For those readers who have followed me, you may have heard reference to Saratoga. If you are not familiar with Saratoga, NY, a brief overview: Think typical smaller city in what is often referred to as the 'north country'. Short warm summers and long cold and snowy winters. Saratoga's claim to fame was the racetrack where each August they host some of the biggest horseracing events in the country. While horseracing remains a big event, the city has grown and prospered over the years.

Paula's sister and family lived in Saratoga and we would visit a couple of times a year. Her aunt also lived there so even after her sister moved away we would try to visit once a summer. Now Paula's aunt's apartment was too small for us to stay over and once her sister moved away we found ourselves booking a hotel room for the visit. Looking back I would have to say that staying in a hotel certainly contributed to our shenanigans as we never did this stuff back when we stayed with her sister. Saratoga isn't so far from Long Island that we had to stay over as theoretically we could leave early and get home late but we looked at this as an opportunity for a get-away.

Of course, get-aways can be a source of wonderful sexiness and trips to Saratoga over the years have come to define that. We would choose a hotel within walking distance to the downtown so alcohol could be consumed without worry. We would arrive late morning, visit her aunt in the afternoon and then check into the hotel and plan our night.

Now Paula has an old girlfriend Janet with whom she used to hang out in her single days. Janet has a reputation as a 'flasher' in that it wasn't unusual for her to lift her top and flash her breasts to either the bartender or other bar patrons back when they used to go out drinking together. I had heard these stories before and one time actually happened to be out with the group when she did it. Wouldn't you know, I was looking the other way! All of a sudden I hear the group give a collective 'Whoop!' and turn around.

"What?" I asked Paula.

"Janet just flashed the bar."

"No shit? I can't believe I missed it."

Paula tells this to Janet who (bless her heart) turns and flashes me. They were nice breasts, but I only got to see them for an instant.

And this is where the origin of Paula's flashing really started. We were in Saratoga, at some dive bar having a beer and contemplating where to go for dinner when out of the blue she turns and flashes me her tits, just like Janet did years before. Like I always say, Paula can be a different person when we are away and this is a perfect case in point. It became part of our regular activities when visiting Saratoga.

One visit stands out in particular. There was never occupancy in the whole city during August so we were there in July. Dumpy rooms that went for $69/night in July (and $39/night in January) went for $250/night in August. We were a fairly short walk from downtown and once we got settled in I was debating what to do until it was time to bar-hop. This was probably our third or fourth year of making this trip and some sexy flashing was pretty much expected. I know I surely looked forward to it and I suspected that Paula did as well as she readily went and participated.

Evidently, and possibly in anticipation of activities planned for later, Paula was cranked up already and started making out with me there in the room. This was a little unexpected, but lots of fun nevertheless as our kisses became steadily hotter. Normally, I'm the one who escalates things by running my hands over her, stimulating her breasts and rubbing her crotch but this time it's Paula who is taking the initiative. Before I know it my shorts are down to my knees and my stiff cock is in her mouth. I contemplated just letting it go before she pulls away, rolling over to pull her thong off.

"Something get into you?" I ask.

"Yes, YOU, right now." she answers as she straddles me and slides her wet sex over me.

"We can't do this right now."

"Yes, we can, just for a minute." She is insistent, riding me with determined strokes.

I don't want to cum yet, but it feels so good it's tempting. It's so different and exciting to have her being dominant. She's definitely heating up and I don't want her to cum yet either. I want her every bit this hot all night. I know, I'm a greedy bastard and I freely admit that but there is a chance that if we both blast off right now, planned evening festivities could be squashed. I push her off of me.


"Just a minute more." She gives me puppy-dog eyes.

"You can have all you want and even more later, but not now."

It's killing me to put my hard, wet cock back into my shorts. This is so backward I'm thinking, but that selfish part of me is strong.

She actually takes her hand and rubs her pussy.

"You can have it now AND have it later." She offers. What a fantastic wife I have!

"No! And stop that!" I pull her hand away.

