Jake walked to school that morning feeling like the luckiest person in the world. He felt almost indestructible. And he was dizzy with happiness. He could think about nothing but all of the wonderful blowjobs he had gotten last night and this morning.

When he got to school and was about to enter the building he heard his name called out.

"Good morning Jake," said a smiling Marisa, the beautiful African American cheerleader captain and track star, who had also just arrived at the same time.

"Oh hey, good morning Marisa," responded Jake as he continued to just breeze right by her with his head in the clouds, and walked into the building.

"What the fuck," Marisa muttered to herself. She knew what she looked like, and she had just given Jake a huge opening and he had completely ignored it. She was now more intrigued than ever with this kid.

A few of Jake's teammates teased him with the 'Quick Draw' nickname, but instead of blushing with embarrassment he just laughed and remarked, "Yeah, that wasn't really my day I guess." The insult no longer really carried any weight since he was now in on the joke. He had spent the last two nights and this morning getting tugged and sucked by one of the prettiest women in town, and she was going to continue doing it tonight. So what the fuck did he care what others thought of him? He was living on cloud nine.

For lunch he once again just grabbed a sandwich and headed to the library to do his homework, wanting it to all be done before he got home. On his way to the library he he came across Mrs. Ahmadi, the chemistry teacher in her lab, struggling with some large boxes of new text books and lab equipment. They had obviously just arrived and had been placed on the floor. She was removing books from them to make them lighter so that she could lift them up onto a table. It was laborious work.

Jake walked over and said, "Hey Mrs Ahmadi, let me make this easier for you." And he began lifting the boxes and placing them on the table for her.

"Why thank you Jacob! Oh my, you are throwing those boxes around like they weigh nothing!"

Mrs Ali Ahmadi was a forty eight year old Persian sexpot. She had a dark complexion with flawless skin and mounds of curly black hair. She was thick in all of the right places with tremendous tits that always stood out regardless of how conservative she dressed. When looking at her the term 'brick shithouse' often came to mind.

She watched Jake as he effortlessly heaved the boxes onto the table, making her work so much easier. She went up to him and thanked him again and placed her hands on his muscular chest.

"My god Jake. I think your muscles have developed muscles. All of that wrestling is really making you develop nicely."

"Thanks Mrs Ahmadi. Anytime you need to put them to use, just let me know. I can always make myself available for you."

"Mmmm...imagine the possibilities," she purred, shocking herself and making Jake blush. She quickly corrected her demeanor and resorted to her professional self.

"Thank you so much for the help Jake. I really appreciate it."

"No problem. Let me help you unload these," he said as he started to remove the books and lab equipment and place them on the table.

"What in the hell is so different about this kid and why did I just flirt with him," Ali thought to herself as she stared at Jake and started to unload the boxes with him. She had known this kid for four years now but something was different about him today. He seemed so much older and also sure about himself. She knew that her face must be flushed and it made her just blush even more. She was acting like one of the high school girls with a crush.

Jake made small talk with her and was a big help organizing the new books and equipment. When they were finally done he excused himself to go do his homework. Ali watched him walk away and noted how he moved like a panther. She then reminded herself that not only was she married, but Jake Richards was young enough to be her son.

The school day was almost over and Jake was counting down the hours while at his locker changing out his books, when suddenly someone put their hands on him and roughly shoved him. He spun around to see which one of his dickhead friends had done it and came face to face with the incredibly beautiful Marisa.

"Uh, hi Marisa. What's up?"

Marisa put her hand on his chest and shoved him back into the lockers with a loud slam.

"Jake, are you stupid?"


"Are you just another dumb white boy Jake? Like, book smart but clueless as shit?"

"Excuse me? I don't know what you're talking about Marisa."

Jake was extremely intimidated by Marisa. She was hypnotically beautiful. Perfect skin and bone structure on a face that you just couldn't stop staring at. And like him she was a tremendous athlete and built like a streamlined machine. But she was also one of the smartest kids in the school and extremely direct. She didn't suffer fools and she didn't take anyone's shit. Jake found her to be absolutely breathtaking but also terrifying.

