Introducing the Fantasy

It had been a month or so after Richard had invited Tammy and me out to his delightful lakefront cabin for the weekend. There, my beautiful petite Asian wife had been shared with Richard and a five of his co-workers, who had each relentlessly pleasured her in almost every way possible. Richard and I had told Tammy she could not wear bras or panties all weekend long, and that her pussy was to be easily accessible to everyone, at any time. And, sure enough, everyone had accessed her delicious pussy and her perky little tits and her slim nubile body over and over. Tammy had been the centre of attention, had handled it perfectly, and she had loved it. Interestingly, however, after we got back home, she seemed rather embarrassed by it all and didn't really want to talk about everything that had gone down even though I tried to get her to. Needless to say, the sight of my beautiful wife being pleasured by multiple lovers was beyond unbelievable.

Richard was a handsome Australian hunk who we had met through an online advertisement. In addition to being clean cut, blond, handsome and well-built, he was a classy gentleman. Tammy and I now considered him Tammy's ongoing boyfriend, and Tammy adored him. For my part, I loved sharing Tammy with Richard, and enjoyed seeing their intimacy. Moreover, Richard and I had become fast friends, tag team buddies if you will, and we were on a pleasurable mission to explore new experiences with Tammy.

And so it was that Richard and I connected at our favourite bar once again to catch up. Richard had had a very busy past few weeks at work. He was an equity researcher at a large investment bank, and, with earnings releases from a number of companies he covered, he had been swamped. He had just come back up for air...and was looking to relax.

Catching up with Richard was always enjoyable. We had many similar interests in life and work. Moreover, we both shared a passion for Asian women generally, and Tammy in particular, and we had both shared my lovely wife multiple times.

After a few beers we began discussing our next adventure with Tammy. Richard had not connected with her since the cabin, and was eager to enjoy her again.

"Hey bud, something you said at the cabin really stuck out in my mind," I said. "You were fucking Tammy one time and remarked how cute Tammy's ass looked, and what her virgin asshole might feel like!"

Richard and I knew that Tammy had never had anal sex. Given her 5'2", 100 pound frame, the thought of a penis of any size in her ass had always scared her. Which is why I started off by saying that, at the cabin, Tammy had been pleasured in almost every way possible...but not anally.

"Fuck yeah, I remember mate!" Richard said. "It was in the morning and I was taking Tammy from behind in our bed. Goddam, she does have a nice little ass. I love how she wiggles it every time she sits on my cock!"

"Have you ever tried anal sex before? Because Tammy and I haven't," I said.

"Well one of my previous girl friends was down for it, so we did try it a couple of times. It was fun once we got the hang of it!"

"I would love for us to take Tammy's anal virginity" I told Richard, relishing the thought. "But we would need you to guide us through it."

"Fuck yeah! I'm no expert, but yeah, I know what works and what doesn't! That sounds like a great idea!" Richard said enthusiastically.

"Is it...dirty?" I asked.

"Naw not at all mate...that's not how the body long as she's gone to the bathroom before, and washed up down there..."

"Ok! Well, first I have to convince her to try it, as she's never wanted to before. It might take a lot of convincing! Assuming she says yes I would want her first time to be a memorable experience," I said. "Not wild and crazy like in a porno, but nice and slow and sensual."

"That sounds great mate," Richard agreed. "From my experience, being relaxed and taking it slow helps a lot with anal. She's got to get in the mood."

"Yes, I'm thinking a nice evening out on the town. Should we do dinner or drinks or something else?" I mused.

Richard paused for a moment, thinking. Then he smiled, and his eyes sparkled.

"Mike, I've got a great idea! Next Friday and Saturday I'm attending a convention for work. It's downtown so obviously not very far. It's over two days, so work gets me a hotel room for the Friday night. Why don't you and Tammy spend the weekend downtown and crash in my hotel?"

"I like the sound of that!" I said.

"In fact, Friday evening, after the first day of the convention, there's a cocktail event. It's a fundraiser for the Art Gallery, and it's pretty fancy. The women get all dolled up and the men look real sharp. A lot of artsy types and business people show up. My work could score me two more invites, and you and Tammy can come along. Good atmosphere, great appetizers, lots of free would be the perfect way to set the mood."

