The weekend was here, Alayna felt sick, they were leaving at about 2pm, and the morning was passing in a haze. She was finally going to meet Nick in the flesh, which was really exciting, but she was also going into a situation that she never would have dreamed about 6 months ago. Paul on the other hand seemed full of life and excitement, planning everything out, he was crystal clear and focused.

As Alayna packed her things into a small case, she was not sure about what to wear and had about ten different under garments shoved in. She kisses her mum goodbye, before she walked out to the car, her mum babysitting the kids, obviously had no clue and thought they were going away for a night alone. As they pulled out of their road Paul turned to her looking for a moment, before returning his vision to the road.

'You alright?' he asked.

'Yes, fine, just nervous,' replied Alayna. Terrified, would have been a better word for it.

They drove along for a while the only sound the quiet music that was on the stereo. Paul kept glancing at her, he could tell she was not OK.

'Are you sure about this?' He asked, after they had joined the motorway.

'Yes, I am sure, it is just scary, we have not done anything like this before,' she mused.

'We don't have to you know,' said Paul, obviously a little concerned about her.

'No, it is fine, I will be fine once I have a little wine in me,' she said with a laugh.

'Hope there is going to be a lot more than wine in you tonight,' Paul laughed.

'Nick has said we will have a couple of drinks and chat, and that anybody can back out with no consequences at that point,' she said, 'so it will be fine.'

They continued on the journey, chatting a little, and Alayna could feel she was relaxing, right up to the point they pulled off the motorway at junction 24, and there on the hill in front of them was the hotel. All the feelings of sick came rushing back.

When they stopped in the car park, she sat there for a moment calming herself, then opened the door to the slightly chilly air, and got out, pulling her case from the back seat. She took Paul's hand as he locked the car and walked up towards reception.

Alayna, stood quietly as Paul checked in, looking over to the bar on the right, with the restaurant beyond. She was reading the menu which was available in the bar when Paul said, 'Come on then room 107 is ours.'

They walked past the swimming pool and gym to the corridor with all the rooms, 107 was on this floor not too far down. They walked into a reasonable sized double room, and started to up pack quickly. Alayna thought this was to distract herself, but it was not working.

'I want something to eat before we meet,' said Paul, after he has his stuff sorted and was plonked on the bed.

'Yes, OK,' she replied, 'just let me use the toilet.'

Alayna went into the toilet and sat, she opened her phone app to speak to Nick.

She typed, 'We have arrived, in room 107, scared to death!'

As she sat for a moment trying to calm her nerves again, a response from Nick popped up.

'Don't worry, it will be fine. We are in the family room upstairs, 224, two double beds and a single in here.'

'I am sure it will, we are just going to grab some food in the bar,' she replied, and got up to leave.

Immediately a response came back, 'OK, cool. We are going to eat in about an hour, we meeting in the bar at 7 yes? I will have a red top on, and Jayne will have a white top and black leather skirt on, sure you will find us.'

Alayna left the toilet and Paul was ready to go. 'Nick has just text, meeting in the bar at 7,' she said as they left.

Getting ready had taken ages, Alayna has put on and taken off every piece of underwear that she had brought with her, most twice. Once she had decided on a lacy black number, Paul had insisted that her Butt plug needed to go in. She was not sure about this, for a first meeting, but she dropped her underwear and bent over. Paul applied a small amount of lube to it, and some to his finger, and pressed his finger to her hole, he ran it around then slipped it in. He held it there for a moment, feeling her muscles flex, then withdrew and pushed the plug against her arsehole. It started to slip in immediately as he applied more pressure. As the widest part went in she let out a little gasp, she had not got used to this slightly larger one that Paul purchased after the games at the pub.

Once it was in, Paul played with it for a moment, then let it settle, she pulled her panties back up, and started to dress. Alayna had a purple dress for tonight, it was halfway between formal and slutty, and she loved it. She decided to be quick with makeup, internally she laughed at the thought it would make of her face if she had loads of makeup on and gaged on cock, she had an image of streaked face like she had seen in memes on Facebook. Not an image she wanted anybody to have of her!