"Jake, I know you are in all of the honor classes because I'm in them too. But you are one dumb motherfucker. Look at me Jake. I don't mean to be cocky but I know how I look. I'm one fine looking girl and most boys would be thrilled if I threw them signals. And I've been throwing you hints and signals for the last two days and you haven't done shit. So either I ain't all that or you're just stupid, and I'll bet my life it's the latter because I see myself in the mirror everyday. You hear me?"

"Uh, yes. I hear you Marisa. I'm so sorry. I didn't know!"

"So are you fucking dumb Jake?"

"Well, yeah. I mean if you've been sending me signals and I'm not picking them up then yes, I'm a complete moron. Guilty as charged! But...look, I managed to leave the house with pants on so I'm not completely hopeless, right?"

That cracked her stern demeanor and brought a grin to her face. She reached out her hand, touched his face and sexily slid her finger down his square jawline.

"Goddamnit Jake, why does the most adorable boy in school have to be so stupid? Listen, we're seniors now. Soon we'll all be going our separate ways to different colleges. I'm not looking to fall in love but I do want this last year to be fun as hell."

She placed her hand on his chest and rubbed his pecs.

"And you Jake, you look and feel like a lot of fun."

Jake just gulped and looked at her beautiful face with a shocked expression.

With her hand still on his chest Marisa then roughly shoved him back into the lockers with a slam. She then raised her hand and pointed her finger in his face.

"Listen you dumb motherfucker. You got one week to ask me out and if you don't I'm gonna beat the shit out of you!"

"Jesus Marisa!"

"One week Jake!"

And with that she stormed off, muttering to herself, "stupid motherfucker..."

Jake just stood there stunned for a minute. And then he broke out into a huge smile.

"That was, AWESOME!!"

Jake walked home from school that afternoon like a kid that not only spent the morning and previous night getting his dick sucked, but also the kid who just found out that the hottest girl in school wanted him.

He walked into the house and yelled hello to his mother. She called back from the kitchen and he went in to greet her and was stunned by what he saw. She was once again prepping dinner but it was what she was wearing. She had on a one piece, light blue, cotton stretch dress that hugged her gorgeous body tight. The hem was very high on her thigh, showing off her fantastic legs. And on her feet were a pair of open toed shoes with a three inch stiletto heel, once again making her calves pop. She turned around and greeted him with a smile and walked into his arms.

"Jesus mom! You are just too damn sexy!"

Jake wrapped his arms around her and immediately began to make out with her. She didn't resist and pushed her tongue into his mouth. Jake let his hands run all over her body and squeezed her ass. She made no effort to stop him. They kissed for a few moments and then she broke it and pushed him away.

"Ok tiger. Same as yesterday. Early dinner, and then we'll skip tv and get right to working on you. Now go get in the shower."

"Perfect," said Jake as he turned around and headed to the shower.

As they sat down to dinner Sherry asked him about his day. He excitedly told her about his interaction with Marisa.

"Marisa Johnson asked me out!"

"Marisa? The cheerleader and track star? Wow! She's quite the looker. Good for you sweetie."

"Actually, she didn't actually ask me out. She threw me into the locker, called me stupid, and said that if I don't ask her out in the next couple of days she's going to kick my ass."

Sherry broke out in laughter, "Oh my, are you serious!?"

"Completely. She asked if I was just another 'dumb white boy' and said she had been trying to flirt with me for the past two days."

"Well honey, you better ask her out and please do it soon. I don't want to get a call from the hospital and find out that she put you in the emergency room."

"I know right! I'm really attracted to her but also scared of her at the same time."

"Listen Jake, I know my baby's the star wrestler and all, but I have to agree that Marisa would win in a fight. You better take her somewhere nice. The pressure's on!"

They had a good laugh about that and it relieved some of the sexual tension in the air. When they were done there was a brief moment of silence and then Sherry got up.

"Same as yesterday sweetie?"

"Yes mom. I'll clean up here and then go wait for you."

"Excellent," said Sherry. She fixed herself another vodka tonic and then went to her room.

Once again Jake cleaned the kitchen in record time and went to his bedroom. This time he got completely naked and laid down in his bed. Over the last two evenings his mother had progressed their sessions from handjobs to blowjobs, so he was incredibly excited to find out what delights tonight would hold. His mind was racing when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Sherry entered the room wearing the same robe from the previous evenings. She walked up to the bed and stood before the prone Jake and undid the ties and let the robe fall open.

"Oh my god..."

