At the peak of the thrill, her right leg was under the weight of a man, while he lifted her left leg high in an unimaginable split. And in this fantastic position, her womb was shocked by two final crushing blows, when for the first time in a small room there was a drawn-out and belly scream of a woman, whose uterus took the shock of a stream of hot semen, while the muscles of her vagina squeezed in a deadly spasm of the animal's phallus who fertilized her.

With bestial pleasure, Joseph freed himself from the seminal fluid with several rough thrusts, and a blow to the white buttocks confirmed his dominance over the lying body. Again and again his thighs described circular movements, obeying which his young cock stretched this mature vagina, plunging the woman into a quagmire of perverted pleasure. The laws and taboos of a caring and faithful wife were dissolved, and the vice of enjoying sin triumphed in a small dark room. The naive married vagina choked with the first shot of sticky sperm and now the thick streams of black seed were shamelessly and greedily swallowed by the whore's pussy, which had been dozing all these years under the bush of red pubic hair. Clutching the pillow with her teeth, Mary desperately restrained her screams when the member, controlled by this force, which the walls of her mature vagina tried not to let go, several times described an arc around her dishonored uterus. She sharply and vividly felt how a thick penis was shaking this island of motherhood in her womb and after each rough touch, a new wave of unrelenting orgasm threw her into the abyss.

Breathing heavily, the man collapsed on the woman sprawled under him, who was wriggling in echoes of the long orgasm she had experienced, and they both noisily tried to get enough air, which they both absolutely lacked after this crazy marathon.

It took at least 5-10 minutes before the lovers were able to come to their senses and intertwined bodies in a gentle embrace. Their lips met in hot kisses and traveled to the most secluded corners of their bodies. The languid smiles were reflected in each other, and the pranks of their hands promised a quick continuation of this holiday of sexual pleasures. Suddenly Joseph gently but demandingly turned Mary to face the wall and she felt his fingers, which parted her heavy buttocks, and relentlessly pressed against the narrow entrance to the asshole. Before she knew what was happening, Joseph pressed close to her and heard his hot whisper in her ears.

Strange, but Mary was not afraid. The pleasures she and Joseph experienced overshadowed the sense of danger. The only thing that could keep her from acting recklessly was her fear of pain. But Joseph's wish fulfillment did not require her willingness to yield to him immediately. And in her clouded mind the words spoken by the man were still far from reality, while the pleasure experienced had not yet subsided in the tired body.

"Do you want to dishonor my ass? Darling, I will do it for you. But please, not today." It was these words that whispered her lips and a faint smile slipped into her eyes just at those moments when her buttocks squeezed with pleasure the fingers of a man, groping for the virgin asshole of a married woman.

The restaurant became the place where all subsequent events and relationships among friends in the company began. It all started with a quarrel between Elena and Bisoye. Wanting to attract Joseph's attention, the young woman was capricious for a long time making an order to the waiter, and when Bisoye tried to intervene in their argument, she defiantly discarded the menu book. Mary tried to smooth out the awkwardness with a joke, but in response she received only a haughty grimace of displeasure. And that was just the beginning.

"Don't pay attention to her." Bisoye was especially attentive to Mary that evening. But these words, which he addressed to her, pouring wine into a glass, could no longer correct anything. The woman was especially annoyed by the fact that her Joseph on this warm evening did not pay attention to her at all. Elena absolutely frankly flirted with him and the black man clearly liked it. Why her companion did not pay attention to all this remained a mystery. And when Mary's questioning glance met his eyes, he only shook his head in response and shrugged his shoulders, pouring another portion of wine into the blonde's glass.

Patience ran out when Elena squeezed between her and Joseph and hugged the man's neck. She was not wearing a bra, and only now, seeing how wet her white blouse was on large protruding nipples, Mary guessed that this beauty was clearly a nursing mother.

The departure of a rival encouraged Elena. Seeing Bisoye's indifference, she completely lost control. Joseph drank a lot of wine and this had its consequences. More than once his hand slid over the blonde's legs. And when a young woman sat down on his lap, he made sure that in her suitcase she left not only a bra, but also panties. The dark spots of milk that appeared on the blouse drove the black man crazy, and when her hand lay on his tense cock, all obstacles collapsed.

