The chaos in my house during Thanksgiving dinner preparation had gotten to irritate me, and I felt like my offers to help were unappreciated. With that in mind, I decided, screw it, I'd go for a walk. I needed the air, and I seemed only to be in everyone else's way. It was a pleasant afternoon, temperature in the low 60's, a little warmer than average, but not uncommon here. I took off for a loop around my subdivision, about a mile. I could do it in about 15 minutes if I really hustled, but then, what's the hurry??

The area I live in is essentially a large cul de sac, one road in from the state highway, my road going past the house, then looping around through the neighborhood and coming back on itself. My house is at the corner where it returns to the entry road. After it crosses the entry, the road continues down to a dead end in about a quarter mile. The houses were built mostly in the early 1980's, and the developers, to their credit, left many of the trees, so it's an attractive area with large shade trees, and not the barren plains that some of the more recent subdivisions are.

As I turned the corner onto the back side of the subdivision, I saw ahead of me a blonde in bell bottom jeans walking in the same direction. Her hair was down over her shoulders, and she was wearing a St Louis Cardinals shirt. I recognized her immediately as Sandy, who lived down on the dead end across from me. We are friendly, but not close. She always has a smile and a wave for me when we pass driving in or out, but I hardly talk to her, just occasionally when she's walking past my house and I'm working in the yard, and then it's usually short. There's no animosity or ill will; we just don't have a lot of face to face contact, and haven't found that connection. I always think, someday we'll find the magic that opens the conversation. As I looked at her full, shapely ass walking in front of me, I thought maybe today is the day. If only I can catch up.

Sandy was apparently not in a hurry, either, and I caught her about a quarter mile on, just before the road went into a long dip as it passed through one of the several ravines it passed over. She must have heard me gaining on her, as she turned to look back as I got close.

"Hey, Sandy," I said as I came up close behind her.

"Hey, Tom!!" She said, a big smile coming over her.

"I guess I'm not the only one who had to get out of the house," I said, as she waited for me to get up to her.

Sandy laughed. "You too, huh??"

"Yeah. Too crazy, and I only seemed to be in the way. I offer to help with dinner, but it seems everything I do is either wrong, or I'm in the wrong place."

"You want to come over to my place?? I could use the help!! I have a husband and two college age kids, plus relatives, and I'm doing most of the work. I got so frustrated with the lack of cooperation I just walked out. I figured a few minutes away would help me cool off a little." She smiled and put her hand on my arm. "Trust me, I won't complain a bit. I won't even ask you to clean up after."

I laughed. "That's funny. I usually do the clean up. Maybe that's my strong point." I looked at Sandy. "I don't mind, especially if you're in the kitchen with me."

"Careful, I might take you up on that!!" We started walking, chatting as we went. I found that Sandy was easy to talk to, and we quickly developed a good comfort level with each other. It was getting late in the day, and the Christmas lights were coming on at some of the houses.

"Time for the light show," I said, noting the lit up houses. "It's amazing how early some people start their lights. We just put ours up, so to my mind the timing is good. I think before Thanksgiving is too early."

"You have nice lights at your place. I like the plain icicle look. They look good the way they follow your roof line."

"Thanks. Yours are good, too. I always like seeing the multi colors when I look over at your place. This isn't a good time of year for me, a lot of baggage from my youth, and even into my adulthood. I could just pass all this up and go right into January. But your lights are so festive. I really enjoy them."

"Thanks," said Sandy, her face lighting up. "I have to push Jeff into doing them, and it can be kind of a pain in the ass, but the result is pretty. Even he thinks so once he's done." Sandy got pensive a moment. "You really don't like Christmas??"

I thought a moment. "My parents split when I was 14. It was not amicable, to say the least. Holidays were stressful, not only for the obvious reasons, but because my mom saw it as an opportunity to ride me especially-I have two younger brothers-about asking my dad for a lot of stuff just to take it out of his hide. It got old about ten minutes into the first Christmas. It's gotten better, but I still get a few days of dread when I get to Thanksgiving, just a kind of panic sets in and I just want to run away, even all these years later. I mean, I'm past 60. You'd think I'd have gotten over it by now."

We had by this time moved along to the point where the road starts back toward our houses. As I mentioned earlier, it crosses a couple of ravines, the road dipping quite a bit as it goes through them. In one of the dips, someone had set up sort of a small park. We weren't sure who owned the open lot. It was not big enough to build on, and the creek that flowed through it intermittently would have posed issues anyway. There were houses adjacent, but the lot didn't seem to belong to either one. Perhaps the developer had set this up when he built the place. There was a bench and a picnic table there. We stopped to sit on the bench for a few moments.

Sandy looked at me as we sat. "That's pretty awful, that a parent would do that."

"Yeah, I was young and didn't always understand the politics of relationships, but I came to realize that my mom was just going to be like that. She went to her deathbed with a lot of anger toward my dad, even though they'd been divorced for over 35 years by then. There's other stuff, but another time. So, what's your holiday anxiety??"

