Torchwood: Day One Alternate ending.

With no place else to go, Carys was backed into a corner, Owen ahead, Gwen, Tosh and Jack behind. Carys begged with them for just one last victim, to make it feel alive.

Jack relented, catching Carys as she fell to the floor in agony, her body not far off giving out. He held her as he kissed Carys, giving her a taste of the energy within him, his immortal life force feeling like an endless meal to feast on.

"Take me." Said Gwen, kneeling down beside "Just let her go, use me as a host instead."

Jack agreed, standing back as Gwen came to her feet, pleading with the alien to let Carys go. Carys choked as the alien gas emerged from her body, taking form above her as it set eyes on Gwen. As it moved in on her, Jack pulled a device from his pocket while Gwen slowly backed away. Tosh went to check on Carys as she lay there helplessly.

The gas noticed Jack moving and prepared to hurry to avoid whatever it was he had. Jack dropped the device to the floor near the gas alien, it immediately glowed as it unleashed a force field, the gas alien quickly zipped around it, narrowly missing being caught as it rushed towards Gwen.

Gwen gasped as it reached her, entering her body rapidly and assuming control. Gwen closer her eyes, wheezing as the gas disappeared. Just before Jack stepped over to check on her, she suddenly bolted, dashing through the door behind her while everyone else was near Carys.

"No! Gwen!" Jack barked, darting after her. Owen jumped up and followed Jack while Tosh stayed to care for Carys.

Being just far enough ahead of them, Gwen slipped away from, dashing out of the building and off to the nearest shrouded area where she would be harder to spot. Jack and Owen rushed out moments after, not knowing where Gwen had gone, they reluctantly split up and looked for her.

Several minutes later Owen searched through a thickly wooded area some distance from the sperm bank. He held his gun at the ready as he scanned his surroundings carefully. Gwen stepped out from the shadows as she smiled slightly "Owen. Shh! Over here." She whispered, causing Owen to turn around, aiming his gun straight at her.

Gwen smiled at him, raising her hands as she approached cautiously, powerful pheromones emanating from her short but fairly well proportioned body. Owen stuttered slightly as he lowered his gun.

"Look, love, just head back with me alright... You'll be fine." He said, his resistance quickly diminishing. They drew closer, Owen lowered his gun and grabbed her, pulling her closer as they kissed. Gwen's overactive sex drive took over, shoving him back against a nearby tree as she undid his trousers. She eagerly ravaged Owen, continuing to snog him as she pulled down his trousers.

Already harder than a rock, Owen pulled down Gwen's jeans and slid his dick deep inside her, causing both of them to gasp slightly as they fucked. Gwen covered his mouth as he quickly began to orgasm, Owen glowed as suddenly he disappeared in an eruption of shimmering gold light.

Gwen gasped blissfully as her body absorbed the shimmering gold energy, leaving a trail of dust down the tree. Gwen smiled as she gathered herself, doing her trousers back up, and wondered what to do next, given that Jack seemed more resistant to her powerful pheromones. But unless she could get rid of him, she could never continue getting her sweet blissful hits of orgasmic energy.

She realised that just like Carys, Gwen's body would also burn out eventually, maybe she could use Jack and Gwen's access to so much Alien tech to find something, anything to prolong a body's use, so she could claim more victims and be able to find another host, or better yet, be able to permanently inhabit a human body somehow. Gwen spotted Owen's loaded gun on the floor. She picked it up and tucked it into the top of her jeans.

All she needed was something to bargain with. Remembering that Tosh was still inside the sperm bank with Carys, she smiled as she headed back toward the building. Tosh was inside with Carys, making sure she was alright after her traumatic experience.

Out of nowhere, Tosh was struck round the head with a heavy lamp, knocking her to the floor. Tosh screamed, gripping the side of her now bleeding head as Gwen drew a gun on them.

"Drop it! Now!" She barked, aiming at Tosh's forehead. Tosh dropped her gun and raised her hands, Gwen quickly grabbed the gun, keeping a firm gaze on everyone as she tucked it into the back of her trousers. She moved over to Carys and dragged her to her feet and aiming at her head "Try anything, I'll blow her brains out... Alright?"

Carys whimpered, pleading with Gwen to let her go. Tosh nodded as she kept her distance, Jack came running in moments later, realising he was now in a hostage situation "Gwen, put the gun down... Let's talk this out!" He said.

