Monday afternoon, while Tanya was at work, the pressure finally built up for Tyler and he decided to make a call to his brother. Tanya's phone had been locked to receive only by Ellie, but so far she had left Tyler's phone alone. He looked at the contact for a minute, not quite sure what he was going to say, but he needed some sane person to talk to right now. Tanya was still freaked out about Saturday night and, besides, she wasn't home. He pressed the call button.

Just as he was about to give up, thinking there was no voice mail, his brother picked up. "You've got a lot of nerve calling me, you sick bastard."

"Brandon, I just need ..." Tyler spoke fast, trying to show his need before his brother hung up.

But Brandon cut him off. "No, Ty, you just shut up and listen. I don't want to hear your voice again. I answered so I could tell you I've seen your sick videos. You are disgusting, and a disgrace to the family. I called Stacy and she said she kind of knew, but not how deep you were in. And you ENJOY it, you sick fuck. That smile is unmistakable. Now I'm going to hang up and we're done. Stace and I are trying to figure out how to tell mom and dad you aren't ever visiting again without giving them a heart attack. So good bye, and fuck off." The call was ended.

Tyler slowly moved the phone from his ear to in front and he stared at it. Quietly he said out loud, "Ty? Stace?"


Monday night they drove separately. Diana was in a light blue dress, with matching nails and eye shadow, Tanya wore black. Diana suggested that might not be a good color for her, but she insisted because it reflected her mood. Both had lace underwear underneath. Diana was due a half hour earlier, so they kissed before leaving home, knowing it would be late before they would see each other again.

The parking and walking was becoming common now. Some people seemed to notice him, most didn't. Diana got more recognition as she neared Midnight and patrons recognized her. She knocked, was admitted, and looked at the clock. 7:27. Ok, three minutes early should be ok. Chris came to get him, clipping on the leash and leading him past the inner doors. She took a sudden turn and went down a hallway Diana was not familiar with.

"I don't know how you got yourself doing this," Chris said. "You seem way to sweet. Anyway, the boss wants to see you in his office, so this is something important."

Diana ventured some conversation. After all, they had seen a lot of each other. "You do this full time? Leading people around?"

Chris stopped and looked at him, anger fading a little as she realized it was just a question. "I work here 4 days a week, 6 to half past 2. And I don't lead 'people'. I have you and one other person I'm responsible for. I'm your handler. I set you up, I keep you safe if that is the goal, and I make sure clients follow any rules. With you coming more often, I'm not sure what I'll be doing in the future." She resumed leading him, knocked on a door, and heard no response.

She looked at Diana. "Ok, he isn't in, so you are to be left waiting for him. Call him Master, don't argue, and do whatever you're told to do. Pretty simple, isn't it?" She opened the door, led Diana to a cage that was about 4 feet high and 3 by 3 feet on the sides. The leash was unclipped, Diana crawled in, and Chris locked the door. "I'll be outside waiting to be called to take you to your station."

The door closed behind her and Diana was left to wait. At least the suspense was ending and she would know who the boss is. Finally she heard the door and turned to look. She groaned as Brad walked in.

"Hey sissy bitch. Here is your official welcome to my club."

"Hello ... Master."

"Oh, that's sweet to hear. Chris told you to call me that, didn't she? Of course, that's part of her job, to tell our employees how to behave. Oh yes, you are an employee. You got the money after working, right? That's your pay." He laughed and stepped to the cage, unzipping his pants. "Marcia is out of town on business again and I am so horny. And sweetie, you have the absolute best mouth I know of. Get started so you can get to work on time."

Diana reached through the bars to lift the limp cock and started teasing it with her mouth. She hated this, but it was keeping the alternative away. At least Brandon and Stacy were apparently coming up with some story to tell his parents and not just outing him.

Brad kept talking as he was getting sucked. "The main reason for bringing you to the office is to tell you I think I'm very close to a deal to buy you and Madame T. Adding you both to the marquee will bring in a lot of business. There are two other potential buyers, but I have more money and can generate more long term income for your current owner." He paused and looked down, disappointed that Diana kept working his cock and not responding. "Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about your divorce. That is such a shame. The petition went before the judge today and, well, since he's been here a few times I'm sure he will expedite the process. I have an excellent IT staff person who supervised the cameras that are everywhere in this club. My lawyer, who drew up the divorce papers by the way, is very good, but he didn't agree with the cameras. It didn't take much to convince him to agree." A pause. "Ohh, you are really good at that. Diana, you are a natural. Once I own you that other person you think is inside you will disappear and there will only be suck lips Diana."

