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I decide to take the next day off to go into town. That morning, I fill my purse with every coin I've saved from my stipend before I head down to breakfast. To my surprise, Galiva's already up as well, getting ready for the morning shift at the clinic. Once we've eaten, we head out together.

On the way, I tell her the plan for the enchantment spell I want to cast with Olbric. After talking with Ambra and Alix, it's starting to take a more solid shape. And I'm getting more and more excited about it.

"Olbric is going to shit," she says and beams at me.

"Do you think he'll like it?" We've talked more about what he wants from his collaring, and I'm hoping my idea hits enough notes that he'll enjoy it.

"He's going to love it," Galiva promises. "Once it's ready, let me know. I'll be happy to help."

"You're the best, Gal."

The seamstress Ambra recommended is a kind older woman who doesn't bat an eye when I tell her what I want made. "I have the fabric on hand, so it should only take a couple of weeks. I can handle the arrangements with the jeweler as well, if you'd like."

I would like that very much, and I leave the shop with an empty purse and a smile I can't get rid of. It's only when I'm halfway out of the bustling market that I realize the nerves that normally follow me into the city are absent. It's a busy day, but I've managed to let the bustle pass by me instead of overwhelming me like it normally does. It feels like an accomplishment in and of itself, and my smile lasts the whole trip back to the Crux.

The next day is my casting date with Cancassi, and I find them waiting for me at the stairs to the baths. "Even though Arlon's given me a room with my own bath, I enjoy our morning talks," they say, a little shyly.

The declaration fills me with warmth, and I smile as I sweep them up and carry them down the stairs. I help Cancassi into the pool and smile as they settle against my chest.

"For our casting date today, would you be willing to conduit for another mastery level spell? Olbric is getting closer to petitioning for his transmutation mastery, but there's still a fundamental principle of the school he's having a hard time with," Cancassi says. "I think I have a spell in mind that will make it clear to him."

"Gods, yes please," I say. As much as I've enjoyed casting this week, I'm more than ready to conduit again.

"It will be in front of a small audience," Cancassi warns.

A thrill of excitement settles in my gut. "All the more fun, right? But at the beginning of the week, I thought you said you wanted to do enchantment with me?"

Cancassi's grin is sly. "We'll see how the spell turns out. It could go either way."

That gets me curious, but Cancassi and I agree to keep the rest a surprise. It's after lunch when they come to get me and take me to the first floor. I'm expecting us to go to one of the first floor casting rooms, but instead, they lead me to the library.

It's on the main floor of the Crux, just a few doors down from Arlon's office. It stretches up two full stories into the magiline tower, and is full of tall shelves, heavy with books. Since it's too cold to enjoy the courtyards, folks have chosen the cozy little alcoves tucked back away from the books as their relaxing spot during their down time. I hear quiet talk and laughter as we pass by.

Cancassi takes me to one of the alcoves in the back, hollowed into the magiline wall. Olbric is waiting for us, but he's not alone. Galiva's reading a book while Margeurite and Alix talk quietly. I'm definitely not opposed to this audience, and I shiver as Alix meets my gaze with a smirk.

"This looks like a setup," I say with a grin.

Cancassi chuckles. "It's only enchantment if you make it," they tease.

The alcove is lit by another cracking fire, safely away from any books. A thick woven rug covers the floor while comfortable chairs and couches are set about in a small circle. Someone's even brought a tray with a tea kettle and cups. It's laid out on the small end table in the center of the alcove along with a few little plates of snacks. "We're having tea?"

Cancassi beams. "We're having tea."

I chuckle and rub my face. Olbric grins at me from his seat even as Galiva shuts her book and leans back to watch. "Alright," I say. "What do you want me to do?"

"Disrobe, please." Cancassi holds out an arm for me to drape my things over, and I do as asked. I slip my trousers and underthings off last and am glad for the fire keeping the alcove warm.

"On all fours, please," Cancassi says and points to the comfortable rug in front of the fire.

I glance at the assembled group curiously. None of them have said a word to me except Cancassi, and I get the idea it's intentional. I try to puzzle out what spell Cancassi's trying to cast even as I sink to my hands and knees.