"You're no fun!"

Sensing she's not too close, I try to make it up to her a little. I note with satisfaction that she did some serious grooming as her pussy has just a narrow landing strip above shaved lips. Lips that I note are wet, swollen and partially open. I give her one long lick between them. She tastes really good and again I'm torn whether to resume.

"OOOOOhhhh. More of that please." She begs.

"Later." I stop. I'm such a shit, I know.

I'm actually trying to calculate that if we came would we still have our usual fun and games. It all felt so good, she was so wet, so snug, so willing. I stand back and watch as she straightens the bed, her cute tushy facing me. I risk everything just one more time, suddenly lifting her cute denim skirt, grabbing her thong and pulling it down. Bending her over, I jam my cock harshly into her.

"OOOOOhhh, yes yes yes!" She pants.

God, my cum is ready to boil over! I pull out just as suddenly as I had jammed it in.

As back away from her she turns and drops to her knees, taking my hard, wet cock deep into her mouth in an effort to coax me back to fucking her, or to blast my load into her mouth, I'm not sure. Either way, I'm on the edge.

"Noooooo!" I almost scream, pulling away from her.

"You started it again." She's disappointed.

"I know, I know, and I'm sorry. You are quite irresistible but..."

We finish getting ourselves situated and decide to start the night early, walking to downtown. There's a little path that runs behind the dumpy motel to a park and then into downtown. The path runs down both sides of a small stream until you reach the park where there is a cute foot-bridge to allow both sides to cross the stream.

The night is pleasantly warm and the city is bustling on this July Saturday night. We begin what has become our routine of stopping for one beer each at several different small bars to see if any strike our fancy. As I mentioned, Paula is wearing a thong under her denim mini skirt and she has a thin bra under her tank top which may or may not come off before the night is over. One thing is quite certain though - Saratoga is for flashing and she wastes no time in getting with the program. Even at the first bar, and it's not even very dark, all I have to do is motion. She looks left and right, trying to determine if we are being observed. Her face is a little flushed, either from the earlier activity or what she's contemplating, her hands are on the bottom of her top - and flash. The thin bra makes it easy, both off and back on again. If her face was a little pink before, it's a more pronounced red now. Nobody saw. Success. I give her a kiss, thanking her. She returns it with enthusiasm.

We work our way through the various streets and alleys, repeating this at a few more bars. Most of the time we can get away with it: we can find an nook or corner where she won't be spotted but sometimes the place is too crowded. I don't pressure her anywhere it's too risky. The excitement is in the daring. Alcohol has a tendency to cloud your judgment however, and probably hers more than mine as she seems to get more and more daring as the night progresses. Before I know it, I have to be the one to discourage her from flashing as she seems oblivious to observing eyes, or she's not pulling her top back down as fast as she should.

We break for dinner in a funky little restaurant. It's actually like a basement since the street has a steep slope and you walk down into the restaurant from street level. There are windows, but while they are at almost ceiling height in the restaurant, they are at ground level from the sidewalk outside. I'm seated against the wall and Paula sits across from me. Now normally, this would be perfect since she could flash me easily with her back to the room, but this time I have to keep discouraging her since people outside on the sidewalk can look in and see her. She doesn't seem to worry as she wantonly pulls her top up and then to tease me further, rolls one of her hard nipples between her fingertips.

"Are they feeling extra good tonight?" I ask her about her breasts.


"You can't be doing that here. Someone will see."

"They can't see." She's really being daring, keeping them out as she answers me.

"Oh yes they can. All they have to do is look through that window." I point to the window over my head. "Please behave."

She pulls her top back down.

We manage to finish dinner without any arrests, but despite my admonitions, she must've flashed 4 more times during dinner. I had to warn her the waitress was coming one time. Back outside I'm thinking about working our way back to the hotel, as we turn the corner beside a building into a darker area, Paula pulls away from me and again pulls her top up. Caressing her hard nipples;

"They're only for you."