Gwen aimed the gun at him "Shut it! You lied to me, that thing would've killed me! So cut the shit. I want this body, I'm gonna take it, and you're gonna make that happen." She retorted. Jack lowered his gun slightly.

"I'm afraid I can't let that happen... You've harmed too many people already, I won't let you take Gwen as well." He replied.

"Don't give me that shit! All that technology you've got, back at your hideout, there must be something you can use that'll make this body last longer! You tried to kill me! So if you don't do as I say, I'll kill her." Gwen snapped, aiming the gun at Jack's leg as she pulled the trigger.

Jack yelped in agony as he gripped his leg, looking back up to see Gwen pressing the gun against Carys head. Carys cried and wriggled, begging for her life.

"Alright! Fine! Just let Carys go, you can take me instead!" Pleaded Jack, hoping she would at least let Carys go.

"No! She stays with me! I don't trust none of you. We all go, you try anything clever, I'll kill'em both!" Snapped Gwen, glancing at Tosh as she gestured the gun towards the door.

Jack waved Tosh over, she took his arm over her shoulder so they could walk out together, Gwen followed behind with her gun to Carys head. They headed to the Range Rover and jumped in, Gwen urged Tosh to sit in the front, leaving her and Carys in the back together.

Heading back to Cardiff bay, Gwen soon had them held hostage outside the main entrance. An injured Jack greeted Ianto and frightened Tosh, with Gwen holding Carys at gun point "You! Get us inside! Now!" She snapped, still holding onto Carys tightly. Gwen growled slightly as her head started to hurt.

"Ianto, just do as she says... That's not Gwen talking." Said Jack, with his wound healing quickly.

Ianto stuttered at first as he raised his hands, seeing the rage in Gwen's eyes flare as she held the gun at Cary's head "U-um, fine... okay. Uh, just through there."

The door opened and allowed them to enter, Gwen went in first, keeping Carys close as she backed into Torchwood "Right. Find me something that'll let me keep this body... Don't fuck about or I'll kill the girls." Said Gwen, urging Tosh closer as she glanced at Jack.

"Listen. We can't just let you walk outta here... We'll find you another body, we'll get you safe passage off world if you just put down the gun." Said Jack, raising his hands as he tried to step closer.

Gwen turned the gun on Tosh and fired without hesitation, hitting her in the shoulder "Do as I say... Or she dies." Tosh screamed in agony as she clutched her shoulder. Carys also screamed, frightened for her life as she remained firmly within Gwen's grip.

Jack immediately backed off "Alright! Alright! You gotta give me time to find something. I need to use the computer." He said, gesturing at the desktop nearby, tempted to jump her but still unsure how many rounds she had left.

"Move! You've got 10 minutes." Gwen snapped.

Jack set to work searching the archives for anything that could prevent the rat jam problem, knowing that the entity was serious about keeping Gwen's body, also willing to kill to ensure its survival. He didn't want to risk more innocent lives. Having already lost Owen and the dozens before him consumed by the entity's lust for pleasure, maybe he could give the creature what it wanted and send it off world somehow.

A little while later he sighed, turning to Gwen "I've got it. An atomic default adjuster."

"Good, bring it to me..." said Gwen, smiling as she bit her lips, feeling closer than ever to getting what she wanted.

Jack stood up slowly with his hands raised "Follow me." He said calmly.

Gwen glanced at the others "Wait. That thing you had earlier. That shield... I'm not leaving anyone loose." Flagging Jack down before we could walk away.

Realising it would likely be a safer option for them, not wanting anyone else to get hurt "Alright, but let me tend of Tosh's wound first, otherwise she'll bleed out. Then I'll get you whatever you want." He pleaded.

Gwen scowled as she held the gun at Carys neck "Fine. Quickly! Or she won't be the only one who needs saving." Struggling with a whimpering Carys.

Jack pointed to the medkit on the wall nearby. He grabbed it and began wrapping up Tosh's wound, stopping her from bleeding any further. Once patched up somewhat, Jack lead Gwen over to a computer.

"I'm gonna put them in a stasis field, they won't be able to go anywhere until someone deactivates it from here." He said, imputing several commands as Gwen watched him like a hawk.

Moments later a glowing field of energy enveloped Ianto and Tosh, freezing them in place. Jack sighed as he turned to Gwen "It's just us now. I can get you that adjuster then we can all go our separate ways okay. No one else has to get hurt."

"Let's go then." Gwen smirked.

