Crazy Weekend with Friends

My wife Jodie and I were laying on our bed, naked recovering from yet another great sex session. Ever since our weekend away with friends our sex life was brilliant. I looked over at Jodie's naked form. Her longish blonde hair was wet with sweat, her proud boobs rose and fell with the deep breathe she was taking, her flat stomach and long tanned legs and gorgeous pussy had my dick start to harden again even though we just finished making love. Jodie is tall has firm size c boobs and has toned herself up lately and looks fantastic. I knew Jodie was reminiscing about the "weekend" just as I was.

It was a while ago now but my memory of the weekend is still so vivid in my mind. Jodie and I talk about it often both still not sure how the events that happened on that night evolved so unplanned and so quickly. Jodie says she enjoyed the experience but it will never happen again, I live in hope that it does reoccur.

The six of us booked a house on the canal in Mooloolaba on air B and B. A 3 day getaway after so long without a break. There were 3 couples, Greg and Lee and Mick and Sharon and Jodie and myself. The house was great with a deck and pool overlooking the canal and Mooloolaba wharf.

We all settled in and hit the pool with some drinks. The girls in their bikinis and us in our broadies.

All three ladies are good looking, all different and all get along well. Sharon has short blonde hair, big strippers boobs, is short and thin. Lee is relatively tall sandy hair and nice perky natural boobs. Mick is a big man around 6 foot six and has long dark wavy hair and is hairy all over. Greg is about 5 foot 10 inches tall with short thinning hair.

We spent the afternoon swimming, drinking, playing games and laughing. There is always sexual banter and flirting amongst our group but nothing has ever happened. After we had tea, courtesy of uber eats we sat around on the back deck listened to music and had more drinks. Mick, Sharon and Lee had all just finished work that morning, so were still tired so they went to bed. Leaving Jodie, Greg and I left to drink and chat. Greg was drinking his regular rum and Pepsi max, Jodie vodka fresh lime and soda and myself beer. We had a couple more drinks and were getting fairly inebriated but were enjoying each other's company.

After a while Jodie also said she was going to bed and went inside. Greg and I chatted on we were also going to turn in when the door of the house opened and Jodie came back out. Greg and I were sitting in single chairs around a low drinks table and a three seater chair was opposite out on the rear deck near the pool.

Jodie had on her pyjamas, which consisted of a white singlet top and loose white shorts. She had a fresh vodka in hand and sat with her knees bent and feet on the table. As she went on to say she needed one more drink I studied her body. The singlet top was nearly sheer and her beautiful pink nipples were proudly on display. Jodie's boobs were fantastic a perfect C size that a surgeon had implanted years ago. But that is not what held my attention. Jodie had her legs about 15 inches apart and with her feet on the table I could see right up her loose shorts. Jodie's vagina was clearly on display. Jodie always has a little landing strip and her pussy shaved.

I stared at her wonderful mound with her pussy lips pouting glistening in the light. I wasn't sure if she was aware that she was showing us her goods. She certainly would have known her boobs were showing through her singlet, but I wasn't sure about her pussy show. I certainly wasn't going to complain.

I looked over at Greg and he was staring straight up her legs as well. Jodie just chatted on about nothing and if anything her legs spread even more. Greg was squirming in his seat, adjusting his shorts. I was also getting aroused. I told them I would get us some more drinks and went inside and mixed more vodka, rum and grabbed a beer. When I returned Jodie still had her feet on the table and Greg was not hiding the fact that he was ogling her pussy and boobs. I handed him his beer and when he moved his hand I could see his shorts were tenting with a hard on.

This continued until we finished our drinks and Jodie said she was off to bed.

I quickly bid Greg goodnight and followed Jodie to out room. I wasted no time in throwing Jodie on the bed pulling madly at her pyjama shorts. I pushed my stiff cock straight in her wet pussy to the hilt. I fucked her hard and fast and soon came deep in her hot snatch. She asked me what brought that on and I told her how hot she looked showing us her tits and pussy. She acted as if she didn't know and said she was embarrassed. I quizzed her about this as we snuggled in bed together and she admitted that she knew her boobs were on display. She likes the way Greg stares at her boobs but didn't realise she was showing her "fanny" as she calls it. She said she was embarrassed, and Greg would think less of her. I again questioned her saying did you not see his hard on, she giggled and said she thought it was her boobs causing that. I told her it was the complete package.

