WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Kunoichi(Samurai Warriors/Warriors Orochi), Dong Zhou (Dynasty Warriors/Warriors Orochi).

Samurai Warriors: Shangri-La - Chapter 20

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

"Yes, well, send out a scouting party then to that strange, hot land." Dong Zhou ordered with a motion of his hand. The palace retainers bowing obediently in response. "There might be more heroes to bring into my army, or even better if there's more women!" He said with a wicked laugh as the officials turned to leave. Zhou turning back to look out at the land beyond the walls of his palace. The strange mix of fantastical, glowing rocks sticking out from the ground and elements from lands of Japan, China and beyond. "Demons... Gods... It's all so bothersome... I'm still struggling to claim back the women from my own land! At this rate, I'll never rebuild my Shangri-La!" He grumbled, as usual only thinking about himself despite the unknown dangers still around in this strange otherworldly land.

His thoughts were broken by the sound of footsteps approaching. Looking to see the gorgeous young Ninja woman known as Kunoichi. Clad in her battle attire with a long sleeved covering top, but tiny shorts below and her lower legs covered with stockings, short boots and knee protectors. The bright-haired woman with a headpiece with a pin and two coloured cloth pieces for a bow, holding her ponytail in place.

"What's the big idea??" Kunoichi demanded in a clearly less than impressed tone, coming to a stop in front of the Lord of this castle.

"Ah, the little Ninja girl." Zhou smirked, as he always would in the presence of a gorgeous woman even with her attitude.

"That's Kunoichi to you!" She reminded him, placing her hands on her slender waist. "You're keeping me all locked up in this dumb palace while Lord Sanada does your dirty work for him!" She complained. "I should be out there defending him as her bodyguard... Instead you have us women stuck in here all day! It's completely unfair!"

"Bah! Nonsense! Then again, I don't expect a woman to understand how a superior man's mind works! Dong mocked her, and ignored the look of shock and anger at his sexist words. "He's part of my army now, so he does what I say, when I command it! Just like you do! So he needs to earn his fair keep to stay in my ranks. Besides, I'm already taking risks letting Lady Ii and Yingping go out to see what their bracelets do. I need at least some women around here, even if they're a little brat like you..." He added with a chuckle. Carefully picking his words to provoke the fired up beauty.

"B-Brat! How dare you!!" She fell for it, stomping her foot in, ironically, brat-like fashion. "I'm one of the best Ninjas in the land! I could win a battle easily out there! Not that you'd know anything about that, you cruel, rude Warlord you!"

"Ha! You've got quite a mouth on you, Kunoichi! I like that in a woman!" He grinned, gazing over her. "You should lose that baggy top of yours though. Very unflattering."

"Keep your eyes to yourself!" Kunoichi demanded, glaring again. "Then again, maybe you should keep looking... It's not like someone who looks like you could handle the best Shinobi in the land!" She boasted with more than a hint of overconfidence.

"Oh ho ho! That sounds like a challenge..." He seized on her bragging. "How about you prove it, then? And if you can, say, handle me then I'll let you go back and serve that worthless red-clad runt instead of a real man like me."

"How dare you insult my Lord like that!!" She snapped with another foot stomp. "I accept! I'll prove what a true Ninja can do!"

"Well then, follow me then little Ninja girl..." Zhou said as he kept a smile on. Knowing she brashly took his offer without hearing what his choice of prize would be. "We'll see if you can back up those strong words of yours..." He chuckled. Knowing he'd have a new whore in his harem within an hour.

The outcome of this sexual battle was appearing clear already once the two were inside of Dong Zhou's bedchamber. Kunoichi kneeling down and staring in awe and clear fear when she saw his fat, lengthy and hardening cock as his overweight frame as in full view. "I-Impossible!! How can a man's cock be this size??" Kunoichi questioned as she stared at the length pointing right at her face.

"Oh? Does your precious Lord Sanada not possess such a cock?" Zhou taunted with a confident smile, seeing the look of cock-shock on her.

"S-Shut up! Don't speak his name!" She snapped, reaching up to grip his dick and start to slowly stroke him off. "I will outlast this challenge, you'll see! Then I'll be back at my Master's side!" She vowed, sounding like she was trying to fool herself already.