Jack lead them to storage and opened up the container for the Atomic default adjuster, Gwen bit her lips as he pulled a black gothic necklace from the container "Let Carys go, and I'll give it to you."

"No, not yet... I'm not giving up my only way out of here. Back to the others, now. Then we'll exchange." Gwen demanded, still holding Carys tightly with a gun to her neck.

Jack sighed, stowing the necklace in his hand as he returned to Tosh and Ianto "Hand me the adjuster, then step into the field... she'll follow once I know the adjuster works."

Jack held out his hand, offering the necklace to her "How do I know you won't hurt her?"

"You'll be frozen, and she's not a man. She won't be of any use to me anymore." Said Gwen coldly "I'm gonna let go of you now, try to run, I'll kill you, alright?" Turning her attention to Carys, who nodded in response, only whimpering as she trembled with fright.

Gwen let go of Carys and urged her towards Jack, holding the gun on the back of her head as she reached for the necklace. Snatching it out of Jack's hand, she backed away quickly, still aiming at Carys as she slid the necklace over her head.

After a few moments she gasped as the pressure in her head faded away "How long will it last?" She asked.

"For as long as you wear it. That's it... you got what you wanted, let's end this, peacefully." Said Jack reassuringly, urging Carys towards him slowly.

Gwen smiled cunningly "In you go. Both of you." She said, aiming the gun at Carys, urging both of them back towards the stasis field.

Jack scowled at her "Come on. Just walk away, you got what you wanted." Gwen fired at the floor, narrowly missing Carys as they back towards the stasis field.

"Maybe. But I'm not down with you yet. You're gonna be one hell of a feast, Jack Harkness. Now, back!" Gwen snapped, gesturing them back towards the stasis field.

Jack urged Carys towards him, Gwen stepped closer, looking like she could pull the trigger again any moment. Jack took Carys hand and pulled her closer, ready to throw himself in harm's way should Gwen take another shot. Together they walked into the stasis field, freezing on-the-spot moments later as it took effect.

Gwen lowered her gun, smiling as she stowed it in the back of her trousers opposite the other "I'll be back for you lot, soon." She said to herself, turning back and heading for the computer.

She pulled up the file on the necklace she wore, eager to find out what it's true capabilities were.

The atomic default adjuster would allow the wearer to adjust or alter any of their own physical aspects at will. Its passive abilities would render the rat jam effect harmless, allowing the alien to permanently inhabit Gwen's body with no negative impact, even when worn for prolonged periods of time.

Gwen smiled "I wonder..." she said, glancing down at her breasts "Irresistible pheromones and a gorgeous body, I'll be feeding nonstop." She laughed, closing her eyes and grasping the amulet on the end of the necklace.

Her body tingled all over, unlike anything she'd experienced before, not even what she felt consuming orgasmic energy compared, Gwen gasped as her chest felt quite warm, both her shirt and coat started shifting at her bust grew larger, rapidly swelling several sizes.

The straps on her bra strained as her breasts got bigger and bigger, her shirt struggled to hold back the huge orbs of flesh as they bulged from her bra, soon snapping off two of the buttons on her shirt and forcing her to undo her coat, now unable to contain their new size.

The warm tingling soon faded as she let go of the necklace and stood up, finding herself a mirror so she could admire her enormous bust, she smiled happily as she groped them gently, adjusting her inadequate bra to get a little more comfortable until she bought some new clothes.

"Very nice... A little top heavy, though. These jeans have definitely got plenty more room in them." She muttered to herself, checking her appearance in the mirror.

Gwen grasped the amulet on the necklace again and the warm tingling quickly returned, spreading across her arse, thighs and hips as they expanded. Her jeans tightened up as her body filled out, Gwen cursed blissfully as she groped her swelling arse firmly. She glanced down to see the loose material of her jeans disappear as it all got pulled tort, fitting her body snuggly as they continued to grow.

"Just a bit bigger... Fuck, there we go." She gasped blissfully, letting go of the necklace and sighing happily, groping her thighs and arse, admiring their new size.

She gave her plump arse a slap as she turned back towards the stasis field, smiling cunningly as she stared at the remains of the Torchwood team.

"I'll be back for you lot. When I can fully absorb Mr Harkness, he'll be quite a feast. Maybe even make me immortal... who knows." She licked her lips as she headed for the entrance, he'll bent on consuming more victims, she wasn't sure whether she wanted to find new clothes first or get another fix.

