Tracy pulled her coat tighter around herself as the taxi drove away with its tyres crunching on the gravel pathway. It took just a second to orientate herself and then she moved quietly and purposely through the headstones, following the same route as she walked every week until she stood in front of one particular headstone.

Staring down she read the words out loud as she always did, "Stuart Eddis, 1967 - 2020, loving Husband and devoted Father, your laughter lit up the world, you were taken from us too soon."

Kneeling Tracy pulled the old flowers away and replaced them with the bunch of his favourite red carnations and wiped the headstone clean with a crumpled tissue from her pocket.

"It's cold and miserable today Stu and I wish you were here to cheer me with your laughter but that is not to be. I just wanted to tell you that I will never forget you and anyone who becomes part of my life will have to accept that you will always be part of mine, but I think it's time I moved on with my life." Tracy paused for a moment almost as she expected Stuart to respond from beyond the grave then went on, "there will never be another man in my life, you will always be the one for me, but there is someone I would like to try to be happy with and I hope I have your blessing wherever you are."

Tracy lowered her voice, "I never told you all the truth about Victoria at University, she never forced herself on me, if anything it was the other way round."

Tracy stood and looked around, at first glance the cemetery seemed deserted, but in the near distance a figure was hunched over a grave and something inside Tracy told her who that was. Standing she brushed the damp grass off her knees and began to thread her way towards the kneeling figure. As she made her way to the kneeling woman she whispered back towards the gravestone, "I have always loved you and always will, but I have to explore this side of me."

As Tracy approached, she could hear the woman sobbing and looking past and over her shoulder, she read the headstone silently, "Joanne Wilkins, aged 29, taken from me too early."

"Rebecca?" Tracy said softly and the woman turned her head quickly trying to wipe the tears away from her face as she saw Tracy.

"Tracy, oh my God what are you doing here?" The words dying in her throat as it registered why Tracy would be here and she mumbled, "I'm sorry ..." her words trailing off.

Tracy smiled as she knelt next to Rebecca, taking hold of her hand and looking into her eyes. "Rebecca you awoke something in me that I thought was never there, but it was and always has been." Rebecca looked a little confused and Tracy went on, "I have always known no man would ever replace my Stuart and that made me sad until you helped me realise that future happiness lies with another woman."

Rebecca opened her mouth to protest but Tracy held her finger to Rebecca's lips, "I am not asking you to marry me or move in together, but I am asking you to take me to bed. I dreamt of you last night and I want that dream to become true. Please educate me and help me understand."

Rebeccas wanted to scream at the top of her voice that she wasn't worthy, that it was her fault that her partner lay in a cold grave, that all she was fit for was to be used a lump of meat by whoever saw fit to use her. Instead, what she saw in front of her was Joanne's face, a second chance, an opportunity to make right the wrongs, to start again.

Rebecca cupped Tracy's face in her hands and stared into her eyes before gently kissing her on the lips whispering, "thank you, I will try to never let you down."

For Tracy, it was like an electric shock had passed through her body via the soft lips caressing hers. Her nipples hardened, not because of the cold and she could feel herself getting wet as she returned the kiss with a passion that even shocked Rebecca. Their tongues danced like snakes passing between the open lips until finally Rebecca broke the kiss and panted. "I can never be your therapist."

Tracy laughed, "I don't need therapy any more I have you and that is all I need."

The pair walked together, almost hand in hand but not quite touching until they reached Rebecca's car in the visitor's car park where they stopped before they got in.

They kissed again not caring who saw before they broke the kiss as Rebecca panted, "Are you sure?"

Tracey nodded in reply like a timid deer caught in car headlights and climbed silently into the passenger's seat.