As they left the room at a couple of minutes past seven, the confidence that had been gained from the two glasses of wine with the food they had eaten was wearing off. Nerves were creeping back in at a pace, she felt sick again, and as they walked past the gym she paused. It took Paul a couple of steps before he noticed that she had stopped, and he turned to her looking concerned.

'Are you OK?' he asked.

'Yes, fine, just nerves again,' she responded, and took a couple of deep breaths.

She stood for a moment, and Paul looked like he was about to say something when she stepped forward again. Paul took her arm, and they walked. I am doing this and it will be great fun was the thought running through her head, she kept repeating it to herself until they were past reception and entering the bar.

Alayna was surprised with the confidence that they strode into the bar with, but she was already looking for Nick, she spotted him and Jayne at a small table with four chairs, and directed Paul towards them. Nick stood as they approached, and almost cautiously said 'Alayna, Paul?'

'Yes,' said Paul extending his hand.

The men shock hands, and Alayna and Nick exchanged an awkward hug, as out of the corner of her eye Alayna could see Jayne and Paul doing the same, although Jayne looked more relaxed about it than any of the others.

They all sat down, and Nick asked, 'What you drinking?'

'Large wine, Rose,' Blurted Alayna, nerves kicking in again.

'Pint of Stella, please,' said Paul, 'thanks. You need a hand?'

'No, the waitress will bring them over,' said Nick as he disappeared to the bar.

'Are you OK?' Jayne said to Alayna, 'You look a little nervous.'

'I am,' Alayna replied, 'never done anything like this before, and my stomach is doing cartwheels.'

'Well there is no pressure, if you are not comfortable, then nothing happens. But I can see Nick is really taken with you, his whole demeanour changed as you walked in the door,' Jayne said, the picture of calm, composed and confident.

'Thank you,' said Alayna, as she watched Jayne.

Jayne was looking at Paul, Alayna could see her assessing him, and her gaze hovered over the bulge in his jeans for more than a few seconds. Alayna suppressed the jealousy that rose in her for a moment. She was not surprised Paul had a bulge, Jayne was hot, a little plump, but not fat, with large breasts that she had, to Alayna's eye, tried to minimise with the bra she was wearing. She had golden brown hair that flowed halfway down her back, and round very pretty face. Paul would already be thinking about those curves and pulling that hair.

Alayna looked over to where Nick was returning from the bar, he confidently strode up and sat back down in his seat with a smile. He asked Paul what the journey here had been like and small talk followed from there. A conversation about how convenient the hotel was this close to the motorway was in full flow, by the time the drinks arrived. The low table meant that everybody had a good view of everybody else, and Alayna could see everybody relaxing as the booze flowed, Jayne was diagonally across from Alayna, and when picking up her wine Alayna got a clear view up Jayne's tight short skirt, she was not wearing underwear, and her very neatly trimmed bush and the top of her pussy was visible.

It was clear to Alayna that Jayne had shown this view to Paul, he was obviously trying to get another look. Before he could Jayne said, 'Right, same again? I am going to pop to the toilet then order drinks.'

Everybody said, 'Yes', but Alayna added, 'I will join you.'

Alayna jumped up and followed Jayne to the toilet. As they went in, Jayne said, 'I like your husband, he looks in shape, and that bulge, is he big?'

Alayna was not sure how to answer, and was concerned somebody in the toilets would hear, but as she entered it was clear they were the only ones in there.

'He is big, it is almost 8 inches long, and so fat,' she said, once the door was almost closed.

'That is almost an inch longer than Nick, I look forward to it inside me,' replied Jayne, 'I like it hard and a little rough, and will he pull me back with my hair?'

'If you want him too, I am sure he will, and he knows you don't do anal, so you don't have to worry there,' Alayna said, stating to really relax.

'Cool,' said Jayne, 'when we go back to our seats we should swap get to know the man we will be with.'

When they left the toilets Jayne headed for the bar and Alayna walked back to the seats, where the boys had moved the seating slightly to enable closer contact. Alayna sat next to Nick, picked up her wine and drained what was still in the glass. She caught the end of comment from Paul to Nick about her Butt plug, and felt her cheeks redden.

Nick turned in to sit close to Alayna and he was easily able to put his hands on her. He had just put his hand on her leg when Jayne appeared back and sat down. Nick moved his hand towards her inner thigh, something she had dreamed about, and a shudder went through her.

