Last week I matched with a girl called Ellie on Tinder. She looked good in her pics and she sounded intelligent and funny in her short bio. She didn't say much about herself, she just joked about a bad tattoo and her enjoyment of crap reality TV, and said she was hoping to meet a nice boy for a relationship. In the final pic she was playing with a dog on a beach somewhere hot, wearing a blue bikini, and she was laughing, maybe at something the photographer was saying.

I messaged her and she messaged right back; it was easy and fun; no awkward pauses or forced banter; no complicated diary negotiation; we were both free and arranged to meet the next day. I don't mind admitting that I've messaged a lot of girls on dating apps and I've been on lots of dates and Ellie seemed different. Not that I've slept with lots of people, things seem to fizzle out after a few dates, and the truth is you can tell when it's not very exciting from the start.

We met at a quiet pub overlooking the river in Wapping on a warm Tuesday evening. I was early and as I sat by myself on the empty decking I wondered if I'd get stood up, but she was right on time. She was different to how I imagined. Smaller, more nervous-looking, but immediately friendly, and prettier than I expected. Her nervousness and smile put me at ease. She insisted on getting the first drink and I watched her as she bounced down the steps into the bar, her hair tied up in a cute bun, her short light denim dress contrasting with her slender tanned shoulders.

When she returned she said she didn't know what I wanted so she got us both some kind of fruit daiquiri, and we both laughed at how it tasted of soap and Turkish delight. I learned a bit more about her. She's a student doing a master's degree in geology at Imperial College, and for some reason I found this deeply appealing.

"Surely you must meet loads of guys at uni?"

She laughed.

"They're only interested in one thing. Rocks!"

It got dusky and stayed warm and a few other customers came to sit outside.

She told me she loves travelling and I asked her about the photo on her profile. We were sitting a bench on the same side of a table, facing each other, and she laughed and said she knew that would be the one guys would notice. She was close to me and we both lent closer and she kissed me on the lips.

"That was in Majorca last year." She smiled at me.

"Look here," she said, and she lifted one knee, the knee on the outside of the table, put her foot on the bench, with the other foot on the floor under the table. She opened her legs a little so I could see up her dress. For a moment I thought I could see her dark public hair.

"Are you not wearing anything under...?"

"Don't get too excited or everyone will notice!" She giggled and crossed her legs. "Let me get this round. You probably shouldn't stand up." She laughed again, kissing me before disappearing back into the bar, and left me with my erection.

She brought two more ridiculous cocktails and we drank them quickly, a bit giddy now, chatting more about this and that, bad dates, stuff you see on night buses, pets (we both had hamsters as kids), dodgy landlords, that kind of thing. She chided me for being unchivalrous and letting her buy two drinks in a row. When I jumped up to go the bar she suggested we go to hers instead.

It was a walk through a 1960s housing estate to a modern apartment block. We kissed in the elevator and she told me her housemates were both out as she fumbled for the key. Her apartment was a lot like mine, small, quite soulless, modern, but fine, and she led me straight to her bedroom. It was barely bigger than her double bed, and the remaining space was filled by a small antique make-up desk and piles of clothes everywhere.

She kicked off her trainers and lay back against the pillows, rucking her dress up around her narrow waist so she was naked from her belly button to her socks, her legs looking long and sexy.

"My tattoo..." she said as she saw me looking at the tiny frog imprinted on her hip, more cute than bad. Her cunt was beautiful and she opened her legs so I could see properly this time. I was so turned on and I crawled over her, pulling my pants down just far enough, and she guided me to the right place. She was wet and I pushed right up into her, and she gripped the covers as I fucked her. She came quickly and I came too, in her vagina, we hadn't bothered with a condom.

I slept over that night and I imagined all the things we might do together if she was my girlfriend. When we woke she let me lick her pussy and fuck her doggy style, and then we showered together and I went home. I never saw her again. I texted her, but she never texted back, and I don't like to pester.