"Darling, do you mind if I go with Joseph to the ocean? Make me a present." Turning to Bisoye, Elena completely lost her head. But her friend remained unperturbed. And only a slight smile at the edges of his lips testified that this young Nigerian had his own plans, where there is no place for a blonde today.

"Joseph, give my lady some attention. I hope today we have agreed with you that we will not quarrel over our women." With this phrase, Bisoye finally freed his friend from doubts. Yes, in the back of Joseph's mind, jealousy flashed at the memory of Mary. But Elena's kiss freed him from doubts. The Nigerian was his friend. And in their relationship there were already situations when the Farmer sent them both to bed with the same woman.

Left alone, Bisoye enjoyed the silence and admired the view of the night sky over the ocean. He was in a great mood and slight excitement told him that he had calculated everything correctly. At least half an hour passed, but the Nigerian did not rush things. The night will be long. Mary is obviously nervous now and that's great. He will enter her room when her emotions and experiences incinerate all her strength. He knew that in such situations, male sympathy is much more dangerous for a woman than male aggression or rudeness. Bisoye knew with what words this sympathy he would show for the red-haired woman, and what arguments he had in store for an emergency. In his mind, the silhouette of a woman in an open bathing suit floated before his eyes, whose plump legs he was examining today on the beach. The familiar sweet taste of excitement appeared in his mouth.

Bisoye called the waiter and paid. Leaving the restaurant, he leisurely crossed the courtyard and headed for the stairs leading to the terrace. Now Elena and Joseph are certainly already naughty in bed. It's time to pay attention to the second woman.

Walking along the balcony, the Nigerian stopped in front of Mary's apartment. The overhead light in the room was not off, but a faint pink reflection on the glass through the lowered curtains suggested that the sconce above the bed was on, which meant the woman was not sleeping. The man carefully turned the handle - the door was unlocked, and after a short pause there was a knock on this door.

The night breeze from the ocean and the rustle of foliage calmed the offended woman a little and she lingered on the terrace, admiring the night sky. After standing for a few more minutes and regaining consciousness, she went to her apartment, hoping that her lover will come to his senses and will soon come to her. The motel was empty and only two doors from her room was a light in someone's window. The curtains on this window were not tightly closed and therefore a bright triangle of light fell through the too large gap on the floor of the terrace. Passing by, a red-haired woman accidentally glanced out of this window and was thrown away from him like a shock.

Before continuing on her way, Mary stood for some time in indecision. But apparently the latest events played a cruel joke on her. Obeying the curiosity that flared up in her and quietly stepping on the carpet, she went to the window and looked inside the room. She recognized the naked man and woman as lovers who attracted her attention on the beach. And now they were not the standard of Puritanism.

Safely hidden under cover of the night, the white woman saw the sex of black lovers for the first time. Not in porn, not in photos - in reality from which she was only a few yards away, she saw how a young black male actually raped his black darling. Facing the window, leaning on the floor, a young woman was kneeling in a doggy style with her butt held high. The man's palms hanging from behind lay on his large, round buttocks and from time to time he beat this black ass, subordinating it to the rhythm of the blows of a heavy phallus. There was so much passion and sexual fury in this sex that the woman outside the window could not take her eyes off the picture.

Like Mary's breasts, young black breasts sagged like pears, confirming that both women knew what pregnancy was. And like Mary's breasts - these saggy breasts shamelessly swayed in the same rhythm in which every woman's pussy pulsates when she is cheating on her husband with a stranger male. And only the nipples discord this unity. Standing outside the window and squeezing her pink-brown nipples, Mary suddenly caught herself feeling that she wanted to wrap her lips around the nipples of this young adventurer. Standing out in a dirty, earthy color on perfectly black and sweaty skin, the nipples of the young black whore were associated with something animal and akin to the wild. And in the frantic dance of two black bodies there was so much power and there was so much sexual beauty of debauchery that only a miracle kept the red-haired woman from an insane desire to open the door and go inside this devil's hut.

Suddenly, the man doubled over in ecstasy and his hips made some unusual rough movements. The way the young woman under him threw back her head and dug her white teeth into her black forearm, prompted Mary that she was watching the moment of eruption of male semen into the pussy of a woman whose body writhes in orgasm. It was impossible to see what was happening, the chaos of heartbeats tore apart the chest, the breath did not bring air, and an accidental witness of what was happening recoiled from the window.