"You'd better, little Ninja girl... If you don't? You'll be serving me, at my side, and calling me Master from now on." Dong informed her as his shaft got nicely rock hard in her soft palm.

"Never! I'll finish this before it starts!" She claimed, before she attempted to let actions do the talking for her. Bringing her head down in closer as she wrapped her lips around his fat cock-head. Letting out a groan as her lips had to stretch already, showing clearly she wasn't used to this size of manhood. Still glaring up as she pressed on, taking the crown and a couple inches inside. The taste hitting her tongue and making her look of anger soften for a brief moment before she focused. Groaning again around his size as she lifted back until the tip was between her nicely soft lips. Pushing back down to start the process of trying to make him blow as she kept her hand stroking the length while using her mouth on the top part.

"Mmmmm... I hope you've got more than that to offer, Kunoichi..." Zhou said, still smiling sinisterly as he stared down and watched her head slowly bob. Slow and steady but nowhere near enough to properly pleasure a pervert like him as he still only let out light moans from the rather timid work done to his prick. A double team of mouth and hand that perhaps back in her land might have done the job with lesser men than him. "If that's all it takes to make your weakling Lord happy? Then I've got this in the bag!" He mocked, knowing how to push her buttons to get what he wanted. The narrow eyed look in response to the uncalled for insults proving his plan was working well as she pushed her mouth down and picked up the pace. His moaning that extra bit louder in direct response as more of his fat inches vanished into her soothing, moist oral hole.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmm!!" Her groans kept bouncing off his length as her lips fought to stay pressed around his vast size. Her hand now more used to keep him straight so she could use a smooth motion to work her mouth up and down him. Her bright hair swaying at the sides and her ponytail cutely bouncing behind her as she put more effort into her slurps. "Hmmmmm!! MMMMM... GAHHHHH!! MMMMMMPHHHH!!" Soon enough, starting to gag as the fat crown of his tool connected with the back of her mouth. Far too much Chinese warlord cock for the gorgeous Japanese Shinobi to possibly handle. But she was in too deep, in more ways than one, to back off now. Trying to fight through the discomfort as she kept working her head up and down at a steady pace. The saliva dripping down his prick from the repeated motion and now her gagging each time she slid forward to take him inside her mouth. "GAHHHHHH... HRRRRKKK!! MMMMPHHHH!!"

"Mmmmmm... That's more like it, you little Shinobi slut..." He grinned now, watching her choking willingly on his massive dick as she bobbed away and got his inches slick with her drool. Watching her battle uniform getting messy as the drops of spit fell from her chin and his cock onto her top. Enjoying the feeling of her warm, met mouth as it moved back and forth over his member. That look of defiance mixed with pain on her pretty facial features just as delicious as the act of her sucking dick itself. "A little sloppy, sure, but nothing some more rounds of training won't fix! Ahhhhh... And we'll have plenty of time to train you into a real woman... Mmmmm! When you're at my side, taking my orders..." He reminded her of their agreement which, at this point, was clearly one sided even with only one of them getting pleasure right now. That fat shaft getting fed stiffly in and out of a choking mouth as the saliva drools out and splatters around. Smirking as he felt her hands clenching to rest on his flabby thighs as she took any chance to reject him she could, even in such a failing position for this sexual war.

"HHHHHRRRKKK!! GAHHHHHH... GAHHHHH!!" Those glaring eyes weren't quite as intimidating as they once were with how watered up they are from the discomfort of a rough, self-inflicted introduction into hard oral sex. Her tight throat failing to stop the invasion, gripping his manhood snugly as she continued to gag harshly whenever her face plunged down into his crotch. "UHHHHHHH!! HHHHHHLLLLGGGG... GAAAAHHHHH!!" As she bobbed away, she pushed herself into the thick mess of hairs at his crotch to add to her humiliation. Coming up with a loose strand of pubes hanging on her bottom lip from the motion. Stubbornly refusing to accept defeat as she kept fucking her mouth onto his massive dick with a determination almost as twisted as the man she was sucking off. Only proving how out of her league the skilled Ninja was and how easily this bet will be for him to win, even if she didn't realise it yet.

Eventually, she had to lift away from his saliva-drenched prick. Clutching her throat as she coughed and then gasped to take in long overdue air. "D-Damn it! That hurt, you bastard!" Kunoichi snapped, still remaining defiant even after seeing and feeling that this was no easy bet to attempt to win. Or survive in her case.