Again there was a pause and Diana, looking up, felt Brad was upset at her silence.

"Chris, come in here," Brad called. The girl came in immediately, looking nervous. "Yes sir?" Diana thought it had to look strange, Brad standing getting sucked by Diana while Chris stood submissively, hands back, head down.

"I'm sure you know Diana's assignment for the night. I was given permission by his owner to choose the station and the terms. Whatever you knew, forget it. Here are the terms. Diana is to be locked into the begging cage and cuffed with her hands in front. She needs to swallow 50 loads of cum to get out of the cage. You will look into her mouth and determine if she has taken a full load and not spilled any, then tell her to swallow. If you believe the entire load was swallowed, that will count. If it dribbles, or the man withdraws and sprays Diana, that is not a count. Do you understand?"

Chris didn't move. "Yes Sir."

"After 50 loads, the cage door will be opened. Diana needs to take 15 more loads to get her cuffs removed. If she does not get out of the cage tonight, she will stay there and finish tomorrow. If she is out but still cuffed, you will put her into the cage and release her again tomorrow when you arrive so she can finish. Am I clear?"

Chris looked up and opened her mouth, then closed it and nodded.

"Ok, now just stand .. ohhh, this is good ... a minute." His hips moved, he grunted a little, then Brad was pulsing his cum into Diana's mouth. He waited 10 seconds after the last load and stepped back. "Did you swallow it, Diana?"

Diana shook her head, trying not to let his normal reaction take over. "Open up, Diana. Chris come over here." Diana opened and both Brad and Chris could see the mouth filled with creamy liquid. "That, Chris, is what a full mouth looks like. Not dribbles. Now, let her out of the cage."

Chris quickly complied, looked up, and as Brad nodded she clipped the leash and pulled Diana out. Brad grabbed Chris by her hair. "In case you wonder how much is in a full load, you should find out. I want to see you two kiss, open mouth, lots of tongue and transfer the cum back and forth, then when I smack the table, you both swallow." Chris and Diana looked at each other and while Diana was still assessing Chris moved in with open mouth and kissed him. They complied with the instructions, passing the liquid between them several times. As the sound reached them of Brad hitting his desk, they both swallowed. "Show me," he said, and they did.

"Good, just enough time to get him settled before we let the patrons pass through. Now get out of my office." Chris pulled the leash and closed the door behind them.


Tanya arrived on schedule and was collared and leashed by Kelly. She was led to a room with a large bed that had a chain locked to a leg at the bottom of the bed. At the other end of the chain was a heavy metal cuff. That cuff was locked onto Tanya's ankle and then she was told to remove her panties. She pushed them down and Kelly helped pull them over the edge of the bed, the chain running through the leg opening.

For four hours men and some women came in, some taking charge, others telling her to lick or suck or play with them. Some patrons were actually fun, if she forgot the situation. One couple came in and wanted a threesome. She became the leader and guided them, wanting to have the husband finish by filling his wife, but the wife insisted he spray Tanya's face.

By the time her "shift" was over, Tanya was a mess. She had hoped to see Tyler some time, but Kelly led her back to the front where she was unleashed. The collar was left on. When she asked about it, Kelly replied, "Compliments of the owner." Then she was almost pushed, still dripping cum, out the door and left to get herself to her car. Several men saw her and whistled, one even started running toward her, but she got to her car, drove home, and enjoyed a warm shower.


Except for a brief stop for a pee, which Chris had to help aiming into the bucket, Diana had been crawling around her cage asking, "May I please suck your cock? Please, let me suck you. I want you to fill my mouth with your cum." She wasn't counting, but felt she was on her way to a good number. And then the inevitable happened. She finished sucking, Chris came up and looked into the open mouth, and said, "Does not count." There was a cheer, though not from everybody. Diana gave a questioning look and swallowed what appeared to be a pretty full load. Diana thought Chris looked afraid. Now they were both in this, but Diana didn't understand what was happening.