Rebecca had to exercise every ounce of self-control not to speed the short distance from the cemetery to her flat and as soon as they arrived, they rushed to the lift then had to wait with growing impatience for it to arrive. As the steel doors closed, Rebecca stabbed 5, trying to contain her growing impatience and lust, wanting to tear the clothes from Tracy's body and ravish every inch of her. She could feel her nipples harden under her silk blouse and it felt like her panties were soaked through. She almost screamed with frustration as she dropped the keys to her flat in her haste to open the door and once inside turned to Tracy with the full intention of tearing her clothes from her body.

It was that look of vulnerability that made Rebecca stop and swallow back her lust, this wasn't a woman experienced in the ways of the lesbian world, this was a timid creature who wanted to take the next step but was unsure what to do.

"We don't have to," said Rebecca softly, "We can still just be friends if you want."

Tracy looked downcast for a moment and then looked at Rebecca with eyes that were filled with tears, "I just don't want to disappoint you." then paused before she went on, "I don't know what to do."

"Just relax and let me help," said Rebecca, "Do what comes naturally, do what you enjoy." With those words, Rebecca slipped Tracy's coat from her shoulders and kissed her gently. Tracy returned the kiss with growing passion as the pair stood in the hallway running their hands over each other's bodies but not touching any truly intimate areas.

Breaking the kiss Rebecca said softly, "We should go to the bedroom, it will be more comfortable."

Tracy nodded and took Rebecca's outstretched hand as she was led through the tastefully furnished flat and into a large bedroom that was mainly white with the odd splash of vivid colour in highlights around the room. Tracy stood still as Rebecca slowly removed her outer clothes, kissing each inch of skin as it became visible, sending little tingles through Tracy's body until she was left in just bra and panties. When Tracy went to touch Rebecca's clothing she was shushed to silence as she was pushed gently to the bed. Tracy sat on the bed still in her underwear and she wished for a fleeting moment that she had dressed in one of her decent sets rather than the non-matching pair she had put on for comfort.

"Just lie back and enjoy," Rebecca said as she undressed in front of Tracy's eager eyes, unclasping her bra to reveal her firm round breasts and dark nipples.

Tracy looked at this elegant woman who even when visiting her lover's grave had dressed in an expensive-looking maroon matching set of lacy undergarments and thought to herself 'why would this woman be interested in in a frumpy old widow like herself?'

Rebecca saw the look of self-doubt rush across Tracy's face and remaining in just her skimpy panties knelt between Tracy's legs and grasped her hands between hers.

"To me, you are the most beautiful woman in the world."

Tracy went to reply but Rebecca held a finger against her lips.

"I have dreamt of you since the first time I met you, dreamt how you would smell and how you would taste."

Seeing Tracy visibly relax Rebecca reached behind Tracy and unclasped her bra before pulling it gently away. Tracy moved her hands to cover herself but Rebecca held them away gently.

"Please don't deny me now."

Then bending her head took Tracy's left nipple between her lips and gently sucked it into her mouth sending waves of pleasure through Tracy's body. As Rebecca's lips switched from nipple to nipple Tracy felt like her body was on fire, she felt like her soul was being drawn up through the nipple and into Rebecca's mouth. When Rebecca finally stopped her attention on her breasts Tracy expected her to travel downwards, but instead to her surprise she travelled upwards showering her body with tiny kisses. So delicate were the touches yet each time it felt like the touch was a drip of molten fire.

Rebecca's mouth touched Tracy's clavicle then moved to under her chin and around her neck, kissing and teasing with the tip of her tongue. Her lips traversed Tracy's face, kissing her eyes, her nose and for the fleetest of moments her lips, but before Tracy could return the kiss, they were gone seeking another part of her body to sweetly torment. After the most delicate nibble of her earlobe, the lips moved down Tracy's body, only dallying at her breasts for the fleetest of moments before travelling down.