"Not my fault you've only had tiny, weak cocks before until you finally met a real man!" Zhou taunted with a cruel snigger. "Now lose those shorts... Let's see what you can handle!"

"F-Fine! No way you can handle my special Shinobi pussy!" She claimed as she got up to stand. Carefully sliding her shorts down her legs and over her footwear. Showing off her cutely rounded backside and a completely shaved pussy that didn't appear to be too moist.

"If it's anything like that smart mouth of yours? I'm not going to be too worried..." He replied, watching as she moved up onto the bed and laid on her side to lift a leg up. Noticeably blushing as she exposed her private area to a man she currently despised.

"You don't k-know who you're messing with!" The overconfident Shinobi claimed as her eyes were glued to his crotch as he approached and moved to between her legs. Making her shiver a bit as he placed the fat head of his dick against her entrance. Her hand already clawing a bit at the lavish sheets of his bed and he wasn't even inside her yet. When he did push forward her gasp was loud and with more than a hint of pleasure to it as her tight pussy was forced to spread apart and take this massive invasion. Further proof that even is she had some experience with sex, it was never with anything even close to half the length and thickness of his mighty, woman taming and claiming cock. "W-Wait! That's... AHHHHH! S-So big already?? So deep! MMMMMM..." She couldn't stop herself from moaning as he began to slide in and out of her. Forcing more wetness to form already as her body, despite her vocal claims to the contrary, reacted eagerly to his pumping.

"MMMMM... That's some cute moans you're letting out for a Ninja girl, Kunoichi..." He taunted between moans of his own. Seeing that her beauty more than matched how good her snatch felt clamped around his pole as he worked himself in and out of her. Holding her leg up for full access and being so close into her already his bulging gut made that limb bounce a bit back when he thrust into her slot. "AHHHHH... I might have some use for you yet in my court if you keep this up!" He added as he pumped firmly and steadily into his soon-to-be latest addition to his renewed harem of whores and wives. Still enjoying the defiance and glaring she was doing to him in opposition to the moans she wasn't trying especially hard to prevent spilling out of her mouth. Her dampness increasing around his dick as the minutes stared to pass and that bet victory slipped further from her usually deadly and skilled fingers.

"S-Shut up! MMMMM!! I'm not just some... AHHHHH!! Little whore for you to use!" She claimed despite the current visual indicating a very different story. Still clothed but with just her shorts removed, getting fucked by a man not just older than her but disgustingly out of shape compared to her athletic, gorgeous body. Getting her tight pussy stiffly fucked as she stayed laying on her side and groaning out. The dirty sound of his rod plunging into her twat being easily heard along with both their moans as she took the biggest dick in her life. "You won't win this! MMMMM!! I'll show you what a... AHHHHH! FUCK! What a real Shinobi is capable of!" She claimed between her moans as a bead of sweat started to roll down her cheek from having to handle that fat Chinese cock working deeper into her snug Japanese pussy. Her eyes switching from staring daggers at the grinning, ugly face of the cruel man she's letting fuck her, and down to that increasing hypnotic sight of that dick sliding in and out of her box.

"MMMMM... That's exactly what I'm hoping for, my cute little Ninja girl..." The wicked warlord said with a chuckle as he kept his stiff pumping motion going smoothly. A pace that a man of his vast size shouldn't be able to perform but he continued to be fuelled by perversion and a craving for any and all women to claim as his own. Including this stunning bodyguard Shinobi of a man who now serves in his army in this strange land. Groaning as he enjoyed that snug feeling all over his inches as he ploughed into her. Feeling the wetness coating him and starting to leak out of her from the constant motion. A staining of juices and sweat on those expensive sheets a small price to pay in order to secure a new whore from not just another land but another dimension and timeline as his personal slut.

"Y-You're not even fully in yet?? AHHHHHH... H-How is this possible?? MMMMM!!" She stared in disbelief down between her own legs. Seeing that despite now filled up and stretched out her love tunnel currently was, he still had some fat inches left to drive into her folds. A different form of cock-shock on her face as she realised what proper sex could actually be like, and the growing thought in the back of her mind that this feeling could get even better if he went fully into her. "T-There's no way... AHHHHH FUCK! FUCK!! N-No way that can all f-fit inside of meeeeeeeeee MMMMMM!!" She moaned in delight, tilting her head back a bit as he gave her a harder thrust to cut off her stammering words. As skilled in the deadly arts of the Shinobi as she might be, when it came to sexual ability she was completely out of her league here. The sweat continuing to form over her still mostly clothed body as she let this sex-addicted slob have his very wicked way with her. If she even remembered about it, she'd know truly that her bet was already well and truly lost to him.