Some of the guys were encouraged by other patrons not to finish in her mouth and Diana found herself getting cum sprayed in her face and onto her dress. It was well after her pee session when Chris called out, "That's 40, 10 to go." She couldn't see a clock, but Diana was pretty sure she wasn't going to get out of the cage at that rate.

There were suddenly a few more times she had a full mouth that Chris called invalid. It seemed to Diana that it was on purpose, but that feeling of fear showing in Chris's eyes did not go away. Diana was sure she had been manipulated.

There was a group of 3 guys who Chris counted as 2 loads, one guy who shot the first stream in, then pulled out to spray her face, and it became apparent from the pattern that Chris was trying to make sure he spent the night in the cage. Diana didn't know why, but she wasn't going to argue. There was something Brad was doing and even though Chris was part of his system, her eyes showed she was affected by whatever he had in mind.

Finally there were 2 people in line and he needed 5 more mouthfuls. he realized it must be the end of the shift and he was not getting out or going home. This was planned to keep him away from Tanya. Again. All he could do was finish the night and see what happened, but he had seen the look on Chris's face. There was more to this. Tanya would be disappointed, but there wasn't anything he could do.

Diana took the two mouthfuls, and Chris counted both. He officially had 47 and needed 50 to get out of the cage. She came in with a bucket to help him pee again and he said softly, "I'm sorry if I ..."

She cut him off with a, "Stop talking." He emptied his bladder and she told him, "You will need to hold it now as long as you can. Maybe somebody will help you, if not, I'll see you at 6 tomorrow evening." She took the bucket, sloshing with Diana's pee, away, locked the door and left. Diana waited for a while to see if anybody came to let her out, then as lights were turned off she accepted that it was not going to happen and tried to make herself comfortable.

For the first time in a long time, she cried, then she fell asleep.


Tanya fell asleep late and slept until nearly noon. She wondered why Tyler hadn't woken her up. Then she looked around. There was no sign he had ever come home. Frantically she searched the house. His car wasn't in the garage, his dress was missing, and it was now obvious he had not come home. What to do? She couldn't exactly call the police to list him missing. Not without a lot of embarrassing questions. It would probably be a male cop and he would just laugh.

She decided she had to know where he was. Quickly she showered and dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, then got into her SUV and drove away.


Diana woke up for the fifth or sixth time, having slept only fitfully. The difference was that now she had to pee, as in REALLY had to pee. She didn't hear anybody nearby so she decided to risk calling out, in her sweet feminine voice, just asking if anybody was nearby.

Not hearing any response, she started again. "Hello, is anybody there who can help me? I need to pee, really bad." And again, for several minutes there was no response. She began looking around to see if there was a safe place to pee, knowing she would be the one to clean it up anyway. And then there were footsteps. Diana moved hopefully to the side of the cage nearest the entry, then her heart sank.

Brad rounded the corner and looked at her, then started laughing. "You are an absolute mess. It looks like your handler didn't clean you at all. She probably assumed you were supposed to pick right up where you left off. It was 3 short, wasn't it?" He watched Diana squirming, then reached back and picked up a bucket. Grabbing the key to the cage he opened the door and put the bucket inside. "Go ahead. I don't really want to smell your piss all over the room. I might have Chris drink it to remind her to leave the bucket." He laughed again as Diana squatted over the bucket and released a long stream of pee. "Oh my god, you even pee like a girl. You're lucky I was here and checking the cameras. I came in to work on the arrangements for your sale to me. You and Madame T. I think we're very close. Then I had an unusual, though not unexpected, situation, and here I am, with Tanya's spit still wet on my cock. Something you will never have again." He waited, but was disappointed as Diana hid her response. "She came looking for you. I told her I would give her information for a price. I think between the two of you, you're the better cock sucker, but it was so nice getting a picture of her mouth full of my cum. Keep the bucket. And don't clean up. Chris was right leaving you like that."

He walked out leaving Diana to think about the sale thing. Ellie was their current owner. She was going to sell them to Brad? After his experiences in the club, he wasn't sure that would be a good thing for them.