The warmth of the fire is like a gentle hand against my skin, and I let out a contented sigh. The Crux is so draft, but it's down right cozy in the little alcove. I hear the gentle clank of the tea tray before the cold metal rests against my back. I don't quite stop a flinch of surprise, and the tray clatters.

"Careful," Cancassi says. "Tables are supposed to be stable."

I give a small laugh, which makes the tray shake again. "Oh is that what I am?" I shift and flatten my back out as best as I can to give the tray a good place to rest. The plates of snacks follow soon after, resting against my shoulders and hips.

"They're also not supposed to talk," Cancassi says. I blink as a ball gag is dangled in front of me. I shiver and open my mouth to let them settle it in before they tighten the strap around the back of my head. I can just barely get my teeth around it, and it stretches my jaw wide. A silk blindfold is tied over my eyes next, and I can't stop a quiet groan.

Cancassi circles around me, and I feel something cold brush my ass. A slick focus is pressed into me, and it takes all my concentrate on staying still. I want to push back, spread my legs a little further, but fear of toppling the tray keeps me still. A string of five more focuses follow the first, leaving me feeling full. I moan, and a trail of spit makes its way out from around the gag.

The others seem content to ignore me as Cancassi gets me settled. Their conversation continues like I never even interrupted it. Cancassi sits with a sigh before I feel weight lifted off my back. There's the sound of pouring tea, and I catch a whiff of something light and herbal.

"How's the clinic been, Gal?" Olbric asks, and there's a clink of glassware as the tea is handed out.

"Tiring," Galiva says. "I don't know how Garrett does it. He's employed some incredible nurses, but it's just him and two non-magical physicians that manage the place. I think we'll all be relieved when he's back."

"He has been out east, right? When is he supposed to be back?" Margeurite asks.

"Any day now, thank gods," Galiva says. "It's been enlightening, but I'm ready for a break. Today's the first full day off I've had in weeks."

"How many holes you got in you?" Olbric teases.

Galiva laughs. "None of your business!"

Someone's foot brushes up between my legs. I flinch in surprise, and the tray clatters. The touch is brief, but lingers just long enough that I know it was intentional. I settle again and let out a long breath, but the conversation doesn't so much as pause.

"What about you, Olbric?" Alix asks. "Do you think you're close to petitioning?"

Olbric groans. "Gods, I don't know. Transmutation is more finicky than I thought when I went into it."

"How so?"

"Half the time, I end up with a half-crafted and useless enchantment spell," Olbric says. "Which Cancassi said they were going to help with today, though this has been too distracting to be educational."

"In time," Cancassi says, and I hear the amusement in their voice. "Enjoy your tea first."

"Did the kitchens do all this?" Margeurite asks.

"They were kind enough to provide the food and tea set," Cancassi says, "But the tea I brought from home."

"It's lovely," Margeurite says, and I'm a little bit jealous. Apparently tables don't get to try Cancassi's fancy tea. Even though the rug is soft, my knees are already starting to hurt, and the strain of holding my back straight is making my stomach muscles ache. I finally have to shift my hands, and though I do my best to be careful, the tray rattles before I hear something crash as it falls over.

"Ah, there it is. He lasted longer than I expected," Cancassi says, and I hear them set their cup down. They get to their feet with a groan. "Now, since our table is getting tired, there are a couple of things we can do. We could admonish or punish our table into shaping up." I flush hot red at that. "Or, we can treat our table like a table, and fix the problem ourselves."

The tray is lifted off my back, and I hear something dragged across the floor before Cancassi pulls me from my kneel. It's brief, and I'm quickly bent over the actual table. It's short enough that I'm kept on my knees, and small enough that I can fully bend over it, resting with my chest against the flat surface. Cancassi straps my wrists to the wooden legs with small leather belts before doing the same to my thighs. One final strap holds my chest flat against the wooden top, immobilizing me.

The focuses inside of me spark as they start to charge, and I jerk in surprise. I moan and feel spit drip from my forced-open mouth. It's a relief to sink against the table and let my head hang. At least I don't have to worry about keeping myself up anymore.

"One method will get you an enchantment spell, while the other will get you transmutation," Cancassi says. The tray is settled on my back once more, and I groan quietly. Cancassi sits with a sigh, and I feel them lift up their cup from the tray. "And the reason for that has to do with your conduit's headspace."