"Then I guess, we see where the evening takes us after that..." I said, smiling.

"Oh and tell Tammy one thing," Richard continued. "The cocktail is an artsy event, and the women all dress elegant but also a little risqué...she can check it out online to figure out what to wear..."

Some time later, our plans tentatively made, Richard and I parted ways.

Making it Happen

When I got home I found Tammy upstairs in the bathroom, soaking in a warm bath, a glass of wine resting on the side of the tub. She knew I had gone to meet up with Richard, and she was probably very curious.

"So how did your meet up with Richard go?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant.

"It went well, babe. He's doing great...just resurfacing from a ton of work but he is more free for the next few weeks."

"How did he look?" she asked.

"Oh, he was more handsome than ever, babe," I said, kneeling down next to her. "You know, chiselled Australian hunk, broad shoulders to hold on to...the usual."

Through the soapy water I could see her beautiful perky boobs, and, further down...the little patch of hair between her legs.

"We were thinking we could all spend a weekend downtown next week," I said. I filled her in on the convention. "Richard says there's a cocktail event on Friday evening and he would like us to attend with him. He has a hotel room and the three of us can stay with him."

I rolled back my sleeves and reached into the water to gently play with her nipples, arousing her. Her boobs aren't the biggest but they are perfectly proportioned and drive you crazy when they are squashed against your chest. Tammy has the most amazing nipples in the world. They fit perfectly into your mouth and taste like honey Also, they are super sensitive, and, right now, I was stroking around them in slow sensual circles, rubbing them occasionally.

"You know what that means, right?" I asked, softly.

Tammy looked at me.

"We will probably end up sharing you again, babe," I went on, teasing her nipples. "Is that ok?"

Tammy gulped, and nodded.

"You miss him, don't you?" I said.

Tammy sighed softly. She nodded.

With one hand teasing her nipple, my other hand moved down to between her legs, and my fingers found her neatly trimmed patch of hair. I gently inserted a couple of fingers into her delicious sweet vagina, and began playing with her.

"You wouldn't mind having Richard's nice long cock inside you again, would you babe?" I asked.

A pause. She slowly shook her head.

"You would love to have Richard's nice long cock pumping into you, in and out, over and over..."

Tammy closed her eyes as my fingers played with her nub. Her breathing was getting erratic.

"You would love to scream his name as you climax, wouldn't you..."

Tammy gasped. Her legs tightened on my fingers.

"Babe, one small thing...and I hope you are ok with it...Richard and I would love to take you from behind..."


"You know...anal," I said, looking at her intently. My fingers kept up their gentle teasing, circling her nipples and playing with her pussy.

"Oh sweetheart...I don't know...that sounds uncomfortable..." she whispered.

"Richard has done it before, and he's promised to be as gentle as possible," I said. "He's going to guide you through trust him don't you?"

She nodded. She adjusted her body position so my fingers could penetrate her properly.

"He said he's going to make sure you are as relaxed as possible, and it's just a little uncomfortable at first...but then it feels pretty good..."

Tammy sighed with pleasure.

"I trust you...if you want me to, I will," she said.

"You know Richard and I worship every bit of you...and we want to share your cute little bum as would be an experience that the three of us could share together for the first time..." I said.

Tammy was struggling to hold back her orgasm...her legs wrapped tight around my hand.

"And you know what babe...if you enjoy it...imagine if you could maybe have both Richard and me double penetrating you at the same time..." I went on.

Tammy moaned, eyes closed.

"Your two favourite lovers, enjoying you at the same time...filling up every bit of you completely...making you our own...making you come in every which way possible..." I whispered.

That did it. Tammy grabbed my hand and thrust my fingers deep inside her as she ground her pussy onto them.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhhh...fuckkkkkkkkkk...," she screamed, as an earth shattering orgasm wracked her slim little body.

I smiled at my beautiful wife as she caught her breath, enjoying the waves of pleasure envelop her. I kissed her tenderly on her forehead.

All things considered, convincing Tammy to try anal had gone a lot easier than I would have guessed.

Before the Cocktail

The weekend couldn't come quickly enough for me. Tammy had fretted nervously about what to pack for the weekend, and what to wear for the Friday night cocktail. She had indeed looked up the Art Gallery cocktail online and was stunned at some of the dresses that the women wore. She also had second thoughts about having anal sex for the first time. To my delight she didn't back out of the idea, but agreed to give it a try, with the promise that if she didn't like anything she didn't have to continue.