Driving to Midnight, Tanya thought back to how this began. She and Tyler were at his company's holiday party, having been married almost two years and Tyler had just been promoted to management. Suddenly an athletic looking man and a stunning, petite brunette were standing in front of them, the guy introducing them as Brad and Marcia. He was looking at Tanya somewhat hungrily and she politely told him that Tyler was the one who actually worked there. Brad laughed and told her he didn't work for the company, he just knew some of the big wigs and they invited him. He explained that he had a supply company that was sometimes used by board members, and he also had a very large house where he was hosting a New Years party the next week. He invited them, but Tanya was put off because he hadn't even acknowledged Tyler and had been carefully checking her out. Brad had shrugged and said the invitation stood, ask anybody where he lived, and then he and Marcia were mingling again.

Then last Christmas they were there again. Tanya thought Marcia was looking a bit ragged, aged much more than a year, but figured she was just having a difficult holiday season. Brad impressed her by opening with, "Hi Tanya, remember me?" Had he really remembered her name after an entire year? She tested him, "And what is my husband's name?" He grinned, "Tyler. I don't often forget names." Tanya smiled, but noticed he again had not looked at Tyler. Once more he gave the New Years invitation, and again she declined. This time he didn't let it go. "You really should visit some time. There are some very interesting decorations. Here, just give me your phone for a minute." For some reason she took it from her purse, unlocked it, and handed it to him. He punched quickly then gave it back. His contact information was there. "I have parties all the time. Whenever you're interested send me a text. I'll guide you from there."

He had guided her, all right, into captivity. She and Tyler did ask about him, found out he was wealthy though nobody would say what he did for a living. He and Marcia had an open marriage and yes, they did host a lot of parties. She hadn't thought highly of the open marriage thing, but otherwise he was friendly enough and seemed like a fun guy.

Tyler didn't trust him. He had asked her many times to delete the contact entry, but she had always found a way to avoid it, making a joke of Tyler's jealousy. Brad intrigued her with his laughing eyes and easy manner. It was because Tyler had wanted so badly for her to delete the contact that she had sent the picture. And now she knew, he had been right.

A half hour later she parked near Midnight and went up to the door, knocking loudly. She didn't know if anybody was inside, but she was almost positive Tyler was in there somewhere and she needed to know he was ok. She checked her watch. She had been knocking for 5 minutes with no response. That was when she turned and leaned against the wall, giving up hope. The door opened, a hand grabbed her arm, and she was pulled in with the door closing quickly behind her. Brad stood in front of her.

"People don't come to the club unless they are invited or directed to come here. I would punish you severely, but I don't own you, yet. In fact, I came in early to handle some of the details about your impending sale." He started walking down the hallway she had not noticed before.

"Sale to you? But, I have a husband and ..." his backhand threw her against the wall.

"You don't talk unless I give you permission. You don't think unless I give you permission. And you don't have a husband as of, I think it will be next Tuesday. The papers were filed yesterday." He stopped and looked at her, a hard look in his eyes. "But maybe you will have a husband again. I've been considering a divorce myself and you would make a wonderful next Missus Brad."

She opened her mouth, but he raised his hand and she closed it. "I've checked the cameras. Diana is here and she's fine, but now you need to pay for that information. We are going to go into my office and you will do everything I tell you. Then you will leave and not come back until your current owner tells you to come back. Is that clear enough?"

"Y-yes," she stammered. He smacked her hard enough to make her catch herself. "Yes WHAT, slut?" "Yes," she thought quickly, trying to think of what she had seen in videos, "yes, Master."

"Maybe there is hope for you after all." Brad clipped a leash to the collar she was still wearing from last night, then he led her into his office. He pointed to the cage in the corner. "Get in there, slut. It's feeding time." As she got in he began unzipping his pants and pulled out a flaccid cock. "Get those pants and that shirt off and get me into your mouth." She took off her outer clothes, wondering why he hadn't just stripped her. "Ohhh, that's good. Not as good as Di Mindy. That bitch has a real mouth, but you're doing ok." She was working hard to get him erect, get him more aroused, and he just stood there. "Yeah, there we are. Madame T sucks Master Brad. I think that works. Come on now, you have 2 minutes or I'll strip you and throw you out on the street."