A hand brushes over my ass and gives the string of focuses a little tug, though not enough to pull one out. I shiver as a quiet whimper escapes from around the gag. "We all know the type of conduit that Dominai is," Cancassi continues. "Sometimes, you have to do a little work with a conduit to get them into the swing of a spell, but not so much with Dom. He falls into a headspace quickly, and he falls into it hard. So when you're using him to cast transmutation, you as the caster have to be sure you're putting him in the correct headspace. Your method of casting is what determines the type of headspace he falls into, and therefore, the manner of spell you both create."

Talking about me like I'm a case study is proving pretty damn effective, too. I groan quietly and test the straps, but Cancassi's trapped me good. Even though no one's so much as touched it, my cock is already hard, hanging just off the edge of the table.

"Both enchantment and transmutation require you to objectify your conduit to an extent," Cancassi says. "Correct me if I'm wrong, Alix, but enchantment usually skews towards sexual objectification, whereas transmutation involves taking your conduit and actually using them as an object. Enchantment maintains just enough of the conduit's personhood to sexualize, whereas transmutation strips them of it entirely."

"I'd say that's a correct assessment," Alix says.

Boots rest against my shoulders, and I shiver, making the tray clank gently. While this is more comfortable than just being made to kneel, the straps and Cancassi's lecture are doing nothing to help keep my arousal under control. And if I truly am just a table for today, I doubt I'll get an orgasm from this spell. The thought wrings a tormented moan out of me, and I feel the focuses spark again. They seem to be charging just fine as they are.

Olbric hums thoughtfully, and it must be his foot that comes up to rest against my ass. "So what you're saying is I'm mixing casting methods."

"Exactly," Cancassi says.

"Damn, I didn't even realize it."

Cancassi chuckles. "Neither did I until the last spell we tried," they admit. "With how absorbed I've been studying enchantment, I thought I was skewing to that headspace automatically. Then I realized you weren't helping me by praising my cock like you were."

"Well excuse me for being polite," Olbric shoots back, and I can't stop a snort of a laugh that Galiva and Alix echo.

"It's a hard habit to break," Alix says. "I got my enchantment mastery first, so when I started trying for transmutation, I was making the same mistake. It's a subtle difference between enchantment and transmutation, but it can have a noticeable effect on your conduit and your spells."

"God, I don't have my mastery in either, and I'm still having the problem," Olbric mutters.

"You sure do like talking to your conduits," Galiva points out. "I was honestly a little surprised when you said you were going to try for transmutation over enchantment."

"Well sure, casting enchantment is no problem," Olbric says. "Conduiting is the hard part. Maybe I'm just shameless. Nothing phases me."

Alix chuckles. "I doubt that," he says, and if I wasn't gagged, I'd grin. That's a theory I'm looking forward to testing.

"But we've been pretty clear with our casting for this spell, so we'll just have to see what comes of it," Cancassi says brightly.

Someone tugs at the string of focuses, and I gasp in surprise. It's only then I realize that one of the focuses in me is charged. It starts to buzz, and I can't stop a miserable little groan. It's a teasing sensation, and nowhere near strong enough to do anything but torment me.

I squirm, and the tray shifts dangerously. Cancassi just tsks before they tighten the strap around my chest and add two more, one over my shoulders and one over my lower back. I'm pressed flat against the table, so tight that drawing in a full breath is a challenge.

Olbric chuckles. "This is a very unstable table, Cass," he teases.

I can hear the grin in Cancassi's voice as they say, "Don't worry. He'll accept his position soon enough."

I whimper around my gag but am ignored as the conversation meanders to other things. Margeurite gives an update on the search for Diran, which I can only half pay attention to in my current state. I gather that her, Galiva and Allisande are working on targeting Isa, and have had some luck, though not enough to pinpoint her location yet.

"It feels like we're getting closer though," Galiva says. "The last thing I Saw proved that her and Diran are still working together."

That snaps through my haze. I hadn't realized we'd gotten Sight of him. None of my attempts had gotten anything more than a glimpse of his face or a snippet of his voice, though it was always too garbled to make out anything he said.

"Your focus has gotten so much better," Margeurite says.

I can hear how pleased Galiva sounds when she says, "Thank you."