'You OK?' Nick asked, momentarily removing his hand.

'Yes fine, I have just been thinking about this moment for a while and when you actually touched me, it was like all that coming true,' she said with a smile.

Nick was stroking her leg and saying something about her being in control when the waiter arrived with the drinks, she was not really paying attention to either, she was watching Paul's hand between Jayne's legs. She was sure Paul's fingers were already in Jayne when the drinks arrived but Paul had moved, and Jayne had covered to ensure the waiter saw nothing.

Alayna released if she fixated on Paul she would not enjoy this herself and returned her attention to Nick. Nick was stroking her inner thigh quite sensually now and once she paid attention realised that she was getting wet. Nick's fingers danced across her leg, brushing here and there, stroking and caressing. As she moved to pick up her drink, he quickly moved and flicked her butt plug with his thumb.

The vibration that was sent up it caused all sorts of flutters in her, and she almost dropped her drink. She saw Paul laugh, and then lean in to say something to Jayne that she could not catch. However, very quickly after she guessed, as Jayne looked straight at her butt and smiled.

Alayna returned her attention to Nick who was now dancing his fingers around her pussy. Every now and then one would graze her pussy, and then her clit. She relaxed into the play, but kept an eye on the bar. Nobody was looking their way, although she noticed the barman was glancing at them every now and then.

Alayna was starting to feel warm, and the playing Nick was continuing was causing flutters, when from across the table Jayne said, 'Anybody object if we take this back to our room?'

There was a chorus of, 'Yes, OK.'

Nick said, 'I will go grab a bottle of wine from the bar.'

As Nick got up and walked towards the bar, the other three gathered the drinks and started towards the rooms.

Alayna walked carrying bother her and Nick's drinks, next to Jayne with Paul just behind.

Jayne said to Alayna, 'You OK? Looking forward to this now?'

'I'm still nervous, but yes I am looking forward to this,' Alayna smiled back.

'Your husband was really getting into it at the bar, which is why I suggested moving,' Jayne mused.

'He never has had much patience, thankfully, he has some level of stamina to make up for the early start,' Alayna laughed back to Jayne.

'Hey, I can hear you!' said an indigent Paul from behind, which caused both women to laugh.

Jayne led them through the doors into the stairwell, to get to the floor their room was on, as they got to the first landing Jayne paused, with a slight grunt. When Alayna looked, Paul had used his free hand to slip a finger, or maybe two into Jayne's exposed pussy, when he had a great view of from 2 steps behind. Jayne opened her legs a little more to give him access, and Paul started to push his fingers in, using his thumb to rub her clit. Alayna felt like a third wheel, until Jayne pulled her in and started to kiss her.

This was a public place, and Alayna felt quite exposed, but that was thrilling, she had never kissed a women before, and was surprised by this, but it was not unpleasant, and she started to kiss back. The real surprise was when Jayne slipped a hand inside her top and found her hard nipple. Alayna was unable to do anything with two drinks in her hands, but was enjoying being fondled as Jayne moaned gently into her mouth, Paul had obviously hit the right spot.

The moan encouraged Paul and he was being more vigorous with his hand between Jayne's legs. In must have looked hysterical when the three of them jumped and moved apart as the door they had come through about 2 minutes before opened. However, Nick walked through with two bottles of wine.

Nick laughed when he saw them, and said, 'Could you not wait for 2 minutes to be in the room?'

They all laughed at that, probably all relieved that they had not been caught, thought Alayna. As they resumed their walk up the stairs. A couple of seconds later the door above they were heading for opened and a much older couple walked through chatting. Which caused some more sniggers, which the old lady looked over to with a face full of distain. Once they were all in the corridor walking along to Nick's room, Alayna said to Nick, 'Thank god you arrived when you did, think we would have given that couple a heart attack.'

Nick tapped his key against the door and Jayne opened it for them all to walk in. The room was for the most part the same at theirs, only there were two double beds in this room and over my the window there was a sofa that converted into another bed.

Nick walked in last and put the wine he was carrying on the table, before sitting down on the sofa and starting some music on the speaker that was also on the table.