The next day was spent at the beach, lunch and back to the pool. We had more drinks and played horse and jockey in the pool. That was fun as the girls sat on our shoulders trying to push the other jockey off of her husband to get the winner. All the ladies are competitive so all of their bikinis became a target and they ended up topless in the pool. Sharon's huge big boobs with long pale nipples stuck out the front of her like a bumper bar. Lee's beautiful boobies with caramel coloured nipples bounced as we fought it was a great afternoon. We met the grumpy old neighbour from next door who decided to clean his gutters when we were in the pool. He was just perving on the girls and good on him. I would have been looking as well.

Greg and I had a chat about the previous night. He told me he was sorry for perving at Jodie. I told him that I was stoked and thought it was great. I told him how hot I thought it was I told him how Jodie and I fucked afterwards and he told me he knew because he heard us from next door bedroom.

That night went exactly the same as the previous night we played games sang. Ate and drank.

The same three who had been hitting the drinks hard all day said they were going to bed. Greg and I looked at each other and said we were having a few more drinks first. Jodie said she would be off to bed as well. She gave me a kiss and went inside with the others. Greg and I looked at each other in disappointment.

We said that last night must have been an accidental show and we should be happy for that. Then the door opened and Jodie again came out wearing exactly the same pyjamas as last night. Greg and I kept our cool and we were in the same seats. Jodie sat down and again put her feet on the table with her knees bent. Her nipples proudly pointing out through her singlet. I saw her smirk when Greg and I both stared up her shorts. Her pussy was dead set beautiful. Her pink pussy flaps looked moist and inflamed. I knew then Jodie was teasing us and was getting off on us staring at her. I decided to see how far she would let this go before closing me down.

We chatted again but this time we chatted about sex. I grabbed more drinks and Jodie was pretty well plastered by this time, she must have been to blatantly show her goodies like that with no excuse. I told Jodie to take her singlet off. She told me to go jump. I again told her to take it off, telling her we could see her boobs anyway. She again said no, and that we saw them this afternoon anyway. I said in a matter of fact way to take off her singlet. She glared at me and shrugged and said well remember you ordered me to do it. With that she pulled off her singlet letting her boobs swing free in the night light. Fuck she looked good. Her legs were still on the table. Greg told her how great she looked and how fantastic her boobs were.

We stayed like that for a while and I mixed more drinks. Jodie was now comfortably talking with her boobs on display. This time I said now take off the bottoms. Jodie did not answer she just looked at me. I told her again to take them off. That she was showing us her pussy for the past half an hour so we should get to see it properly. She just shook her head. Jodie I am serious I said take-off you shorts.

If you want them off then you take them off she retaliated. Ok I replied and stood up my hard on would have been evident. Jodie watched me approach her I reached down and grabbed either side of her shorts. Jodie struggled and pushed me away and slapped my hands but eventually I had pulled them down to her knees. Greg all this time was laughing as he continued to stare. Finally Jodie gave in and said fine have them and let me take them off completely. She sat there defiant and naked.

Greg and I both whistled and commented on how hot she looked. Jodie acted all cranky, but really wasn’t.

She told us to take a good look as I would not be getting any touching for ever. Jodie put her feet back on the table and both Greg and I had an uninterrupted view of her pussy. Her little landing strip pointing the way to paradise. Her flaps were engorged. Jodie was enjoying being an exhibitionist.

Greg and I stared at her beauty with lust. She told me to get more drinks. I did this even with a boner in my shorts. Jodie was still on show when I returned. She was rubbing her boobs explaining to Greg about her boob job. Fuck I was horny.