I press up against her and we lock in an embrace and heated kissing. She lets her top stay above her breasts as she reaches down to my crotch, rubbing me. I can feel her very warm breasts pressing against me. I slide a hand into her skirt and between her legs, finding her pussy soaked.

"We have to get out of here." I urge, breathlessly.


We part and I have to pull her top back down. Either she is now really drunk, or just so aroused that she isn't being careful. We start walking back to the hotel when she surprises me by pulling me back onto a side street. I'm a little worried that she's getting out of control and a little annoyed because this teasing has me ready to fuck her silly and now!

"One more beer." She announces, pulling me along.

We step into yet another bar. The music is terrifically loud and while I normally tend towards rock, this is more dance-related. We are immersed in a powerful bass line that reverbs your ribcage and the dance floor is packed. In fact, the whole place is pretty jammed. While I can be a sport about the deafening tunes, my patience for waiting forever for a beer runs thin. Thankfully and almost by magic, as we approach the bar a narrow gap reveals itself and I maneuver Paula into it promptly, figuring that the bartender will wait on her far sooner than me.

As we wait I notice that the place seems like a college hangout as almost all of the patrons look young. We may be the oldest people in the place and this is a very mixed situation. It's good in that college girls are often quite beautiful, but bad in that college guys can be assholes. I did a quick inventory of what was immediately around me - a pretty even mix of men and women although instead of couples it seemed to be groups of guys with guys and girls with girls. Maybe it was still early and the hookups would occur later. I noted with relief that none of the guys looked like they were about to start a brawl; in fact nobody seemed to notice us. A few of the women were wearing sexy jean shorts which is a big turn-on for me for reasons I never understood. There were a few skirts but most had on tight jeans and tops which showcased their assets.

The bartender finally reached Paula and given how loud and busy the place was this was no time to try to get a rundown on what they offered. Fortunately they had Sam Adams and at a good price, another nod to the college clientele.

We drank our beers and occasionally leaned into each other to speak and be hear over the racket. Paula was grooving to the beat as she stood next to the bar, turning to rub her bottom over the front of my shorts now and then.

"Do you want to dance?" I shouted.

"No, this is fine." Her words slightly slurred.

Just as well probably since I didn't want to lose my spot, leave the beer on the bar, or dance with it for that matter. Paula ground into me again and I was reminded that I really want to get her back to the hotel. As she turns back to face me she takes her hand and presses her fingers into my mouth unexpectedly. They are wet and there is no mistaking what they are wet with. She had deftly maneuvered her hand under her skirt, behind her thong and into her pussy and was now feeding her wetness to me.

"Delicious and you are so bad." I challenge.

"Whatever do you mean?"

"Were those fingers in a nice, warm, wet place?"


"You know I can't wait to get you back to sample that directly from the source."

"Didn't you say later?"

"It IS later!"


She resumes her grooving and grinding. Every few minutes she will repeat what she did, grinding her ass against me, reminding my cock that there is a snug, wet pussy scant inches away that needs a good fucking, only to turn and put wet fingers into my mouth. I'm thinking her thong must be soaked. It's a little too dark at the bar for me to actually see how she is doing this, especially since she has her back to me when she does it, but I've pretty much figured out her motions. This time as she turns back to me I pull her close for a hot kiss, holding her wrist with my hand. As our tongues battle, I pull her hand to our mouths and she takes the hint by pushing her wet fingers into our kissing mouths. Our tongues glide over her fingers as we share her nectar. This cranks me up even further and I'm hoping it does for Paula as well.

"My beer is empty and my balls are full." I tell her.

"Let's go."

We have to make a quick pit-stop at the bathrooms on the way out, beer is like that. Of course there is a line for the ladies room but thankfully none for me and I'm back out and waiting for her minutes later. The music is not too loud here.

"I saw what your were doing." Comes a voice from behind me that I don't recognize.

I turn to look behind me and there are two young women is standing there, looking intently at me. One a taller beauty with big dark eyes and jet black hair, the other shorter and very average looking with short brown hair. I look around behind me to see who they are talking to.

