting to thrust even though that pleasure was still yet to come. His tail hole was tight, though he flagged his tail ready for it, trying, even then, to demonstrate his eagerness to please, hips tipping from one side to the other and back again.

The grunt of the fox-taur as his muscles were worked over caught Echo's ears, though it was hard for him to focus on anything else when his cock was buried into such a sweetly devouring muzzle. He only wanted to be there, right where he was in the moment, moaning and grunting softly, tail scraping through the sand when it dragged, his head spinning with delirious delight beneath the sunshine with the touch of salt on his skin. The muscle of the taur beside him flexed and the hybrid dolphin could not help but look him over hungrily in turn, an anthro that leaned both ways. But he was always up for some voyeuristic thrills and spine-tingling chills with those that swung the same way as him.

Ah, Echo had known that they would have company but maybe that was, at least partly, his cheeky glee at work, tail swishing as he rocked his hips. He was too eager to push boundaries and see just what passion could be afforded when lust was at such a high, need pulsing up hard and wanton like the rod of a cock. The Drashophin grunted in the back of his throat, though he was quick to curl into a chirping squeal, rocking his hips in time with the pump and swing of his tail as he lusted for what made his heart pound so.

Yet there was a tease to be had too as he gently drew the dragon off his cock, bearing him back down to the sand so close to the taur that their sides just about touched. The brush of fur on scales had to be sensual and even Echo had to shiver deliciously, whimpering softly as his body rocked and ground, humping the air as his length of cock flexed and drooled thick pre-cum. He took the dragon's cock in paw, pushing his muzzle in even closer to the taur's hips and the thick throb of his dark-skinned length, and pumped him slowly, languidly.


Marble's moan could not be ignored as each pump of Echo's paw coaxed another drop of pre-cum from him, unable to resist squirming and twitching back and forth, though he had no desire to go anywhere. No, he was there to the end, heart pounding, lifting, making him want it all the more, breath tight in his throat though it had to reach his lungs somehow, at some point.

The warble of lust could not have soothed the fox-taur any more, however, than it was at that very moment in time, hardly caring for the sand that tickled into his white coat of fluff when it could soon be easily washed off in the ocean. That was the beauty of fucking on the beach when one did not have to be sly in that he could easily get himself clean again if anything at all was in the ilk of sullying his fur or itching the skin. He tried not to roll his hips, curious to see just what pleasure the fox could give him, Rikku's muzzle questing as much as his paws. There was nothing quite like receiving a massage out there in the open, feeling like the king of the beach, those paws working him over wonderfully while he thrust his cock a little closer to the dragon, tempting and taunting him with the fat length at the same time. Things like that, after all, could very often go paw in paw.

Rikku growled softly, hips rocking, dry-humping the air even though there was nothing for him to grind into. Of course, the taur under him could have delivered a touch of delight to him but he did not dare, slipping into more submissive leanings, ears splaying out to the sides of his head. His knees shifted, creating soft furrows in the damp sand, the grittiness grounding him in the moment as he growled softly. It was too much, in a way, to keep pushing on and on like that but he wanted to please, yes, so very much, even when it meant that his own needs were set aside.

Patience, he tried to tell himself, even as his cock drooled and sent droplets of cum into the sand, soaking in despite his need pumping forth, held back, conflicting and contrasted in the heat of the moment. The taur was too hot for him to restrain himself, however, a drop splattering into that pristinely white fur as he massaged him, muzzle dipping a moment later to lap it off.

Etis rumbled a pleased growl.

"Good boy..."

Marble's eyes shifted, watching the show, though Echo was caught between them, pinging between two lots of passion in such a way that he didn't know what to focus on. That was okay though as he teased the dragon so very easily to the edge over and over again, the bulge at the base of the dragon's dick thrilling him with how it pulsed more aggressively, the tease of it all impossible to deny. He wanted to see that cock spill its load but, ah, in his own way, giggling as he took the dominant role (something not all that often seen for him, despite being a switch) simple for the pleasure of bringing another shyer soul out of his shell.

Rikku gasped, his lips swallowing up that cock, though it was harder than he realised to get it all the way back into his muzzle. Of course, everything was there for him to take and he gulped down that hot length to the very best of his ability, shuddering as his shoulders rounded. Alas, the massage had to be forgone as the lewd, fapping sound of a paw on a cock filled his senses, everything narrowing down to that very moment as he let himself become enveloped by lust. There was nothing else out there for him, not even on a beach with so many delights to be shared, but the couple beside, the white fur of the taur and the cock driving gently into the back of his throat. Etis was kind enough to allow Rikku to dictate the pace but the sun made him lazy and slow, lying back with his paws stretching out behind his head, flexing his light muscling.

"Mmph, no rush there, buddy..."

His tongue lapped the side of his muzzle, salt lingering there, but Etis' head was floating too far away to care about such a taste staying beyond its welcome. It only added to the atmosphere as the hybrid dolphin pumped and pumped that cock so close to his head, showing him that there were others too that had something to offer. The taur's cock ached and flexed, throbbing with need, but he had a partner already that he wanted to take his leave of. As much attention as his cock was getting, however, he wanted more, a different kind of tension building in his hindquarters.

Marble gasped, head back against the sand, the waves roaring in his head, so close to the edge and yet still not allowed to go there by Echo, who was manipulating his body so wonderfully. Though Echo was not to be outdone as he slung his leg over the dragon's head, sitting astride him and massaging his cock while he tipped his shaft neatly into Marble's muzzle. The dragon welcomed it back where he already thought it belonged, gulping around the length, swallowing hard, for the pre-cum that spilt forth was like the lap of waves on the shoreline itself, inevitable and coming whether he was ready for it or not. He had never before been with another that had such a steady stream as Echo, his heart lifting and pounding, need rising, though he was not yet allowed to spill his seed.

Maybe if he was good, just like Echo said... He sucked the hybrid's shaft all the more eagerly, keeping that in mind, challenging Rikku with the set of his jaw to best him, though he did not know the grey-furred kitsune's name. That was by the by when it came to a little bit of friendly competition and he groaned around that thick shaft as he tried to take it deeper still, his nose pressing down to the dolphin-dragon's smooth-skinned belly. Echo's lower abdomen was taut with efficient muscle and Marble lovingly nuzzled into it, the ridged and bumpy length proving more of a challenge than he could have expected it to be.

Etis, however, needed more, clenching his tail hole, humping and grinding. Managing to get over onto his hind legs and then all fours, using his arms so that he did not squash Rikku in the process, he thrust and ground demandingly into that muzzle. But he didn't want to get off quite yet, not in that way, other more tantalising pleasures still remaining to be taken. He was taller than the kitsune, merely by the nature of the fact that he was a taur and not merely the type of anthro that walked on two legs, though he had ways to get around that too. Everything could be matched up to when it came to lust and he was not about to give up on what he really wanted when he had such a pleasantly submissive party there with him who seemed more than willing to give him everything that he wanted.