When we were finishing our drinks Jodie moved to go inside so I stopped her and asked where she was going. She told me she had to pee. I blocked her and told her there was no way she was going inside. I told her she would not come back. She tried to push past me but I blocked her again. I told her to go and pee in the garden or down near the canal. Jodie stood there defiant looking at me with hands on hips, her breasts gleaming in the night light her nipples hard and proud. . Greg was enjoying the show looking at Jodie's ass from behind.

Jodie informed me that she was not peeing in the canal or the garden and if I did not let her in then she would go right here. That would be great I told her. With one last glare she moved to the edge of the deck and squatted. Jodie stared at us both as a stream of urine started to come out of her pussy. I have never been into anything like that, peeing etc but right then my dick was so hard it could explode. Jodie pee'd for ages the urine glowed in the lights as it escaped her bladder. I knew then with Jodie looking at us that way that both Greg and I would get to fuck her that night.

When she finished I asked Jodie to sit between Greg and I on the 3 seater sofa. Jodie did not argue this time. She sat between us and I immediately kissed her. A long deep passionate kiss. Jodie was on fire. Greg sat there nervously pushing his hard cock through his shorts. I told him not to just sit there play with Jodie .It is what she wants. Immediately his hands went for her tits. He cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples. I maneuvered Jodie a little backwards so that I could access her mound. When I felt between her legs, her pussy was soaked. Pussy juice was running out of her like a tap.

Greg was now licking and nibbling Jodie's nipples. A moan escaped her lips as we both pleasured her. Greg's hand timidly moved south towards Jodie's snatch, to reassure him I grabbed his hand and moved it downwards. Soon we were both playing with a boob each and playing with her sopping pussy. I told Jodie to touch Greg's cock. She hesitated bit I insisted telling her that I knew she wanted to. She reached out and massaged his stiff rod through his shorts. I told Greg it wasn't fair that Jodie was naked and we still had clothes on. We quickly shed our shirts and shorts. His cock was long, fairly this and hard. Jodie started to stroke it. I was in heaven watching her stroke Greg.

Greg laid back and let Jodie stroke him. I told her to give him a little suck. She said no, so I told her with authority to suck his cock. Jodie complied and placed her mouth over his cock. Greg was in la la land. He held her hair as Jodie got more and more in giving him a head job. She held the base of his cock with her hand as her lovely mouth bobbed up and down on his now I had 3 fingers deep in Jodie's snatch she was creaming herself.

I thought that Greg might come so I ordered Jodie to sit on his cock. Jodie looked at me and asked if I was sure that was what I wanted. I told her again to sit on his cock and ride him. Greg let Jodie straddle him, she reached for his cock and guided it in to her pussy. Both groaned in appreciation as she lowered herself all the way to the hilt. After sitting with his cock fully in her so a little while Jodie started to rise and lower herself on his cock. I must admit I loved it, watching my long time wife riding a good mate and both getting off. Greg was now latched on to Jodie's tits as she rode him.

I moved in to help Jodie go up and down on his cock. I thought I would touch her bum as she used to love getting her freckle felt and rimmed when we were first going out. My hard cock was pressing in to Jodie's back and I reached down and felt her ass. I felt further and felt Jodie's pussy lips as they wrapped around Greg's dick. This turned me on even more, I rubbed her pussy as Greg's dick explored the depths of her cunt. I am not sure if this set them both off but firstly Jodie orgasmed and went rigid as she came. Then I felt Greg's nuts contract as he unloaded in Jodie.

When they recovered I helped Jodie hop off of Greg and just bent her over and slipped my aching cock straight in to her pussy. Hot, wet and fuckin fantastic it felt. I help her hips as I fucked her as hard as I could. My balls were slapping around her ass. I told Jodie to suck Greg again. I told her to lick his cum. Jodie was now doing whatever I told her without arguing. She tried to suck Greg but my thrusting was thwarting her efforts to do a great job. So she rubbed his shaft as she licked his cock head. I did not last long and felt myself shoot a huge amount of cum in to Jodie's hot hole.