Sandy chuckled a moment, but there was a sadness in her eyes. "It's not so much the holidays as it is every day. I feel a lot of the time like everyone is working against me. I realize the kids have a full plate, what with school and part time jobs. My husband is not always good with emotional support, though he does do a lot of the work on the lawn and the house and such."

"I have noticed things like you trimming the shrubbery, or taking the trash out. That really gets me-to see you come home from work at 7, and 15 minutes later, you're hauling a heavy can to the curb."

Sandy laughed. "Oh, stalking me, are you??"

I laughed at the idea. Actually, I'd been watching her for a couple of years. She's in her late 40's and built, and I did make an effort to catch a glimpse of her when I could. "No, but I can see your house straight across the road from me, down the dead end. It's hard to miss seeing you lugging that can when I'm sitting on my deck."

Sandy smiled again. "But I do think, with a couple of college age kids, one of them could do that. It's not a lot to ask to move that can the one day a week it needs to go to the curb."

Sandy's face lit up. "Right?? You'd think I wanted them to carry it on their backs to the dump." She got serious now. "But I do feel a lot of weight on my shoulders. I have a full time, and a part time job. It just feels like there's no relief, and nobody cares much. The holidays only seem to point that out even more."

I took her hand. "I know how you feel. Been there many times." Our eyes met, and we leaned to each other, hugging. As Sandy settled into my shoulder, I instinctively kissed the top of her head, then laid my face on her hair, then kissed her again. The third time, I turned my head to kiss her, and I was met with her soft lips, first tentatively, then more seriously as our impromptu passion suddenly heated up.

As we kissed, I felt Sandy's hand reach to the top of my left thigh-she was on my left-rubbing gently. I reached over to pull her to me, caressing her left breast. It seemed very soft through her t-shirt, as if she were braless underneath. Sandy's hand on my thigh got a little more assertive, and she was soon rubbing my growing cock through my jeans.

A moment later, she pulled her face away. "Fuck me," she said softly.

I wasn't sure how to take that. I thought for a moment she had forgotten to do something in her interrupted dinner prep. "Something wrong??" I asked.

"Not at all. I want you to fuck me. Right here, right now."

I was at a loss for words. I looked around, taking in the surroundings. We were in a secluded, but not totally shielded spot, down away from the road. Someone driving by, if he were looking might see us. A walker definitely would. I thought about her husband, and thought about my wife, and the assembled families that waited for us at home. I thought about how we were smack in the middle of our own neighborhood, where many people knew us. In the five seconds I was considering all this, Sandy had stood and walked to the picnic table. She turned to me, undoing the button on her jeans, and unzipping them. She pulled on the waist, and slid them down, a pair of white panties with a flower design pulling down with her jeans, revealing her shapely hips, which framed a golden blonde bush that matched the long blonde hair on her head. Her outer lips were slightly parted, and her inner labia were peeking through.

Naturally, good judgement prevailed. I walked over to Sandy. She kissed me, undoing my jeans, pulling out my now almost full erection. She stroked a couple of times, bringing me to full mast. We looked at each other, realizing that a face to face encounter was going to be a challenge. Sandy kissed me, and turned to bend over the table, giving me a view of her spread thighs, and spread pussy, her golden bush parted around it.

I knelt behind her, licking up her slit, lingering on her clit a moment, making her start, then up and back down, again lingering on her clit.

"Mmmm, I love that, but I don't think we have time for it right now. We do need to make this fast, before someone misses us."

I sighed. "Yeah, you're right. I'd love to go down on you some time. It's a pleasure I don't often get."

Sandy smiled, looking down at me. "I'd love that. I bet it's been 15 years since my husband ate me. He got where he thinks its too messy, and doesn't like to do it."

"He's missing out. Just from that little taste, I'd be all in." I stood up, Sandy reaching back to stroke me a couple of times, pulling me to her now spreading labia. I put the head at her clit, rubbing it up and down her twat, then pushed in steadily. The small amount of oral attention had made Sandy wet, and I slid in easily, though I could clearly see I was stretching her as my cock made its way into her pussy. She moaned softly as the head hit her cervix, my balls resting on her clit.

I started to plumb her depths steadily, she meeting me at each thrust, pushing back into me as my cock poked her womb. I changed my angle every couple of strokes to get her as much pleasure as I could, and Sandy was soon whimpering, her hips occasionally quaking as the sensations washed over her, she having several smaller orgasms. I reached forward, up under her shirt, taking her bare tits in my hand, squeezing them and teasing the nipples. I stood up for a minute to catch my breath, releasing my hold on them. Once I was ready to lean over again, I reached under her top with my right hand, playing with her right tit, my left going to her left hand, my fingers locking between hers. I could feel her wedding set on my ring. She squeezed her fingers around mine. I couldn't help but see the irony in our touching wedding bands even as we both desecrated our vows.