"I'm talking to you." Says the dark eyed beauty.

"Oh yeah?"


"And what were you saying again?"

"I saw what you were doing, you know, with that woman at the bar."

"And what exactly did you see me doing?"

"You were both being very nasty."



"How exactly were we being nasty?"

"She was putting her fingers into herself and giving them for you to taste."

"I think you might be mistaken."

"Oh no, I saw her do it a bunch of times. I even saw you both taste them together."

"Is that so?"


I took a moment to look these girls over. I'm not really a good judge of age but since they are in a bar I'm thinking at least 21 and perhaps a year or two older, but not much. The dark eyed one is dressed in tight jeans and a tight black scoop-neck top that showcases her breasts nicely. I'm thinking probably wonderbra although perhaps she's just blessed. Her jeans fit her like bodypaint and from what I could see, just about every aspect was damn good. Her quiet friend had on looser jeans and some shirt advertising a band or something.

"Well then. You must be saying this to me for a reason. How did it make you feel, seeing that?"

This seemed to catch her off guard, I guess she was expecting a different reply. She looked briefly at her friend.

"I don't know. I was shocked."

"Did you think about what it would be like, to do that too? To have your boyfriend want to taste you? To be that aroused?"

"I, I, don't know."

"I bet you're thinking right this moment that you'd like to put your fingers inside yourself. I bet you have a little, empty, ache down there that wants to be filled."

"You, you, don't know that."

"Do you want to give me a taste?"

"No! No. Of course not."

"Perhaps you want a taste of my wife?"

"Don't be disgusting!"

"But you think about it. You think about sliding your finger inside. Inside your nice snug, pussy and finding it so, so wet."

"Oh gross!"

And with that she turned and they almost ran back into the bar area. Moments later Paula finally joins me from the bathroom. We start back to the hotel, walking first through the little park and then back along the path. Unbelievably, as we get onto the path Paula reaches down, unzips me and pulls my cock out. She does this as we are walking, her to my left. She strokes me a few times with her right hand before actually bending over to take me into her mouth as we walk! I'm more than a little uptight but don't object until I notice there is another couple walking the other way on the other side of the stream.

"Stop, stop! There are people."

She stops, but she doesn't do anything to help shield me. She steps too far ahead of me as I'm actually trying to stuff my stiff cock back into my shorts as we walk and the other couple approach. While they didn't say anything directly to us I heard the woman clearly exclaim to the man 'Did you see that?' Pretty embarrassing. Thank goodness it was at least a little dark and the stream separated us or who knows if anything more would've taken place.

Moments later we finally got to the hotel. There were very little preliminaries. Her pussy had been wet since before we left and I know my cock had very little patience remaining. We pretty much attacked each other, not unlike how we did a few hours before when I denied us both release. I had packed her 'toy' and had every intention of putting Paula through all of her paces. Plans to spit-roast her or possible double-penetrate her with the toy into a wrenching orgasm were just too much for my impossibly teased cock.

After so many hours of teasing my cock had had enough and turned on me. I had barely climbed on top of Paula into the missionary position before I lost control and came. (and came and came) Not that it didn't feel great, but well, you know, I'm greedy. I never even got the toy out let alone used it on her. I was pissed at myself but recognized that my greediness had a price. I quickly moved behind Paula into the spoons position and pushed my still-hard cock into her. From this position I could reach around her and stimulate her clit. Thankfully Paula wasn't too far behind me in the orgasm department as she was able to cum and grind back against me moments later before my cock went all the way down.

On the ride home I told Paula about the exchange with the young girls while she was in the bathroom. Paula was pissed that they had the audacity to approach me and said that had she been there she would've lit into them. All things considered, I think it's best that Paula wasn't there as the last thing we needed was a big to-do.

We made it back to Saratoga a couple more times before Paula's aunt moved away. They were always good trips and I tease Paula that we need to go again even though there is no one there to see any longer, if only for the sex play.

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