Now all this was fantastic but this is when things went a little crazy. When we were recovering I told Jodie to hop up on the seat and I went around and asked her to suck me hard again. She leant over the couch and started to suck my dick, mind you it was still hard. This gave Greg the opportunity to move in behind Jodie and slip his dick back in to Jodie. Jodie didn't seem to be slowing down and spread her legs for Greg to get better access to her hot pussy. I told Greg to feel Jodie's bum hole as he fucked her. He gleefully started to rim her little brown hole. Then I saw Mick come out of the house, he must have been watching as he had his big fat cock in his hand and was wanking as he walked over close to the action.

Greg saw him then and had a big shit eating grin as he continued to plunder Jodie's hole. Jodie continued to lick my shaft. I decided to see if this could go further.

I told Jodie that Mick also wanted to fuck her. Would that be Ok with you? She replied yeah whoever you want. I think she thought I was just fantasizing but Mick heard what she had said. He motioned for Greg to move and he withdrew from Jodie. Then Mick grabbed her hips and pushed forward. Jodie tried to move and also looked around. I held her tightly as did mick as he pushed his big cock into her. After a few strokes Jodie settled and started to enjoy Micks big cock stretching her pussy. Mick told Jodie how hot and wet her pussy felt as he drilled her.

Greg came around near me and started playing with Jodie's tits as they swayed back and forward. Jodie held both our cocks as Mick held her hips and continued his assault. Looking at him as he fucked my wife, he really is a big man. His big cock glistened with come as it pistoned in and out of Jodie. Greg asked if he could come on Jodie's tits. This was a bit awkward with the position Jodie was in bent over the couch so I told Mick to stop fucking Jodie and move her on to the outside dining table.

Mick easily carried her to the table and laid her on her back. He quickly positioned himself back in front of her cunt and pushed forward. Jodie wrapped her legs around him welcoming him back inside her.

Greg moved over her boobs and rubbed his cock over her breasts. Jodie wrapped her hand around his cock and started pumping his shaft. Soon he started praying cum all over her tits and body. This set Mick off and he also exploded deep in Jodie's well fucked cunt.

That is when we heard a strange sound. We looked around the old guy from next door was watching us. He was filming us on his phone and obviously pulling his cock as he did so. When he knew we saw him he told us it was the best show he has seen. Everyone who rents this house fucks but you have been the best.

I'll show him I thought, Jodie was near passed out on the table and Mick withdrew his now limp weapon from her pussy flaps. I saw Greg looking at Jodie's pussy so I told him he should clean her up. In a flash he was between her legs lapping at her snatch. Jodie moaned in pleasure as he lapped at her cunt like a thirty dog. He didn't seem to mind the huge amount of cum he was chewing on. The old guy howled with mirth.

My cock was raging hard and I wanted to fuck Jodie but she looked spent. I told the guys to hold her for me. They each got on one side and lifted her up and moved her on to my dick. It was great. Greg did a great job cleaning Jodie out and the boys moved her on and off my cock. I told the old guy to show us how much he enjoyed the show. He moved higher on his ladder and showed us his stiff cock as he masturbated. He said he would have the video in his wank bank for years now.

Jodie just looked up as she was moved back and forwards on my cock. The old guy started to cum and an arc of cum actually landed on Julies stomach. I followed and came as well. We all recovered, I told the old guy if we stayed again he might be able to join us. Jodie recovering said she would never stay here again with the old fucker perving.

Later in bed Jodie was worried about what happened, if I still loved her, if our friends will hate us. I told her I loved her even more if possible and our friends love her not hate her. She replied by saying are you sure? Your friends had their cocks up my pussy and fingers up my ass. I hugged her and assured her it was all just fun and trying new stuff. Next morning by the time we arose a hot breakfast was ready and everything was normal. No one mentioned anything about the previous night. Although Greg and Mick fawned over Jodie all day.

The third and last night we three blokes were out the back waiting for a rematch but it never eventuated. So we sat around and told each other how it was a great a night and good were we at fucking.

The weekend still turns Jodie and myself on and I live in hope that the weekend may reoccur at some point even though Jodie says it was a fantastic once off. I live in hope and remember vividly the crazy weekend. I wonder if I could get a copy of the old pervs video.