After about five minutes of pushing, thrusting, pounding, Sandy was ready, and I felt her pussy get quite wet and her body stiffen. Her head was laying on the table, facing sideways, and I could see the ecstasy on her pretty face as she came. I held my cock in her deep, letting her orgasm rise and fall.

Her cumming brought me closer, and once she had recovered, I resumed my attack on her now very wet cunt. I slowed my pace, hoping to delay the inevitable, even though we didn't have a lot of time. I wanted this to last as long as I could make it. Sandy was not about to let up, even if I was, and I felt my cock stiffen as my own release drew nigh.

"Gonna cum, Sandy," I said, preparing to pull out of her pussy and shoot all over her shapely ass. As I started to withdraw, Sandy reached back with her right hand, putting it on my hip.

"Cum inside me," she said, holding her hand as tight to me as she could in her limited reach. She looked over her shoulder at me. I could see her blue eyes in the gathering dusk, pleading with me. "Cum in me," she said again, softly. I was there, and my cock stiffened even more, my balls pulling up tight to Sandy's clit, and I let go, shooting rope after rope of hot sperm deep into her eager vagina. Sandy let out a short cry, and came again as the heat of my cum hit her deep, filling her, and leaking out over my balls. I stayed in her, letting my cum flood her, feeling the sloppiness around me as my orgasm trailed off. I stayed with her a moment, savoring the feel of her flooded cunt around me, wanting to burn this special moment into my memory.

I stayed in Sandy for a few minutes after I came, gently rubbing her ass, occasionally flexing my cock, giving her a jolt, til I softened up and slipped out. Immediately a long drip of cum spilled from her pussy as she slowly stood, landing in her panties. Once she was standing, another blob dripped out, running down her left thigh, then another glob that went into her panties. Sandy laughed at the mess as she turned toward me, kissing me.

"Guess you're going to have to change undies when you get back," I kidded her. "You're going to smell like you just got laid."

Sandy smiled. "No way. I'm keeping that with me all night now. Besides, all the cooking smells will hide it. There's a lot to overcome it in my kitchen right now." She took my hands in hers. "This is the best thing to happen to me in a long time. I'm not about to give it up." She kissed me, and started to pull herself together, first her panties with my cum now soaking into them, then her jeans. She looked over at me. I was working my jeans up, about to stuff my still half hard dick back into them.

"Oh, we can't have that. Wait a sec." Sandy sat on the bench, pulling me to her. She took my cock in her mouth, licking it lovingly, cleaning all the still slick sperm off me. Finishing her task, she stood up, facing me. I leaned forward, taking her face in my hands and kissing her deeply. "Wow," she said. "I don't believe you did that."

"Did what??"

"Kiss me after I just licked you clean. My husband would never do that. He gets all funky about tasting his own cum."

"Yeah, a lot of guys do. I'm not so turned off by it. In fact, if we had more time, and weren't so out in the open, I'd go down on you right now."

Sandy got an incredulous look on her face. "You would?? Really??"

I gently patted her cheek. "I would-I told you clean up was my strong point!! It'll make you explode. Really. We should try it some time."

Sandy just looked at me in disbelief. "I guess we will..." her voice trailed off. I packed my cock back into my jeans and got presentable. Sandy and I checked each other to make sure we were fully ready to go back into public. Nobody had come by except a couple of cars while we were in our little hideaway, but we couldn't be sure there wouldn't be any sunset walkers, and didn't want to take any chances on being caught, if not with our pants down, with our zippers down.

Assured of our look of propriety, we were ready to go. As we were about to leave, Sandy took my hands in hers once more. "Thank you for this. I was really in a mood and feeling like no one appreciated me today. You took all that away, just by sitting and listening. When we were talking, all I could think of was, I want to make love to this man." Sandy's eyes were searching mine. "And I hope he wants to make love to me."

I chuckled at her comment. "Well, I guess now you know the answer to that!!"

Sandy laughed. "Yes, I do. And it was wonderful. I'm glad we went walking today. Who knew??" She kissed me and smiled.

"I have to say, I never would have expected this in a million years." I looked into Sandy's eyes, then kissed her. "It was wonderful. And, like you, I was feeling pushed away. When we talked, then hugged, it just seemed natural to follow through. It was as if we needed each other in this moment. I'm glad we found each other."

Sandy kissed me, a long, loving kiss that was at the same time lustful. "I am too. Let's do this again some time." We started back up the road, walking about six feet apart. I wanted to hold her hand as we walked, but didn't dare. My house was first on the way back, and I blew her a kiss as we parted. She smiled and returned the gesture. In the fading light, I could see a sparkle in her eyes as she let out a sigh. I don't know when we'll ever get together again, given our situations and being so easily observed in the neighborhood. But, Christmas is coming.