Alayna followed Nick to the sofa, sat beside him she looked across the room to where Jayne's skirt was already raised and Paul's hand was between her legs. She watched as Jayne moved slowly to the first bed and laid back across it. As Paul moved down eager to get his head between Jayne's legs, Alayna turned her attentions to Nick.

Nick was watching the action with his wife, and there was a bulge in his trousers. Alayna undid his belt and the buttons to reveal his boxers. Nick glanced at her, but his attention was still elsewhere. Alayna slipped her hand into his fly and took hold of his member, it was rock hard, and twitching. She slipped it out, her heart racing, the anticipation of seeing it for real. As it popped into view she recognised it from the pictures, it was fatter than she expected, but looked good. Alayna immediately dropped her head to it and started her best blow job. As her hand steadied it, she ran her tongue down the length and then back up the other side, flicking the banjo string as she moved over it. Then she took the head into her mouth and played, flicking her tongue and letting her teeth brush against it here and there, before sliding more of it in.

Alayna had been dreaming about this, and it was reality now, as she licked and played with Nick's cock she explored too, his balls were large and rock hard, and his hair was trimmed, not exactly neat, but not messy either. His cock felt so fat inside her mouth, she did not recall ever finding such girth before, her mouth felt full with yes the head inside. Foreskin too, she had not had that to play with for a long while, it felt so different rolling her tongue across it, making it move, the veins too, they stood out, she could trace them with her tongue without looking at them. Lastly, Nick's cock curved gently from base to tip, it disguised some of the length, Alayna guessed that it was probably only half an inch less in length that Paul's but it looked more. This could be no further from Paul's long, thin, straight, circumcised dick, Nick might be shorter, but it felt so much more substantial.

Alayna began to take more and more into her mouth, it was hard, every inch felt like two, and this was so different to deep throating Paul. Just the head of Nick's cock felt like there was too much in her mouth, but she took it, and forced herself to get to the balls, but she was unable to hold it there and had to come up for air. She looked up at Nick, whose attention was now very much on her, she had not ever noticed that he had unzipped her dress and unclipped her bra. Nick gently lifted her, bringing her face up to his and kissed her, so very gently on the lips, as she lost herself looking into his eyes, he slipped his hands around and her dress started to fall down, she moved her arms to let it slip over them, and too her waist. Nick was caressing her back and pulled her in for another kiss, this time with more force, tongues touching, then slowly dancing around each other, playing, twisting, and flicking.

Alayna could feel the effect this was all having on her, inside her knickers there was a fire burning, the heat and flutters had really started as he kissed her, and she felt like she would cum if he so much as touched her panties. She composed her thoughts enough to start unbuttoning Nick's shirt, and moved her hips to let her dress drop to the floor, covering her knees and calf's where she was kneeing, and pushed her feet out of her shoes.

When she had finished unbuttoning Nicks shirt, she pulled away slightly to give her space to slip it off his shoulders and away, she just let it fall as she snuggled back into Nick's bare chest and slightly porgy belly, he was warm, and after he had removed his arms from his shirt he enveloped her in them pulling her in. As he kissed her again, she felt like she was wrapped in Nick, for moments the rest of the world completely melted away.

Alayna was jolted back into reality but the sounds coming from the bed, she looked around to see Jayne push Paul's head from between her legs as she was cumming. She snuggled back into Nick, but he was already picking her up and placing her down on the bed, as he did this he stepped out of his trousers, leaving just his boxers with his cock sticking out. He pushed these down and knelt down in front of Alayna. He gently ran his fingers up her thighs, teasing as he went, until they reached her panties. He hooked a finger either side and started to slide them down. Alayna raised her buttocks to let this happen and Nick teased with his fingers again as he removed them. Once they were past her knee he let them drop to the floor, running his hands more firmly back up her legs until he had a grip of her hips.

Nick pulled her into position, and ran his tongue up her left thigh, he ran across the top to her right leg, just grazing her clit. She flinched as that happened, and was loving the attention he was paying. As he started to work his way down the right leg back to her knee, his hand came around and tweaked the butt plug. That created flutters inside Alayna, and she moaned, as Nick stroked his hands across her thighs again. He moved up and put his head between her legs, she could feel his breathing on her pussy, which made it flinch and move.