"Ugh baby is that you, please you have to get it all out, I can't deliver a black baby," she was crying and ashamed. The worst part though, she couldn't stop thinking about his cock. She looked up and saw the master light on. She grew hornier knowing he was naked on their bed claiming it as his own. Olivia grabbed her husband's head and shoved it into her crotch.

Like an anteater looking for those hard to reach ants, he shoved his tongue up his wife's battered snatch. He found more and more cum. He started sucking at her hole, his mouth was flooded.

"That's a good boi, hurry and clean his toy for him. He's expecting seconds, and I don't want to disappoint him." She pushed Brian backwards and leaned back on his face. She felt him grunt and suck, looking for the creamy filling.

When she was satisfied she was clean she stood up, without even a look back she walked up the stairs, entering the bedroom, and shut the door behind her.

Brian layed on the floor, cum covering his lower face. He wondered how this happened, and what will happen in the future. The grunts and moans started coming from the bedroom. He knew what the present held, and he clearly was not involved.

He got up and wiped the cum off of his face and ate it. He knew he'd taste Rufus again, but he never did like to waste his cum. He walked to the dining room. He started to clean listening to the noises coming from his old bedroom.