She was completely naked underneath. She let the robe fall from her shoulders to the floor, revealing her fantastic body. Jake drank in the sight of her. She looked absolutely amazing. He stared at her full, large breasts and then was completely taken by her exposed pussy. It was very well groomed with just a tight landing strip. But the thing that stood out was just how fat it was. It was an extremely fat pussy with a very pronounced, fleshy labia.

"Shall we get started honey?"

"Yes! God yes!"

Sherry laid down on top of Jake and made out with him. Jake had his hands roaming all over her perfect body and she allowed it. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them as he stuck his tongue into her mouth. Sherry rubbed her wet pussy up and down his rock hard cock.

Sherry rolled them over so that Jake was on top of her. She broke the kiss and asked him, "Did you get enough to eat baby?"

"Yeah mom, dinner was great."

"Are you sure? I thought maybe you'd like to eat mommy's pussy if you're still hungry."


Sherry put her hand on top of his head and pushed him down, "Seriously Jake."

With a huge smile on his face Jake headed south, pausing at her fabulous tits, "Can I eat these too?"

"You can eat whatever you want baby. Mommy's all yours."

"Fantastic," he said as he began to suck on her tits, going back and forth between them.

Soon he was heading further down, kissing her belly as he went, pausing to pay extra attention to her very faint stretch marks, which he thought made her even sexier.

"That's so sweet baby," said Sherry, knowing what he was doing.

Finally he got down to her fat pussy and began to lick it. He had never eaten pussy before and was surprised at how wet it was. He was basically making out with it.

"That's it baby. It's a really fat, wet pussy sweetie. Go ahead, get your face in there. Mmmmm..."

Sherry let him mouth and explore her box for several minutes. Then she reached down with both hands and spread her pussy lips open and fingered her clit.

"That right there sweetie. The little button. You want to eat and lick the whole pussy but try and focus on that button ok?"

"Ok," he replied as he went back in and started to lick and suck on her clit. She responded and started to rotate her hips, grinding her pussy up into Jake's face. Soon she started to shoot off and was in the throws of a wonderful orgasm. Jake put his hands around her thighs and held tight to keep his mouth attached to her crotch as he continued to squeeze his licking tongue against her clit.

"AH! UH! Jake! Oh my god Jake...I'm cumming...I'm cumming! Oh shit it's too sensitive!"

Jake hung on and kept eating her box all through the orgasm, until she finally pushed his head away.

"Everything ok," he asked as he looked up at her. Her breasts were heaving as she caught her breath.

"Yes baby! Everything's fine. That was fantastic. It just can get somewhat over sensitive at times. It means you did great! Now come here," she said, waving her hands at him to come up.

Jake crawled up her body, kissing as he went and then was on top of her, shoving his tongue into her mouth and kissing her deeply.

She broke the kiss, "Mmmm...I can taste myself on you."

"I think you taste fantastic mom," he said and then kissed her again.

Sherry could feel his hard dick pressed against her very wet pussy and started to roll her hips, grinding herself against him.

"Jake, I keep telling you what a beautiful pussy hammer you have."

"Uh huh," he said, eyes closed and loving the feeling of her wet folds sliding up and down his prick.

"Well baby, I think it's time that your pussy hammer finally got to hammer some pussy."

Jake's eyes shot open, "Really!?"

"Yes baby. This is happening. Now raise up a little."

Jake lifted himself up and Sherry reached down and took his cock in her hand. She then placed it at the entrance of her vagina.

"Ready baby."

"Yes! Oh yes!"

"Push forward sweetie, slowly."

Jake pushed forward and felt his cock sink into her and let out a gasp. She removed her hand from his dick and used both hands to hold his face.

"Jake, baby. Let mommy get used to your size and then you can fuck me. Ok?"

Jake nodded his head.

"This is your first pussy, baby. You're going to cum really quickly ok? And then after you cum what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to keep going!"

"That's right honey. You're going to keep going and going and hammering away at mommy's pussy."

She kissed him and then said, "All right Jake, fuck me baby."

Jake started to move his hips and thrust his cock in and out of her.

"AH! Oh Christ mom! It's so good...you feel so good! I can't hold it!"

"Go ahead baby! Feel me up with your load sweetie! We have all evening to fuck."