The buzzing focus makes it hard to concentrate, and for some time I lose track of the conversation entirely. Tea is refreshed, snacks are finished, and the contents of the tray quietly rattle as I tremble helplessly. I'm not sure how long I'm there, but it takes me a second to realize that the conversation has turned back to me.

"-seems like our table has finally calmed down," Olbric says.

Cancassi chuckles before I feel their long fingers stroke through my hair and pull my head up. "He's fallen into it quite nicely," they say. "I think after all this, we've gotten a good stabilizing spell out of him."

"Do you think we should finish it?" Olbric asks, and I can't stop a shiver.

"The spell is already cast, but we could certainly help poor Dominai out," Cancassi says.

Margeurite chuckles, and I hear her get to her feet. "We should get going. Galiva and I have another casting scheduled with Allis, so we'll leave you all to it," she says.

I feel Galiva's lips against my cheek. "Thanks for the tea, Dom," she says.

I groan quietly as Cancassi lets my head fall again. Hands stroke down my back and ass before someone grabs the string of focuses and gives it a little tug. I can't stop a little whimper of desire as I strain against the straps. It's a relief just to be acknowledged after a whole afternoon of being ignored.

And Olbric and Cancassi seem intent to lavish on the attention now. The string of focuses are pulled from me, and I can't stop a shout, each one lighting my nerves on fire as they're dragged out of me. "You were right, Cass," Olbric says. "He managed to charge all of them, and we've barely touched him."

"Intercourse and orgasm aren't required for a spell to be successful," Alix points out. "I'm living proof of that."

"No, I know," Olbric says. "I am just... not that wizard. I have to orgasm if I want to charge more than two."

"We know," Cancassi teases even as they loosen the gag from around my head before lifting the blindfold off. I moan as I stretch my jaw out. "Are you alright, Dom?"

Casting with Cancassi has a way of taking my voice away from me, so I just nod before letting my head fall back down. Olbric kisses the small of my back. "You want to stay and watch?" he asks.

Alix chuckles and says, "Sure. Watching him conduit is as fun as watching him cast. You weren't joking about him falling into it."

Cancassi's grin floats into view in front of me. They cup my cheek to get a good look at my face. "He really is wonderful to cast with. Thanks for your help today, Dom," they say before kissing me gently. I shiver and return it, a little mewl of need escaping me.

When they pull away, I finally find my voice and say, "Just... fucking hell, don't leave me hanging like this."

Cancassi chuckles and strokes my cheek. "Wouldn't dream of it."

Behind me, Olbric spreads my cheeks, and I feel the familiar prod of his cock. I strain against the straps, but I can't even push back. It's enough to drive me mad.

"Seems a little strange to fuck a table," Olbric teases.

"I swear to my gods and yours, Olbric."

"To do what?" he says slyly. "Doesn't seem like you're in much of a position to be making threats."

I whimper and wag my hips as much as I can. "Fucking hell Olbric, please."

Olbric chuckles and says, "You know I can't say no when you beg like that." I feel his weight press against my back, his hands grabbing my hips before he thrusts his slicked cock into me. I shout at the rough stretch of him, and Olbric tsks. "Keep it down. We're in the library."

"And that is exactly why you're having a problem casting transmutation," Alix chuckles.

"Worth it," Olbric groans and rolls his hips.

Cancassi lifts me up by my hair before thrusting into my mouth, gagging my retort. I whimper around them as Olbric sets a fast pace, his hand reaching down to wrap around my cock. I work my tongue over Cancassi's length as they slide deep, and I take it without complaint. Thanks to Arlon's conditioning, I don't think there's much my throat can't handle anymore.

I lose myself between them. Being ignored for the better part of the afternoon has left me desperate. I gladly submit to the thorough fucking, and let my gratitude be known. I squirm as much as I'm able, little mewls of pleasure making their way around Cancassi's cock as they thrust deep into my willing mouth.

Olbric's length drags across that spot inside me with every thrust, lighting my nerves on fire in the best kind of way. Maybe it's because I've been casting all week, but I feel an internal orgasm start to build. Being gagged on Cancassi's cock doesn't let me give a warning as a couple more deep thrusts set me off. I tense and scream around Cancassi as my orgasm rocks out of me, my cock catching up quick as I cum hard.