"I'll be honest, I'm not sure how much longer I'll last." Jack admits.

"I think I speak for Maisie and Jade here too: we got ours. Some of us more than once."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure you bruised my vagina." groaned Jade. "You coulda warned me, Maize."

"I did, you were just all 'I'm sure I'll be fine winky face' or whatever. You want me to get you some ice too?"

"...yes please."

"Jack honey, don't cum in her until I get back from grabbing ice. I want to watch you cum in her. Those balls sounded heavy when they were slapping my clit earlier." she winks, walking to the kitchen with a waddle.

"Yes dear."

"Now sir, how do you want me?" Medli asks with a finger on her lip.

"On your back."

"Yes sir."

Medli lays back on the bed, her ass at the edge. Jack lifts her legs and tastes her. Coating his lips, nose and chin in her juices. She moans at the feeling of his tongue tasting her.

"You looked too delicious not to..."

"Thank you. Now please put that very angry looking cock in me and fuck me until you cream me, sir."

"As you wish." Jack stands back up and slides the full length of his swollen stiff cock in her slippery, tight pussy. Medli gasps.

"Fuck..oh fuck..I thought it was alot to take in mouth...fuuck. please go slow at first sir."

Jack slowly thrusts deep and slow, grinding into her. Every thrust rotating to hit every spot inside her until her hears that groan. The groan that says 'keep hitting that spot'. He finds it and he starts to pick up the pace, thrusting shorter and faster, the sound of his hips crashing into hers reverberating off the walls.

"Mmmhm fuck, yes sir. Fuck me. Fuck me like the cumslut I am and cream me. Fuuuuckk...unf umph uff."

Maisie stumbles back in the room

"I didnt miss it did I?"

"No, but she's about to cum hard and she almost broke one of my fingers last time I fisted her, so say goodbye to your husband. She's about the suck the soul out of his dick."

"Too late, I've already got that bottled up in my altar room as of 8 years ago."

Jade and Maisie high five and Jade takes the bag of ice and tucks it between her legs.

Jack removes the cock ring and relentlessly pummels Medli's sloshing, clenched pussy as she screams. Her tightness becoming impossible to fight against.

"Give me all that cum, wreck that pussy and fill me! Fuck I'm gonna cum! FUUUCK..."

Jack shoots ropes of cum into her as he spasms. There's so much he feels like he's peeing semen into her. His balls feel pounds lighter. He stays inside her, sweat dripping down his body, cum still bubbling from his softening cock.

"Fuck, there's so much...mmmm." Meldi writhes as Jack slips out of her slowly and cum drips out and down her thighs.

"Damn, honey. You wrecked her vagina. She's a mess." Maisie looks on, impressed with her husband's load.

"Agreed, she's got more icing in her than a cinnamon roll." Jade, still holding ice.

"Mmph yes, my pussy is a creamy mess. I love it." Medli writhes, smiling as the cum starts to dry on her raw labia.

"Smoke some more, then hit the shower?" Jack holds up the bong, cum droplets still falling from his cock.

"Mmm yes. The showers in this place are amazing. Waterfall heads, 4 of them, in a 20' x 30' marble tile floor and walls? Yes please." Maisie limps to the linen closet for new sheets while Medli and Jade grab towels.

They all shower together, high on the strain they named "cinnamon roll icing" and wash each other clean before changing the sheets and climbing into bed to play Animal Crossing, cuddled and cozy, light kisses shared between them all as they drift to sleep.