Jake exploded into her, sending spurt after spurt inside of Sherry, who was giving him encouragement and running her hands up and down his body. It was almost as if she was trying to help him coax all of the cum out of his balls.

"Mmmmm, baby I can feel you cumming inside me. Such a good, good boy."

It felt like his cock would never stop flooding her vagina with sperm, but his orgasm finally slowed down and then ended. Jake started to slow his thrusting. His first fuck had taken a lot out of him.

"Jake baby, you need to keep going."

"Right," he said and speeded up his thrusting. He leaned down and kissed Sherry, and concentrated on how good his dick felt inside of her.

Sherry pulled her mouth away from his.

"Jake! Jake, baby this feels so good. Mommy's pussy is just loving your hammer baby! Jake! Jake I'm...ah shit...mmmmm..."

He knew she was cumming and he beamed with pride and started sending his strokes into her even harder.

"Oh Christ Jake! Fuck! Mmmmm...oh baby!"

Sherry was moving her hips, meeting Jake's thrusts with her own as her orgasm ripped through her body. She started to mouth his neck and coo into his ear.

Right behind that orgasm she got hit with another one, and then squeezed her arms and legs around him as tight as she could as his aggressive thrusts sent her whole body sliding up and down the bed.

"Jake! Jake! Jacob it's...too much Jake! I'm...cumming...again! Oh fuck Jake it's so good!"

"Am I hammering it good mom," Jake asked as he maintained his powerful thrusts into her.

"So good baby! You're hammering mommy's pussy so good! Oh shit! Mommy's cumming again! Oh Jake! Such a good boy!"

He focused on the writhing woman underneath him and it took his mind off of just how good it felt to be inside of her, which staved off his own orgasm and allowed him to continue hammering away at her.

Sherry's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she went silent as her whole body tensed up and another orgasm tore through her. All she could feel was Jake's powerful cock sawing in and out of her. Soon the only sound was the slapping of his dick pounding into her wet pussy.

Jake put his mouth over hers and kissed her as she came. She was barely able to kiss back as she lost count of how many orgasms he was making her have. She was on the verge of passing out and completely dick drunk. It was all becoming too much for Jake.

"Mom, I gotta...mom...can I..."

Barely audible, Sherry managed to weakly whisper into his ear.

"Go ahead baby, feel mommy up...unhhh...mmm...Cum inside mommy. Such a good, good boy..."

"Agghhh...YOU FEEL SO GOOD," Jake cried out as he began spewing his jizz into her vagina. He kept humping all through his orgasm and beyond, never wanting the feeling to end.

Sherry mouthed his neck and rubbed her hands up and down his body, once again trying to make his orgasm as pleasurable as possible. When it finally ended he kept going as instructed, and continued to thrust in and out of her cum drenched box. Sherry grabbed his face and shoved her tongue as far into his mouth as she could, and replied in turn.

Sherry then broke their kiss, and gently started to push him off of her.

"Baby, turn over."

"But I need to keep going don't I," he replied.

"Just turn over baby," said Sherry as she pushed him over onto his back, causing his cock to leave her. She then moved down his body.

"We are going to keep at it, but right now mommy needs to taste you and reward you for being such a good boy."

Sherry moved down and engulfed his pussy juice and cum soaked cock into her mouth and hungrily sucked on it.

"Goddamn that's good," Jake cried out.

She sucked up and down his cock and then proceeded to worship it, loving on it with her mouth and tongue, licking and sucking on his balls. She did this for several minutes, stopping to address him.

"Baby, you earned this. I can't believe how good that was. Nobody has ever made love to me like that. I'm being totally honest honey."

And then she went back to sucking and licking him. Jake felt like the king of the world. His cock never went down even slightly. She then stopped and moved up his body and laid on top of him and kissed him. She reached down and grabbed his dick and positioned herself over it.

"Ready to fuck some more baby," she asked rhetorically as she sank herself down on him.

Sherry began to rise up and down on him and Jake took the opportunity to roam his hands all over her fantastic body, paying particular attention to her big tits, firm ass and thighs. Soon she was once again having orgasm after orgasm, crying out and shaking her head from side to side.

Jake grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her down into an embrace and kissed her passionately. She moaned into his mouth as another orgasm shot through her body. She started to slow down and she fell over to the side in a daze.