Staggering, Mary walked to her room and took out the key card. She was devastated by what she saw and lost touch with reality. It remains to take the last step and go into the room. And she took this step, but this step was in the opposite direction.

Leaning her hand on the wall, Mary again stealthily glanced into the illuminated window. And the fading emotions began to flare up with renewed vigor. Now the young man was lying supine on his back, and the woman lying on the bed at his feet was kissing his knees. As if in a frozen reality, these kisses climbed higher and higher until they explored every inch of their powerful thighs. The young black woman got out of bed and, with her back to the window, knelt between the man's legs. Only thanks to the reflection in the wall mirror, Mary saw how thin fingers grasped the fat cock that had lost its elasticity and, bending over the man's stomach, his black mistress greedily took this insemination instrument covered with large veins in her mouth.

The woman's black buttocks swayed to the beat of her sucking and licking her lover's black cock. And thanks to these smooth movements, her widely spaced legs allowed the secret bystander to see what was happening, which again made her squeeze tight nipples and slide her palm to her own mature pubis.

Losing caution and pressing against the window, the white woman glared at the open pussy of the one who had just received a sticky load of cum into that pussy. Shaded with light, thin threads streamed to the floor from the open labia and triumphed over the huge amount of seed not taken from her husband. In the frame of these wrinkled black labia, the center of depravity burned with a bright scarlet color, which beckoned to penetrate into the depths of vice and which absolutely honestly showed Mary another difference between women with different skin colors.

The swaying woman on her knees began to slow down, and the reflection in the mirror shamelessly showed the reason for what was happening. The mirror carried its distortions, but only a blind man could not notice that the reason for these changes was the phallus of the male lying on the bed. Sluggish a few minutes ago, he was now towered as a powerful rod of master. And not the thin fingers of a woman with a wedding ring - her palm was now firmly gripping a thick powerful shaft, and she licked this shaft and kissed the dick-head. The subsequent caused Mary to bounce off the window and saved her from being exposed.

Legs spread wide, the black young woman climbed onto the bed and sank slowly onto the man. At first, a casual witness to the events was unable to navigate what was happening. But when she saw how a woman's hand grabbed the phallus and how this hand helped her man to continue their games, the white breasts outside the window again trembled with excitement.

The young black woman slowly lowered herself onto the man. Her unimaginably curvy and perfectly round ass once again demonstrated the standard of black beauty. But even that beauty faded against the backdrop of how that ass confirmed love for her man. At first, the shaft of the dick slid between the luxurious buttocks, then Mary clearly saw how the entrance to the female asshole became an obstacle on the way of the dick-head, but the black ass continued to fall. She sank slowly, and just as slowly the man's black phallus penetrated her asshole. Mary could not see their last movements. But now there was a woman with her back to her, in whose desperately stretched ass was the fat cock of her buffalo. And this woman started her own dance in sex.

The lovers' first movements were smooth and careful. But with every minute these movements accelerated and with every minute they became more daring. And when the last shyness melted into lust, the frenzied dance of black women's buttocks showed Mary how white women need to learn to satisfy black men. It was a kaleidoscope of the most perverse methods of sexual intimacy. In this kaleidoscope, the black buttocks swayed in a frantic rhythm, in this kaleidoscope they suddenly made circular movements, and finally the buttocks began to move like millstones in a mill. These millstones unceremoniously massaged the dick they squeezed and the orgasm that followed - literally threw Mary from the window.

The red-haired woman stood by the wall, breathing heavily, when suddenly voices came to her. Someone was climbing the stairs to the second floor. In panic, Mary ran to her apartment and managed to hide behind before the male and female voices echoed from the terrace. Standing behind the curtain and afraid to betray her presence, she saw male and female silhouettes that were reflected in her window, and a few seconds later the lock of the next door clicked. She was shocked - it was Elena and Joseph came into her room. Through the thin partition she heard laughter. This was not a mistake. Her lover found a young female for himself that night. A tight knot of resentment gripped her throat and tears of despair ran down her cheeks.

The clock on the wall ticked slowly and the world fell apart into shards of resentment, pain and despair. And this destruction could not be stopped neither by the gentle sound of the ocean outside the window nor the creak of a loosely closed door on which there was now no one to knock.