On Friday afternoon we had arranged to meet Richard in the lobby of his hotel, the Excelsior, a historic high end downtown hotel. We were going to meet up, take our bags up to the room first, then get ready for the cocktail.

When we arrived we handed our car keys to the valet and entered the luxurious lobby. The Excelsior's lobby had a grand domed roof, with ornate chandeliers hanging from it. There were decorations on the walls resembling something you might see in palaces in Italy or France, and paintings and sconces everywhere. The lobby was bustling with people entering and leaving, and you could feel the lively energy of people either on vacation or staying at the hotel for the convention, happy to be there for the weekend. I liked it.

Tammy had spent a couple of hours getting ready. It was all for Richard. She had washed and dried her silky black hair, put on make up and earrings, and had chosen an outfit that she thought would come across as understatedly casual, yet attractive. In reality, she looked insanely hot. She had chosen to wear a short blue skater skirt that barely came mid-way down her thighs, and a white tube top with flower patterns cut into the material. As she wasn't wearing a bra, you could clearly see the shape of her tits, and the outline of her nipples poking out through the tight fitting top. She wore matching blue heels to go with the skirt and had a matching blue Tori Burch clutch. Her sunglasses rested sexily on her forehead. All you could see when you looked at her was a mind blowing combination of sexy legs, tits and fuckably hot Asian body. As we walked through the lobby a couple of men started to look at her...and a couple of women smacked their men as they did so.

We spotted Richard standing by a couch in the middle of the lobby. He was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a form fitting white ribbed t-shirt. The t-shirt accentuated his nicely firm body and his muscular arms. He looked ruggedly handsome, just the way Tammy liked.

His cracked into a wide grin when he saw us, and his eyes lit up when he saw Tammy. We ventured over to him. He shook my hand and embraced Tammy in a huge bear hug, and then gave her a big wet kiss right on the lips. His tall muscular form completely enveloped my petite little wife. The kiss lasted a while and I am sure he was enjoying the feeling of her boobs squashed against his chest. When they broke apart he grinned.

"Good lord Tammy, it feels like a million years since I last saw you. You look drop dead gorgeous! And you smell delicious."

He hugged her again and, placing his face in the crook of her neck, inhaled deeply.

Tammy giggled. "Oh gosh you're too nice...just something I threw together!" she said, happily.

"You look rather nice yourself!" she observed, taking Richard in from top to bottom.

"I've already checked in...we have a couple of hours until the cocktail...let's go upstairs and settle in."

We got into the elevator and headed upstairs to Richard's room.

It was a spacious room and had a balcony that overlooked the hotel grounds and pool. The bathroom was pretty modern, and had only glass enclosing it, so you could see directly inside it. There was one king sized bed in the room, a couch and a small kitchen area with a sink, stove and kitchen table. There was not going to be much privacy here for the next couple of nights.

We stored our bags and went to the balcony to admire the grounds. I noticed Richard reach out to hold Tammy's hand while we looked over the balcony railing.

We went back into the room and Richard went off to open a bottle of wine. He poured us a large glass each and we did a toast.

"To an awesome evening and weekend, and all kinds of shenanigans for the three of us!" I said grinning.

We chatted happily at the kitchen table. Tammy was getting quite buzzed, as we had only had a light lunch.

I could tell that there was a fair amount of suppressed sexual energy between Richard and Tammy. Richard's eyes kept drifting to the shape of her boobs poking through her tight tube top, and she keep stealing glances at his sculpted body and looking into his eyes. However, I think they were both feeling a little shy. I decided to be a gentleman and start things off.

"Richard, Tammy...its been a while since we were all together at the cabin. We have a couple of hours before the cocktail begins. I don't know about you, but I suggest that have a little fun?"

Tammy blushed.

"Sounds fine by me," Richard grinned.

I leaned over a kissed and kissed Tammy on the cheek.

"Richard, Tammy and I have lots of time together in the past month, so why don't start things off first tonight?" I said.

"Is that ok babe?" I asked Tammy.

She looked into my eyes long and searchingly...and nodded.