Without real thought, Tracy lifted her hips from the bed to allow Rebecca to remove her panties and with happy abandon, Tracy opened her legs wide. She felt Rebecca's breath on her skin and Tracy tensed as the soft air caress reached her vulva but instead the lips moved and she felt the touch just on the inside of her left knee. The lips now moved upwards, the tongue leaving a trail on Tracy's delicate skin. Higher and higher it moved until Tracy was sure that surely the next touch would be her sensitive pussy lips, but instead, they started at the inside of her other knee. Finally, when the lips finished its slow and leisurely journey Tracy was a gibbering wreck, her nerve endings on fire as she felt Rebecca's hot breath on her pussy lips and arching up tried to pull Rebecca towards her inner sex.

Rebecca felt the hand in her hair and knew that Tracy was ready and willing, all inhibitions and fears gone. Bending her head Rebecca drew her pointy tongue through Tracy's folds, collecting the sweet nectar and drawing a deep groan of pleasure from Tracy. Probing with her tongue Rebecca sought and found the tiny nub of pleasure giving that she sought and began to tease it with the tip of her tongue. At the same time, she inserted a finger into Tracy's wetness marvelling how it was grasped firmly and almost drawn in as she pushed it deeper and deeper.

Tracy was going mad on the bed, she could feel Rebecca's tongue seeking and finding her clit and starting a tempo of movements that vibrated through her body. The finger seemed large as it was the first thing that had been inserted in her since her Stuart had passed, yet at the same time, it seemed so natural, like it fitted and belonged there. Stuart had always been a competent lover and she had enjoyed sex with him, but he had never been a great exponent of giving oral and was always eager to move to penetration unless of course, he was on the receiving end of oral. This was totally different and Tracy could feel the little tremors running through her body as she was slowly building to orgasm inside.

Rebecca had now started to suck at Tracy's clit using her lips and teeth to vary the gentle movements as she sucked it into her mouth, teasing and torturing it all at the same time. One finger had become two as she curled them deep inside Tracy's body searching for the right spot, the long deep moan from Tracy told Rebecca she had found the right point, and as she worked on the clit she moved her fingers massaging inside Tracy's pussy.

Tracy thought that her head would explode, sex had never felt this good and the momentary pang of guilt that this was better than with her husband passed as the waves of pure pleasure rushed through her body, ever-increasing in their intensity. When her orgasm hit, it was the release of the past few years of tension, arching up off the bed, her hands tearing at Rebecca's hair as she screamed at the top of her voice.

Rebecca felt Tracy's hands in her hair and it felt like her own fingers would be snapped off, so tightly were they gripped for a brief moment before Tracy started to buck and writhe on the bed. Rebecca didn't stop with her ministrations, feeling Tracy flooding onto her fingers as she orgasmed. After a brief pause and a loud whoop of breath, Tracy orgasmed again as she remained on the plateau of pleasure.

After what seemed like an eternity of repeated orgasms Rebecca finally removed her fingers and released Tracy's clit from her lips allowing Tracy to flop back onto the bed panting for breath. Rebecca scooted up the bed and propped her head on one arm looking down at Tracy as she watched the aftershocks travel through Tracy's body.

"You OK?" said Rebecca smiling.

"Oh my fucking god," Tracy panted, "That was mind-blowing, is it always like that?"

"No," Rebecca giggled, "Sometimes I take my time."

"I want to give you the same pleasure, will you teach me?"

"It would give me the greatest of pleasure to help you learn," Rebecca smiled, "Just do to me what you would want to be done to yourself and you can't go far wrong." Then seeing the look of concern cross Tracy face, "Don't worry I will suggest things as we go along where needed and you will know when you are getting it right."


Rebecca laughed as she lifted her own hips and slipped off her panties before throwing them across the room, "You will know, trust me."

Tracy rolled on top of Rebecca and then squeaked, "I am not too heavy, am I?"

"Shush," laughed Rebecca and lifted her head slightly and kissed Tracy gently on the lips. The kiss became stronger as more passionate as Tracy allowed her tongue to dart inside Rebecca's mouth and trace around her teeth. Tracy could taste her own pussy on Rebecca's lips as she licked and kissed, losing herself in the moment. Breaking from Rebecca's mouth she kissed her way to Rebecca's soft breasts and kissed each nipple in turn gently.