"Well my dear, you won't know... MMMMM... Until you try!" Zhou taunted her as he pulled out of her snatch, making her groan as she felt how empty her already stretched out snatch was.

"You'll cut me in half with that thing! There's no way I can... Ahhhh??" Kunoichi squealed a bit as he used the hold of her leg to turn her over onto her front. Reaching down to pull her up, making her get into the classic hands and knees position.

"Giving up already? And here I thought you were a real Ninja girl!" He teased with a confident smirk, running his cock against her folds. "I bet a true Shinobi would easily handle me by now..."

"What??? I am a real Shinobi!!" She snapped, easily provoked by his taunts. "Bring it on then, Dong Zhou! There's no way that... AHHHHHH FUCK!!"

He cut off her, at this point, not exactly believable claims with a solid thrust into her folds. This time making his bulging gut hit the top of her cutely rounded ass as he drove in. Giving her no choice but to take all of his shaft to make her moan loudly out. His hands gripping her tiny waist as he began to thrust once again. Firmly driving in and out of her twat as his balls started to smack off her body for good measure. Moaning out himself as he enjoyed that vice-like grip of her moist tunnel as he more than resized her. She'd never get any pleasure from any man back her in homeland or otherwise unless they were packing a massive shaft exactly like his after this was all said and done. A form of sinful branding he ensured was applied to all his wives.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! S-So big! So thiiiiiiiick!! MMMMM!!" The gorgeous Shinobi from Japan stared back over her shoulder as the bulking brute from China plunged his rod in and out of her wetness from behind. Holding her in place so even when she jolted forward on the bedsheets from the force of his pumps he could haul her right back towards him so she could take his dick balls deep again and again. "MMMMMM!! It's... AHHHH!! It's so good!! MMMM!! I n-never knew this was... UHHHHH!! What real sex felt like!!" She purred out with groans as her eyes, once glaring and defiant, were having a more seductive look to them as the corruption set further into her with each pump he delivered. Not even remembering the bet that led her to consent to be fucked by such a hideous, out of shape man as his meaty prick continued to ram back and forth into that soaked hole of hers.

"MMMMM... That's the spirit, my naughty little Ninja... Show me your potential, Kunoichi!" The Prime Minister of the Three Kingdoms said in back-handed fashion. He only cared about how good of a fuck she was and how well she could take his dick, and nothing of her lethal skills as a Shinobi. Having decided the moment he'd locked onto her that he'd reduce her down to just a set of holes for him to use, and from how she's moaning from his pistoning dick he was well on the way to creating a new whore for his dream world of wine, women and song. "MMMMM... Don't hold back now! Let's see you really enjoy yourself... AHHHHH... As a woman of mine truly should! MMMM..." He said more as an order than any sort of suggestion. The bulge of his gut preventing him from seeing his rod sliding in and out of that wet hole but the sensation of her pussy walls still clutching him as he moved into her easily keeping him moaning out. All with that sadistic smile of a man whose lust cannot be stopped even in an unknown land of the Orochi.

"FUCK! FUCK!! AHHHHHH... MMMMMM!!" The sweat was covering her face now as she took the hardest and easily longest fuck in her life. Her clothing starting to sinfully cling to her body and strands of hair sticking to her cheeks as she kept rocking back and forth in response to those ever stiff pumps filling her up from behind. She couldn't even keep her head up, moaning down towards the sheets she was taking two deep handfuls as the pleasure was already overwhelming her. "Ooooooooooh MMMMM!! YES!! AHHHHHH... M-MORE! PLEASE!! MMMMM..." She begged, bringing shame to all her Shinobi training and promises to her current Lord as she craved more pleasure from a man she'd hated at the start of this day. Now needing him and his lengthy, fat cock more than anything else as she groaned out. Utterly defeated in this erotic battle she had so overconfidently signed up for. Not that in her current lusty state she even remembered that bet at all.