Richard took her hand and led her away from the kitchen table toward the king bed. He held her face in both of his hands, and looked deep into her eyes.

"Tammy, I've fantasized about you every night since we were together. You're like the best drug anyone could ever have... and I think I'm addicted to you! I can't wait to make love to you again..."

In response, Tammy pulled his face closer and began kissing him. Their eyes closed and their tongues explored each other's mouths with enthusiasm and urgency. Oblivious to me, they kissed and kissed, hardly pausing to breathe. They would come up for air now and then, stare at each others' eyes, and without a word, resume kissing. Their tongues roamed deeper and deeper into each other. I was getting horny watching them, and I smiled to myself.

After what seemed like an age, they both paused, catching their breath.

"Fuck, I need you now Tammy..." Richard groaned.

"Then fuck me, Richard," Tammy whispered.

With urgency fuelled by pure lust, while still deeply French kissing, Richard pulled down Tammy's short skirt and thong panties, and pulled off her top. Her boobs bounced into view. She, in turn, practically tore off his t-shirt and roughly unzipped and ripped off his jeans. I was turned on to note that Tammy kept her blue heels on. Nothing like a naked woman in fucking heels.

They continued to madly kiss. Tammy was naked aside from her heels. Richard's big hands drifted down to her boobs and began playing with her sensual nipples. Tammy moaned and kissed him harder.

"I love your fucking tits, Tammy," Richard whispered.

"My tits are yours, Rich," Tammy moaned. "I love it when you suck on them."

Taking his cue, Richard broke off his kiss and sucked in one of Tammy's tits in his mouth, alternatively licking, sucking and occasionally biting it.

Tammy, eyes closed in ecstasy, just moaned, clutching Richard's head close to her breasts.

Richard sucked the other tit as well and left a couple of visible bite marks on the soft underside of her boobs.

Tammy roughly pushed Richard down on the bed, and whipped off his underwear.

Richard's long 9 inch thick Australian cock sprang to attention, a tiny drop of pre-cum glistening on the surface.

It was a beautiful tool. Tammy admired his cock for a moment, and then, bending down, grasped the base of the cock with one hand and took the tip into her mouth.

Tammy is a great cock sucker and gives mind blowing blow jobs...she loves to start off by licking the tip, which is the most sensitive, and driving you nuts with over stimulation. She then takes the entire cock into her mouth, deep down her throat, and alternates up and down the length of the shaft in long slow motions. She knows when you are about to blow and sucks on the base of the cock to slow things down if she wants to, or sucks gently upwards, prolonging the pleasure, until you are unable to do another more than erupt into a huge blowing orgasm while screaming her name.

And she was giving Richard a mind blowing blow job right now.

She was slurping up and down, worshipping his long thick cock with passion.

"'ve gotta stop or I'm going to cum..." Richard groaned.

Still Tammy persisted.

"Tammy...oh god...''

Still the relentless slurping and sucking.

Richard was grasping her head and stroking her hair.


She felt him about to blow, and immediately stopped licking and immediately began sucking on the base of his cock, slowing things down.

"Tammy, I need to fuck you...NOW!" Richard groaned.

He pulled Tammy up, on top of him, and they began kissing. Richard's cock found Tammy's pussy, and, after a momentary pause at the opening, was thrust into her wet pussy all the way to the hilt.

"Ohhhhhhh Rich...I love your cock..." Tammy moaned.

Richard was greedily sucking on her boobs driving her nuts, as he slowly got into a rhythm of thrusting into her pussy.

"I love fucking your pussy Tammy...and I'm going to love fucking your ass..." Richard said to her.

"Mmmmmmmm...I would love that..." Tammy moaned.

"My cock was made to be in you, in your ass in your pussy in your your hands...I love you Tammy," Richard groaned.

"I love you too Rich," she responded.

She was grinding her pussy on Richard's cock, and, at the same time, Richard was thrusting upwards to ram his cock as deep into my wife as it could possibly go. The thrusts were getting harder and deeper, as Richard would retract out almost to the tip and then ram it back in. The bed was creaking with their love making, and there were wet squelchy sounds of their sex.

Richard was holding her ass cheeks in his hands and using them to direct her pussy onto his cock.

At length, both of them were getting close to the climax.