"Use your teeth," Rebecca moaned softly. A moan that became louder and deeper as Tracy fastened her teeth around Rebecca's hard nipple and began to chew gently. Encouraged by Rebecca's reaction Tracy switched to the other nipple and chewed again.

Tracy knew she should take her time but she was eager to taste Rebecca's pussy and wiggled quickly to between her thighs. Pausing for a moment she admired the neatly trimmed bush and blushed as she recalled her own unkempt garden that Rebecca had just so skillfully navigated. Inhaling deeply Tracy smelt an aroma that triggered the memories of years ago when she was with Victoria, a scent that she never thought she would enjoy again.

Running her tongue through Rebecca's pussy lips she was rewarded with a mouthful of golden nectar on her tongue and the most erotic moan from Rebecca. Repeating the action, the result was the same and Tracy started to lap like a cat devouring a plate of cream. As her tongue reached the very top of Rebecca's folds she encountered a swollen nub of flesh which she realised was a much larger clit than her own. Sucking the nub into her mouth Rebecca literally went wild as she thrashed on the bed, her hands tugging at Tracy's hair as she yelled and groaned.

Tracy concentrated her attention on Rebecca's clit and at the same inserted two fingers deep into Rebecca curling them upwards. Tracy continued alternating between pussy and clit until Rebecca arched up off the bed and screamed loudly. It wasn't the scream that shocked Tracy but the fact that fluid was squirting out of Rebecca around her pumping fingers and soaking the bed covers below.

"Don't fucking stop," Rebecca snarled through gritted teeth as she bucked and writhed and Tracy obliged until finally, Rebecca collapsed in a heap, whooping for breath.

Tracy shifted up the bed and held Rebecca in her arms and when eventually Rebecca returned to Earth Tracy asked in a concerned voice, "Was that OK?"

"God I haven't squirted like that for ages," Rebecca cooed still on euphoric high, "You were fantastic, thank you."

The pair held each other tightly as they drifted off into a sleep that only lasted for a few hours before wandering hands woke the other and in a mixture of tongues and fingers, they bought the other to a climax before dozing for a while until they started again.

Eventually, it was almost exhaustion that overcame them as they fell into a deeper slumber, their limbs entwined.

Rebecca woke the next morning and rolling over found the bed empty. Picking up her robe from the back of the door she left the bedroom and went to the main living room where she found Tracy, dressed in one of the oversized tee-shirts Rebecca used like a nightdress. Tracy was sitting by the large picture window cradling a mug of coffee in one hand and a picture frame in the other, which she was staring at.

"Morning sleepyhead," Tracy said as she looked up, "Hope you don't mind," indicating with her eyes the coffee and the tee-shirt.

"Not at all," Rebecca said, keeping her voice level as she realised the picture in Tracy's hand was the one of her and Joanne on holiday a few years ago, both with huge smiles, tans and the slightly frizzy hair that comes from exposure to the sun and sea.

"You both look so happy," Tracy said quietly. "She looks like me. I guess that's why you were attracted to me."

Rebecca stood silently for a moment wondering if she should deny it or protest that the resemblance was purely coincidental, instead she stayed silent as Tracy went on.

"I hope I can be worthy of her memory; I hope that I can make you as happy as you both are in that picture. I want to be as happy as she is."

Rebecca thought her heart would burst with love, it felt like she had been given a second chance and this time she was determined she wouldn't blow it.

Tracy placed the coffee cup on the table and stood, looking at Rebecca for a moment, before she lifted the tee-shirt up and over her head. Standing naked before her Tracy said softly.

"I have a lot still to learn, I think both our hearts have to heal. I know it is a long path to travel but I want you by my side as I learn and grow,"

Rebecca let the robe slide from her shoulders and taking Tracy's hand gently led her back towards the bedroom.

"Then let us learn together."