That's when it popped into her head, sperm banks! A perfect location for easy prey, hours of constant feeding, the larger the bank the better. With Torchwood HQ now under her control for the being, it would make a good place to hide until she could disappear for good.

Heading outside, she jumped back in the Range Rover and headed home. On the way she spotted a few tasty looking victims, tempted to swing by and pick them up. She shook her head and carried on home.

She strode inside, heading straight for her wardrobe, determined to make herself completely irresistible to even the strongest willed man. Soon a voice called out to her, "Is that you Gwen? Everything alright?" Said Rhys, jumping off the sofa.

Gwen perked up slightly, eager for another fix "Yeah, only me! Everything's fine. Just finished up for the day." She sighed, neatening herself up and adjusting her shirt to put her new bust on display.

Rhys walked into the bedroom, greeted with Gwen standing before him looking absolutely delicious, instantly hit with a powerful wave of her pheromones "Jesus Gwen, you look fucking gorgeous!" He said, approaching her.

Gwen beckoned him over with a finger "I'm all yours big guy! Come get me." She smirked, biting her lips as he came in to kiss her. Gwen moaned softly as they kissed, urging Rhys towards the bed as they began taking each other's trousers off. Pulling down Rhys's underwear, she rubbed his dick eagerly, making him nice and hard before sliding him inside her.

They both moaned slightly as they fucked, Gwen could already feel the tension building as she waited to consume his energy. She leaned back and let him go crazy. Furiously pumping away at her cunt, already sweating as he couldn't seem to stop himself.

Rhys moaned louder still as he kept going, Gwen sighed blissfully as she felt him starting to cum, he took one last moan before bursting into a shimmering gold mist, leaving a pile of dust where he stood as Gwen orgasmed, groping herself as she quickly absorbed all the shining gold mist. Her body glowed as she squirmed, soaking up all the sweet orgasmic energy he'd produced.

Gwen gasped, starting to cum as she finished absorbing the remaining energy "Oh yeah!" Gwen moaned softly. She lay on the bed for a few moments, relishing the exquisite sensation it brought her feeding on human orgasms, the energy giving her such a tremendous rush. She wanted more, a constant supply to keep her high.

Soon her thoughts turned back to boosting her looks, looking forward to seeing what delightfully revealing clothes Gwen had stashed away. With the perfect combination of clothes and her powerful pheromones, she'd be unstoppable.

It had also occurred to her that perhaps she could make each hit more intense by teasing and edging every victim she came across, building up the orgasmic potential within every one she consumed.

With her bigger bust she would need to buy all new ones, as the ones Gwen used to wear no longer fit properly. Her jeans however were still usable, despite being tight on her. She searched through the wardrobe, picking out various styles and laying them on the bed.

She stripped down naked and tried out some lacy underwear and matching bras. Gwen tried her best to make the undersized bras more comfortable, having to make do with what she had for now. After tucking her huge boobs into a dark red bra, she slipped on a matching pair of underwear and turned to the bed, mulling over what would look best.

Gwen picked up a sleek pair of black leather jeans, grinning as she thought about how they'd show off her arse. She slipped them on and checked herself out, adjusting herself slightly so everything fit nicely. Her mind wondered for a second, tempted by a skimpy dress and a new hairdo. But alas, Gwen didn't seem to have much in her wardrobe she liked the look of.

So perhaps after a few good sex sprees, a shopping trip was in order. But first she needed Torchwood off her back for good, before she could flee the country and live freely claiming countless victims in her orgasm fuelled addiction.

Even though she could head back to Torchwood now and finish them, the only thing on her mind at that moment was her next fix. She threw on her red top and grabbed her short leather jacket. She checked herself out in the mirror, giving her arse a firm slap on both cheeks as she rubbed her leather jeans.

She put on some makeup and set off to find another sperm bank, where she was guaranteed to find several willing victims.

After prowling around the city in the Range Rover for a short while she found a sperm bank, parking up just outside, she strode on in and gave the receptionist a cover story, getting access to the private rooms.

It didn't take long before she found someone, she walking into the room smiling politely "Hi. I'm the new arousal assistant. If you'd like to take a seat, we'll get started." She grinned, closing the door behind her.

The guy now alone with her sat down looking nervous "Um, so how does this work? I didn't know they had assistants." He said, Gwen approached him and immediately began kissing him, undoing his trousers as she pinned him down.